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KEVIN.MURPHY UN.TANGLED Leave In Conditioner is a detangling, strengthening and restorative hair treatment, with additional heat protection.

This leave-in conditioner is paraben free, and is formulated with a special complex of nourishing Australian Fruit extracts.

KEVIN.MURPHY UN.TANGLED Leave In Conditioner helps your hair retain moisture, for hair that flows beautifully.



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Does what it say, smells great! - 02-06-2018 by

It really worked at untangling my super long hair and left it feeling conditioned and smelling great :)

Perfect Detangler - 25-05-2018 by

I received this product in a pack with some Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner. I must say, I have fallen in love!!! This product is so light to use, but yet makes a huge impact on how your hair feels and is styled. It has a light scent, so its not over powering. I spray it in while my hair is still damp after washing and then blow dry - It makes the brush glide through, makes detangling a dream and leaves your hair healthy with a lovely "just out of the salon" sheen. 10/10 Kevin Murphy!

Pleasantly surprised - 29-04-2018 by

I have fine hair that tends to get oily one-two days after washing it so I was apprehensive to use this, however I wanted to try a leave in conditioner because at the time my hair had been feeling dry and brittle. This product changed that! I used this after every time I wash my hair. I spray it onto the ends and let soak in before gently combing through. It doesn’t make my hair heavy or more oiy than usual, in fact I think it helps my hair hold for longer. I will be repurchasing this.

So glad I found this again - 06-03-2018 by

I used this all the time when I was heat styling my hair. Since moving to Australia I have noticed my hair tends to dry out quickly in the weather (I was up in Canada before) and I have purchased this again but this time for the extra moisture benefits.It is an overall great product that multi-tasks.

Definitely impressed. - 05-03-2018 by

I wouldn't usually spend this much on a haircare product but am happy i tried it. Just a few sprays goes a long way, it feels lightweight and has a gorgeous scent.

THE best! - 20-12-2017 by

I LOVE this product. I've tried so many detanglers/leave in conditioners/hair oils and I keep using this one (all my other bottles stay half used in the cupboard). I have long, thin but LOTS of hair and this product is amazing- I can spray it all over- including a little near the crown, and I don't get greasy. It detangles instantly- you can actually feel where you need to use it next. I use it with tangle teaser hair brush- great combo !

Great de-tangler! - 21-09-2017 by

I was looking for a product to help my young daughters fine, dry and slightly curly hair - and this is perfect. Her hair tangles easily and so brushing can be difficult and pretty uncomfortable for her. But now we use this each morning and I wouldn't be without it! It loosens the tangles straight away and conditions her hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. Brushing is so much easier now and her hair is healthier and shinier. Love it!

Has helped my hair like nothing else - 13-09-2017 by

My hair is fried from bleach, and between this and the hydrate me shampoo and conditioner my hair has improved unbelievably!

This stuff really works!! - 25-02-2016 by

My hair dresser used sprayed this in my hair because it was tangled, then she combed it and it worked really well.

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