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MOROCCANOIL Restorative Hair Mask 250ml

4.8 of 26 reviews


4 instalments of $13.99


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4 instalments of $13.99


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An amazing restorative hair mask that repairs damage to the hair and rebuilds elasticity, preventing futher damage.

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4.8 of 26 reviews

100% recommend this product

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This is a wonderful mask. Makes my hair soft and smooth after using it. I do find that they're masks have pretty much the same effect on my hair though
  1. Beautiful


    This is a wonderful mask. Makes my hair soft and smooth after using it. I do find that they're masks have pretty much the same effect on my hair though
  2. Amazing!


    My sister had this hair mask and I tried it, after one use my hair felt so soft and smoothe. Would recommend to anyone with damaged or dry hair.
  3. Hairs best friend.

    Chanelle j

    Use once a week. I apply to hair and wrap in a towel. Leave to penetrate and gently rinse after 20 mins or so
    Leaves the hair soft but not oily feeling
  4. Perfect for dry, curly hair


    my hair naturally is very dry, thick and curly. Once or twice a week, i put on this mask, wrap my hair up and rinse with cold water. My hair now has more hydration and shine added to it!
  5. Spa at Home


    This is a really beautiful hair mask. I like to use this mask once a week to re-condition the hair really deeply. It smells incredible, and it is such a good self care step to use at home.
  6. Incredible hair mask


    I love this hair mask, it makes my hair super smooth and shiny each time I use it. I have naturally curly hair so this mask has definitely helped tame the curls and makes it easier for me to style my hair.
  7. Great


    This mask is great for damage hair. I use it twice a week after I perm and dye my hair. My hair feels better after using this. Definitely recommend.
  8. Perfect for weekly use


    I use this weekly and I think it’s doing a lot to make my hair stay healthy.
  9. amazing


    I've only recently started to take an interest in looking after my hair, i decided to buy this hair mask along with the oil and wowwwwww it already feels so much healthier. i didn't have time to leave the mask in for very long so i pretty much just used it like a conditioner and washed it out after a few minutes, my hair was stronger, shiner and softer for the next 3 days straight so i can't wait to see the results after leaving the mask in for longer! i love it
  10. Leave your hair feeling amazing


    If you have damaged hair this will make your hair feel amazing. Leave on for longer for a softer feel.
  11. For very damaged hair


    I purchased this when I went from red to blonde and my hair was very damaged. It definitely does what it says - it restores hair. It is extremely heavy and requires a conditioner after rinsing out in the shower. As long as you use it per instruction, it will help revitalise damaged hair. I noticed the healthier my hair was, the less I needed to use it; but after each use my hair became greasier more quickly than a normal wash. I no longer need it but would definitely recommend this for anyone with really damaged hair!
  12. Softer hair


    I have really coarse hair and this hair mask makes my hair softer. Because my hair really is coarse, I also have to use a hair cream and oil to every time I wash my hair, but this mask makes it more manageable.
  13. Perfection


    This is really good for my hair. I have dry, coloured hair and this really strengthens my hair
  14. Smells divine and works!


    I use the mask to repair my dry and frizzy hair. I love using this once a week to just restore my hair and keep it looking nice and full bodied. I have a sensitive scalp as well, this mask just works its magic! And it smells lovely! Would recommend.
  15. It actually works


    My hair stylist recommended this hair mask for me. I dyed my hair blonde for years and it really dried out my hair. This mask really helped strengthen my hair. I would use it once a week and loved the way it made my hair feel and look(very soft). I used it after shampoo but before my conditioner. It doesn't make your hair look greasy, just nice and healthy.
  16. Amazing


    I’ve really enjoyed using this mask, it’s made such a huge different to my dried damaged ends.. it’s making my hair stronger and healthier looking. Only need to use it a couple of times a week. I also use it all with the moisture repair shampoo and conditioner. Plus the original oil. These four products work really well together
  17. intense


    I found this treatment very intense and a little too heavy for my hair type. Super moisturising just designed maybe for thicker hair
  18. Amazing for my hair!


    There was an amazing difference in the quality, look and feel after using this mask. It was instantly more softer, shinier and looked as though I had just had a salon treatment... But in the comfort of my own home! Just 15 minutes is all it took for my dry, dehydrated hair to become transformed, after years of using heated tools and colouring my hair, it really reversed all of this damage!
  19. Brought my hair back to life!


    First it's important to note this is a protein mask- intended to strengthen your hair not make it soft and moisturised to its important you don't leave it in too long and follow with a hydrating conditioner.
    I started using this after over-bleaching my hair as I wanted something to strengthen and prevent future damage. I would use it 1-2 times per week, leave it in for about 10 minutes then rinse and follow with conditioner.
    After a couple of months my hair was so much stronger and healthier, with less split ends and more body.
    I now use it once per week to maintain results. Amazing mask when used properly!
  20. Amazing... but not as good as the Intense Hydrate


    I’m a huge fan of the Moroccanoil hair masks! I regularly bleach my hair and I like to treat my hair with a weekly mask. I’ve been obsessed with how soft and smooth the Moroccanoil masks make my hair with regular use. I thought I’d give the Restorative mask a go, since my hair was particularly damaged after my most recent bleach. It is wonderful, but if you’re after a serious mask to quench bleached locks, I’d actually recommend the Hydrating or Intese Hydrating masks instead. While I definitely noticed a difference in the friziness of my hair, this mask wasn’t as strong as the others. I’ll keep using Moroccanoil masks, but I’ll go back to my trusty Hydrating one next time!
  21. So GOOD


    I had a terrible experience with bleach recently and this was my saviour! Helped to bring back my curls from being straight and stringy. Definitely consider purchasing this! However, be aware that this is a protein treatment and should be used sparingly, and reduce how much you use it as your hair starts to regain health. The tub is good value for the amount you have to use, which is only a little bit (depending on your hair of course).
  22. Absolutely amazing!


    I had weak brittle hair that has been previously bleached and felt like utter c**p, this stuff works wonders, not only is my hair much stronger now, it has shine that i never imagined id be able to restore!!
  23. Love it!


    I have thick, dry, colour damaged hair and put this product on my bleached ends for half an hour after washing. This has really helped restore my hair to a better condition, it looks so much healthier even after the first treatment. Looking forward to seeing the results after continued use.
  24. Blank


    I love this hair mask, i found it left my hair so soft and just feeling healthy really. it also left my hair very managable as i have very long and fine hair this was great and when i used it i had no problems brushing my hair, it was tangle free and my brush glided through my hair with ease. i also love the smell of it, its smells so amazing. this is one of my favourite hair masks and i will continue to buy it all the time
  25. Blank


    I love all Moroccanoil products and have to say, this one doesn't dissapoint! Smells amazing and leaves her feeling soft and silky. One must remember that this is a protein treatment, so this mask is definitely not as hydrating as the Intense Hydrating Mask. Difficult to comment on how restoring this product is alone as I am using other Moroccanoil products in conjunction which also restore and repair hair, but if you're looking for a protein treatment for dry/treated or fine hair, look no further!
  26. So disappointing!


    I was so looking forward to trying this hair mask. I have used the Moroccan Oil and really liked it. I needed a new hair mask and this was recommended by hairdresser. I don''t find this moisturising at all unless I use a conditioner as well. The only good thing about this product is the smell.
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