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evo the great hydrator moisture mask 150ml 150ml

4.7 of 102 reviews


$8.50 x 4

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$8.50 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Colour protection
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Flaky scalp
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo the great hydrator moisture mask 150ml

evo the great hydrator moisture mask 150ml

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4.7 of 102 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Holy grail
This mask is amazing, I use with the hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes It smells amazing and makes my hair silky and smooth.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for very dried out hair
Great detangler. Hair does sit better, but my hair was still dry a few days after using this product.
  1. Great quick and easy hair mask

    I have been using this hair mask once a week for a month and I love it. My hair feels so much softer after using it and it smells great!
  2. WOW!! Cult Classic

    I got this AMAZING mask as a part of a gift with purchase. I didn't expect much to be honest due to the humble packaging and buzz words, it felt gimmicky and not luxurious. But boy was I WRONG! I have extremely dry, color treated, damaged, frizzy hair. It has surpassed my expectations! My hair was hydrated, smooth, soft to touch, and had that shine in it again. This was only after one use! I also looked at the product ingredients and was immediately sold! GET IT NOW! Don't let it's packaging fool you, this is THE mask for your hair!
  3. Holy grail

    This mask is amazing, I use with the hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes It smells amazing and makes my hair silky and smooth.
  4. Love it!

    I received this as a sample and instantly loved it. I could get two uses out of the sample size and it instantly made my hair smoother, I could feel it even when I was rinsing it out! This is a reasonable price and I will probably purchase the full size.
  5. Soft and Silky Hair

    I originally got this mask as a sample with another order and instantly loved it! I now use this product weekly. For someone with typically quite frizzy hair, this mask has helped make my hair a lot more smooth and shiny.
  6. Amazing product

    Love love love this product.

    Makes my hair so soft and shiny. Use it once a week on my dry/wavy hair and it controls the frizz and makes my curls form nicely every time. Hydrated so we’ll.
    Would definitely recommend
  7. Not for very dried out hair

    Great detangler. Hair does sit better, but my hair was still dry a few days after using this product.
  8. Perfect moisture mask

    I used this mask religiously as I was trying to get my dry & broken hair back to its former glory. This combined with another EVO mask (a protein one) gave my hair the life it needed to come back.
  9. Very hydrating hair mask

    This hair mask has done a great job in adding moisture to my long, thick & dry hair. I try and use once a week to keep my hair soft and hydrated.
  10. Hydrating

    After a holiday to Bali left my hair dull and needing some hydration I decided to try this. My hair is silky and smooth and I absolutely love this product and the Evo range is my new favourite!
  11. Love this

    Great mask. Smells delicious and is super hydrating.
  12. Great for dry and breaking hair

    I pop this on when I feel like my hair needs some TLC. Smooths it down and my hair appears less dry and more hydrated. The packaging seems small but as you don't use this every time you wash your hair, it actually lasts quite awhile.
  13. Great treatment

    I use this instead of conditioner and it makes my curly frizzy hair feel much nicer and healthy.
  14. Amazing

    This stuff is amazing! Complete game changer. Smells lovely, my hair is so soft and less frizzy. It’s really moisturising but doesn’t weigh down my curls.
  15. It works!

    Such a luxurious and hydrating treatment, will repurchase.
  16. Hair Saviour

    This is one amazing mask! Makes my hair feel incredible. Saves my hair after its usual weekly beating of tongs
  17. Amazing product!

    I have dry coloured damaged hair... this treatment is incredible... after 2 uses I have already noticed a huge difference... will definitely be repurchasing
  18. Delicious

    I’m about to buy this again, it’s so amazing! I miss the smell and softness of my hair when I don’t have it!
  19. A hair product that delivers

    I have dry curly hair that I insist my hairdresser keeps adding blonde foils to. This product has delivered everything that it promised and my hair is always soft, manageable and shiny. I have recommended to all my friends.
  20. Fantastic hair mask product

    I have dry curly hair that I insist my hairdresser keeps adding blonde highlights to. This product has delivered everything that it promised and my hair is always soft, manageable and shiny. I have recommended the product to all my friends.
  21. So hydrating

    The smell of this is amazing!
    I like to use it when my hair needs a little love and moisture. It's really hydrating and leaves your hair soft and shiny without feeling weighed down. A little goes a long way and it's great for fine hair!
  22. Hydrator

    This product does wonders for my hair as soon as I use it my hair is soft and full of life. It smells amazing and I continue to repurchase as I can't go without it.
  23. Great hair mask

    This hair mask is great on the go, you don't really have to wait around and leave it in for hours, just a 15 minute condition or sometimes I even do a 5 couple of minutes, super easy, smells beautiful and works well.
  24. Smells great!

    I got this as a sample, absolutely love the smell and left my hair feeling smooth
  25. Love it!!!

    My new favourite hair product!! Makes my hair super soft & shiny. I use once a week on my hair and it’s just amazing.
  26. Softer nicer hair

    I liked this product after I received a sample, it made my hair very soft and manageable will buy a larger bottle in the future
  27. It really works

    Amazing at detangling after shower. Very nourishing. It lost a star because I don’t like the smell but it’s really very good.
  28. Makes Hair Really Soft

    I use this on my hair as I have highlights and straighten/curl my hair almost every day so it does tend to get dry and have damaged ends. After using, my hair feels really soft and silky, and it smells fantastic too. Great product.
  29. Softer hair

    I used this on my straw like “mum hair” and it’s made my hair soft! My hair hasn’t felt like hair since having my children! This is an amazing product and I love it! Will be recommending to everyone.
  30. Evo moisture mask

    This little devil is amazing!!! Do not discount its size! A little bit goes a looooong way! Received it as a sample 30ml in a previous order and just wow! I use it weekly and 6 months on I still have 1/4 left!!! It is the only treatment I’ve ever tried that actually felt like it did something! Leaves my hair feeling smooth and not feeling like it’s coated in muck! This would be my number one must have product!!!

    Buy it. I have super thick, frizzy, wavy colour treated hair which I style regularly with hot irons. This has restored my hair, leaving it soft, tangle free and feeling hydrated. It has dramatically improved my summer hair which by the time the sun, salt and chlorine have wreaked havoc, my hair is often bronzy and dull. No longer the case.
    Honestly best hair treatment I have ever bought!!
  32. Fab

    This is one amazing mask! Makes my hair feel incredible.
  33. In Top 5 of all time favourite products

    This hair mask is my absolute favourite out there. I've been using it for over 3 years now on my coloured & thick hair after it was used as a mask treatment at a high end salon & I am hooked! It smells so good and feels smooth applying to hair - a little goes a long way. After washing out my hair is silky to touch. I use it weekly after using purple shampoo to combat the dryness from constantly toning blonde. It's a HG product in my books.
  34. Amazing

    This is so deeply moisturizing and a little goes a long way! Amazing for fine and frizzy hair. And like all the Evo products the smell and packaging is delightful!
  35. Outstanding results for an excellent price!

    I have dry and frizzy hair that needs as much moisture as it can get!
    This mask is so much more affordable than some of the more expensive brands and delivers my hair so much nourishment! :)
    I leave it on for about an hour to really get the moisture as deep into my hair as I possibly can!
    It is rather a thick consistency which you always like to see from a hair treatment and therefore you will get quite a few treatments out of one tube :) I also like to use a moisturizing shampoo prior to the Evo the Great Hydrator Moisture Mask to do all I can to repair my strands :)
  36. Excellent product

    Have repurchased this and will continue to do so. Makes my hair easy to manage, looks nice, feels soft and seems to keep the frizz away too which is a huge bonus.
  37. Amazing product

    Love this hair mask. My hair was a damaged mess before and this definitely has improved my hair texture. Highly recommend!
  38. Excellent

    Beautifully soft hair after using this conditioning mask. I use it 2-3 times a week, and a 5-10 cent piece worth goes a long way on my thick hair!
  39. So good

    Received a sample size of this with an order and it's amazing. Definitely super hydrating transforming your hair silky smooth even when your hair is straw-like and you think nothing will help! And it smells so good! Will be always re-purchasing this !
  40. Hydrating

    This is my second bottle of of mask as I love the silky smooth hydrated effect of this mask. The smell is lovely too!
  41. This product is the best hyrdator

    What a gorgeous treatment! I haven't used anything like this before. My dry hair felt so hydrated after using this treatment. It's light but full of goodness. It smells incredible as well. I highly recommend - great shine too!
  42. Good but not Amazing

    I love evo products and use quite a few others and most have absolutely blown me away. It is a good product and has a lovely package, texture, and smell but it didn't really wow me as much as some of the other evo products. It may be that my hair is very dry and from going from black to light blonde/grey and it is severely dry but there are definitely other moisture masks for hair that do a better job.
  43. Great Hydration

    This is a fantastic hydration mask. However, I did have to re-wash my hair again the next day as it felt greasy. Would be awesome if you have super dry and damaged hair.
  44. Love it!

    This is a great hair mask. It does exactly what it says it does.

    I got a sample of this product with one of my purchases and I am so glad I did! I have somewhat frizzy, wavy, naturally blonde hair that I recently dyed a lighter blonde. I already use Evo shampoo and conditioner, but I had never tried this moisture mask before. It is truly amazing! As soon as you put it in your wet hair, you can feel it untangling and smoothing your hair. After a few uses I noticed significantly softer, more manageable hair. This product is fantastic and I will be purchasing the full sized product asap!
  46. Game Changer!! I highly recommend!

    OMG! I was not prepared for such fantastic results. This treatment is so light on your hair but so SO hydrating! It's the best treatment I've ever used and I've used all of the good brands. Gorgeous scent as well. The shine in my hair is incredible. I've never had my locks looking so good.
  47. 1#

    Been using this for years. Less fly aways.. people always comment on how nice my hair sits when I leave this treatment in. Tried many treatments and this does wonders

    I have dry curly hair which is hard to tame at the best of times. This mask is like an angel for hair sent from god. After just one use it made my hair feel soft to touch and helped when I use my hair straightener. It actually stayed straight and frizz free for longer than 20 minutes. It's a must have!!
  49. Great mask

    I have a platinum blonde bleached hair and this mask is so good. It moisturises my hair and leaves them so smooth. Will definitely repurchase.
  50. Nice hair treatment..

    I love the EVO range, and this product is no exception. It smells absolutely divine, and it does provide some much needed moisture to my dry hair. I find the packaging isn't great and it can be hard to distribute the product, but I will probably repurchase due to how soft and healthy my hair looks after use.
  51. So silky

    This makes my hair feel so smooth and silky and it looks much shinier. Feels so much healthier and stronger after repeated use
  52. Yes, yes, yes - such a great product

    I LOVE this treatment. The texture is light yet so nourishing on my hair.
    I use the complete therapist range and my hair has never looked so shiny and healthy. A little bit goes a long way too.
    The smell of this mask is delicious too. I'll be using this product a lot over summer.
  53. Not bad. Not great

    I am all for a moisturising mask.
    I think it is quite effective but definitely not the best out there. I’m not sure if I would rebuy.
    When you use it you definitely need a feta fling spray to comb through after as it seems to take every bit of residue out and leaves it a little dry, but afterwards when dry the hair does seem hydrated.. so I’m not sure what I think of it.
  54. Shiny and soft hair guaranteed

    Delicious smell, gorgeous texture, light weight but highly nourishing. I only buy product that comes recommended and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. Also, a little goes a long way! I use the Hydrating shampoo with the treatment and they work really well together. My hair is looking great.
  55. Nothing Special

    Certainly lives up to what it is promoted to do - it's not bad, but as mentioned, it's nothing special. Worth it for something inexpensive but still effective.
  56. I'm probably going to buy a full-size

    I got a decent sized sample of this - I've used it twice so far and have enjoyed it both times and even for a hair mask novice like myself, it's easy to use and not intimidating. My hair was very soft afterwards. I'm probably going to buy a full-size of this on my next Adore Beauty order!
  57. game changing

    this literally rescued my bleached (read: fried) hair better than anything else I've used! this is perfection for fine hair, because it doesn't weigh it down at all. makes a big difference to that 'fried' frizzy look that i had on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. huge thumbs up from me.
  58. Healthy shiny hair

    Nothing makes my hair as shiny as this treatment. I usually skip the serum after using this. My hair comes down to my lower back and I still only need a little bit to cover it all. Also makes my ends look smooth and healthy.
  59. Greatest hair product you'll ever use!

    This truly is the greatest hair product you will ever use. No jokes! Forget all the other treatments - this is the one to get. Not heavy, so great for oily hair. You dont need a lot so it goes a long way. Your hair is insantly repaired, super smooth and silky. If I need a super deep treatment I'll leave it on for an hour. Once you try this, you'll never go back to anything else.
  60. An amazing treatment for your hair! Super hydrating

    This was my first time using an evo product. I'm now hooked on the brand.

    I love this treatment! It lasts a very long time as a little goes a long way. It's somehow light but very nourishing. My hair feels so much softer, more hydrated and a lot shinier. It basically did everything I needed it to do.

    The smell is delicious too. I think this is great value for money when I compare it to some of the other brands I've bought into. I now need this on permanent rotation.

    I highly recommend :)
  61. Perfect Hair Mask

    Received a travel size as a gift with purchase and OMG. This product is super hydrating but doesn't weigh done my fine hair. I use the mask once a week Will be purchasing full size when i run out.
  62. Perfect weekly addition to your hair-care regime!

    This mask is ultra hydrating and is well priced for the quality provided. I instantly feel a difference in my hair after using this mask. I love the smell too! Perfect weekly addition to your hair-care regime! LOVE!
  63. Love it!!

    Have purchased this product three times. Affordable. Is a great product to help with frizz, silky hair. My hair is thick and it helps maintain a smooth texture. Love it and will continue purchasing it
  64. Hydrating, softening and not too heavy

    Great product. I have thin, blond hair that often gets dry. I’ve struggled to find a product that is deeply hydrating but also light enough that if doesn’t weigh down my hair. This product ticks those boxes. It also lasts a long time a small amount goes a long way
  65. Super nourishing and hydrating!

    I am simply in love with this hair mask! After just 5 minutes left in my hair directly after shampooing, it instantly makes my hair look and feel super soft, nourished, hydrated and silky smooth! It also makes it so much more easier to comb after washing my hair with no knots! I always get complimented on how good and shiny my hair looks after using this mask! 5 stars! :)
  66. Feels Great

    I have dry hair from bleaching and use masks as my conditioner. This feels beautiful when in and only takes a couple of minutes to work! When hair dryed it didn’t stay as soft as I’d hoped but next time I’ll give it a bit longer than the 5 mins it says to keep on. Over all still very happy!
  67. Where have you been all my life?

    I recently received a sample of this and noticed an immediate improvement in my hair's hydration level after the first use. As someone with dry, coloured, and damaged hair keeping my hair soft and hydrated is a constant struggle. I'm definitely making this product a regular in my hair care routine.
  68. Great hair moisturiser

    I received a sample of this and tried it out. It made my hair very smooth afterwards! Would definitely purchase this next time!
  69. bomb.com

    Noticeable difference after one use.I alternate between this and the "mane attention" mask - this one is definitely better for more frequent use.
  70. Silky smooth hair

    I love this product, I bought it to increase moisture in my dried, colour treated hair and it leaves it looking soft and shiny. Also removes knots! Would recommend.
  71. Such a fan

    I am so impressed with this! I even brought one for my mum because I love it soo much. It makes my hair feel and look incredible. I recommend.
  72. Absolutely amazing!!

    I have very thick, and curly hair. Which means it gets very dry easily from blow drying and styling. I’ve used this product 4 times and my hair already has had a HUGE change! Highly recommend this hair mask!
  73. great for fine hair!

    I have thick but fine hair. This hair conditioner/treatment makes my hair nice and soft without weighing it down. Smells great too!
  74. Makes hair feel amazing

    I got this product as a sample and it is by far the best hair mask I’ve ever used.
    I have curly hair so it can often be card to comb out knots but using this makes it so simple and leaves my hair feeling amazing and smooth.
  75. The smell is AH-MAZING

    I’m obsessed with this, the scent, the balmy consistency, the way it melts into my hair. The gorgeous feel of my hair after iv washed it out. Can’t fault it!
  76. Hair feels great

    I received this as a free sample and loved it! Made my hair feel great
  77. Mum loves it

    Got this as a sample and gave it to my mum and her hair felt sooo incredably soft afterwards made me want to buy it for myself.
  78. Nice and moisturising

    It does a good job of moisturising and hydrating the hair and it is quick and easy to use but I'm not a fan of the smell. Otherwise, it does a great job.
  79. The perfect moisture treatment

    I loved loved loved this treatment. My hair can be incredibly dry and this mask brought it back to life with a bundle of moisture. Very much suited for a bleached blondie. It's not too heavy if you have thin hair like some moisture masks can be, it's just right. 100% will be using again.
  80. Fantastic hydrator silky smooth hair!

    I tried this as it is my local salons brand. I have had damaged hair but with protein treatments and olaplex it now only needs some really nice hydration and this is the perfect product! I have long hair and was worried there wasn't much product but you don't need much! I put about 2 teaspoons (if that much) through the ends of my hair and comb it through it spreads all the way to the top, rinses out beautifully and doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy at all. 100% recommend this to anyone who needs some lightweight hydration. I will be keen to try out the shampoo and conditioner :)
  81. Fantastic hydrator silky smooth hair!

    I tried this as it is my local salons brand. I have had damaged hair but with protein treatments and olaplex it now only needs some really nice hydration and this is the perfect product! I have long hair and was worried there wasn't much product but you don't need much! I put about 2 teaspoons (if that much) through the ends of my hair and comb it through it spreads all the way to the top, rinses out beautifully and doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy at all. 100% recommend this to anyone who needs some lightweight hydration. I will be keen to try out the shampoo and conditioner :)
  82. Love this mask

    I have long, thick, wavy hair and have recently gone blonde again and this has been my saviour. I love how a little goes a long way and it is quick and easy. I don't have time to use a mask for half an hour and with this, 5 minutes is all it takes. My hair feels so soft and manageable. I Love this.
  83. Good Conditioner

    I use this as a conditioner and it is decent. My hair is curly and unruly and it makes combing it a lot easier. Definitely prefer EVO's Protein treatment though. It's magic!
  84. Best treatment I’ve ever tried

    This treatment has worked wonders for my hair! This is the the third time I have purchased. It leaves my dry blonde hair feeling soft and healthy
  85. Great affordable treatment

    This treatment does wonders for my dry damaged hair. It make my hair feel so soft and smooth. It's even better than the more expensive treatment I was using previously. The best part is that it's doesn't irritate my sensitive scalp. My hair is smooth enough that I don't even need to use my leave in conditioner. Would totally repurchase.
  86. The best

    Love it. After a chemical straightening treatment destroyed my hair, this and the mane protection protein treatment rebuilt and restored my hair. Very grateful
  87. Pretty good

    I'm a sucker for a rich moisture mask and this one seems to do a great job. I alternated it with the protein treatment and it seemed to help the strength and condition of my hair. I still don't know if its my holy grail hair mask but I will give it a go again
  88. Pretty Good

    Have only used this treatment three times, however, it makes my hair instantly smooth with only having to use about a ten-cent-piece sized worth of product (so good value for money). Though I do not know how well the product is hydrating my hair, I am having promising results so far. Especially when doing a castor oil treatment then using the Evo treatment as a conditioner post shampoo.
  89. Product of the year

    I received a sample which I used on my long straight hair (which I always use salon products on) and could not believe what a difference it made. Giving the hair around my face-line a lift where it is normally flat at my centre part, and a shine like I have walked out of the salon.
    Cannot wait to try their other products.
  90. Brilliant

    Hydrating and non greasy. I use it instead of conditioner and my hair has stopped snapping that god!
  91. WOW

    Soft hair and feeling so lush was how I felt leaving the shower. This is such a lovely product to use on dry, damaged coloured hair like mine
  92. dreamy

    My hair is fine so I have to be careful with treatments that they don't weigh my hair down. This treatment hits that sweet spot between luxe hydration and keeping it light. It has a beautiful soft scent and looks cool when it comes out of the tube, different to most treatments and conditioners. I'll be buying this again and again and again because it's even better than what the hair dresser recommended for me in store.
  93. Miracle treatment

    Believe the good reviews - This product is amazing. I have long, fine curly hair that always dries up really quickly. This treatment leaves my hair so hydrated with super shine - even the two days after a wash. Highly recommended!
  94. Blessing in a tube

    Most treatments with great reviews are such a let down but this one is different and deserves another positive review. The consistency is somewhat balmy; easy to work through the hair (surprisingly even curl/wavy dry hair like mine which I usually have a lot of difficulty doing so). I left it on for ~1 hr and let my hair air-dry after I had washed it out. I haven't seen my curls/waves so defined in such a long time with such a sleek shine to it. Usually, no matter what, the top 1/2 of my hair is like fluff and the curls/waves are undetectable (aftermath of bleach, mostly) but with this it was like I had never bleached it! Thank you evo!
  95. Does what it says!

    I received a sample bottle of this and like it so much purchased the full size. it gives my hair a much improved texture. it was a little hard to get out of the bottle though.
  96. Great

    I am 46 years old and I have never used a product like this one which gives great results. I have very frizzy hair but this product conditions my hair like no other product I have used before.
  97. Best hair product I've ever used!

    Instantly smooth & glossy hair even with blonde colour. I was amazed!
  98. Impressive results

    I received a sample through a promotion and wasn't expecting any great results however I was surprised. I would normally have frizzy hair if I didn't a styling product after moisturising but there was no need with Evo moisture mask. My hair was soft, frizz-free and felt healthy. I will definitely be purchasing this product.
  99. Best treatment for hair, softens & detangles

    Best hair treatment I've ever used - softens and de-tangles, hydration stays for quite a few days. Got a sample and will be buying the full size, good value too :)
  100. Nice treatment

    I have very long, medium shaft fine hair that's forever damaged by endless colour. It tends to start breaking between cuts, and while my scalp gets oily by day 2, the ends are always dry. This is a very nice hydrating product that definitely helps the condition. There's no such thing as a product that can heal hair, given that hair is dead and what you see is what you get, but this coats my hair nicely, softens it a little and keeps it from feeling too straw-like. The product comes out like a thick balm and smells delightful, as all Evo products do. It leaves nice slip after rinsing and helps a little to detangle though I always need to put an oil treatment in after towel drying anyway. This is a repurchase for me, and a welcome addition to my hair product lineup.
  101. Review & Earn

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