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Hair Brushes + Accessories

Luxe Hair Brushes + Accessories
Your hair is more than just another component of your aesthetic. It’s a statement about who you are: polished and professional, wild and free, prim and posh, laid-back and low-maintenance, or perhaps all of the above at different times and in different places. The right hairstyling tools—a quality detangling comb, a few rollers, a ceramic round brush—can help you be whoever you want. Our Luxe line of products offers premium quality. Designed to give you a lifetime of gorgeous style, these products protect and gently tame even the most unruly head of hair. Try a boar bristle brush to distribute moisturising oil and glistening shine throughout your hair. Or invest in a quality ceramic round brush for smooth waves without the damage of scorching heat. Don’t have time to slave away in front of the mirror? You don’t have to with self-adhesive rollers that bend your hair to your will. Fairy-tale princesses have gnomes, talking mice, fairy godmothers, or 100 years of sleep. You have our Luxe line of products—a pretty effective substitute for magic.
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Professional Hair Brushes + Accessories
You have a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, and perhaps a handful of other devices. Your hair is always with you, so shouldn’t it have access to the latest technology too? Our Pro line of hairbrushes and accessories offers your hair the finest engineering neatly wrapped up in a pretty package. A hairbrush is more than just a way to detangle and shine. It can make—or literally break—your hair. The right brush evenly distributes oil, creating a luscious sheen and smoothing your hair shaft. Quality brushes can last a lifetime with minimal upkeep. But they do more than just smooth your tresses. Ceramic brushes can curl, straighten, and volumise, wrestling even the must unruly locks into gorgeous, sleek, flowing styles. Don’t want to spend your mornings wrangling your hair? Our Pro line has you covered. Check out adhesive rollers, which can style your hair while you sleep, work, or cook a delicious meal. Safe for even damage-prone hair, these products shape your hair without damaging heat. Pop them in, and then remove them a few hours later. Shake your hair and you’re done—out the door with perfect style and almost no effort.
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Essentials Hair Brushes + Accessories
Ditch complexity and chaos in favour of the simplicity of healthy, well-maintained hair. Our Essentials line of hairbrushes and styling tools is the perfect antidote to the endless stream of ads telling you that you simply must buy every single hair product you've ever seen. The truth is that healthy hair isn’t complicated. You don’t need a cabinet full of tools and an empty bank account to turn lifeless, dull locks into glistening, voluminous splendour. Our line of Essentials prioritises healthy hair without sapping your financial resources. After all, you’re more than just your hair. The purpose of gorgeous hair is to be seen and admired—something you can’t do if you’ve spent so much money you can’t afford to leave home! Our essentials offer balance—good hair, savvy budgeting, and a delightfully uncluttered beauty cabinet. What more could you want?
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