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evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment 220ml 220ml

4.6 of 299 reviews


4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.99

Or 4 instalments of $9.99 with LEARN MORE

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A purple toning conditioner that intensely hydrates and softens.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Colour protection
  • Brassy tones (blonde/grey hair)

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment 220ml

evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment 220ml

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evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment 220ml Reviews

4.6 of 299 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

best one so far


i don't have blonde hair but light brown coloured hair and i have found that when i use this my hair is less frizzy. so this works for me and i would recommend this to everyone with coloured hair

Most Helpful Criticism

Great for toning, terrible for dryness


At first, I loved this product, it was great at removing the brassiness from my hair. It doesn't overtone and leaves the hair a soft white blonde. Sadly this is where the compliments end, after letting my hair air dry I found that my hair was extremely dry and frizzy. This product took a lot of moisture from my hair and made it appear very unhealthy. I have used this product three times now with the same result
  1. best one so far


    i don't have blonde hair but light brown coloured hair and i have found that when i use this my hair is less frizzy. so this works for me and i would recommend this to everyone with coloured hair
  2. The BEST blonde toning treatment ever


    This treatment tones out all my brass with zero purple tint and it makes my ends so soft and shiny and hydrated. It’s my holy grail blonde product!
  3. Works wonders


    This did wonders toning the brass out of my bleached hair m! Also left my hair silky smooth
  4. works well


    works really well. can tell it’s been holding my colour nicely. does a good job
  5. Great for keeping brassy yellows at bay


    My hairdresser recommended this as a good priced toning conditioner and it’s one of the more gentle and conditioning ones I’ve used. I love the smell and the brand is vegan and cruelty free which is always a bonus!
  6. Goodbye brassy tones!


    I use this product religiously, it gets rid of brassy tones throughout my hair and leaves it so hydrated! Perfect way to upkeep your blonde hair between hairdresser visits!
  7. Great colour and feel but a bit pungent


    I bought this a few times on repeat because the colour and nourishment was so good. It was just a bit pungent for me and smelt a bit like I was applying a heavy chemical to my hair.
  8. Easy to use toning shampoo


    Easy to use and works for a time poor mum like me
  9. Definitely works!


    I am not blonde but i have blonde baby-lights and i find this works wonders in getting rid of brassiness! I straighten my hair so brassiness is a thing, but after leaving on for 5-10 min it's great and i definitely will repurchase! The only con is that it is a toner, so it does leave my hair feeling a little drier than usual. Usually passes after my next wash and for how good it is, its only a sma...
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  10. Great at home toner treatment!


    I have foiled brown hair and have used this product 3 times now with great results! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and hydrated and tones my blonde highlights so well! It’s great to use in between my hair appointments (every 10 weeks) and I have stopped going to the salon so often to get my hair toned! Really happy with the results.
  11. A life saver


    I am growing out me blonde to go completely grey this has been a godsend the take the brassiness out of my blonde, tone it down to a level that makes my hair look fabuloso ( see what I did there). Its also so easy to use
  12. Perfect for in between salon visits


    This stuff is a must have for any blondes! I use it in between salon appts or if I need a bit of a pick me up. It's very easy to use, time efficient and does it's job well. Depending on how thick your hair is, the product lasts quite a long time and is a staple in my hair care cupboard.
  13. nothing compares


    Due to Melborunes lockdown I havent been able to get my hair done since March
    this is the only colour booster that will tackle the gold in my hair


    This is the first purple conditioner I’ve ever used that will help keep away yellow tones and a treatment at the same time! Amazing stuff.
  15. Great combined with Shampoo


    These products are really about toning the hair rather than making it super soft. I recommend getting the shampoo as it’s very potent. My brassy hair came out with beautiful shades of platinum
  16. Keeps my blonde super light


    I really like this. I’ve had blonde hair for a while and this has maintained it.
  17. Any Blonde's best friend


    I have ice white platinum blonde hair that I have maintained perfectly since 2018 now. This is the reason why. I use a super cheap but nourishing shampoo and rely on this nourishing conditioner to keep my treated hear healthy and salon-fresh.
  18. New best friend

    Laura W

    This really does work for any blonde out there and really is a must! I love using this inbetween hair appointment to keep away any brassy tones.
  19. Never used a toning conditioner before


    I started off using this per recommendation from my hairdresser. I have never used a toning conditioner before as I assumed that it wasn't as effective, boy was I wrong! After using this a couple of times, I hurried out and bought the shampoo version as well. Best two purchases ever. It got rid of the yellowness and made my hair SO soft!
  20. Great for in between hair appointments


    Love this product. It gets rid of the brassy tones, smells great too. Easy to use and quick results. I use it weekly in-between hair appointments and I have been told that it looks like I dyed it again.
  21. Best toner/purple shampoo!


    I was recommended this product by my hairdresser and I can see why! It works so well and isn't harsh like other purple shampoos sold in supermarkets/pharmacies. I would recommend to apply on damp hair (not wet) after shampooing and wait a good 5 minutes or so before rinsing if you really want to get rid of the brassiness!
  22. Removes brassy tones


    I've been using this conditioner for years and love how it takes the brassy tones out of my coloured hair. This works best for me, when I towel dry my hair after my shampoo, and then apply this. It's not the most hydrating product, however I alternative with other products when my hair is feeling more dry.
  23. Okay, not amazing.


    I bought this as a recommendation from my hair stylist to help keep brassy tones out of my highlighted hair. I would say it does that to an extent but I found myself reaching for my treatments and highly moisturizing conditioner instead, as I don't think this product does anything for hydration which is what I need more. If you want to give this a shot, definitely still use an olaplex/loreal bond...
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  24. Amazing conditioner for my blonde foils


    I love this treatment for my hair. I have blonde foils and this prevents them getting brassy. I use it approximately once every 10 days. I’ve repurchased it a few times now after trying a sample.
  25. At home toning


    I love this product to tone back the yellowing that occurs between hair appointments. I like to mix this with my conditioner once a week, as I find it too drying to use alone.
  26. Extends the time between hairdresser appointments


    I was booked in to have my hair coloured again in a weeks time. After using this I have pushed my appointment out another month. It has freshened up my blonde balyage so much that I dont think I need to go in at all right now! So easy to apply, quick and effective. I've tried the Beige one too and love that
  27. Great for an Ashy Blonde!


    This is a great toning treatment, leaves your hair feeling quite silky! However, my expectations were quite high from the photos, this definitely did not act as strong as a toner, or even as strong as the success photos! However, as a treatment to remove brassiness, it does a great job, I just can't say that it made my hair very silver.
  28. lt works


    lt left my hair lovely and soft and toned down the brassy look. This really does work for any blonde out there and really is a must for all blondes.
  29. Toning


    This left my hair feeling very soft. Tones nicely along with the shampoo. Also smells great!
  30. Great find


    I’ve been using Fanola for years and I never really considered changing but since hearing recommendations for Evo I’m so glad I did. This stuff is quick and easy - doesn’t mess the shower like crazy and you can use more regularly for shorter amount of time, so much more convenient. My blonde ends are refreshed, soft and smelling delish. It’s not super hydrating - I think the Christophe Robin is a ...
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  31. Would recommend


    Purchased after seeing blond specialist hairdressers recommend - would repurchase. This worked magic on my blond hair. I leave this product in for 15 mins.
  32. great for toning


    this is amazing at toning my hair, did not seem to hydrate it though
  33. Fabulous


    Refreshing to use a gentle blonde conditioner that isn't too drying and still works. Will continue to use this fabulous product.
  34. Recommended!


    Can definitely recommend this product - it works! Subtly cleans up brassiness. This brand's ethos is impressive. Love how this product is Vegan & cruelty-free! Nice formulation & scent.
  35. LOVE this product


    This product is amazing. Not only do I used this product as a smoothing treatment for my hair but also as a toner. This product leaves my hair feeling so much healthier. It also reduces yellow/brassy tones. I use this mostly to maintain my colour between dyes. LOVE IT. Highly recommend.
  36. Not the best but not the worst


    I purchased this to get rid of my brassiness. I found it didnt do as well as I thought it would. It would make my hair greasier than other conditioners. Though it's not the worst one I have used. For a product that doesnt have nasty's in it, it doesnt do too badly.
  37. Ahhh-mazeee


    Absolutely love this product. Have tried Fanola and Fudge but rate this one the best. Product doesn’t grab and leave patchy purple parts plus super nourishing.
  38. Nut allergies beware - this contains nut oil!!


    This toner, unlike the Evo Fabuloso Platinum Shampoo contains Macadamia Oil.
    I am very allergic to nuts and started getting an allergic reaction as soon as I put this in. So just a warning to anyone else with a nut allergy because it is not stated that clearly on the title page - only listed in the ingredient further down. An easy thing to overlook in this case because the companion shampo...
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  39. Subtle change


    I’m delighted with this Ash Blonde colour, it has given my pure white hair a more interesting tone, with subtle lilac and beige tone, it has depth now instead of being white. And it feels so silky and is so shiny.
  40. lightly tones


    this isn't the most toning treatment I have ever used but it did tone and hydrate me hair
  41. No difference


    Found no difference when using this and didn't change the brassy colour of my hair
  42. My go to purple hair product


    I've always had really bad experiences with purple shampoos and conditioners as all the ones I've tried have left my hair feeling super dry but this one by EVO has changed my life. It gets rid of brassy tones effectively AND leaves my hair feeling super soft and conditioned. I use this once a week as a treatment and try to leave it in my hair for at least 30 mins before rinsing out.
  43. Best Toner Ever!


    This product was so much better than I expected. It worked within a couple of minutes, and my hair was conditioned afterwards, rather than dry. I'm throwing all my other purple shampoo and toning products out and sticking with this.
  44. Salon level Haircare


    If you can’t afford the products, you can’t afford the highlights. Truly, if you get any blonde type colour in your hair, the shampoo and conditioner you use is so essential. I’ve used evo for years to keep my highlights brassy free and as salon fresh as possible. My hair goes yellow pretty easily so this is a must have for me. It lasts forever as well - one tube lasts me at least 6 months.
  45. Gentle toner


    The packaging changed from a pump to a tube. I think the tube is much better however less product for same price??? Gentle toner. Perfect if you dint want stark white or grey hair. Nice clean result. Do find I have to use a fair bit of product though
  46. One of the best blonde products!


    I have been using this for year - it is great for anyone wanting to tone any brassy/orange/yellow tones - whether you are bleached blonde, balayage or have any form of highlights! This leaves your hair feeling so soft and conditioned, unlike other blonde products that leave hair feeling like straw. Can't wait to try the shampoo in this range too.
  47. Great for toning, terrible for dryness


    At first, I loved this product, it was great at removing the brassiness from my hair. It doesn't overtone and leaves the hair a soft white blonde. Sadly this is where the compliments end, after letting my hair air dry I found that my hair was extremely dry and frizzy. This product took a lot of moisture from my hair and made it appear very unhealthy. I have used this product three times now with t...
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  48. The best I’ve used


    My hair throws out a lot of ‘Gold/yellow’ tones and this is the only purple conditioner that can keep it at bay. I also have dry hair so I love that this conditioner doesn’t strip my hair or make it feel like straw like some others do. I usually shower and towel dry my hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. I do this once every 2-3 weeks or as needed so it is definitely worth it - the tube lasts for...
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  49. Hands down the best toning product


    This is the best toning product. I have tried all the top brands and this one wins by far. I put it on after shampooing and leave for a good half an hour to really get rid of my brassy balayaged ends. I am always left with a nice, clean blonde finish. It makes your hair feel amazing too.
  50. did nothing


    I did not notice any difference in my hair from this and it is quite expensive too.
  51. Smells Amazing!!


    Loved this product helped my hair a lot and the smell is divine!
  52. Extend trips between the hairdresser!


    This is fabulous at home treatment to extend the life of your blonde or diminish brassiness in between visits! I apply to the lengths of my hair, leave for 10, comb through and wash off after 5 more mins. It just rinses out, no need to do another wash following treatment. It leaves my hair feeling nourished and adds shine that blonde hair can often lack after being lightened. I also use the caram...
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  53. Hydrating !!


    This product is pretty good at making my hair more toned and definitely more hydrated! I really like this product but if you want a really strong toning product this isn’t for you x but if you want to use it most washes then I would suggest this!
  54. Great for blondes


    Tones well but is not as conditioning as you would think for EVO products. I have to use detangler for my long hair because it's not silky smooth after using this
  55. Great Ashy Blonde


    Really happy with this conditioner, gives a really blonde ashy and cool color. Also leaves my hair super soft.
  56. Intense treatment


    This treatment always leaves my hair super nice and soft. If you have course or Porous hair this is great for toning but it is still quite strong.
  57. really toning


    this really toned my hair. Got rid of a lot of the brassy colours.
  58. The best!


    Wow, this product is amazing. It really does tone down the orange colours that blonde hair suffers from. It makes me hair so much softer and more manageable.
  59. smells great and conditions


    this smells great and conditioned my hair but I did not notice any toning from this product.
  60. perfect for blondes


    this conditioner is great for blonde hair it gets rid of all the brassy tones and doesnt dry it out.
  61. Not very good


    this wasn't very good, it wasn't that conditioning and did not change the tone of my hair.
  62. nice product


    When I open it I'm not dare to use it. It's dark purple color. But after checking introduction again I decide to try it. Nice product for hydrating and protect the color.
  63. Love it ! Amazing!


    This product is amazing! It leaves my hair feeling very soft and nice. My sisters also love it!
  64. Softens, tones and protects


    I love this product, it is the only purple conditioner i've found that works as well as a shampoo to tone your hair. It has a strong chemical smell which might be a bit disconcerting, but it works a treat and my hair always feels soft and luscious afterward.
  65. Simply amazing


    This product is absolutely amazing , I won’t go back to what I was previously using . After using my hair is so refreshed and so healthy the conditioning part of this product works wonders. I’ve never had a toner that would give me platinum blonde and hydrate my hair at the same time . Plus it helps with split ends . Highly recommend this product. Love love love
  66. Best blonde condition


    This conditioner is amazing at removing the brass tone out of my blonde highlights. It's the only blonde conditioner I've found, which also makes my hair ridiculously soft at the same time (unlike other products which normally dry my hair out!)
  67. Resin with one use!

    Love love love!

    I have very blonde natural hair and often products don’t work for me or make my hair purple
    This really too the yellow out of my hair!
  68. Extends time between hair appointments


    This is a quality toner which extends the time between my appointments to my hair stylist. The only piece of advice is to watch how quickly it permeates your hair when you have it in. Will be buying some more soon, and making sure it remains a staple in my hair care routine.
  69. Heard good things about it!


    I don't have blond hair but my friend loves this product and says that it works well with her blond hair!
  70. the best


    i think this is the most hydrating toner i have ever used it is literally like conditioner. absolutely love and doesn't over tone and make hair purple, so that's a bonus! would recommend for anyone needing a nice hydrating toner that works
  71. Great for condition. Good for pigmentation.


    This treatment is so amazing for improving the condition of dry bleached hair. It doesn’t seem to do that much for the toning of my hair unless I put it on dry hair for around 20 minutes. Even then it’s not a lasting result. I would still definitely recommend this product.
  72. Best blonde care


    This product is not only just a blonde care that corrects orange tones, it also moisturises and repairs damaged blonde hair. Couldn’t be happier, this product is the best thing ever
  73. Cannot get enough of this


    Throw out your purple shampoo now and purchase this conditioner!!

    This purple conditioner is a surprise as its colour is a light lavender purple colour which I instantly thought would not tone the brassiness out of my blonde, I used this and left it on for 15 minutes and it cleaned out the brass and left my hair so soft unlike the purple shampoo i use (the base) which I find drying t...
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  74. Best blonde conditioner


    This is hands down the best blonde conditioner out there. I have fine blonde hair and after leaving this on for 5-8 min, all the brassiness is gone and my hair feels conditioned and healthy.
  75. Blonde bombshell


    One word , LOVE! This product is amazing! It leaves my hair the perfect shade of blonde and not brassy anymore. A little goes a long way! I’m a very happy customer and will continue to purchase this toner
  76. Amazing Fast Toner


    My hair is bleached blonde and it goes yellow very easy! I’m using this product 2 x week and it takes all the yellow of and my hair looks soft and good after! Best thing is you do not need to keep it long on your hair and there is contidioner within!! I
  77. Perfectly toned and so soft


    I got this as a sample and I am so happy I did, because I had been dying to try it. I never seem to have much luck with toners working well in my hair so I was worried I would be wasting my money. Most toners that aren't done in salon don't seem to take to my hair but this did the job of brightening my blonde up perfectly. I haven't had my hair done for months and I got asked the next day if I had...
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  78. Conditions well


    Leaves my hair feeling nice and toned, I do agree with another review though the Christophe Robin baby blonde mask is still my preference!
  79. 5 STARS!


    This product is literally a blondes friend for life. I have used many conditioners and blonding shampoos that have stripped the life out of my hair. Not this one. This product is a game changer.
  80. Essential


    This is my favourite toning-conditioner, and I've tried a few. I have platnium, bleached hair that is also fine and tends to be dry. I need something moisturing that will also eliminate brassy tones, this does the job perfectly. I use it 1-2 times per week.
  81. Good blonde toner


    I use this every couple weeks to keep my blonde nice and creamy. It definitely leaves the colour looking a lot cleaner and less brassy. This product doesn't over tone your hair like other blonde conditioners, and it leaves my hair feeling really soft.
  82. Blonde Hair Staple


    I love this stuff! It is a fantastic toner for my blonde hair and I always need to have it on my shelf! It definitely lives up to the cult status, just a few minutes in my hair and I feel like I've come back from the hair salon! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to tone their blonde hair. I actually use this with the Eleven Keep My Colour shampoo about once a fortnight and it really re...
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  83. Disappointing - doesn't live up to the hype


    I read so many incredible reviews of this product, but compared to the Christophe Robin Baby Blonde mask, I found this product to be a real let down. The toning effect was not as great as expected, and it did not really condition my hair at all. I would recommend spending a little more, and forking out for a better product.
  84. All time favourite!


    I have long, fine, blonde hair and so many toning products leave my hair brittle and dry with a purple hue. I tried Fabuloso after it was recommended by my hairdresser and it really hydrates while fixing the brassy tones and giving my hair a beautiful, clean blonde colour. I'm a repeat buyer and will definitely be sticking with this one!
  85. Love!


    I was suggested this by my hairdresser as a go to product to maintain my colour blonde hair and she was right. This product works a treat! I was finding my old blonde treatment was building up and causing my hair to go oily, this doesn't do that at all. I have been using this product for over a year and I will never go back! Always leaves my hair refreshed and takes away any brassy tones. It doesn...
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  86. Cannot Live Without It


    This is the only toner I will use from now on. It actually hydrates hair as well as tones! You can also easily decide on the strength of the toner - I'm so over toners which turn my hair to straw and that are too strong. BUT this guy also WORKS. You leave the conditioner on for longer for a stronger tone, or 2-5 minutes for a light refresh. SO SO good!
  87. Excellent for toning


    I have fine, coloured hair, and I bought this as most blonde shampoos I have tried tend to dry my hair out at the ends. I find it takes the brassiness away from my hair as well as being hydrating. It is quite a good toning conditioner, which doesn't weigh my fine hair down.
  88. Amazing toner for blondes


    I use this every wash and love it! Smell is sooooo nice. Can leave in longer for a lasting treatment. Highly recommend
  89. Brass Be Gone


    Having platinum blonde hair can be a struggle. Some toners give off that purple/grey vibe others just add to that golden brass. Fabuloso is a miracle toner. My hair continues to stay the same colour it was leaving the salon after a scalp bleach weeks on. Zero brassiness. Zero greyness. Zero purple...ness.
    Just that white blonde, angelic shine.
  90. Staple for Cool Blondes!


    No other toner comes close to this one in my books! Its a staple in my shower. Gold, brassy tones disappear and hair is left feeling moisturised! Usually when using other toners, my hair is left feeling coarse and damaged. For fine and colour treated hair that's horrible and only means more damage... I love this toner and won't be using anything else on my hair!
  91. My safe repeat purchase


    This is a staple in every blonde's bathroom. You may have your others that work better sometimes and are cheaper but honestly I would feel anxious if I didn't have this in my shower. They've changed the packaging recently which I don't like, as I prefer the pump canister over the screw top. Leaves by thick wavy (frizy prone) hair feeling soft, healthy and toned.
  92. Icy tones kept icy


    Use this once a week on my bleach blonde and love that it helps me keep my hair toned between salon visits.
  93. Good!


    I had heard wonderful things about this and decided to give it a go, it’s definitely made a difference but I’ve found other that I like more. Decent product but not my number one!
  94. Good, but I've had better


    I have short, thick, bleached hair so I've tried a few different blonde shampoo's and conditioner's. I received a sample of this and I was excited to try it. It was good. It was very hydrating and it did a good job of toning my hair, but what I use at the moment is a bit better and cheaper. Definitely would give it a try if you haven't
  95. Amazing!

    Kassandra Ford

    I have used a lot of purple conditioners/masks before but none have worked so well as this product. Smells AMAZING and makes hair feels soft and hydrated while getting rid of yellow tones.
  96. Great, just expensive.


    I have very light bleached hair and my hairdresser recommended this conditioner to me.
    I have used the products in both styles of packaging - the pump and now this tube and I can say that I would really prefer something where I didn't have to unscrew the top on the shower. A flip top would be much easier.
    As my hair is quite light, I need to be really careful not to leave this on for...
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  97. smells good and helps getting rid of brassyness


    I thought this wouldnt work on orange golden tones, but i did help me getting rid of those tough golden looking on my prelightened hair
  98. Shiny Moisturised Happy Hair!


    I couldn't live without evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Conditioner. I use this once a week in between salon visits. The longer I leave it in the better the result. My hair is left toned, hydrated and is shiny.
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