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Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo 150ml 150ml

4.6 of 77 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.00

Or 4 instalments of $4.00 with LEARN MORE

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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk extends the life of blow-outs and helps decrease the frequency of washing hair. Dirt, oil and impurities are removed from the hair without drying it out. Ideal for all hair types, this dry shampoo will restore volume and texture to the hair in just 2 minutes.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Thinning hair
  • Flaky scalp

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo 150ml Reviews

4.6 of 77 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So refreshing


Such a gentle dry shampoo, smells lovely and doesn't make my hair itchy!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but a little pricey


This dry shampoo works well between washes but does the same job as other brands that are cheaper
  1. So refreshing


    Such a gentle dry shampoo, smells lovely and doesn't make my hair itchy!
  2. Does what it is designed to


    I don't find this product particularly exciting, but it does do a reasonable job at 'cleaning' hair without actually giving it a full wash. Definitely convenient if you're in a morning rush and don't have time to hit the shower.
  3. good quality


    this is a really good quality dry shampoo, it works really well and I think the price is good too
  4. great


    Amazing dry shampoo and super gentle
  5. only dry shampoo I use


    verified purchaser
    This is the only brand I use. Works so well and is nice to use
  6. Lightweight but effective


    Great option if you don't want a strong scented dry shampoo, adds volume and hides oil without drying out my hair.
  7. Fresh & Full


    I’ve been scarred by my experiences with dry shampoo in the past. It’s taken a very long time to give it another shot.
    There is no doubt that I am converted!
    Love love love! My fine, limp hair was returned to its post wash state in no time. My hair was left residue free, smelly fresh and looking full of volume. I also noticed a little more depth to my natural brown hair colour.
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  8. Hair's best friend!


    Can't recommend this enough. It smells amazing, instantly refreshes and doesn't break the bank
  9. great and affordable


    this is really good, a more natural dry shampoo that smells nice and isn't overpriced
  10. First dry shampoo


    This is the first shampoo I have tried (I thought I'd start at a cheap option) and I think it does a pretty good job. I have blonde/brown/mousey hair and it leaves a slight white residue, so maybe not the best for black hair. But this could be my way of using it, as I haven't really experimented much with dry shampoos and how to make then less visible. Overall a good cheap dry shampoo that will ex...
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  11. Best dry shampoo


    This is the best dry shampoo I've used, and doesn't leave that horrible white powdery residue behind. Great for adding volume too!
  12. Bang for buck!


    Best dry shamppo I've used. I've also used the Oribe one and this is much better and cheaper!! Easy to use and doesn't leave a white sheen/powder (I have dark hair)
  13. Great for freshening up


    This dry shampoo is great for in between washes to freshen up my hair and doesn't have a hairspray-type smell.
  14. Effective dry shampoo


    Have tried a few different brands of dry shampoo and this is one of the best. Doesn't leave my hair feeling super dry and with a chalky residue like some other brands do. Effective dry shampoo when you can't or don't have th e time to wash your hair. Handy for travelling or after the gym or exercise.
  15. Fresh hair


    Great travel size! This dry shampoo makes your hair fresh and clean! It doesn't leave any white residue in your hair and also gives some volume. Best dry shampoo I've tried!
  16. Good but a little pricey


    This dry shampoo works well between washes but does the same job as other brands that are cheaper
  17. The best out there!


    I have tried so many different dry shampoos - some can be very costly, but this is the best i've tried. Gentle on hair, the fragrance isn't overpowering, and most importantly it keeps the oil at bay - all day long and even into the next day. I have fine and oily hair, and this baby has helped me go from washing every day to now once every 5 days!
  18. Must have for oily hair


    I love this to extend the time in between washes. I have fine hair which has oily roots, and I use it to keep my hair looking fresh and feeling clean. The only downside is that the bottle does not last very long at all. I wish Klorane would produce a larger sized product!
  19. Lovely Scent


    Bought this dry shampoo to try as I had tried a few different types of the Batiste Brand but all had irritated my scalp. So far this one has been pretty good, with a lovely mild scent. Only downside is they don’t have this in a brown tint (as a brunette you do has to brush in really well.)
  20. Does the job


    I found this to be pretty good but not as good as expected.
    I think i only prefer Batiste because i use their tinted version but this brand also makes one so might try that next time.
    No white marks!
    It did however make my hair quite tangled - if you dont wash the product out and you sleep on it.
  21. Good but not great


    Good but prefer another brand.
  22. fresh fresh fresh


    a lovely soft dry shampoo that works and has a stunning yet not over powering fresh scent.
  23. Best dry shampoo I've used!

    Kat F

    I have tried many brands of dry shampoo at many price points. Disappointingly with dry shampoo I've found the more expensive they are, the less they do.
    However this product is fabulous and so is it's price point!
    This dry shampoo doesn't leave white stains in my hair or make my scalp dry and flakey.
    I find it gives it a freshly washed look.
    I couldn't recommend this produc...
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  24. Simply the best


    Klorane dry shampoos are simply the best. Not only are they super effective, but they don't leave a huge white residue or irritate my scalp like a certain popular brand does.
  25. Hair feels like straw and dirty


    Doesn't do a very good job of making hair look clean
  26. i'm a convert


    I was loyal to Batiste, despite the residue. However, a friend recommended this, and I haven't looked back! It's great, doesn't leave residue in my hair, and makes my hair look fresh and lovely
  27. Best dry shampoo


    The best part of this dry shampoo is it doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry and heavy.
  28. Great


    I have used this product everyday for the past 7 years. Even with freshly washed and blow dried hair this gives my hair body and boost. Great for refreshing if you haven’t washed hair but have a beautiful bloody dry still. All round soft on hair not chalky either.
  29. Only dry-shampoo I'll ever buy again


    I love this dry shampoo, I've bought it time and time again for years! Smells clean, doesn't weigh down your hair. Great for when your hair is oily but it's also a great styling tool for lightly holding your fresh curls. An essential french beauty product!
  30. A must have for me


    This is wonderful. I get really bad dandruff and super irritated scalp and this is lovely and gently on my head. It’s amazing! Loving it so so much.
  31. Great value and only need a small amount


    I have relatively thick, straight blonde hair and i find a moderate amount of this is plenty to get my hair looking fresh without a wash. When i started using it I found that I had to work it through a lot to ensure it was distributed (and not visible) but this was solved by using a smaller amount, which still achieved the desired result. I will definitely be repurchasing for this reason, and also...
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  32. best dry shampoo by a mile


    This has been a constant in my cupboard for years. For the pricepoint, it's a much better product than any similar brands. I have light brown/dark blond hair now but even when I had much darker hair I used this product and never noticed a visible residue. It gives my hair a soft, natural feel close to a proper full wash but is way more convenient. Scent is subtle but very pleasant.
  33. Best for oily hair and sensitive scalp


    I use this to prolong time between washes and love how long it lasts in my very oily hair. By the end of my workday i can notice a bit of oil coming through but overall lasts quite a while.

    I get a bit of product build up but just try my best not to touch my scalp! I have a super sensitive scalp too and find it doesn't irritate it further.

    Always buy in bulk because don'...
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  34. One of the best


    I think this dry shampoo is one of the best on the market. Perfect for oily hair, and best applied the night before. Sleep in it and wake up with refreshed hair with the dry shampoo all mixed through
  35. A good quality dry shampoo


    I don't use a lot of dry shampoo but this is one of the better ones around, has a nice subtle scent and doesn't create a build up of product or leave my hair feeling dry and dirty like some dry shampoo tends to do. Would prefer this over other brands of dry shampoo.
  36. Great dry shampoo, saves my colour


    Klorane oat milk dry shampoo is definitely one of the best. A subtle scent that keeps hair smelling fresh. I find best results applying at night directly to the roots and working the product in to soak up any extra oil. Brushing my hair out in the morning with a paddle brush gives it volume and prevents an oily look. As I usually go 3 to 5 days between washes, there isn't much of a build-up of pro...
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  37. Weightless and not drying!


    This dry shampoo is so nice! I've just repurchased a second bottle. I hate spending money on dry shampoo because I use it up so quickly but this one is really affordable and feels nice on the hair. I wish they would make it in a bigger size.
  38. best dry shampoo brand


    hands down best dry shampoo brand
  39. Works really well


    This is really good, my hair isn't very oily normally but this gives me the third or fourth day before washing. I usually leave it in for about 5-10 minutes before brushing out and find that is enough. It gives good volume and smells nice. I have swapped to the version for darker hair as I have orange hair and find the original one can leave a bit of white residue, but both products work really we...
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  40. Not a fan


    I did not love this dry shampoo. I have thin and naturally oily hair which needs a big spritz the second day and this did nothing but add more oil and grit. Was not a fan.
  41. my OG fave


    I love this one, it was my go to for such a long time. I have started switching it up lately but I think I'll go back to this in my next order, it's just the most effective with my very oily, often flat hair. I do have light hair though so I'm not sure if it would leave any white patches on dark hair.
  42. Favourite budget dry shampoo


    I use a lot of dry shampoo and am always trying out different brands to find the ultimate, but can't always afford to splash out so will often come back to this one as a good price point and solid performer. I hope they never discontinue it
  43. Old favourite but not great for dark hair


    This is my go-to dry shampoo, but I do need to be careful on my very dark hair. Make sure you shake well, and spray from at least 15cm away to avoid faux greys :) Mild smell and a nice staple for second day hair.
  44. No point reviewing - best there is


    This is hands down the best dry shampoo on the world. Heads and shoulders above anything else I've tried - and I've tried MANY.

  45. For fresh hair even when it has no right to be!


    This is one of my favourite dry shampoos and I have tried so many! It doesn’t build up on my scalp even after using multiple days in a row, or leave flakes on my hair that are either a dead giveaway I haven’t washed my hair in a while or make it look like I have dandruff! It’s invisible and the oat seems to mean you can avoid the itchy scalp that some dry shampoos give you. Love this product, high...
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  46. Exceeded my expectations by a mile!


    I am a hardcore gym rat (6 days per week) and need to wash sweat and dirt out of my hair regularly. I'd be meaning to buy dry shampoo for a long time to decrease the amount of washing and stripping that it was doing to my hair and a friend suggested I try Klorane. When the bonus promo offer came up I bought a bottle of this and all I can say is WOW - it is amazing! I sprayed it through the roots a...
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  47. The best


    One of the best dry shampoos. Definitely a must-have, highly recommended!
  48. Gentle dry shampoo


    I prefer this product to previously used dry shampoo. It seems to be more subtle and didn’t leave my hair feeling chalky.
  49. Gorgeous product


    I have wait length hair, so like to stretch the time between washes to protect the ends. This product is a life saver! Clean looking (and smelling) hair in the morning, without having to wash the whole lot.

    I'd been put off other dry shampoos because of the scent. but actually really like this one, it doesn't smell strongly of synthetics and chemicals. Adds great texture to my hair...
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  50. NEED IT!


    As I try to extend out the number of days between washing my hair, this dry shampoo has made that process a lot easier!

    smells amazing and is very gentle on hair strands, also doesn't leave an ugly white patch!
  51. Hmm


    This was the first ever dry shampoo I used, thought it was magical, but it has an extremely strong scent. Don't love.
  52. New favourite!


    I normally use Eleven dry shampoo but purchased this one when I ran out on a whim. For the price, I'm really impressed!

    It's kept my hair clean using a few times a week in between washes and the spray nozzle itself is fantastic - good coverage and doesn't get clogged up like others.
  53. Best one so far for very oily roots

    Lilian D.

    I have very oily roots after the second day without washing my hair. This product is the best one i've found that does not weight my hair down and is comfortable to use. I've tried the Nettle version and it does not compare to this one.
  54. Best dry shampoo


    I love this product. It's the best dry shampoo I've ever tried. I have light blond, straight hair and the product works really well in getting rid of grease at the roots. It also doesn't have a strong perfume or smell to it where as all other dry shampoo products I've tried seem to have a strong, overpowering smell.
  55. Great go-to dry shampoo at a reasonable price!


    I love this stuff. It is by far the best dry shampoo in its price range. I find it smells good, soaks up oil well and doesn't leave an overly white residue. leaves hair nicely textured and easy to style. I will continue to re-purchase
  56. Love


    The most amazing dry shampoo - the original and I've tried many since none of which compare. Fantastic for a freshen up in the evening after the gym or to stretch out day 2 into day 3 on my wash
  57. The best dry shampoo on the market!


    This dry shampoo doesn't leave your hair feeling gross, and feels so light that you won't realize you've dosed your hair in it. Plus, the white powder that is often a problem with dry shampoos is very minimal with this product! Works so well with my thin, flat hair!
  58. Love this!


    I use this a few times a week in between washes. I've tried many other dry shampoos and this one is the best! It's so effective and keeps my hair feeling clean all day. There's also minimal build up and absolutely no "chalky" feeling so I can go even longer in between washes now.
  59. Hands down favourite dry shampoo


    This is hands down my favourite dry shampoo - love using this in between washes - there is a soft fragrant smell on application, that isn't too 'chemical', and i definitely see volume when applied to my roots. Have repurchased this 3 times!
  60. Doesn't leave your hair feeling dry


    Just recently purchased this dry shampoo to replace the one you usually buy from the supermarket as I'm trying to buy cruelty free products now and the one in the supermarket isn't!
    And I love it, it doesn't leave my hair feeling dry like other brands.
    Will definitely be buying this again.
  61. Best dry shampoo


    I use Klorane religiously. My fine hair becomes oily easily & I find this not only gives me a couple of extra days between washes but also adds some much needed volume to my hair.
  62. I really like it


    I can suffer from a sensitive scalp. I can’t use Batiste without my scalp feeling irritated. My scalp doesn’t suffer with this dry shampoo. The smell isn’t fantastic but that’s ok. I will be purchasing again.
  63. Love

    Kylie Q

    Klorane make the Best dry shampoo ever - this one is good but the nettle green cap version is best for oily hair. I am so glad I found this. It’s such a great product - with this in my kit I can get away with washing my hair only once a week which is such a time saver.
  64. Works well


    I was wary of dry shampoos as I've tried a few in the past and although they did the job, I found the scents overpowering. I thought I'd give this one a try as I'd read good reviews and needed a dry shampoo to use when camping overseas. It has a pleasant, fresh scent and isn't noticeable after application on my blonde hair.
  65. Don't get it...


    The first time I used this, the scent was so strong that I actually resorted to spraying it outdoors. Luckily it doesn’t linger, but it doesn't matter since I found it performed poorly as a dry shampoo. It barely absorbed oil and didn’t add any volume for me.
  66. my fave dry shampoo ever


    I swear by klorane dry shampoo! I find it makes hair appear cleaner and it lasts longer in the hair (I find other brands like batistse wear off quicker and my hair looks greasy again within an hour) and gives THE BEST VOLUME.
  67. Amazing!


    I have pretty fine hair and decided to upgrade from the usual brand of dry shampoo which I thought worked well - until I tried this.
    Smells lovely and makes your hair look fresh and volumised instead of flat and greasy on those in between wash days.
    Nothing could persuade me to go back to the cheaper alternatives.
  68. My favourite dry shampoo


    I have an oily scalp my hair is overall dry. I find that lots of other dry shampoos suck moisture from my hair and leave it dry and gritty. This one doesn't - it removes my grease without drying out my scalp or hair. It leaves no residue on my brunette roots.
  69. Didn't like it


    I've not had much luck with dry shampoo's but this one actually made my hair look heavy, lank and oily so I stopped using it after a couple of tries. Other people seem to have had roaring success with it though so it could still be worth trying.
  70. Could take it or leave it


    Wasn't my favourite dry shampoo- personally I prefer the Batiste dry shampoo as I find it just works so much better and is more evenly distributed throughout my hair. Not a bad product, still works, but not the best in my opinion
  71. Best I’ve tried


    I have tried many dry hair shampoos and this is the best! From the first use I noticed that it gave a fresh clean feeling to my hair despite it being day two since being washed. I followed directions which I am usually not good at doing and it done what it stated!! And the smell is fabulous!!! My hair looks clean and shiny but not product shiny!! I even could have left my hair down it’s and styled...
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  72. Love


    THE. BEST. DRY. SHAMPOO. EVER. - I have tried cheaper brands, and nothing compares to this product.

    I have blonde hair, but I am sure It would be awesome for dark too!
  73. The best


    The only dry shampoo i will purchase. Having bleached blonde hair, many shampoos can tend to be drying and weigh down my hair. This is not the case!! Love love love
  74. My OG! Have gone through many bottle and will gone threw man more


    By far my favourite. I tried cheaper dry shampoos as I go through so many of them - but not all dry shampoos are the same, t this is my OG - it does not irritate my scalp at all like some of the cheaper ones do, it does not build up in my hair and feel chalky and it smells and feels fresh and clean . I saw online that they also have an non aerosol version that is just an air pup so more eco friend...
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  75. Easy and effective


    Such a fantastic natural dry shampoo- that doesn’t leave white marks! I have quite sensitive skin and suffer from dermatitis/eczema and this dry shampoo was perfect for my skin, whereas other brands would cause my scalp to react or leave a white powder. Smells fantastic.
  76. The best dry shampoo!!!


    Best dry shampoo on the market for the price. Doesn't change my hair colour, soaks up oil, adds texture and volume!
    I love that I don’t have to wash my hair everyday anymore!
  77. Love it!


    Love this dry shampoo. Smells amazing and isn’t as heavy as others I’ve used. So good for everyday use. I have thin hair and it’s great to also give me a bit of volume.
  78. Subtle fragrance and natural finish


    I've sampled quite a few dry shampoos and for the price, I'd say this one is worth the money. Upon the first few sprays it can smell a bit soapy but it definitely doesn't linger and my hair still smells like my own shampoo. It doesn't leave a powdery finish and gives me an extra day or two before I have to wash my hair again. It's also easy on the scalp and not too drying like some other dry shamp...
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  79. The Original and Best


    I have tried so many dry shampoos and I always come back to this one! The price point is good, its lightweight and really helps to freshen my roots between washes. I have come to the conclusion that this is "The One" and I am done shopping around for dry shampoo
  80. The best dry shampoo


    I recently upgraded from Batiste to Klorane and will never go back. The scent is so lovely and soft, and the results are incredible - spraying in the morning will actually last you a full day or more. The result is also much more natural and less heavy-handed than what you get with batiste. So thrilled with this find!
  81. Best Dry Shampoo

    Beauty Bee

    I love dry shampoo, because it saves my dirty and oily roots from exposure ;) It is the best dry shampoo on the market! It doesn't have that over powering cheap scent that a lot of dry shampoos have.and it's very gentle on the scalp. It doesn't make dermatitis worse and isn't to gritty in texture.It leaves hair feeling fresh and blonde hair looking a little brighter. Win!
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