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Luxe Powder
When you think about luxurious face powders, certain images spring to mind. Fluffy powder puffs. Vanity mirrors draped in velvet. Silk stockings without a single tear. Powder is a classic beauty staple that's always been seen as a sign of sophistication. Imagine a smooth, snowy complexion with a touch of a flushed cheek. Or a rock-solid, all-day-wear, fully finished face. These are just a few examples of beauty looks that would be impossible without luxury powders. Our Luxe selection of face powders offers a wide range of choices, so we’ve got just about everyone covered. Whether you're a mineral-makeup babe or a translucently finished femme, you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for in our comprehensive powder selection. Check out the products below and brush on your perfect luxurious powder look!
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Professional Powder
Face powder is a must-have for any pro makeup artist, which is why we’ve curated some of the best powders in the industry to keep your kit up to date and on point. Our Pro selection includes numerous highly respected brands that make powder perfection a breeze. From setting powder to full-on powder foundation, we offer a great range to ensure you have the absolute best fit for your clients. Our Pro powders aim to help you create amazing looks without any struggle. With a no-muss no-fuss philosophy, our pro brands provide options that are light on packaging, heavy on quality, and easy to transport and use. Because powder is one of the most versatile cosmetics in your kit, you should have a few great products on hand. And that’s what we’ve got for you in our Pro powder selection!
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Essentials Powder
When you want to get back to basics with your face powder, you don’t need to hit the bargain bin at the grocery store. We’ve got some amazing powders that won’t break the bank! Our Essentials selection provides you with high-quality options at a fraction of the expected price. Looking matte and chic with a flawless powder finish is achievable for anyone who wants it, regardless of budget. Our Essentials brands aim to take what the pros are using and bring it to everyone, so you’ll see tons of different types of powders here. This isn’t your mother’s pancake makeup! Powder can be a key step in foundation application as well as a phenomenal way to finish your look and lock your makeup in place. Not sure how to work face powder into your beauty routine? It’s simple: sweep or dust your finishing powder on when you’ve finished your complexion makeup and boom! You’re all set for a day of flawless wear. Interested? Check out all the amazing essential powders we have to offer below. You’re sure to find something you’ll love.
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