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Dermalogica PreCleanse 150ml 150ml

4.7 of 251 reviews

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4 instalments of $14.41


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Get ready for your cleanest skin ever! Dermalogica PreCleanse is a lightweight cleansing oil gently liquefies makeup, oil and dirt, readying them for quick removal with the addition of water.
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  • Cruelty Free

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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4.7 of 251 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



My friend moved overseas and gave me this. I tried and OMG! It smells divine and makes me want to keep doing it again and again! Impressed!

Most Helpful Criticism

Great, but expensive for what it is.


To be completely honest, I would be lying if I did say that this is a beautiful product that when used before a foaming cleanser, melts away impurities extremely well. BUT, its so expensive for what it is and I think the 'pre-cleanse' is a bit of a gimmick to make it seem like its not the same as every other cleansing oil (some of the best Korean Beauty cleansing oils/balms are $25 and almost the exact same).
  1. incredible


    I love to use this before bed. I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  2. Magical!


    My friend moved overseas and gave me this. I tried and OMG! It smells divine and makes me want to keep doing it again and again! Impressed!
  3. amazing at removing makeup and cleansing skin


    Repurchased the Dermalogica Precleanse a few times and I can say with confidence that this is the best precleanse currently on the market. The product is divine, the smell isn't overpowering and the consistency is thin, which is what I prefer when it comes to buying precleanses, and most of all, it does the job well! It removes all of make-up and any grim that's built up during the day. However, I follow this with a normal cleanser afterwards.
  4. Love it


    I have so far been given samples of this product and I love it. It feels so nice to use, gets rid of all my makeup gently and my face feels smooth after (I still cleanse after it) but the product is a winner. It is now on my wishlist for when I can buy more.
  5. Love it


    Received as a sample and have now purchased. I like the consistency and find that it does a really good clean. Doesn’t irritate or make my skin oily. Very happy with this product
  6. LOVE


    buying this again now its a must have!! Sooo worth the money!
  7. Great


    Melts away makeup instantly, great first step in a double cleanse.
  8. Great to break down makeup


    I recently started double cleansing, using an oil cleanser first to break down all my makeup. This cleanser has a pleasant smell and does not leave the skin feeling oily or tacky.
  9. My Favourite!


    Ive suffered from really bad skin for as long as I can remember. I use to use Proactive and it completely messed up my skin. On the surface it looked 'ok' but close up there was A LOT of bumps and pimples under my skin. It was gross :(

    Anyway, I was recommended this PreCleanser from the Dermalogica store at my local shopping centre along with other products. After about 2 weeks of using it my skin completely transformed.

    I 100% recommend this product.It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, clean and hydrated!

    Every night I use the pre-cleanser to remove any oil, make-up, dirt and sweat, then the special cleansing gel and finish off with the skin smoothing cream. 2-3 times a week I will use the gentle cream exfoliant in my nightly routine (before applying the smoothing cream). Every morning I just use the special cleansing gel and smoothing cream (depending on how dry my skin is)
  10. Best make up remover!


    I've been looking for a make up remover that will properly remove waterproof make up & sunscreen with ease. This Dermalogica PreCleanse does exactly that!

    I only used one pump to cleanse my neck and face. It literally melted the waterproof makeup off. Impressive! I was concerned the oil would be difficult to remove but it rinsed off with ease in the shower. My skin had that 'clean' feeling, cleaner than when I used micellar water previously. I used a cream cleanser afterwards. The smell of the PreCleanse oil is quite subtle and soothing.

    This will be my go to from now on.
  11. Great, but expensive for what it is.


    To be completely honest, I would be lying if I did say that this is a beautiful product that when used before a foaming cleanser, melts away impurities extremely well. BUT, its so expensive for what it is and I think the 'pre-cleanse' is a bit of a gimmick to make it seem like its not the same as every other cleansing oil (some of the best Korean Beauty cleansing oils/balms are $25 and almost the exact same).
  12. No going back


    I used to just use Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel then tone/moisturise. Precleanse has taken my skincare to a whole new level and works incredibly well with other DL products. Very impressed and worth the $$!
  13. A must for removing makeup


    I always use this before my cleanser when I've been wearing makeup. It makes my skin feel so clean and removes every bit of makeup
  14. An essential product in your beauty routine


    An amazing product that removes oil, makeup and dirt prior to using your cleanser. I have oily skin and was worried it would make my skin more oily but it has not. Great product that melts into your skin
  15. Removes makeup like a dream


    Great product as step 1 in a double cleanse. Removes makeup easily without being greasy or heavy. I use cream cleanser after this. Pump applicator makes it easy and hygienic
  16. Loved it.


    I have used this precleanse for years. I have acne prone skin and was hesitant to use an oil based product but this does not aggravate my skin in any way and is great at washing off my sunscreen at the end of each day. I find that when I use this before my cleanser that my cleanser is more effective. One bottle lasts a while for me as well so it’s not like I’m constantly re-purchasing.
  17. amazing


    love this product to remove my heavy makeup prior to cleansing, feels really nourishing and moisturizing on the skin
  18. Awesome


    really amazing product to get my makeup off, doesn't strip my skin of natural oils and hydrates really well, takes off heavy eye makeup off well
  19. Great cleanse


    I have a dry skin type and in the past have used wipes to clean my make up. This is a great non drying alternative. Using as a part of a two step cleanse I'm loving it. I'm not a huge fan of the smell.
  20. Love the smell!


    I have combination oily skin and this is great to make sure all the make up is off before a cleanse; plus the smell! Super citrusy and fresh!
  21. Amazing product


    I’ve been using this almost since it came out and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It does an amazing job at gently melting and removing even the toughest of makeup. I had my daughter, who’s got acne prone skin try it and it worked wonders, turned her complexion completely around. Will continue to use this forever!
  22. Gentle and effective


    I have been using PreCleanse for years now and absolutely love it!
    I have quiet oily but reactive skin and needed something that is gentle but works.
    PreCleanse does everything it promises and removes all trace of makeup and sunscreen without stripping your face. It is a staple in my shower and the bottle lasts ages as you only need a small amount.
    I have tried other cleansing oils but nothing compares to this one. Highly recommend!
  23. A must buy!!


    i use heavy full coverage make up on the daily + waterproof eye make up + fibre lash extensions. This stuff just melts it away and leaves your skin feeling fresh! a must buy
  24. This product is life


    I gotta wear lots of makeup to work and I my skin would die without this product. It’s the best first step to my nighttime routine. It’s removes every last inch of makeup but I always follow with a cleanser for an extra good cleanse on my Clarisonic.
  25. Perfection. Love it!


    I love dermalogica, it’s my go to skin care choice. It’s cruelty free whilst delivering salon results which is often difficult to find. This product is great particularly if you are prone to drier skin through winter like myself. I use this as sole cleanser of a morning as advised by my beautician and it provides a perfectly cleansed but hydrated base. It has a delicate citrusy scent and forms a nice milky emulsion when you apply warm water and easily rinses off.
  26. Precleanse Power


    Low scent and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Removes the most stubborn makeup with ease and gives your skin a cleansing boost to and remove impurities after a long day.

    For extra effect place a warm wet washcloth over your face or gently steam bath your face for a few minutes.

    The pre cleanser works very well with the exfoliating mitt as well. A really nice product. Well worth the money.
  27. Removes makeup & the day from the face!


    I was finding some cleansers would not remove all my makeup, I came across pre-cleanse and it is perfect. It removes the day from my face, so I can ensure a proper cleanse.
  28. Gentle


    Love how this helps me get off my sunscreen at the end of the day! Doesn't feel too greasy/ drying - perfect for a gentle cleanse. It comes in this great value for money size too
  29. Great for waterproof makeup!


    I’m very happy with the pre cleanse. Very helpful in getting stubborn waterproof mascara off. I don’t mind the orange scent at all
  30. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated! would recommend this to anyone! Removes make up extremely well, I was quite impressed!
  31. The best make up remover


    Ive tried banila co clean it zero, chinoshio natural pore cleansing oil, eve lom cleanser etc and this is by far the best value for money (i think adorebeauty has the best sales/deals for dermalogica products). Best make up remover ever, but always make sure to use a 2nd cleanser after
  32. not for sensitive skin


    i used this product for about 2 weeks then had to stop, my face had developed a red bump rash. not for my sensitive skin
  33. Its alright


    This one has a really strong unpleasant scent. Its smells like oranges that's gone bad but also really fake. Apart from that it does a decent job of removing my sunscreen/makeup but I wouldn't repurchase it. Also you have to really work at it for a minute before the oil warms up to your skin do the job. Sometimes when the water isn't warm enough it feels like there's a film of oil on my face when I wash it off so I have to go in at least twice with my 2nd cleanser. The Kiehl's midnight recovery cleansing oil (way more product for and less expensive) or Fresh seaberry cleansing oil are way better.
  34. Best pre cleanse


    I’ve tried a few different brand pre cleansers and I find that I’m the most happiest with this one. I have definitely converted back to dermalogica pre cleanser
  35. Ticks every box!


    I received a sample of this PreCleanse with my last order! Worked a treat! Dissolved all of the make up and my sunscreen and did not dry out my skin or leave a film on my face! I will be investing in the full size bottle of this product! :)
  36. Best pre-cleanser


    I've been using Clinique's Take The Day off for a long time now, which in itself is a fantastic product, but this has now taken its place in my life - I love the consistency, the smell and it really removes nearly every trace of make up (depending how much I have on) leaving your face fresh and ready for it's cleanse!
    I love it and will continue to purchase
  37. Amazing product!


    First time I've ever used a precleanser and I'm so glad I made the decision to do so. I have oily skin and was sceptical about putting more oil on my face but it really has worked wonders and removes my makeup without an issue. Will definitely grab it again!
  38. It’s a nice oil cleanser


    I think it’s great for a double cleanser routine, removes all makeup, including waterproof products and sunscreen, with ease. But I did find that it can sting my eyes, but that being said, I’ve never found an oil cleanser that doesn’t sting my eyes so I’ve slightly gotten used to it and try not to open my eyes while using it haha
  39. Perfect Oil cleanser to the double cleanse routine


    I was introduced to the concept of double cleansing over 10 years ago and was recommended the Dermalogica Precleanse. Every now and again I pick up something new to try, but just keep going back to this as my first step of my daily face cleanser.

    I have combination skin and oil based products suit me nest. This cleanser is gentle, emulsifies once added with water, without stripping away too much.

    Effectively cleans and removes any excess oil, dissolves make ups and sunscreen. I love that this cleans so well without leaving a film of residue which might be an issue with some oil cleansers.
  40. Love it!


    This product is a life saver! I always struggled to find a product that removed all of my makeup. I use it everyday to remove my makeup before using my Dermalogica cleanser. A little goes a long way with this product, and it always leaves my skin feeling super clean.
  41. Good first cleanser


    This is a really good first cleanse to remove makeup or just sunscren. It’s nothing super exciting but it does the job effectively and doesn’t irritate the eyes.
  42. Great for 2 step cleansing


    This is a great oil based product for a 2 step cleansing/deep cleansing routine. You use it by putting 1 pump on your hand and rubbing this oil on your face.

    It smells amazing (like lavender) and really removes make up well, especially stubborn waterproof mascara.

    After washing it off from your face, there isn't an oily residue feeling, which you might get from using coconut oil.

    I have tried beauty balms and would prefer this as it gets less into my eyes.

    Some people may find it very oily and the consistency too oil like.

    My skin type is combination/dry (dry around cheeks area and normal-oily around t zone).
  43. Really nice


    Purchased this product after reading a review on double cleansing with an oil based product especially after wearing makeup. Found it does remove all makeup really well and leaves skin feeling fresh and not too tight nor dry.
  44. Gentle, yet effective cleanser


    Skin type: Oily
    Main skin concern: Oily T-zone

    If you're looking for a cleanser that removes all traces of makeup whilst hydrating and nourishing your face, then you NEED to get this! Not only does it smell great but it works so well to thoroughly clean my face! Whenever I stock up on this, I have to hide it from my sister who always tried to take it from me -_-
  45. Effectively removes all makeup, excellent cleanser


    This cleansing oil is brilliant. It takes off makeup, especially eye and lip makeup so very well. I just apply the oil on a round swisspers cotton pad and the makeup and face is so easily cleansed. It doesn't leave an oily residue, doesn't sting the eyes and doesn't cause dryness. It is fine to use on combination and acne prone skin and has not led to breakout on my skin after usage.
  46. Amazing


    I have combination/oily skin and am wearing full coverage make up every day.
    This product is amazing when it comes to taking off every trace of make up and oils that are on my face.
    PreCleanse helps clear off all the nasties so when I use my cleansers afterwards, they’re able to actually get deeper and cleanse my skin properly.
  47. Amazing makeup remover


    This product dissolves all my makeup. I have combination (and sometimes sensitive) skin, I find this oil formula perfect, it's moisturizing without causing any breakouts.
  48. Moisturising, cleansing product!


    This product is amazing at ensuring your skin is super cleansed even before you use your normal cleanser. I have quite dry skin, and this helps to add moisture into my skin right before cleansing. It’s awesome at removing heavy makeup and is much more environmentally friendly compared to face wipes!
  49. First step in my cleansing routine


    I've tried multiple products for double cleansing, but this one remains my favourite, I keep coming back to it. It seems expensive for 150 ml, but I find a little goes a long way.
  50. Good


    This is actually quite good. It is really good to break down makeup and I thought it did a good job! I don’t use it all the time because I think it breaks me out a little bit but other than that it’s good!
  51. Sunscreen and heavy makeup be gone


    This helps to dissolve sunscreen and heavy makeup before following with a cleanser. If I can be bothered I like to wipe off the remaining oil that didn’t rinse off with a warm face washer before cleansing. I use it on eyes as well with no problem. I have only tried one other cleansing oil and found them to be pretty similar.
  52. Permanently apart of my skincare routine!


    When I first received this I was surprised how oily it felt but once you use and wash it off, your face instantly feels great. Not oily whatsoever. I love the smell, it’s instantly refreshing. It also lasts a really long time. A little really does go a long way.
  53. Hydrating


    Removes all my makeup really nicely and doesn't break me out. This in conjunction with the dermalogica special cleansing gel removes absolutely everything. My skin is also left feeling really nice and hydrated after using it.
  54. Works but stings


    One squirt and rub onto face before washing off. Removes mascara fairly easily eliminating Need for eye make up remover and cotton pads.
    I find that it stings my eyes however.
  55. First time I've used a pre-cleanse


    I received this as a large sample (20+ uses) and this was the first 'pre-cleanse' product I've used. I found that I've used it mainly when I want to apply a mask rather than my normal cleansing routine, I felt it enable me to put the mask on cleaner skin without having to go through a more intense cleanse first.

    I like to minimise the amount of steps I have in my routine, however would recommend this for anyone who like a two-step cleanse or likes to be able to take off make-up residue and dirt before going through a more thorough cleanse.
  56. Does the job but stings the eyes


    I have dry, sensitive skin - I use Dermalogica Precleanse to remove any suncream or makeup, then follow up with ASAP daily cleanser.
    Precleanse does an excellent job at dissolving makeup and waterproof mascara, and doesn’t leave any oily residue like other oil cleansers. The only negative I experience with this product, is it stings my eyes when rinsing with water and immediately after using. I do continue buying and using however, as I feel it achieves a superior clean to other brands.
  57. I liked this product


    I received this as an extra gift when purchasing another product and I really enjoyed using it and felt like it made my face super clean and soft
  58. So good!


    I have really oily skin and am prone to breakouts all the time - I absolutely love this because it removes so much make up and leaves my skin feeling so smooth! If I am consistent with it day and night it definitely improves my breakouts as well.
  59. Best first cleanse!


    This product is perfect for anyone who likes to double cleanse or remove there makeup with oil
    It leaves your skin feeling so clean and smooth I love it for my night time skin routine
  60. Must have cleanser!


    This is the perfect oil based cleanser to use to remove makeup! Literally removes all makeup and dirt off the skin so easily and makes your second cleanse a lot more effective! I have quite an oily skin and this cleanser works perfectly to remove my oil at the end of the day. Does not give you breakouts or congestion either, so amazing!!!!
  61. Now a permanent part of my routine!


    I purchased this based on reviews from Adore Beaty.

    I use this at night as directed to take my make up off, it is so good. It’s a lovely oil but doesn’t leave my face oily. It takes all my make up off with ease and leaves my skin fresh, ready for my cleanser to do its work!

    My face feels a lot cleaner and is clearer since using this as it is obviously getting the make up off I wasn’t previously.

    Will always have this as part of my night routine now. Love!
  62. Amazing


    My first adventure into cleansing oils, and this one was a good one! It gets SO much off, and really minimises your need for an additional cleanser (although I do use one afterwards anyway). It's not a messy product and doesn't leak like some of it's competitors do.
  63. What a great product!


    Absolutely obsessed with this range! I've been using dermalogica for a while now and I find that it works well for my oily skin. Does a wonderful job of removing my make up! I would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type!
  64. Good for face but stings the eyes


    Removes face makeup quite well but burns my eyes so badly when I tried to remove my mascara with it.
  65. Love this product


    I have oily/combination skin type. This product works really well. It gently takes off every bit of my makeup without stripping my skin. My skin feel super clean and hydrated after using this product. It is also good for sensitive skin as I have very sensitive skin and this product works well on me. Amazing! Will definitely purchase again.
  66. Lux and Devine


    My facialist used this product on me while I had a microdermabrasion. It felt so amazing and smelt devine, so I had to have it in my home skin care routine. I use it at night as my first cleanse which just melts everything away then I go in with a gel cleanse. I will definitely be buying this again and I cant get over how yummy it smells
  67. Amazing


    This product is just amazing! Great for the days when I’ve had a heavy makeup and really struggle to get every bit off! This makes my skin super clean but not dry and tight! Love it
  68. Feels like a spa day


    It may be personal preference however i adore using oils on my skin pre cleansing. Being able to massage into my skin and feel the dirt and grime come to the surface is the best! I use this and then follow with a double cleanse for super squeaky clean skin
  69. Liquid makeup wipe


    Wow yes! Will forever have this in my skin care collection, as it is quite pricy I won’t use it daily but it’s perfect for when you come home from a long day or night out, and can’t be bothered taking your makeup off but a makeup wipe won’t do the best it can, just simply use this oil.... all your makeup will fall off your face and if you really can’t be bothered you don’t even have to cleanse after it’s that good!
  70. Gentle, but struggles to remove my foundation


    I was so excited to try this precleanse, but it actually struggles to remove my foundation! I use estee lauder double wear, so perhaps that's fair. It is very gentle on sensitive skin - enough to use near your eyes - and doesn't leave a residue like many other makeup removers
  71. Perfect First Step


    This is the perfect first step in your skincare regime, ensuring all makeup and surface debris is removed from your skin so your cleanser can work more effectively. I received this as a gift with purchase and highly recommend this for supercharging your skincare!
  72. Favourite step in my routine


    This cleanser is legit my favourite thing! I wear a lot of makeup that’s a pain to get off and I know this stuff gets it all off without fail. It doesn’t strip the skin, or make me go red. It just gently removes it all off when I massage it in and then add a bit of water to make it go milky then I wash it off either my face cloth.
  73. Effective Oil Cleanser


    I have oily/ combination skin and this product is amazing!
    I used to be a micellar water user, but I found it stripped my skin too much.
    A friend of mine recommended this Dermalogica Oil Cleanser as a "first step" cleanse, and its honestly the best.
    My makeup melts rights of (including eye makeup), and I haven't experienced any bad side effects at all from using this.
    You can also decanter this in a smaller bottle for travel, making it so much easier than micellar water which requires you to bring cotton rounds too.
  74. Great cleansing oil


    Works well every time i purchase this product. Melts off all my make up and leaves my skin feeling hydrated ready for a second cleanse.
  75. Excellent at dissolving foundation and eyeshadow with ease


    This lightweight oil is a fantastic makeup remover. You only need a small amount on dry skin and it turns all your foundation, concealer and eyeshadow into a murky mess that washes off with ease. I normally use Special Cleansing Gel afterwards to remove the last traces of makeup and oil for really fresh, clean skin.
    I find precleanse is the best thing to have at home but if travelling then you are better off with the precleanse balm so it doesn't spill or leak. I found you use alot more of the balm and its hard to get every last bit out of the tube, so I'll be sticking with the original Precleanse in this handy pump bottle.
  76. LOVE!


    I am in love with this little beauty! Removes my make up effortlessly- not a trace left and hydrates my skin too! :)
    Value for money too as you really do not need to use too much of it either! It feels luxurious too! I highly recommend! xo
  77. Now part of my nightly ritual


    Received this sample through a promo and never thought
    I’d need to “pre-cleanse”. It makes such a huge difference! My skin feels clean especially after days I have applied sunscreen/humid weather.
  78. Will always have this product


    This is the only cleanser to use. It smells amazing and works gently yet deeply cleanses. It removes mascara with ease and not only removes foundation but also dirt deep in the pores without being harsh. It’s easy to use and the pump bottle is super convenient. I will never be without this cleanser and I will never use another cleansing wipe!
  79. The best makeup remover


    This precleanse is perfect for taking off any makeup!
  80. Great


    I have been using this for more than a year and it has become my favourite makeup remover! It smells so good, remove my heavy makeup without irritating my eyes. I have recommended to many of my friends and they loved it too!
  81. Never looking back!


    I’m not even sure how many bottles of this I’ve been through to tell you the truth. I have very dry skin and other makeup removers used to dry me out before I’d even got to the cleansing part of my night routine. With this any makeup you have just melts away and your skin is left feeling soft yet squeaky clean. Love it and couldn’t recommend it enough.
  82. Cleansing


    This is a very great product for days that I have a fair bit of make up on.
  83. so effective


    I love this product! it breaks down my makeup so easily without being too harsh on my skin or breaking me out. it is super hydrating and removes dirt, oil and waterproof makeup so well! I have repurchased so many times and have gotten all my friends and family onto it!
  84. follow the instructions and you will love it


    First time I used this product i just threw it on, without actually reading the instructions for use... ended up an oily mess with makeup everywhere. If you pay careful attention to the instructions, you will see the wonder of this product. Its great and I have been using it everyday for years. lasts ages, like all Dermalogica products, a good investment.
  85. Excellent Product


    Absolutely love this oil cleanser, gentle and thorough and smells divine.
  86. 100% Need


    If your someone who wears a lot of make this product is for you. Before using this Product I would use a cleanser and toner not realising how much make up was still on my face after cleansing. But once my friend recommended me this product I can now say when I tone my face there is no excess make up coming off on my make up pad. Also amazing thing about this product it’s nine dying and amazing for sensitive skin like mine
  87. Excellent pre-cleanse


    I tried this just to see if it would work to remove heavy makeup and compliment my creamy cleanser which didn’t fully get everything on its own, this didn’t disappoint! Removes even the hardiest of makeup and after the double cleanse my skin is clean and soft, ready to receive night treatments. I’ve got combination skin and it cleared my T zone, my daughter has acne oily trouble skin and I had her try this as oil begets oil and her skin greatly improved. The bottle lasts for ages as well.
  88. Removes everything


    This is great! Gets rid of everything before I cleanse, I usually have to use like 2 makeup wipes but this works so much better.
  89. Favourite pre cleanse


    Most days I wear makeup and was finding with just my normal cleanser I still had an excess on my face when I dried my Face with a towel and it was causing me to break out.
    I was recommended I try this and initially I was hesitant and I didn’t understand why I needed to do two cleanses on my face.
    I am since obsessed with this product to remove makeup.
    I apply this to a dry face and massage it into my skin and then add water which it then dissolves all the makeup and then follow through after with another face wash to do a second cleanse.
    The only negative I hate about this product is I find it does sting your eye it product gets in there and I think because it’s an oil base it easily gets into the eye area.
  90. Holy Grail


    I have been using this for years and keep buying it. I absolutely love it! It gently removes all stubborn makeup before i cleanse.
  91. Take your makeup off!


    This product removes makeup really well and is a great option to use to prime before you cleanse. I have normal, fair skin.
  92. perfect make up remover


    removes even the most stubborn make up, a must have product
  93. great makeup remover


    Love precleanse. been using it for years. really helps to get makeup off, especially waterproof mascara without fuss. using it also helps the cleanser to work better! I have oily and sensitive skin, so this product really works for me. Make sure you put it on dry hands and dry face though to allow it to work its magic!!!
  94. precleanse holy grail


    I switched from Clinique's take the day off balm to this precleanse and loving it. I love the liquid consistency and it doesn't feel greasy but gentle and cleansing. great for a double cleanse after a full face of make up
  95. great make up remover


    This product is great at breaking down and removing long wearing make up or even water proof products. I used this daily, at night in the shower as my first step to cleansing (after removing most make up with a make up wipe). It works really well I've never found a product that breaks down the excess make up/oil on my skin however it does leave a weird oily feeling on my skin. But after using this I use my skinstitute cleanser and that takes it away. It is great for quick easy make up removal when your home from a long day etc. But it does get messy thats why I like to do it in the shower.
    Would recommend to people as a pre cleanser but you definitely can't use this on its own, you need to cleanse again afterwards.
  96. Dissolves all my messy face


    I just love this product. I feel like it gets everything off my face. Just dissolves the products and is easy to wash off.
  97. Works wonders!


    I use this when I have to take off my makeup and it does the job every time!
  98. Perfect first cleanse


    I use this as my first cleanse, removes makeup and dirt easily. I have sensitive and red skin, used alone pre cleanse can make my skin feel dry, so I pair with ultracalming cleanser.
  99. Great for sensitive skin


    I received this as a sample and have loved it ever since. I have very sensitive skin and am conscious of thoroughly removing makeup at night. This is gentle enough to use every day but also gets the job done nicely.
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