The 6 Best Blow Dry Brushes

Dream of having those ‘just stepped out of the salon’ tresses every day? Well, you can! The key to a post-salon look is definitely a good blow dry and for a good blow dry you just need to have the right tools at your disposal. But different people require different hair brushes so if you’re taking this mission for enviable locks seriously you’ll need to get the right brush for the job. Whether you have a thick, curly, fine, short, or unruly mane, we’ve collated the best hairbrushes for blow drying hair to achieve that ‘do you’ve always dreamt of.

Moroccanoil Ceramic Paddle Brush - young woman in front of pink background brushing her long dark hair - Moroccanoil Ceramic Paddle Brush - young woman in front of pink background brushing her long dark hair -

Why do different hair types need different hairbrushes?

If you want the best brush to use when blow-drying hair, the most important aspect to take into account is your own hair type. Different thicknesses, densities, and lengths of hair will react differently to brushes. So if you’re using a volumising brush for your already thick and unruly locks, you may be making things worse. Likewise, if you reach for a brush designed for curly hair when you have straight and fine hair, that tool might be too abrasive and damage your delicate tresses.

This round brush combines boar bristles and nylon pins to ensure a quick, easy, and smooth blow-dry. Effortlessly creating a voluminous do with plenty of lustre, this brush is perfect for maintaining bounce and body while taming hard-to-manage hair. This is also the best blow dry brush for natural hair and curly hair.

If you’re after the best blow-dry brush for volume, we recommend the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 3. This is a round hairbrush for blow-drying fine and thinning hair. The vented design will maximise volume and body without causing flyaways. The large barrel is also great for drying and styling long hairstyles quickly and easily.

Without a doubt, the Denman Classic Noir Large Styling Brush D4N 9 Row is the best brush to blow-dry thick, coarse hair. This brush’s large head features an impressive 9 rows of nylon pins, which effortlessly glide through even the most unruly tangles. The brush not only detangles hair but also helps smooth, style, and define both straight and curly locks with supreme tension and grip.

For blow drying short hair, we recommend the evo hank 43 ceramic radial brush. This medium-sized brush has a vented metal barrel and ionic nylon bristles to reduce frizz and maximise body on short hair of any type. This easy-to-use radial brush will transform your tresses in record time while causing minimal hair damage.

The Best Travel Blow Dry Brush

Even when you’re on the go, you can still enjoy a gorgeous blow-dry. The Wet Brush Epic Blow Out Ceramic Hot Tube Brush is a great all-rounder. No matter whether you’re going for a straight style or a curled look, you can achieve it with minimal effort with this brush. The extra-long barrel also means faster drying time, so you don’t have to spend ages getting your look when away from home. The ergonomic Tri-Grip handle also provides maximum constant control, while LockTight Technology means no snags when blow-drying.We’re sure you’ll love your new, easier styling routine when you choose the brush that best suits your hair

The Best Travel Blow Dry Brush

Whilst a round brush is the classic choice for a blow-dry, a flat paddle brush has its place too. Using a round brush can be a little challenging and more time-consuming, whereas a paddle brush is perfect for beginners or for creating an enviable do quickly. The MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Paddle Brush combines ceramic and ionic properties to ensure maximum shine and minimal hair damage every time. Suitable for all hair types and skill levels, this is the best paddle brush for blow-drying.

How to get Soft, Smooth Hair with Morrocanoil

So, Let's recap the 6 Best Blow Dry Brushes

  1. evo spike 38mm radial brush

  2. ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 3

  3. Denman Classic Noir Large Styling Brush D4N 9 Row

  4. MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Paddle Brush

  5. evo hank 43 ceramic radial brush

  6. The Wet Brush Epic Blow Out Ceramic Hot Tube Brush

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