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Ultimate Guide to Kevin.Murphy

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Kevin Murphy, freelance fashion hair stylist, knows a thing or two about hair. His range of KEVIN.MURPHY hair care products is designed to be a simple concept that can be applied to all different hair types. KEVIN.MURPHY products take the guess work out of hair styling and add a bit of fun and luxury in its place.

After intensive research, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has named KEVIN.MURPHY as one of their recommended “Cruelty Free” companies. PETA’s regulations for such classifications are very strict, and the organisation only accepts companies that are dedicated to producing products that don’t harm, nor test on animals.


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Kevin Murphy is one of the world’s most sought after hair stylists.

Recognised internationally for his long list of celebrity clientele and successful range of luxury hair products, the Melbourne born hair stylist began his styling days as an apprentice in a Queensland salon and went on to train at the famous Vidal Sassoon salon in London.

In 2003, Murphy developed and launched his own line of styling products, KEVIN.MURPHY, which immediately took both stylists and consumers around the world by storm. Since its inception in 2003, Murphy has added shampoos, conditioners, treatments and most recently, styling tools to his successful styling line.

The KEVIN.MURPHY range is now stocked in over 3,000 salons throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong and Europe. While his line continues to expand, so does Murphy’s long list of awards, accolades and celebrity clients.

Kevin Murphy believes that hair product should be an unseen accessory: “Our hair is one of the only things we can change about ourselves quickly and without surgery. You don't need the pick of the gene pool, you only need to pick the right product.

KEVIN.MURPHY is proudly collaborating with Al Gore’s climate change leadership program, The Climate Project.

Founded in 2006, and hosted in Australia by the Australian Conservation Foundation, The Climate Project is a non-profit global organization dedicated to educating the public about the science and impacts of climate change and to work towards solutions at a grassroots level worldwide.

In January this year, Kevin Murphy was one of the 350 participants from 21 countries selected to attend The Climate Project’s 2011 Asia-Pacific Summit held in Jakarta, Indonesia as a representative from Australia. At the Summit, former US President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, founder of The Climate Project globally, spoke ofthe urgent need to take what it is that defines our drive for positive change, and take that to those that are close to us.

By attending this summit, Kevin is now an official Climate Project Presenter, and will be responsible for communicating climate control messages to our broad network of hairdressers, stylists, and consumers. He will be educating and teaching people about how they can become more environmentally aware and assist in sustainable measuresthat can be taken to preserve our environment for future generations.



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