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Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum 40mL 40ml

4.2 of 75 reviews


4 instalments of $37.50

Or 4 instalments of $37.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $37.50

Or 4 instalments of $37.50 with LEARN MORE

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Target the signs of aging including dullness, dehydration, puffiness, lines and wrinkles with Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum. This face and eye serum instantly revives the skin, for a re-energised, refreshed appearance.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

GREAT - 78% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Questions & Answers

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Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum 40mL

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum 40mL

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Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum 40mL Reviews

4.2 of 75 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Sample tested


I got a sample of this from Adore and have almost used it up now. It kind of has a metallic look to it and hasn’t flared up my sensitive skin. Definitely left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

Most Helpful Criticism

Ok serum


I got a 5ml sample. It’s quite hydrating. Didn’t use long enough to see other effects.
  1. Nice formula


    The pump container is very practical. The texture is silky, pleasant to use and comfortable all day long. I appreciate the fact that the formula is compatible with the eye contour. I don’t have enough distance yet to speak about efficacy against the signs of ageing. Bit expensive
  2. Good


    Good exfoliating serum with noticeable effects however I feel that there are better active serums on the market that are in the same or lower price point.
  3. Ok serum


    I got a 5ml sample. It’s quite hydrating. Didn’t use long enough to see other effects.
  4. Reduces puffiness


    I have noticed product has reduced puffiness in my face after 2 uses which often occurs in the morning for me. Its a nice texture and doesn't cause any breakouts, overall it adds a nice glow to the skin. Not sure I would purchase at the full price but its a nice little luxury to add to my skin routine on occasion.
  5. Not worth it


    This product honestly did nothing for my skin. I got a free mini to try and I didn’t notice any difference at all with my skin. Won’t be repurchasing.
  6. Great for glow


    This product is very nourishing. It works so well on my combination skin. I always wake up with brighter and more glowy skin in the morning. It absorbs well into the skin and does not leave an oily feeling. Only downfall is the price.
  7. Um, I don't think this did anything


    I'm honestly so shocked. Given the price range of this brand and in particular this product I was at the very least expecting something to happen....but nope. Nothing.
    I got this product as a freebie, thankfully, which means I didn't dish out the money on it.
    Regardless, I'm still surprised by the fact that this product did nothing to my skin.
    It was a bit of a tacky serum onc...
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  8. Great but too expensive


    I can’t tell whether the product does what it says long term, it did however feel wonderful and luxurious on my skin. After using it I woke up with a nice glow to my skin too. The downside is the price and I personally don’t feel that I’d be prepared to spend that much.
  9. Lovely lightweight, hydrating serum


    I received this sample as part of my order and use it at night after applying other serums. It has a pearly colour to it, a slight and non offensive fragrance and feels lovely on skin (hydrating and not sticky). I would rate it higher if it didn't have any PEG's and titanium dioxide in the ingredient list....even though it's way at the bottom. Otherwise, solid ingredients and lovely serum.
  10. Okay but not worth the money


    Feels really nice. Beautiful consistency and colour. But doesn't add much value to my routine. I find using a cosmeceutical niacinamide like SkinCeuticals Metacel Renewal has given me a lot more benefit.
  11. Lightweight and lovely


    I received this as a good sized free sample-thank you- and it is lightweight and easily absorbed into skin. After a short amount of use I can see it helps with morning puffiness. It does have a fragrance which is not too strong. Still waiting to see other benefits for my skin.
  12. Nice product


    I liked using this product, but didn't notice huge impact on my skin. The lightweight feel, and smooth texture is nice.
  13. Neck and chest break out


    I received a sample mini and tested it on my face for a few days and it seemed to work fine - I suffer from Perioral Dermatitis around my nose, mouth, and eyes. After a few tests, I then followed the advice and I used the product on my neck and chest and in the space of 30mins I broke out in a very red lumpy rash. Odd reaction for my neck and chest which has historically been very 'robust' to skin...
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  14. Sample tested


    I got a sample of this from Adore and have almost used it up now. It kind of has a metallic look to it and hasn’t flared up my sensitive skin. Definitely left my skin feeling smooth and soft.
  15. Smells & Feels Divine!


    I bought this serum after seeing Joanna talk about it on her insta story and boy I'm glad I did! It's got a lovely shimmer look to it when you pump it out (but disappears on the skin) and smells incredible. It's such a delight to use this morning and night. Even after using it for 4 months, twice a day, I still get a kick out of using it. I'm a sucker for always wanting to try something new but I ...
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  16. Very strong smell


    Adore sent me a large sized deluxe sample - THANKYOU! I was able to trial this for over a week, and I’ve decided not to purchase the full size. This is mainly due to the smell - it is incredibly strong, and I am used to low or no fragrance. It is a powdery rose smell. In terms of texture, for the price I think it should be better, this feels quite sticky on. The results have been good though, no i...
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  17. Great product


    Received as a sample and I found it to be very gentle with a pleasant fragrance. Thanks!!
  18. Overall I like it


    I received this as a sample! I think it is a great product, has a nice consistency to it. It did not wow me thought so I would not purchase it based off it's price.
  19. Not bad, not great


    It feels nice on my skin but I'm really sceptical of the Alcohol Denat. being so high on the ingredient list and I'm worried it might be sensitising if used regularly.
  20. Hydrating and plumpng


    Love this serum. Just repurchased my second bottle. I use every second night as I rotate with Skinceuticals HA intensifier and my skin is noticeably brighter in the morning. When I first started using I got many compliments on how my skin was glowing!
  21. Reduces puffy eyes


    I do love this serum, but I don't think I would pay this much for it. I found it was really helpful tired skin and puffy eyes and really helped after a big night and/or not enough sleep. It really did noticeably reduce the puffy, tired under eye area. It gave the skin a refreshed feeling and helped with dullness, dehydration and fine lines. I didn't notice a lasting result, which is why I wouldn't...
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  22. Effective


    I received a sample and am obsessed with this serum. It is very pricey, but I will be purchasing.
  23. Nice hydrating and plumping serum


    I prefer to use this in the morning to get the hydrating and plumping effects of the serum. It's gentle as well so I like to use it the day after actives. Has a beautiful smell too.
  24. Glow


    Got this as a free sample in my order and would definitely purchase. The glow from this product is amazing. Makes my skin feel supple and soft
  25. Decent but pricey


    This is very softening and didn’t flare up my eczema. I noticed a difference using it, but for this price, I’ll stick to Skinceuticals which I know just work.
  26. Love it


    Such a lovely serum that smells Devine. It has a pearly sheen to it so gives a nice glow. Definitely recommend as I have noticed the changes this has made to my skin
  27. Mixed feelings


    After using this for two weeks, I couldn't understand why I spent so much money on the product because I didn't feel like it was making my skin any more glowy. I continued to use it. Now after using it occasionally for a few months, I'm still not really sold on it
  28. Beautiful serum


    I got this as a sample. I used it literally once and woke up with hydrated, smooth, baby-like skin. I also had no redness which is rare for me due to my rosacea. Came here to buy it and then saw the price. Unfortunately I won't be spending that much, but if you can afford to, I would highly recommend.
  29. Very nourishing


    I recieved a sample of this serum and I have been enjoying it, it has a nice shimmering glow and it smells nice. My skin feels nourished and hydrated after using it.
  30. Unsure


    I bought this product because I saw Joanna rave about it, however it hasn't really done anything for me. It does feel nice on my skin but it hasn't actually made any difference. One good thing is that a little does go a long way however. Due to the price I wont buy again.
  31. Lovely serum


    I received this as a sample and it’s brilliant. The serum smells great, had beautiful coverage, nice and light but still feels like it’s doing something. Unfortunately the price will prevent me from purchasing full size, but if that’s not an issue for you I highly recommend. Murad never disappoints!
  32. Amazing products


    Received this recently and won’t go without it now. Makes you look fresh and awake, non oily texture. Overall improved my skins complexion! Love it
  33. Softening


    My skin has been feeling softer since using this but haven't really seen a reduction in lines. I have rough, textured sensitive skin with fine lines. I have sensitive skin and this is very calming, it doesn't irritate or cause redness at all. This serum smells great and seems very similar to the Murad nutrient charged water gel.
  34. The Best


    As a serum tester, (had purchased quite a few by now) I can say this one got what it takes. Great texture, lovely smell and fabulous results. From day one, I noticed a brighter, healthier skin. Once my free sample runs off, I would definitively be coming back form this.

  35. Amazing Buy


    I love this serum, definitely one of my favourites. It makes my skin look dewy and fresh, especially with the pearlescent bubbles within, as well as the beautiful scent. It easily soaks into my skin, and does leave a sticky residue. While is is expensive, a little goes a long, long way! I originally got a sample, before buying the full size, and the sample lasted me, easily a couple of months (usi...
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  36. Super glowy


    I bought this product after seeing Jo for the podcast you it, and I love it. Super glowy, and leaves your skin feeling really hydrated. I have quite a few serums, and my hand tends to reach for this one alot. I would recommend
  37. Beautiful finish


    This is a gorgeous serum. It has a nice scent and I like the iridescent colour to the serum. It gives a beautiful glow on the face and is light weight yet nourishing and hydrating.
  38. Beautiful serum


    I love the pearly texture of this serum and I also adore the smell. It instantly hydrates my skin and gives me a beautiful glow.
  39. So gentle


    I really like this serum. It’s so gentle on my skin and feels very nourishing. It gives me a gorgeous glow and a play mode up affect. Larger bottle lasts for ever as well
  40. I’m in love


    Ok so I pretty much am in love with this stuff. First off it smells freaking amazing. It glides on the skin and just feels perfect. So calming and rejuvenating. My skin is glowing and I look healthy
  41. Not for me


    I disliked the texture, lustre additive and smell but persisted but just found it didn’t do anything for me.
  42. Great hydration and glow


    I apply this AM straight on top of Vit C serum. Feels great and particularly hydrating, but the bonus is the sheen that gives a great glow to the skin. Think this one will be in the lineup for a while. Only slight issue is that it has quite sharp scent (pomegranate) but it does dissipate quickly.
  43. worth the money


    I received a sample, and was blown away. My skin was soft, glowing and plump after using this. Even though I usually don't spend that much on skincare, I purchased a full size of this. Worth every cent!
  44. Feels hydrating


    I do enjoy this serum, it feels hydrating and my skin appears to have more of a glow, but I haven’t noticed any other changes. I will continue to use it
  45. Incredible serum


    Beautiful serum I use am & pm. Gives me a gorgeous radiance and amazing hydration. Absorbs quickly doesn’t feel greasy or tacky & apples well under makeup. My skin glows with this serum I love it!
  46. Skin saver!


    The best serum I have ever used! Definitely will be a must have in my skincare routine forever. I love the radiance this gives me & the way my skin feels after use. I bought this after Joanne recommended it in her instagram live and am so thankful I did.
  47. i dont see any impact


    i have been using this for a few weeks waiting to see an imact and i don’t feel my skin gets anything from this product

    the texture is somewhat sticky and if i apply anything over it is pills and balls into little lumps

    i feel that at this price point there are so many better products

    don’t like the texture
    hate that it doesn’t work with other produ...
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  48. Loved my sample, bought a full bottle now I’m not sure


    Received a sample of this and I loved it! I loved the smell and texture and that could use as an eye cream as well as all over face serum
    I then bought a full size after enjoying my sample, but I feel I went through the $150 bottle very quickly and feeling not so satisfied as I was after the sample
    Maybe I was applying to much and I did adjust to a smaller squirt morning and night bu...
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  49. Gorgeous


    I wasn’t sure if I needed this but wanted a little boost in my routine. I have dehydrated skin that gets congested. Even though my scaring and hormonal issues are clearing up thanks to other products, my skin never glowed and looked healthy. I bought this in the promo pack with the moisture gel and wow my skin looks good. So much more vibrant and plump. I use the elixir am and pm and the moisture ...
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  50. Hydrated


    Received a sample of this with a purchase and loved it. My skin felt instantly plump and hydrated. Loved the texture as it was light enough to absorb quickly into the skin.
  51. Great results with this serum


    I used this after I had over done the use on a retinol and this helped my super red and flaky skin recover so quickly. I now use it morning and night and my skin is looking amazing. I am actually getting asked about my foundation by strangers but it’s really how your skin is under that foundation. Love this serum. Have already purchased a spare.
  52. So hydrating


    I also received a sample of this and I immediately fell in love! This serum plumps and hydrates and goes on like a dream. As soon as I have finished the serum I am currently using, I will definitely purchase this one!
  53. Incredible


    Incredible serum that truly plumped out my skin! Skin looked fresh and hydrated
  54. Amazing


    After trying a sample of this I can say I think I’m sold! Such a lovely serum that isn’t sticky and really brightened my skin
  55. High Performer


    I received this product as a sample and really enjoyed using it.

    It has a nice fragrance and is not sticky. A small pump covered my face and was easy to spread around.

    It sinks in and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, plump and fresh.

    If it were not for the price I would probably purchase.
  56. Love the smell and texture


    Loving this serum
    My stressed skin is looking more brighter and even in just a few days
    The smell is lovely and not overly strong, strong smells tend to over power me but this is just lovely
    Will repurchase :)
  57. Amazing quick results


    I noticed a difference within a week of using, my skin is smoother, fresher and lines fainter. I use morning and night and can’t wait to see how it goes after a few more weeks of usage
  58. Brighter, tighter, lighter skin in days!


    I received a mini size as a gift with purchase and wow! Love this serum! Due to its cost I spot use this on my trouble areas, fine lines under and around my eyes and my frown lines. Immediately skin appears tighter and after repeated use there is a definite improvement to wrinkles that no other product I’ve tried has been able to address. Worth the price tag!
  59. all over facce serum. wow.


    This serum is fantastic it does what it says. Under eyes and face. I have a 5ml size and a little goes a long way, my 60+ face is loving it.
  60. Immediate results, tightening and illuminating


    I can see why it's worth paying high-end prices for this serum.

    It spreads so easily, this is not a sticky product and two small pumps goes a long way. I have early 30's combination skin with eyebags and large pores, sometimes dullness - product helps all of that. In the mornings this can lift my whole face if I haven't slept well. It's safe to use around the eyes I can feel it tight...
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  61. Super hyrdrating


    I received a sample of this with an order of mine and am obsessed. Leaves my skin feeling so amazing and I love the purple shimmer in the serum (doesnt show up on the skin) Love this stuff!
  62. My #1 serum of 2019

    Hannah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I work at Adore and I trial A LOT of serums. I am not exaggerating - this is the best serum I've tried so far (in terms of immediate results).

    I'm 30 with fine lines around my eyes that have been bothering me - I've tried quite a few eye creams, but nothing I've tried has been so instant. Within a week, the fine lines around my eyes were ACTUALLY visibly reduced. I was shocked and ex...
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  63. A little goes a long way


    I received this as a sample about 2 weeks ago. I use 2 squirts every morning, which covers my face, neck, and decolletage, and it's still going. It is easy to apply, soaks into my skin nicely, and is a light texture. The smell is lovely. My skin feels more hydrated and soft. I would look at purchasing this serum in the future.
  64. A Must have Product from Murad


    I am obsessed with this product. My dry skin felt so much better from the day after I started using this product in my routine. So soft and supple. This is something I would highly recommend for dry/normal skin and I will continue to repurchase it


    After receiving a sample of the Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum I fell in love with it after 3 days / nights and have already bought the 40mL size.

    The Serum is cool and soothing, smells beautiful and I can already see a difference especially around the puffiness of my eyes and wrinkles.

    Only a small amount is needed.
  66. Great night time serum (but expensive)


    I received a sample of this with a recent order and really was impressed. It smells great and applies really easily. Doesn't feel sticky or oily on the skin. My skin felt plump and overall 'better' the next day. I immediately came on to purchase it until I seen the price tag.......
  67. Lightweight & Hydrating


    Its lightweight, applied so easily to my face and neck, only needed to use a tiny amount of product and it smelt great. Skin was left feeling hydrated and firm.

    Thank you Murad for giving a sample that actually lasts about 2 weeks of daily use unlike others that are a once off sample. I really got to try the product and see the difference after 2 weeks. Pays off because I will defini...
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  68. An indulgent product


    I got this as a sample and it was quite a generous sample also. I like the feel of it and a little goes a longer way. I have used this product for about a month now and I feel like my skin looks brighter. It is a little pricy but considering you don’t need much it would last a while. It also sits beautifully under make up
  69. Luxurious


    This serum is so beautiful. The texture is gorgeous and my skin feels amazing after I apply it. I received a sample size as a gift with purchase and would definitely buy the full size.
  70. Nothing spectacular


    Received a sample of this with my previous order and was excited to try. It's a decent serum that provides some hydration and smells pleasant but ultimately I haven't noticed any significant benefits. It also pills a little under makeup which is frustrating.
    I honestly feel I get better results with other products that are a fraction of the cost.
  71. Beautiful serum


    I received this serum in a sample size with my recent delivery and this serum is beautiful. It feels light on the skin and dries pretty quickly. I used this product morning and night, under my moisturiser and my skin felt so much more hydrated. I will definitely purchase a full size bottle of this product.



  73. Beautiful product


    I received a sample size of this product and was surprised at how great it was.
    It made my skin feel amazing. Went on smoothly and skin felt instantly more hydrated.
    Will definitely buy in future.
  74. Lightweight Serum


    I have a small bottle of this which I received as a sample recently with an order. Has such a lovely scent to it and the best part is that the sample was big enough to be able to use daily for a whole week to see the full effects. I used daily at night and my skin visibly felt nicer. Very hydrating and plumping. Great after a facial and cleansing before bed.
  75. Really love this


    I received this product as a sample with an order - the sample was a decent size that lasted me a whole week (using morning and night) so I really got to test the product well. Smells lovely and goes on really smoothly. Serum consistency and isnt too thick. Dries quickly. I noticed a difference in my skin after using this daily - heaps more hydrated and firm. If it wasnt for the price I would purc...
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  76. Sample size


    Received the sample of this and am tempted the buy the full bottle. Makes your skin feel amazing!
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