The 10 Best Hair Wax Products in 2021

Enjoy effortless hairstyling with our selection of hair wax products.

Style your hair and lock the look in all day with hair wax. Discover our top picks from our favourite brands, available in a range of different holds and finishes depending on your hair type and personal style.

Kevin Murphy Free Hold - one hand holds the product container while other hand uses finger to touches product - 600 x 400Kevin Murphy Free Hold - one hand holds the product container while other hand uses finger to touches product - 600 x 400

Tackle unruly hair with this botanical-based hair balm, perfect for softening locks and creating shape and hold.

Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm 60ml has been developed to tame even the most unruly and stubborn hair, softening the hair cuticles to create manageable shape and hold for all-day style. Suitable for unruly, coarse, and dehydrated hair, this nourishing hair balm can be applied to dry locks for instant ease of styling, no matter whether you have long or short hair.

This nourishing hair balm from Aēsop isn’t just great for taming everyday hair; it’s also the perfect choice for growing out a particular style or growing out layers. The strong hold will help manage in-between styles. With a luxurious Violet Leaf Absolut scent, this professional-standard styling aid also helps deodorise hair for a completely refreshed look, feel, and scent.

A clay–wax hybrid to deliver maximum hold and a matte finish.

Hanz De Fuko Claymation is a unique hair wax and hair clay hybrid, which uses the best of each formulation to deliver a long-lasting look with maximum style and ease. The natural waxes create superior manageability in even the most unruly locks, helping you achieve your desired style in an effortless and quick manner. Claymation also promises long-lasting hold from morning to evening. This sculpting clay also yields a matte finish, so hair never looks overworked and overdone.

Hanz De Fuko Claymation is suitable for all hair types but works particularly well for styling shorter dos. With a paraben-free and certified-organic formula, this clay–wax not only delivers premium styling but also nourishes your hair with healthy ingredients from the roots to the tips.

  1. To apply, simply spread a pea-sized amount into your palm.

  2. Then rub both your palms together to warm the product.

  3. Once the product is smooth and even, stroke your fingers through dry hair to achieve a long-lasting textured, matte look.

Shu Uemura Master Wax High Control Workable Cream 75g

A cream-to-wax styling aid that offers high hold and high shine.

Shu Uemura Master Wax High Control Workable Cream 75g

Shu Uemura Master Wax High Control Workable Cream has a revolutionary cream-to-wax formula that makes for easy styling and long-lasting hold. When applied, the lightweight hair cream moves seamlessly throughout the hair to achieve your desired look, which can be reworked into multiple styles. As the cream sets, it holds as a wax, offering an eye-catching, high-shine finish that never feels stiff or looks greasy.

Shu Uemura Master Wax High Control Workable Cream is a versatile hair product that’s suitable for all hair types and lengths. It’s perfect for creating updos as well as slicked-back styles and phenomenal blow-dries. The cream-to-wax formula ensures hair never looks overworked and is foolproof even for hair amateurs.

A unique wax spray to create buildable but brushable hold and texture.

Oribe Flash Form Dry Wax Mist is an ultra-fine wax spray that offers the control and hold of a wax along with the airiness and brushability of a hairspray. This wax mist is as much a hair treatment as it is a styling aid. Flash Form is infused with a Fortifying Polymer Blend to create hold while strengthening the hair, and Wheat Starch to deliver a buildable and brushable texture.

Perfect for fluffy hair of all lengths and all types, this lightweight mist creates separation and style, helping to tame flyaways and static while building texture and hold. Flash Form Dry Wax Mist is also infused with the Oribe Signature Complex, which protects hair against harmful environmental aggressors and harsh weather conditions while improving colour and hydration retention.

Due to its lightweight texture, this Oribe spray wax is particularly good for those with fine and thinning hair who want texture and hold without weighing locks down.

Offering medium hold and shine, this lightweight, liquid hair wax is perfect for creating infinite hairstyles effortlessly.

American Crew Liquid Wax has been expertly created to offer the immediate control of a hair gel with the long-lasting hold and shine of a hair wax. So, no matter whether you’re a haircare expert or a complete novice, this unique liquid wax makes for easy hairstyling to achieve any look you desire.

To apply Liquid Wax, simply shake the bottle and apply product liberally throughout the hair. Style into your desired look and enjoy a long-lasting style that withstands high heat and humidity. The liquid formulation lets you restyle hair easily and washes out with shampoo to prevent scalp congestion and product build-up. American Crew Liquid Wax will leave your locks with a natural-looking medium shine for a look full of lustre and vitality.

KEVIN.MURPHY Free.Hold 100g

A unisex hairstyling cream, particularly beneficial for thickening fine and thinning hair.

KEVIN.MURPHY Free.Hold 100g

KEVIN.MURPHY Free.Hold is an incredibly versatile hairstyling cream suitable for both men and women, all hair lengths, and all hair types. Offering medium, flexible hold, this nourishing hair cream locks down your look all day while remaining manageable and brushable. What you don’t get: an overworked and overdone finish, or hair that looks stiff or greasy.

Free.Hold is particularly good for styling fine and thinning hair. Carnauba Wax which works to thicken the hair cuticles while providing a satin, glossy finish. This styling cream from KEVIN.MURPHY also contains Yerba Mate, which adds shine and thickness while protecting locks from environmental aggressors. Lanolin Wax gives hair a smooth look and feel. Working to nourish and condition the hair and scalp, Free.Hold is the perfect way to keep your do looking luscious from morning to night.

A matte wax ideal for styling fine-to-medium strands.

Sachajuan Matt Wax is a lightweight, matte wax that’s perfect for those who want style, hold, and texture without weighing hair down. Instead, Matt Wax offers a natural and flexible finish. While some waxes can leave hair looking overworked and full of product, this styling aid provides a subtle finish that simply gives hair a naturally matt look. You’ll also enjoy its subtle definition and hold that lasts from morning to evening.

Sachajuan Matt Wax is best used on fine-to-medium hair. Simply warm up the wax between your fingertips and apply directly to hair. For a subtle, matte finish, apply the product to dry hair. For a more intense style and look, apply to wet hair. No matter how much Matt Wax you apply, hair will remain malleable, so you can rework your look throughout the day.

Perfect for designing light, airy hairstyles while creating texture and hold.

Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip has been developed to offer the texture and hold of a hair wax without the weight or tackiness. Instead, this unusual product lends an airy and lightweight feel to locks. Hair will be left feeling full and fresh, without the heaviness of a traditional wax. With its unique whipped formula, this styling product absorbs instantly into the hair to define and separate for maximum texture. Your do will never look shiny and overworked.

This hair whip from Aveda can be layered to create buildable style and definition. Marshmallow Root and Organic Flax Seeds provide natural, medium hold that can be reworked without losing shape and style. Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip is suitable for all hair textures, from coarse and curly locks to fine and straight styles. Simply warm it up in the palms of your hands apply directly to dry hair.

For maximum hold on all hair types and styles, especially coarse and unruly locks.

ELEVEN Strong Hold Styling Paste is the ultimate hairstyling aid for maximum hold. This formula from ELEVEN makes it easy to achieve a look that takes you from morning to night. The styling paste can be applied directly to damp or dry hair to create a defined and structured look, effortlessly adding texture and definition, especially to fluffy and unruly hair.

ELEVEN Strong Hold Styling Paste provides an ultra-matte finish, so the hair will never look shiny or greasy. The matte finish also allows for maximum texture for an undone and messy look. Despite the heavy-duty hold of this product, its lightweight feel won’t weigh strands down or create ‘helmet hair’. Strong Hold Styling Paste is suitable for all hair textures and styles but works particularly well for taming coarse and unruly locks as well as shorter dos.

Best for banishing frizz and reviving dehydrated locks.

KEVIN.MURPHY Easy.Rider is a unisex hairstyling paste designed to tackle frizz and control unruly locks. Ideal for smoothing curls and taming flyaways, this nourishing paste helps soften and define a wild mane while strengthening hair and controlling frizz. Hair will be left smoother and softer, with a sleek and manageable look and feel.

Frizz-prone hair can be left vulnerable and prone to breakage. Easy.Rider contains Green Tea Leaf Extract, which strengthens the hair and maximises its natural moisture function to prevent dehydration. Green Tea also provides antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors and humidity. Additionally, this styling paste is infused with Geranium Flower Oil, which delivers instant lustre while allowing for easy styling and manageability.

KEVIN.MURPHY Easy.Rider is a must-have for curly and unruly hair that’s prone to frizz, static, and flyaways.

So, let's recap the 10 Best Hair Wax Products are

  1. Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm 60ml

  2. Hanz De Fuko Claymation

  3. Shu Uemura Master Wax High Control Workable Cream

  4. Oribe Flash Form Dry Wax Mist

  5. American Crew Liquid Wax

  6. KEVIN.MURPHY Free.Hold

  7. Sachajuan Matt Wax

  8. Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip

  9. ELEVEN Strong Hold Styling Paste

  10. KEVIN.MURPHY Easy.Rider

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