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Get the most out of your products by following evo's expert guidance:

- "There are shampoos and there are shampoos. Ensure that you are using the correct shampoo for you and your hair's needs. Use a shampoo with a gentle surfactant as this will cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping the hair and scalp. Also avoid products that contain any nasties."
- "Reading through an old battered copy of Hairdressers Journal there was an article on the famous London hairdresser, Leonard Lewis, who looked after Bianca Jagger and it was said that she would have her hair rinsed in cold water for up to thirty minutes after the shampoo. When asked what difference it made to the hair, Leonard answered "not a lot" but it was what she wanted. So there you have it!"


Our favourite evo product

A multi-purpose dry shampoo, evo water killer is one of the go-tos of our founder, Kate Morris – and that’s no mean feat, given that as head honcho of Adore Beauty, she’s exposed to hundreds of beauty products!


“Like a sofa that turns into a bed, or a water-finding stick that you can throw to your dog, this two-in-one dry shampoo and styling powder will literally make your day.” So is the premise of evo water killer, the aerosol that prevents damage to hair from cleaning and blow-drying it (because you’ll be washing your hair less!), while doubling as a texturiser.


With no parabens, sulphates or propylene glycol, this evo product is also the gentle way to add volume and lift.



As a styling product: Shake well, then, holding the can 20cm away from the hair, spritz on and leave-in.

As a dry shampoo: Shake well and spray into the hair at a distance of 20cm. Let it settle for 2 minutes and gently brush out.

The best time to apply it is actually the night before, so while you’re sleeping the product has time to really soak up oil and any white flecks will be well and truly gone. Plus, you wake up with supermodel hair!


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