Everything You Need To Know About Ionic Hair Brushes

If you’ve been shopping for a new hair brush recently, you may have come across the term ‘ionic’. 

Ionic hair tools have been a trend for a while now, so we thought we’d take the time to actually explain how they work, and why we think they’re more than just marketing hype. 

So, what are the benefits of ionic hair brushes? How do ionic hair brushes work? How are they different from your regular or boar bristle brushes? What’s the best brush for frizzy hair?

We get to these root questions and more in this comprehensive breakdown. 

Everything You Need To Know About Ionic Hair Brushes_woman brushing her long dark hairEverything You Need To Know About Ionic Hair Brushes_woman brushing her long dark hair

How do ionic hair brushes work?

Let’s talk science. First things first, you should know that your hair is made up of positive and negative ions.

When you create friction by brushing your hair or towel-drying it, you strip your hair of negative ions. This upsets your hair’s natural state, causing frizz and static.

Fortunately, ionic hair tools such as brushes can reverse this effect. When you heat up an ionic hairbrush and brush your hair with it, you add negative ions back into your hair and restore its natural charge.

That ultimately means you get hair that's shinier, smoother, and less frizzy.

The benefits of using an ionic hair brush

  • By bonding the negative ions with your hair, an ionic hairbrush will cause your hair to look and feel smoother.

  • Helps to close the hair cuticle and locks in moisture.

  • They reduce drying time and therefore minimise damage. 

  • When used with a heat protectant like the Kérastase Résistance Ciment Thermique 150ml an ionic hairbrush will help protect your hair over time.

Our bestselling ionic hair brushes 

The evo pete ionic paddle brush is a cushion-y paddle brush with high quality ionic bristles. Perfect for all hair types and amazing at creating sleek up-do styles, the Evo Pete is made from natural rubber, which makes it incredibly durable and heat-resistant. Say goodbye to frizz with this easy to use, versatile brush.

If you’re looking for a round barrel brush to add body and movement to your limp locks, think about trying the MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Barrel Brush. This large barrel brush uses both ceramic and ionic technology to decrease dry time and leave your hair silky, smooth and styled. It’s a strong and durable brush that’s ideal for keeping long and thick hair types healthy.

The evo hank 43 ceramic radial brush is a slightly smaller round brush ideal for creating your perfect blow out. The handle of this brush comes with a pik to create perfect sections making this an ideal brush for styling. This lightweight, hand finished brush is good for all hair lengths, but is suited to thicker hair types.

Other than hairbrushes, high-quality professional hairdryers use ionic technology for a salon-fresh finish. You can find the Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer - Black  in the best salons around the world—and we couldn't live without it!

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