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Everybody needs a hair brush, but not every hair brush is for everyone. Our different hair types and textures require different treatment, so it’s important to find the right tools for you.


We have a range of different hair brushes to help detangle, smooth and style your hair. So let us help you explore the different shapes, bristles, sizes of brushes we stock!


The favourite for dry, damaged hair

When your hair is brittle, you don’t want a brush that is going to cause any extra breakage, or apply unnecessary heat.


We recommend opting for something like The Wet Brush Epic Deluxe Rose Gold Rounded Paddle, a round hair brush which has an expanded cushion area and intelliflex bristles that won’t pull or catch.


Our favourite brushes for curly hair

As our guide to brushing curly hair explains, the key is to comb through curly hair when wet, and then brush it dry. 


To try this technique we recommend starting with a wet hair brush or comb similar to the evo Roy Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb, which is a wooden, anti-static comb that glides through hair.


The best hair brush to style dry curly hair is something with sturdy nylon bristles, like the Denman Classic Noir Medium Styling Brush D3N 7 Row, which is designed to detangle, style and give definition to curls and waves.


Our favourite brushes for oily hair

A BoarBristle hair brushis the perfect option for someone with oily hair. Not only do these brushes help to distribute oil evenly throughout the hair, they also smooth it out and add luscious volume.


Read our guides on the top Boar Bristle brushes for normal and fine hair to discover different brush types, including wooden hair brushes and cruelty free options!


What is the best brush for fine hair?

If you have fine hair, you’ll want to begin with a brush that will easily detangle your delicate locks when wet.


To untangle knots we recommend the Air Motion Detangling Hair Brush, which is like a tangle teezer but with an easy-to-use handle.


What is the best brush for thick hair?

Thicker hair types might want to try an ionic hair brush like the evo pete ionic paddle brush. As our guide to ionic brushes explains, investing in an ionic hairbrush will help you to reduce frizz and dry hair quicker.


If you want to take an extra step in managing thick hair we also recommend investing in an electric hair brush, such as the Silver Bullet Hybrid Ceramic & Ionic Straightening Brush.


Part hair straightener brush, part hair dryer brush, this tool uses ceramic and ionic technology to tame really frizzy hair.


Now that we’ve made things simple feel free to follow our guide that explains how to clean your hair brush, which makes taking care of dirty brushes clean and simple!

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ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 2
ghd Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 2


I really like using this brush after washing my hair to dry it and remove frizz. I am not very experienced with hair styling, however I was able to get a great result. I have short hair (just past my collar bones) and I think this is a good size for me
evo bradford pin/bristle dressing brush
evo bradford pin/bristle dressing brush

The best thing you could buy for hair

This is hands down the best things I have ever bought for my hair. I was considering a mason Pearson brush but I had never used the nylon/boar bristle combination so decided to try this more cost effective version first and!!! I don’t want to be dramatic but it’s honestly changed my hair life. I have thick wavy bleached blonde hair that can be a bit frizzy and this brush has tamed al...
Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush
Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

a great brush

this is a really good quality brush, and the wooden style makes it look pretty too

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