How Do Makeup Artists Prevent Flashback?

How Do Makeup Artists Prevent Flashback?

On a day when you’re going to be photographed, preventing flashback is key. Not sure what flashback is? No worries. We explain it all and tell you how the pros keep it from ruining their clients' shots.

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What Is Flashback?

Flashback is a white cast that appears on the skin in photos. Flashback is usually caused by certain light-reflecting ingredients in the makeup or skincare you’re using. The intense light of flash photography is deflected off the skin and into the camera lens, creating a whitish glow.

How Do Pro Makeup Artists Prevent Flashback?

Avoid sunscreen in your pre-photo beauty routine. This is a foolproof way to avoid flashback in pictures, as sunscreen ingredients are the No. 1 culprit. Sunscreens and sunblocks by nature are formulated to bounce light off the skin. This includes makeup and moisturisers with SPF.

For the duration of any event at which you’ll be photographed, avoid sunscreen. If you're outdoors, keep covered with a hat or parasol in between takes. Be sure to slather on sun protection or get indoors as soon as your photo session is over.

Avoid setting powders and sprays that contain light-reflecting ingredients such astitanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These ingredients, which also happen to be sunblocks, provide a soft-focus, even finish to makeup. However, due to their light-reflecting properties, such ingredients should be avoided when you’ll be facing flash photography.

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What Setting Products Are Free Of Flashback-inducing Ingredients?

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Powder Foundation, a cult favourite, is a fantastic option for setting makeup without risking flashback. This powder provides a flawless finish all day without making you look like a ghost in photos. Dust a light layer over your complexion with a large powder brush or puff.

RCMA No Colour Powder contains only two ingredients: talc and silica. This tint-free powder is a perfect choice for preventing flashback on any skin tone. Apply using a large powder brush for a smooth finish that keeps makeup locked down.

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Oil Control is a fine pre-makeup mist that creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup. Even the oiliest complexion looks matte and true-to-colour all day long.

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