4 At-Home Hair Hacks We've Learnt to Embrace (and Love) During the Pandemic

at home hair hacksat home hair hacks

If 2020 has showed us anything, it’s that every cloud really does have a silver lining. 

Was I miserable when hair salons were forced to close during lockdown? Absolutely. (First world problems, but I honestly didn’t realise just how good a fresh colour and cut makes me feel!).

Silver lining? My introduction to the world of at-home hair care, born out of necessity, has taught me some very nifty, very lazy tricks.

From hiding greasy roots and regrowth, to at-home colour toning and box dyes, keep scrolling for four time and money-saving at-home hair hacks the Adore Beauty team are learning to embrace during the pandemic.

1. The Colour-Toning Conditioner.

Goldwell Color ReviveGoldwell Color Revive

If you’ve got quite a high-maintenance salon colour that tends to fade easily as soon as you shampoo your hair, let me introduce you to colour conditioners. 

Colour conditioners are super pigmented colour treatments you can apply after shampooing - I use mine following a double shampoo and hair mask in the shower - that put some colour back into your hair and prevent your locks from looking dull or washed out.

These are particularly great for (fake) blondes and redheads who want to prevent brassiness and colour fade between appointments, but brunettes can also use them to keep their colour cool.

I've been using a new one from salon haircare brand Goldwell recently, and can really notice a difference when I don’t use it.

Here are comparison photos taken before and after using the Goldwell Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner Cool Red that show how much richer and less orange my toned colour looks.

Goldwell Color Revive Color Giving ConditionerGoldwell Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner

The new Goldwell Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner range comes in five shades:

Basically, the conditioner hydrates the hair, adds glossiness and brightness, while amping up the colour. 

Anika from the Adore Beauty team also trialled Goldwell Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner Light Cool Blonde - the after photo shows how the product brought light and life back to her creamy blonde.

Goldwell Color Revive Color Giving ConditionerGoldwell Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner

2. The New Dry Shampoo Everyone Needs.

When you’re trying to make your wash and blow dry last longer than a few days - or if you just cannot be bothered to wash your hair again - dry shampoo is your best friend (this isn't news to anyone).

What might be is French brand Klorane's delicious new minty fresh version of their classic cult dry shampoo spray: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint 150ml

This bad boy does everything the original does, like drying out excess oil and giving volume and texture, while also refreshing the scalp and making it feel fresh and clean.

Yes, the mint scent smells amazing. But it also gives that nice “reset and refresh” feeling you normally get after a good shampoo.

 Klorane Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint Klorane Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint

3. The Root Touch-Up Spray.

Root touch-up sprays are my new obsession, because they really do help me get through those final days and weeks before a colour appointment when my regrowth is looking… not great. 

You literally pick a shade that best matches your dyed hair colour, spray it onto your part (using a cotton bud to prevent the colour from touching your scalp) and voila, your regrowth is gone!

As a very fake redhead, my personal favourite is the R+Co BRIGHT SHADOWS Root Touch-Up Spray - Red because it’s the shade that best matches my hair colour. 

(I’ve shouted from the rooftops about this spray before, you can read my full review here).

Beck Sullivan R+Co Bright Shadows reviewBeck Sullivan R+Co Bright Shadows review

All you need to know about this root touch up spray is it smells amazing and doesn’t feel sticky or gross, and the packaging is super cute. It also comes in six shades.

R+Co BRIGHT SHADOWS Root Touch-Up Spray Shades
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I know $39 for a root spray is a bit exxy - the L'oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up Dark Blonde 75ml is a great budget alternative. 

4. The Easy At-Home Box Dye.

Hands up who else learnt to embrace the humble box dye in lockdown?

Once you figure out you can easily cover up your regrowth without having to put on pants, it’s kind of hard to go back. 

Adore Beauty’s Brand & Content Manager Hannah Furst tried dyeing her hair herself in lockdown using the L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour - Light Ash Brown 6.1 - check out her video below for her full how to dye hair at home tutorial.

If you’re stuck on which type of box dye to choose from, the L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour range is fairly unstuffupable.

Aside from the range of shades, what I love about this box dye is it comes with its own post-colour shampoo and nourishing mask, so your hair immediately gets a big dose of hydration and TLC after you dye it. 

It goes without saying, using a box dye won't get you the in-salon results of a six-hour root shadow and head of foils, but not everyone needs that, and that's OK.

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