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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint 150ml 150ml

4.5 of 149 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.00

Or 4 instalments of $4.00 with LEARN MORE

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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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A refreshing dry shampoo with a cooling feel. 
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends

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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint 150ml Reviews

4.5 of 149 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



such a great refreshing dry shampoo

Most Helpful Criticism

Quick and easy


I didnt like it. It felt like it was burning my scalp
  1. refreshing


    such a great refreshing dry shampoo
  2. Fresh


    I'm obsessed with this dry shampoo! It feels so fresh and light in my hair. Also really enjoy the minty smell.
  3. Love the smell


    Love this smell. My hair feels super clean!
  4. love!


    Love this smell. My hair feels super clean!
  5. Brunettes best friend


    This product is very refreshing. There aren't many good sprays for dark hair that don't weight the hair down.
  6. Fresh hair feels


    Loved this product. Smells great and left my hair feeling alot fresher after a big week at work..
  7. Nature’s Best Friend


    love this product! this mint smell is so refreshing and the dry shampoo does not leave my hair oily at all! it’s easy to comb through and makes your hair look healthy and shiny as if it’s has been just washed!
  8. Refreshing


    I'm already an avid lover of Klorane's regular dry shampoo line so I was really excited to see that they were releasing a mint version. The product works very similarly to their usual dry shampoo which is lightweight and doesn't cause a lot of build up in the hair. This mint version smells like their mint shampoo and feels slightly cooling on the scalp which I feel will be perfect during the summe...
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  9. Klorane minty hair feels


    Loved this product. Smells Great and left my hair feeling alot fresher after a big week at work..
  10. Great Quality


    Smell was a little strong for my liking but it was definately a great quality product that matched the one I normally buy that is 3 times more expensive
  11. Fresh, clean feel


    Nice fragrance and left my hair feeling fresh and clean.
  12. Smells great


    I love it. My hair was instantly fresh and the smell is light and lovely
  13. Clean and light on your hair


    Very light on the hair, couldn’t hardly notice I had put it in. Didn’t like the scent though, for someone who loves mint it would be fine.
  14. Great handy spray


    Love how light this product is. No powdery after spray.
  15. Hair care quick and easy


    Absolutely love this quick easy way to refresh my hair, smells amazing and so easy to brush through my hair.
  16. Clean and fresh!


    Fantastic scent and left my hair feeling really refreshed. No powdery residue or flaky white cast. I was really, really impressed and will definitely be repurchasing.
  17. Instantly refreshing hair


    Quick, easy, instantly refreshed hair especially after exercise.
  18. Fresh & Weightless


    I love the scent and it instantly refreshes my hair without feeling like I have a lot of product in it. The best dry shampoo I’ve tried to date.
  19. Smells great


    I love it. My hair was instantly fresh and the smell is light and lovely
  20. Excelled dry shampoo


    Absolutely loved it. Made my hair nice and soft and added volume. Enjoyed the mint fragrance. I have a sensitive scalp and had no issues at all using it. Will definitely be buying again.
  21. Smells lovely


    It works great but most of all it smells great. Most others smell like fake tan or body spray. This is light and fresh and won’t overpower your perfume
  22. Refreshing & Minty moment


    This Dry shampoo was a great daily addition to my morning routine when required. The fresh minty smell was a lovely refreshing moment too.
  23. Minty freshness


    Loved the stress minty smell whilst using this dry shampoo, although it quickly disappeared.
    I felt like it was helping to keep my scalp clean and nice to know I had clean hair in between shampoos.
  24. Easy summer essential


    So easy to apply and brush in, no excess white colour and fantastic smell!
  25. Clean and fresh


    I didn’t find this any better then other dry shampoos on the market, but it did feel light in my hair which I thought was great
  26. This product was awesome


    I would buy the product again, it worked super well and I’ve gotten my friends on to it
  27. Refreshing, cleansing, convenient


    Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo is fantastic! I ran out of time to wash my hair before doing an important presentation at work, and with just a quick spray of the Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo, my hair felt refreshed and rejuvenated!

    The Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo is light and cooling, with a subtle, refreshing scent. It dries invisible and leaves your hair smooth, shiny and...
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  28. Easy quick refresh


    Love how it makes my hair look fresh!
  29. Easy quick refresh


    Love how it makes my hair look fresh! Provides a quick refresh with little effort.
  30. Detox dry shampoo-- aquatic mint


    Had a nice refreshing very mild mint fragrance. Left my hair smelling fresh not overpowering.
  31. Best


    Very nice and refreshing
  32. Works great!


    Smells amazing, doesn’t leave a chalky residue behind which is fantastic!
  33. Fresh, fabulous hair


    Fantastic directions, so easy to use and smells great. Definately a new favourite to save time and look fresh.
  34. Does the job

    Bekky E

    Really liked this dry shampoo! It didn’t leave a white cast residue all over my head. I wasn’t too keen on the mint smell, although thankfully it was subtle. I preferred the Klorane Nettle Dry shampoo product over the mint
  35. Refreshing scent


    Very impressed with the spray from the can comparing to other brands, it properly distributes the product through my oily roots.
    Love the fresh minty scent of this product!
    Big fan of giving my 1-2 day blow dry a refresh with this dry shampoo through my roots.
  36. Amazingly refreshed hair!


    My favourite thing about this product was the smell. So fresh and crisp! Spraying it onto my hair provided an instant freshen up, a surprising amount of volume and gave me an entire extra day of nice looking hair without washing. Definitely recommend!
  37. Refreshing, natrual detox


    Love it makes my hair feel clean, fresh and full of volume great for styling and so quick, easy to use.
  38. Hair feels great


    Fantastic packaging. Pleasant scent. Hair feels great. Really works. Doesnt leave hair crunchy or white.
  39. Fresh and light


    I’ve just had my second baby, and so this product has been a life-saver! Who has time to wash their hair with an active 5 year old and a newborn. Klorane dry shampoo is Easy to use and my hair felt fresh, clean and light. I loved the minty smell too!
  40. Back to beautiful


    Leaves my hair looking clean again. Barely takes any brushing through. Instantly freshens my hair and gets me back to my busy life without hiding under my hat!
  41. Fresh but not for me


    Whilst the feel of the product was nice, the smell was too “toothpasty” for me to buy again.
  42. Not Quite what I Expected


    I was not as impressed with this product as I was the Nettle Dry shampoo. This one slightly irritated my scalp and didn't quite do the job I would of expected of a dry shampoo. Im not sure of the difference, but clearly my scalp noticed it.
  43. The Cooling Dry Shampoo


    This dry shampoo is definitely up there with my favourites I’ve ever tried. I personally really like the scent and the cooling feeling, such a perk coming into summer! My favourite part of this dry shampoo experience is the ability to put my fingers through my hair without feeling any product in there at all!
  44. Minty freshness!


    Such a great life hack for those days when your hair needs a freshen up but you don't have time to wash it. It cleans your hair without drying and leaves a lovely fresh, minty fragrance. A new fave!
  45. Klorane Mint


    This is a great product. It really worked in absorbing oil after a gym session and smells so good.
  46. Minty, fresh and clean


    Minty, fresh and left my hair feeling clean not full of white powder. Didn’t need to spray for ages with nothing coming out and covered by roots easily with minimal application.
  47. Smells so good


    Exactly what you want from a dry shampoo. Will definitely be buying over my current brand of dry shampoo.
  48. Fresh and lightweigh


    Great smelling product with a clean, lightweight feel. Sometimes a lot of product is required for desired results.
  49. Different to the rest


    Been using for a few weeks now, firstly love the smell! I also love how you do get that heap of white powder in your hear, in an incident it’s noticeably looking fresh!
  50. Awesome product


    Loved it... made my hair feel amazing. And definitely gave me that just washed feeling. Plus the product didn't build up and become noticable
  51. Do good, my teenage daughters wanted it


    The Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo worked so well in my hair that my teenage daughters wanted to try it.
  52. Loved it! Best dry shampoo ever


    It works!! It made my hair feel fresher without chalky residue. I really liked the scent! It’s far better than any I have used. I have blonde hair too!
  53. Fresh easy product


    I loved the product, easy to use. The scent put it me off though.
  54. Fresh easy product


    I loved the product, easy to use. The scent put it me off though.
  55. Quick, easy, refreshing. Perfect for beach hair.


    Spent a week at the beach, this was an absolute style saver.
  56. Mums secret time saver


    As a mum this is brilliant! Quick and easy to refresh your hair.
  57. Effective


    I have used this a few times and I'm happy to say it's quite effective and smells good too.
  58. perfect refreshing solution


    Best dry shampoo. Leaves her feel clean and refreshed with a great cooling minty sensation!
  59. Mint dry shampoo


    It smelled nice and fresh, sprayed well and lasted long.
  60. Convenient replacement


    Love the smell. Don’t particularly find it to leave my hair feeling as fresh as promised however would use during those days where washing hair is not possible.

    Miss K

    Wow! What a product! Delicious smell and so refreshing.

    Miss K

    I personally loved it. Only a small amount needed. Its refreshing, smells nice, very natural. Highly recommend!
  63. Love it!!


    Smells great, works a treat. Doesn't make your hair Grose or lose shine. Perfect!!
  64. Brilliant!!


    Smells great, works a treat. Doesn't make your hair Grose or lose shine. Perfect!!
  65. Amazing!


    Its great for my oily roots and smells amazing
  66. Great product


    Great product, makes those in between hair wash days last longer and look cleaner my hair is quite prone to being oily and this product kept it looking fresher for longer.
  67. Easy, light powder


    I liked it, it worked well, easy to use and rub in. No irritating odours.
  68. A fresh scent clean


    Nice product. Does a good job and making my hair look clean. Fresh scent.
  69. Fresh, soft, effective


    Great product! Left my hair nice and soft and gave it a styled look without the styling. Not a massive fan of the smell though.
  70. Fresh and easy!


    Application was easy and didn't make me feel like I was breathing it in. I like the way my hair feels after using this product, it left my hair feeling natural and was really easy to style
  71. Loved this product


    Loved this product, I especially liked the scent and how it felt in my hair
  72. Convenient


    Smells a bit strange, but it was effective and made my hair feel good
  73. Smells nice and fresh instantly makes hair feels less smelly


    Expected a nice smelling dry shampoo
  74. smells great


    Really like this! No chalky feeling in your hair, unlike a lot of dry shampoos.
  75. Smells nice


    Was nice I needed to use a fair bit on my daughter, as she has super long hair but it did the trick, I think I expected to have some form of detangler in it too
  76. Conveniently refreshing


    The fragrance lingered all day! Great for a quick refresh in between washes.
  77. Confident and easy


    Love this product! Worked well and didn’t leave any white/grey in my dark brown hair.
  78. Fresh and Minty


    I was happy after using this product. I usually wash my hair daily and using this product I was able to stretch it out to 3-4 days between washes. I could definitely smell the mint but this wasn’t a selling point for me.
  79. Fantastic minty scent!


    I was curious to find out if this would have a cooling feeling or just smell minty fresh. Even though it doesn't have the cooling feeling I still really enjoyed testing this. The fragrance is refreshing and would suit those that don't like the common floral smell that comes with other dry shampoo brands. Overall the product itself is great - I tested it 4 days after washing my hair and I also test...
    Read More
  80. Minty refresh


    Super easy to use.
    Refreshing smell and cooling affect on the scalp.
    No chalky texture or residue like some other dry shampoos leave.
    Makes easy work of oily hair. It’s made my hair look incredibly styled and super bouncy even though I’m on day 3 or 4.
    My hair smells amazinnnngggg!
  81. Minty Fresh


    I really liked this dry shampoo, it had a nice mint smell without being too much. As a mum of 2 under 2 this is a massive timesaver on those though days!
  82. Fresh and easy!


    Application was easy and didn't make me feel like I was breathing it in. I like the way my hair feels after using this product, it left my hair feeling natural and was really easy to style
  83. Easy, convenient time saver


    Easy to use, smelled ok. Gave me an extra day without washing.
  84. Simple and effective


    Easy to follow instructions. Didn’t leave my hair with product like other brands have before. Easily got another fresh hair day.
  85. Clean fresh hair


    Love this. My hair feels so clean when I use this. Gives me another day of not washing my hair
  86. The best ever


    Absolutely loved it couldn’t believe how well it actually worked my hair looked so fresh and clean and smelled amazing
  87. Clean minty fresh


    Loved this product,made my hair feel clean and healthy and i loved the smell
  88. Perfect time and water saver


    Love the smell of the dry shampoo. It gave me an extra 2 days before washing my hair.
    Didn’t leave powdery residue.
  89. Fresh and minty


    Leaves a fresh feeling to my hair, and ready for the end of the week
  90. Clean and fresh


    Leaves a fresh feeling to my hair, extending my week
  91. Fantastic


    I loved the smell and helped me get more out of my blow dry
  92. Fantastic


    I loved the smell and helped me get more out of my blow dry
  93. Smells like medicine


    I personally didn’t like the smell of this dry shampoo, still works great like other dry shampoos but the smell was off-putting to me.
  94. Dry shampoo


    Smells good. My hair oils up after a night/day worhout shampoo-ing my hair. Using the aquatic mint dry shampoo helps in reducing the oil but not as much as when I shampoo my hair.
  95. Great dry shampoo


    Fantastic product, took away the oiliness of my scalp and left my hair soft and fluffy
  96. Easy and quick to use


    I love the product! Easy and quick to use. The smells is good and my hair really look amazing after using it.
  97. Handy


    So easy to use, the bottle is a little too small but handy to keep in my bag and I love the packaging and colour, makes me want to use it. Worked well on my hair too, especially as I’ve never tried the brand before and am considering a new shampoo.
  98. Clean minty fresh!


    Fantastic smell and no residual powder left in your hair. Feels wonderful. Would definitely buy again. I loved this.
  99. HIGHLY recommended


    don't waste your time with other dry shampoo. This should be your go to, all the time! I have oily hair and need to wash my hair every 2nd day. I managed to stretch washing my hair to 4 days with this. Its excellent!
  100. Wash your hair another day


    I loved it, one of the best dry shampoos I have tried, gloriously scented and no chalky residue
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