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evo the great hydrator moisture mask 150ml 150ml

4.6 of 155 reviews


4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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evo the great hydrator moisture mask is an intense hydrating treatment to moisturise and smooth colour damaged, dry, coarse, frizzy hair.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Flaky scalp
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo the great hydrator moisture mask 150ml Reviews

4.6 of 155 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Excellent weekly mask!


I love this product. My hair is dry, heat damaged and thirsty from regular blow drying and straightening, and it soaks this mask up like a sponge. It also smells amazing and the scent lingers in my hair for days. I have a sensitive scalp, and this product doesn't irritate it at all.

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s a good product but personally not for me


I’ve used this a couple of times and it’s alright but personally, it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the price that and I hate trying to get the product out of the bottle.
  1. Excellent weekly mask!


    verified purchaser
    I love this product. My hair is dry, heat damaged and thirsty from regular blow drying and straightening, and it soaks this mask up like a sponge. It also smells amazing and the scent lingers in my hair for days. I have a sensitive scalp, and this product doesn't irritate it at all.
  2. didnt really work for me


    i love EVO, but it didnt seem to change the texture of my bleached, fired hair. That might say more about my hair than the product.
  3. didnt really work for me


    i love EVO, but it didnt seem to change the texture of my bleached, fired hair. That might say more about my hair than the product.
  4. works well


    my hair defiantly feels more hydrated after using this, nice packaging too
  5. Wonderful hydrator!


    I have naturally curly (2C/3A) hair which is colour treated with highlights, and this mask is amazing for giving my hair great hydration! I use this once a week, and it leaves my curls soft and full and life!
  6. Amazing!


    Absolutely love this product. It leaves my hair feeling so much healthier and smooth. It reduces frizziness. Highly recommend!
  7. Good but not the best I've used


    verified purchaser
    This was a good mask. But I have been using another for about 10 years and this was not good enough for me to switch out
  8. Perfect for Blonde or Curly hair


    verified purchaser
    I have curly blonde hair and I love this mask. It is very hydrating and I use every second wash.
  9. It’s a good product but personally not for me


    I’ve used this a couple of times and it’s alright but personally, it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the price that and I hate trying to get the product out of the bottle.
  10. My go-to mask for dry ends


    I love this hair mask so much. The smell reminds me of La Male, the John-paul Gaultier fragrance, in a good way, and it is so moisturising without adding a build-up of product to the roots. At times when my ends are in desperate need of a cut I basically use this instead of my regular conditioner. I don't wash my hair all that often, 1-2 times per week, so I think this is so good for coloured hai...
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  11. great hair mask for long, dry hair


    I have super long, straight hair and after using this it feels amazing! I;ve used this for ages and it detangles really easily and smells really good. Definitely recommend.
  12. A great treatment


    a great treatment, I use this once a week to provide some extra hydration to my hair
  13. Great for dry, bleached hair


    I'm onto my second bottle of this! it's great for hydrating my very dry bleached hair and leaves my hair shiny and soft after. I find that I get the best results when I comb it through my hair evenly and then leave in for at least half an hour.
  14. Amazing hydration treatment


    I got a free sample of this and I love it it is amazing for my hair. I have dry frizzy hair and when I use this treatment it makes my hair feel like silk! The brush glides through my hair! Love this and happy that it’s an Australian product
  15. Great hydrating treatment


    Love this on my bleached/highlighted hair. Gives a lot of hydration without leaving a residue on my long thick hair. Smells great too!
  16. works well for dry scalp


    this is amazing in winter for dry scalps
  17. Good Product


    I tried this after a recommendation from my hairdresser. It smells great and I find for my long hair it lasts around two months. I have long bleached blonde hair that lacks moisture and this is great, it also detangles the hair and I have begun using this in place of using conditioner as you only need to leave it in for 30 minutes and you receive wonderful results
  18. Loving this


    So nourishing makes the hair feel a lot stronger and healthier gives a fantastic moisture
  19. Great mask


    Love this mask, I was a bit unsure of the smell at the start as its not a scent I would usually like but I got used to it. A little goes a long way, this lasted me ages before having to replace it.
  20. Pretty good mask

    Bridget B

    This mask was pretty good, but i did not find it rich or hydrating enough for my very dry hair. If your hair was normal to dry, it would suit you better. The smell was mild but nice!
  21. makes hair soft


    made my hair soft and silky. Because I do have thick curly hair I didn't get many uses out of this bottle but it is good
  22. Fantastic results!


    Easy to use, great results. Leaves hair feeling luxurious, soft and smooth. Definitely helps tame and smooth my hair. A lot goes a long way too.
  23. the best


    this made my hair so silky and soft, it smells great and a little goes a long way. Love it
  24. So silky


    Sooooooo amazing my hair is so lush after I use this and it genuinely makes your hair feel so fresh and silky!!!!
  25. Great product


    I first tried this at a hairdressers and purchased because I loved the tropical kind of smell and it has helped my dried out bleached foiled hair immensely and even brought some of its natural curl back. I wet my hair and leave on for as long as possible, sometimes overnight then wash next day and my hair feels sooo much more hydrated and less damaged. I use one or twice a week but will cut this b...
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  26. Fav treatment


    This is the best.
    Been my favourite for a long time.
    Leaves hair refreshed and so soft.
    I leave on as long as possible.
    Evo products are outstanding quality and I always keep this on hand.
    Less expensive than other products with a better result.
  27. Silky Soft hair


    I'm blonde and have struggled with breakage and extremely dry hair. I watched the Adore Video on Meike and her blonde mohawk!! My hair had breakage but no where near as bad, i purchased this product as she had recommended it and explained how it helped hydrate her hair.
    I use this every second time i wash my hair - i normally wet my hair apply the mask and leave it for an hour or so and the...
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  28. Works wonders


    I received a travel size of this and wow its amazing. I had to buy some after i finshed the free one. Its extremely hydrating and probably is the best mask I've used so far. Also the smell is just delicious.
  29. Nice hydrator


    It does make my bleached hair manageable, smells good as well, but won't buy it again because of it pacakaging as, it is bit hard for me to get the product out, I have to use both my hands.
  30. works great


    this mask is great for the price! it smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling super hydrated and healthy without leaving it heavy which i find a lot of masks can do
  31. A nice smoothing hair mask


    This mask leaves my hair feeling super soft and hydrated. I have Definitely noticed it makes my hair more manageable when I use it
  32. Smooth & Tangle Free!


    First ever used this at my hairdresser. Its amazing for smoothing out hair, detangling and hydrating the hair. It doesn't leave hair feeling heavy or limp but still creates a plump and full feeling. Highly recommend. I like using this during the week as well as Olaplex.
  33. OK but not great


    This mask is ok. A little heavy for my fine to medium hair, but at the same time didn't deliver great results for my dry ends. There are better hydrating masks out there.
  34. Moisturiser for my hair


    I have been dying my hair blonde for about 5 years now and have always suffered from dryness. This moisture mask is a game changer, my hair feels soft and hydrated in a way I didn't even realise it could. I just run it through the ends of my hair once every 10 days or so and I really notice such a difference. I have a lot of hair so I am a little concerned about how long the bottle will last for, ...
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  35. Great hydration


    My ride or die is Aveda's becurly detangling masque, though it is expensive. Looking at the INCI list on this, it seemed a good, more affordable alternative. IT is good, works well - though, a little heavy
  36. Great for dry hair


    This mask is really great for thick dry hair. It definitely works better than the conditioner in this range, which I find to be average.
  37. Decent job.


    After a bit of a mishap, my hair was left so tangled and dry. Thankfully I received a generous sample of this with my last order and it definitely improved my hair! It did make it feel a bit weighed down though, but overall it was great.
  38. Love it


    This is a repeat purchase for me. I tend to alternate this with the protein treatment (so about once a week) and my hair has never been better. I have fine, coloured hair and I just put this on the mid-lengths to ends and it doesn't weigh my hair down at all and I don't have fluffy ends.
  39. Love this


    Found this to be amazing and my hair looked so shiny for the next few days afterwards! Good on thin fine hair, didn’t feel as if it just coated the hair.
  40. Secret to silky hair !


    I have thick, coloured hair which can be frizzy and unruly if I don't give it a lot of TLC. I got this mask as a sample, and I am very impressed at how shiny, soft, and manageable my hair has been using it. I wash my hair once a week, and use the mask afterwards. My hair is still very silky at the end of the week and able to been worn out if I wish, usually by Friday I have to contain my mop in a ...
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  41. This is lovely


    This really is a lovely mask that makes my hair feel beautiful and soft. I really love it
  42. Salon-worthy locks


    I'm on my 4th lot of this product, its an actual lifesaver. I have bleached blonde, dry hair but using this mask every two weeks keeps it in really good shape, my hairdresser was so impressed that she didn't even need to trim the ends last visit! My hair blow dries smooth, silky and more voluminous after I use it. If you have dry hair this product is your best friend.
  43. Soft hair


    Amazing, this left my hair so soft and manageable. I really can’t fault this product at all.
  44. Leaves hair soft, silky and tangle free


    I’ve only been able to purchase this product through a salon until I noticed it available at adore beauty. I use it once a week or whenever I feel my hair is dry and brittle from bleaching and heat styling. The result is amazing! Better than any other leave in conditioner I’ve used before. Leaves hair soft, silky and tangle free!!
  45. My hair always feels really heavy and flat after using this one


    My hair always feels really heavy and flat after using this one. I wouldn't recommend using it if you have thick hair like me.
  46. Ultimate hair mask


    I trialled this product after receiving it in one of the goody bags - I was addicted! I use it in a slightly different manner and mix a small (5 cent) size in my everyday conditioner and use it that way. I live in a city with very hard water full of chemicals, so my hair is quite troublesome - oily roots and extremely dry ends. I only condition the ends of my hair and I find this works great in my...
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  47. Extreme hydration


    I purchased this AGAIN! One of my favourite 'empties' list products. It is extremely hydrating to my very dry and damaged hair, so if you suffer from dry, damaged hair, split ends and frizziness, I highly recommend this as your new holy grail item!
  48. Fantastic product!


    First things first, this smells great! If you like Lady Million perfume, you'll love this product. Secondly, it has made my hair so much healther! I work in air conditioning all day and my hair ends up so dry and breaks a lot. But this has helped restore the moisture and I have noticed less snapping in my hair.
  49. Great


    This works very very well! It weighs down your hair but definitely hydrated well.
  50. Does what it says


    Definitely recommend if your hair is feeling dry and dull this mask hydrates and smooths and smells beautiful too.
  51. My go to!


    I have used plenty of hair masks and this has to be one of my favourite. Easy to use and leaves my hair soft and not too heavy
  52. Great


    This mask is good for a medium weight hair type. Is hydrates the hair without weighing it down and I love using it before getting my hair done to protect a little.
  53. Very Hydrating


    This is one of the better hair masks I have used. It is extremely hydrating and moisturising. But doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down or heavy. Would recommend.
  54. Great but not the best


    Iv been on the hunt for hydration and repair products. After trialling this iv decided not to repurchase as I found it made my roots quite oily, even when specifically trying to avoid them. The one big positive is that my hairdresser has noticed a huge amount of improvement in my hair. Not 150 per cent sure it was this product. But what I have noticed is lack of frizz and smooth hair, especially w...
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  55. Great for coloured hair


    I initially received this mask as a sample. I have coloured, fine wavy hair and this product has just the right amount of hydration and shine without weighing the hair down. Lovely scent as well.
  56. hair hero


    I was introduced to this product by a friend and have been obsessed ever since! hy hair was rather dry before i started using the hydrator mask and have noticed it feels so much healthier and stronger. a little goes a long way and I am about to purchase my 4th bottle
  57. Great quick and easy hair mask


    I have been using this hair mask once a week for a month and I love it. My hair feels so much softer after using it and it smells great!
  58. WOW!! Cult Classic


    I got this AMAZING mask as a part of a gift with purchase. I didn't expect much to be honest due to the humble packaging and buzz words, it felt gimmicky and not luxurious. But boy was I WRONG! I have extremely dry, color treated, damaged, frizzy hair. It has surpassed my expectations! My hair was hydrated, smooth, soft to touch, and had that shine in it again. This was only after one use! I also ...
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  59. Holy grail


    This mask is amazing, I use with the hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes It smells amazing and makes my hair silky and smooth.
  60. Love it!


    I received this as a sample and instantly loved it. I could get two uses out of the sample size and it instantly made my hair smoother, I could feel it even when I was rinsing it out! This is a reasonable price and I will probably purchase the full size.
  61. Soft and Silky Hair


    I originally got this mask as a sample with another order and instantly loved it! I now use this product weekly. For someone with typically quite frizzy hair, this mask has helped make my hair a lot more smooth and shiny.
  62. Amazing product


    Love love love this product.

    Makes my hair so soft and shiny. Use it once a week on my dry/wavy hair and it controls the frizz and makes my curls form nicely every time. Hydrated so we’ll.
    Would definitely recommend
  63. Not for very dried out hair


    Great detangler. Hair does sit better, but my hair was still dry a few days after using this product.
  64. Perfect moisture mask


    I used this mask religiously as I was trying to get my dry & broken hair back to its former glory. This combined with another EVO mask (a protein one) gave my hair the life it needed to come back.
  65. Very hydrating hair mask


    This hair mask has done a great job in adding moisture to my long, thick & dry hair. I try and use once a week to keep my hair soft and hydrated.
  66. Hydrating


    After a holiday to Bali left my hair dull and needing some hydration I decided to try this. My hair is silky and smooth and I absolutely love this product and the Evo range is my new favourite!
  67. Love this


    Great mask. Smells delicious and is super hydrating.
  68. Great for dry and breaking hair


    I pop this on when I feel like my hair needs some TLC. Smooths it down and my hair appears less dry and more hydrated. The packaging seems small but as you don't use this every time you wash your hair, it actually lasts quite awhile.
  69. Great treatment


    I use this instead of conditioner and it makes my curly frizzy hair feel much nicer and healthy.
  70. Amazing


    This stuff is amazing! Complete game changer. Smells lovely, my hair is so soft and less frizzy. It’s really moisturising but doesn’t weigh down my curls.
  71. It works!


    Such a luxurious and hydrating treatment, will repurchase.
  72. Hair Saviour


    This is one amazing mask! Makes my hair feel incredible. Saves my hair after its usual weekly beating of tongs
  73. Amazing product!


    I have dry coloured damaged hair... this treatment is incredible... after 2 uses I have already noticed a huge difference... will definitely be repurchasing
  74. Delicious


    I’m about to buy this again, it’s so amazing! I miss the smell and softness of my hair when I don’t have it!
  75. A hair product that delivers


    I have dry curly hair that I insist my hairdresser keeps adding blonde foils to. This product has delivered everything that it promised and my hair is always soft, manageable and shiny. I have recommended to all my friends.
  76. Fantastic hair mask product


    I have dry curly hair that I insist my hairdresser keeps adding blonde highlights to. This product has delivered everything that it promised and my hair is always soft, manageable and shiny. I have recommended the product to all my friends.
  77. So hydrating


    The smell of this is amazing!
    I like to use it when my hair needs a little love and moisture. It's really hydrating and leaves your hair soft and shiny without feeling weighed down. A little goes a long way and it's great for fine hair!
  78. Hydrator


    This product does wonders for my hair as soon as I use it my hair is soft and full of life. It smells amazing and I continue to repurchase as I can't go without it.
  79. Great hair mask


    This hair mask is great on the go, you don't really have to wait around and leave it in for hours, just a 15 minute condition or sometimes I even do a 5 couple of minutes, super easy, smells beautiful and works well.
  80. Smells great!


    I got this as a sample, absolutely love the smell and left my hair feeling smooth
  81. Love it!!!


    My new favourite hair product!! Makes my hair super soft & shiny. I use once a week on my hair and it’s just amazing.
  82. Softer nicer hair

    ms z

    I liked this product after I received a sample, it made my hair very soft and manageable will buy a larger bottle in the future
  83. It really works


    Amazing at detangling after shower. Very nourishing. It lost a star because I don’t like the smell but it’s really very good.
  84. Makes Hair Really Soft


    I use this on my hair as I have highlights and straighten/curl my hair almost every day so it does tend to get dry and have damaged ends. After using, my hair feels really soft and silky, and it smells fantastic too. Great product.
  85. Softer hair


    I used this on my straw like “mum hair” and it’s made my hair soft! My hair hasn’t felt like hair since having my children! This is an amazing product and I love it! Will be recommending to everyone.
  86. Evo moisture mask


    This little devil is amazing!!! Do not discount its size! A little bit goes a looooong way! Received it as a sample 30ml in a previous order and just wow! I use it weekly and 6 months on I still have 1/4 left!!! It is the only treatment I’ve ever tried that actually felt like it did something! Leaves my hair feeling smooth and not feeling like it’s coated in muck! This would be my number one must ...
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    Buy it. I have super thick, frizzy, wavy colour treated hair which I style regularly with hot irons. This has restored my hair, leaving it soft, tangle free and feeling hydrated. It has dramatically improved my summer hair which by the time the sun, salt and chlorine have wreaked havoc, my hair is often bronzy and dull. No longer the case.
    Honestly best hair treatment I have ever bought!!
  88. In Top 5 of all time favourite products

    West Coast Mum

    This hair mask is my absolute favourite out there. I've been using it for over 3 years now on my coloured & thick hair after it was used as a mask treatment at a high end salon & I am hooked! It smells so good and feels smooth applying to hair - a little goes a long way. After washing out my hair is silky to touch. I use it weekly after using purple shampoo to combat the dryness from constantly to...
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  89. Amazing


    This is so deeply moisturizing and a little goes a long way! Amazing for fine and frizzy hair. And like all the Evo products the smell and packaging is delightful!
  90. Outstanding results for an excellent price!


    I have dry and frizzy hair that needs as much moisture as it can get!
    This mask is so much more affordable than some of the more expensive brands and delivers my hair so much nourishment! :)
    I leave it on for about an hour to really get the moisture as deep into my hair as I possibly can!
    It is rather a thick consistency which you alway...
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  91. Excellent product


    Have repurchased this and will continue to do so. Makes my hair easy to manage, looks nice, feels soft and seems to keep the frizz away too which is a huge bonus.
  92. Amazing product


    Love this hair mask. My hair was a damaged mess before and this definitely has improved my hair texture. Highly recommend!
  93. Excellent


    Beautifully soft hair after using this conditioning mask. I use it 2-3 times a week, and a 5-10 cent piece worth goes a long way on my thick hair!
  94. So good


    Received a sample size of this with an order and it's amazing. Definitely super hydrating transforming your hair silky smooth even when your hair is straw-like and you think nothing will help! And it smells so good! Will be always re-purchasing this !
  95. Hydrating


    This is my second bottle of of mask as I love the silky smooth hydrated effect of this mask. The smell is lovely too!
  96. Good but not Amazing


    I love evo products and use quite a few others and most have absolutely blown me away. It is a good product and has a lovely package, texture, and smell but it didn't really wow me as much as some of the other evo products. It may be that my hair is very dry and from going from black to light blonde/grey and it is severely dry but there are definitely other moisture masks for hair that do a better...
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  97. Great Hydration


    This is a fantastic hydration mask. However, I did have to re-wash my hair again the next day as it felt greasy. Would be awesome if you have super dry and damaged hair.
  98. Love it!


    This is a great hair mask. It does exactly what it says it does.
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