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Dermalogica PreCleanse 150ml 150ml

4.7 of 443 reviews

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4 instalments of $15.18

Or 4 instalments of $15.18 with LEARN MORE

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Dermalogica PreCleanse is a lightweight cleansing oil gently liquefies makeup, oil and dirt, readying them for quick removal with the addition of water.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Dermalogica PreCleanse 150ml Reviews

4.7 of 443 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My absolute favourite!


This is by far the best cleansing oil i have ever used! It does a great job of breaking down my makeup prior to cleansing my face! I cannot live without now!

Most Helpful Criticism

Pre cleanse


this is a great product! would be even better with a price reduction! expensive!
  1. My absolute favourite!


    This is by far the best cleansing oil i have ever used! It does a great job of breaking down my makeup prior to cleansing my face! I cannot live without now!
  2. Works well but not overly necessary


    The precleanse oil is great if you wear a lot of make up or have SPF to remove. It removes everything without stripping your skin. However, if you don't have anything to remove before cleansing, it's a nice extra but not really necessary. You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. A full pump from this bottle will give too much product & can be quite messy, so start with a half pu...
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  3. Amazing


    I had been recommended this product by several people but was resistant because of the whole 'double cleanse' thing, it seemed over the top. However I also got fed up with not being able to get sunscreen off easily, so I just bought a small one from Mecca to try it out. It's actually amazing and I will never not use it from now on. I've bought the full size one now from Adore. It smells amazing (r...
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  4. Best first step


    This is my favourite part of my nightly routine. Best way to remove makeup and get ready to cleanse.
  5. Great product


    Great way to remove all your makeup before washing your face. This is super gentle and hydrating so it doesn’t strip away any natural oils. I love it!
  6. Great makeup remover


    This is a great makeup remover, I like how it’s an oil but isn’t super greasy and can be easily washed off with just water.
  7. Precleanse Must Have!


    I thought I wouldn't be repurchasing because of the price but here I am! I love that this gets rid of all my makeup and sunscreen before I go in with my cleanser in the shower because every time I don't use this I come out looking like a panda. Bonus is that it doesn't leave my sensitive eyes stinging and red after every use compared to other brands I've tried.
  8. great product but pricey and cant be bothered with two steps


    I admit this is a great product that will remove makeup and is gentle and the bottle is pretty big to justify (sort of ) the price. I just cant be bothered with two step cleansing so went back to a jelly cleanser that takes off makeup and cleans well enough for me.
  9. Gentle, effective


    I think this does a great job at taking off my makeup.
  10. Excellent first step make up remover


    Excellent first step make up remover. I have oily skin, so this oil based cleanser is perfect to remove the makeup and excess off my skin. Still need to use a foam cleanser for double cleansing, but thats with any makeup remover i use.
  11. perfect first step


    Lovely and silky and doesn't leave oily residue. Light fresh scent. Removes makeup perfectly and makes for a great first cleanse! Will definitely repurchase.
  12. Great for removing makeup


    I dont generally wear a lot of make up but when i do this product is my go to. Using it to cleanse of the make up and i find it does a great job, i still like to follow up by using my usual cleanser but this product definitely helps to remove majority of the makeup before cleansing
  13. Love this product


    Great first cleanse in my routine, my skin loves it and feels nourishing on my skin and great at removing my masacra/eyeshadow or lipstick as well.
  14. Great texture and fresh smell


    I’ve never used this brand before as use Rationale this is very similar to their pre cleanse and I love this and will continue to purchase once this runs out. Only downside is the dispenser you only need to push lightly otherwise it will come out too quickly.
  15. SO GOOD!


    Such a nice addition to my cleansing routine. Leaves my skin clean and moisturised.
  16. Make-up remover


    This does exactly as it claims, removing makeup with ease and prepping my skin for a second deeper clean. A little goes a long way. Price is the only negetive.
  17. Highly recommend


    Great cleanser it doesn't dry out your skin
  18. great


    This oil cleanser is great it removes my makeup very effortlessly. Its easy to use and overall a great cleanser.
  19. Nice cleansing oil


    Good first cleanser to remove makeup or sunscreen. Lightweight oil, not too greasy. Smell nice too.
  20. Lovely product

    Ms Z

    I received a sample of this and I’m glad I did such an amazing product.
  21. Still one of my favourite oil cleansers


    I started using this years ago, before I truly realised the role of an oil cleanser. I thought it was ok, but I didn't really use it properly. Fast forward a few years and oil cleansers/double cleanse is everywhere in the beauty world. So I've returned to try this once again, and I do like it. Effective, but probably best used as step 1 in a double cleanse, as I feel it does leave my skin with tha...
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  22. staple & now the first step of my cleansing routine


    I love this cleanser !! I was a little wary of the price, but I only really need half a pump for my whole face, and even then, I wipe the excess off on my neck and arms before I rinse it off.
  23. A great oil cleanser


    I like this oil cleanser a lot, takes off makeup and sunscreen beautifully, doesn't sting eyes, very easy to use. Expensive but lasts a long time, a little goes a long way!
  24. Great introductory oil cleanse


    I had never done an oil cleanse before, and now I don't know how i'd live without this step! I find Dermalogica products very good, especially when you're starting out and you're not sure what to choose. I like the essential oil type smell this product has, it removes makeup and sunscreen well and I follow it up with another Dermalogica gel cleanse. I haven't experienced any breakouts or irritatio...
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  25. Nice but overpriced


    Like the title says - nice but overpriced. I would be comfortable if it was $40-45 for the amount you get.
  26. Great pre cleanse


    I really like this product, I bought a sample and have been trialling it the past week or so to see how it removes my make up - I don’t wear heavy make up, this seems to remove it ok and leaves my skin feeling clean. So far so good!
  27. Great product


    Great product. Easy to use. Goes on nicely and is easy to remove. Face is left ckean and soft after use. Smells a bit weird.
  28. Melts


    This oil melts away makeup and the small sachet I received could tempt me to buy the full size
  29. Cleanses without Irritation


    Purchased this product after reading reviews on it and I am happy I did. It removes surface impurities, every day pollutants and even long wearing makeup. It's gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn't cause breakouts. I definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a gentle pre-cleanser that wont irritate even the most sensitive skin.
  30. dermalogica


    lovely cleansing oil that's gentle on skin but still removes all makeup. my favourite for stubborn mascara
  31. Great Cleanser


    Great cleanser, helps me lots with breakouts
  32. great oil cleanser


    this is perfect to use as a double cleanse routine, i use it first the follow up with my usual cleanser after. it melts off my makeup or sunscreen or dirt on my skin. i do love it but the price is quite high and i have used oil cleanser that does the same thing for cheaper.
  33. Love it


    The perfect first step of a double cleanse to melt everything away
  34. Perfect first step


    This pre-cleanse has been the perfect first step in my routine, helping to eliminate any make-up or sunscreen after a long day. It's the only pre-cleanser (or even make up remover) that actually removes all my mascara and doesn't leave my skin dry and dehydrated. A little goes a long way.
  35. Salon quality cleanser


    When i was working as a facialist this was my go to cleanser and it works wonder it strips the makeup off so good in one go. Absolutely must buy its great.
  36. Great product


    This product is a great first step in my skin care routine - perfect at night for removing my sunscreen from the day and break down make up really quickly. Also feel so nice on the skin and a little goes a llooonngg way!
  37. Holy grail


    This is my holy grail! I use this every time I wear make up. It removes all traces of make up and leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated. No need to aggressively scrub your skin. I pair it with Dermalogica's special cleansing gel.
  38. double cleanse


    great for the first step of my double cleanse. doesn't leave an oily residue and gets all stubborn mascara off
  39. Love It!

    Skincare Junkie

    Beautiful smelling light oil that turns milky when you add water. Takes all make up off prior to cleansing. Definitely worth purchasing.
  40. Make-up melter


    I love the consistency of this oil cleanser. It's really effective at removing make-up and SPF without stripping the skin. Nice and gentle around the eyes too.
  41. Best. Cleanser. Ever.


    If you're looking for an oil cleanser that quite LITERALLY takes all your make up off perfectly, then look no further. Not only does it smell amazing, but it actually leaves your skin so incredibly clean and flawless. I have been double cleansing for a few months now and I have really enjoyed using this product. Make my night time skin care routine actually enjoyable and my skin is always so clean...
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  42. Best Make-up remover


    I've tried a lot of pre cleanse balms and oils but this is definitely the best I've used. This is great at removing all make-up, it's a light oil consistantcy that turns milky when a bit of water is added. When rinsed off it doesn't leave a residue like other pre cleanses which Is nice for my oily/combination skin.
  43. Essential to Removing Make-Up


    The Pre-Cleanse is amazing at removing makeup and requires less product than anything I've tried, to do so. Adding a double cleanse, using this product, to my skincare routine has really helped my skin to clear-up. It is pricey but is 100% worth it!
  44. One product I keep coming back to


    I love this cleanser, it just takes off absolutely everything, even stubborn eye makeup. The smell is so divine and relaxing before bed as well. An essential first step to your skincare routine!
  45. Honestly the best oil in your two-step double cleanse routine *be careful around eye area if you have sensitive eyes!


    Works incredibly well at breaking down all your makeup, SPF and all that jazz on your face at the end of the day, and is the best oil to use in my experience when undertaking a double cleanse routine. I myself have very sensitive small eyes and do find I need to be super gentle and careful using this product around that area as it can sting a little but its not a deal breaker to me and can deal wi...
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  46. Works well.. BUT


    This pre cleanse I found does a good enough job taking off make up. I notice it melting away my make up straight away downside though I would have to avoid the eyes as it can really sting. I have sensitive, combination skin and some other make up removers can leave you feeling dry and irritated, this just leaves you feeling tight and clean but would still recommend to use a good moisturizer. I stu...
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  47. Exactly as good as everyone says


    Look, I wish I didn’t like this so much because it’s a bit more than I’d like to pay for an oil pre cleanse when it’s just getting washed down the drain (rather than a serum). But this is just perfect. The bottle is great - other cleansing oils sometimes have screw top lids and so oil is forever appearing on my shelf from dribbling down the side somehow. It has a very mild, pleasant and relaxing s...
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  48. Amazing


    This cleanser is so gentle yet effective. The perfect first cleanse to remove stubborn eye makeup without causing irritation, leaving residue or making vision cloudy. Half the price of other high end cleansing oils and much gentler on the eyes. I will repurchase this over and over again.
  49. Holy Grail


    I know some people think Dermalogica is overhyped but this product is literally my holy grail. I'm on my second bottle now - it lasts ages, destroys makeup (DESTROYS!!!), and is really nice as a slip for facial massage. It doesn't clog me up at all, and when mixed with water turns into a milky cleanser. I'm obsessed. Thank you Dermalogica
  50. Gentle product


    Lovely product, has a nice lavender smell to it. Safe for removing eye make up. Is not a greasy oil, once you rub between hands with a dash of warm water it almost turns milky, is such a nice product to use in the shower to remove makeup before cleansing
  51. Skin care must have


    Absolutely love this! I use it as a makeup remover and my skin has never been softer or clearer.
  52. Beauty Essential!


    As someone with oily skin, applying an oil cleanser seemed counter-intuitive, until I tried this product. Dermalogica is known for being Dermatologist recommended, fragrance free and kind to sensitive skin - and it delivers of course on all of those fronts, but it's sheer effectiveness in literally melting away your makeup after a long day blew me away. A little bit goes a long way with this pro...
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  53. Deep clean skin


    Not many cleansers can do the job of this awesome product without stripping or drying the skin . A dream to use by the trusted Dermalogica brand
  54. Best product!

    Amelia L

    Unsure what I was doing without this cleanser in my life. I was previously using a different brand but I found it was just too harsh and didn't make me feel super clean. This product is so beautiful and makes me feel super clean. My skin can tend to feel a little dry after an oil cleaner, but this one feels so lovely!
  55. The best, easiest and most skin-loving way to cleanse (remove makeup)


    This cleanser is so efficient in removing makeup. It completely washes off and leaves no residue on the skin. So it does the job of removing makeup, 10/10! HOWEVER, what makes this product 100000/10 is the fact that it is sooooo nourishing and calming to my acneic skin. I am not sure what is so magic about this, but paired with the same old routine ive used for months. Adding this has made a huge ...
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  56. So gentle


    This is the perfect cleanser for double cleansing! Leaves your skin so clean and hydrated without it feeling oily. Was a bit skeptic about washing it off and it leaving a residue but it washed off beautifully without a trace
  57. Quite good but not the best


    Gentle cleanser but not remove the make up.
    Not sure the concept of precleanse here. Should have start with the make up removal then cleanser.
    Anyway, still a good product for those who dont make up much.
  58. Smells divine, works a treat!


    I'm a really big Dermalogica fan, so after using a bunch of their other products, I decided to give this oil cleanser a go. I love everything about it! It smells divine, and really cleans my skin and leaves it feeling so hydrated. I like to wash it off with a microfibre cloth for an extra cleanse. (Also, it's a cheat's 'double cleanse' that way ;) ) I don't really wear a lot of makeup (I hear it's...
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  59. So good!


    Smells lovely (like an aesop wash) and works a treat. Doesn’t leave skin dry or tight and does remove physical zinc sunscreen with a cloth. So good!
  60. A little pricey for the amount, but worth the spend!


    A beautiful, soft cleansing oil that leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean. I love using this to massage away the day's products and dirt prior to applying my cream cleanser. The scent is also divine - a citrusy blend that relaxes and calms.
  61. Gentle cleanser adds to true clean skin


    Lovely gentle cleanser that melts away makeup and grime for an extra boost to your cleansing routine.
  62. best makeup remover


    This just melts off all old makeup, sunscreen and dirt sitting on the skin. Lovely product i’m really glad I found it!
  63. Yummy


    A great smelling product that dissolves make up. I use it as the first cleanse on days that I wear foundation, I follow with a cream cleanser and my skin feels super clean afterward. It's not cheap but a little goes a long way.
  64. Literally melts off anything on my face


    Literally melts off anything on my face! Makeup, and even lip and eye!
  65. Good but not great


    This is a good product however it does tend to leave your skin feeling very greasy so I usually go in with the special cleansing gel. Not sure if I’d repurchase again. Great for taking off makeup though.
  66. very good


    this is very effective at removing makeup. Initially it made me break out but after a week my skin was clear again. I really like this product but think it should be a little less expensive
  67. remove makeup fast and efficient


    Received as a sample. Desolve makeup fast and easily. No fragrance.
  68. Melts makeup


    i love using an oil based cleasner to remove my makeup before i cleanse my skin, and this pre cleanse is very nice. It melts off makeup effortlessly even water proof makeup. apply it on dry skin and gently massage the face and sloyly add some water to the skin. always follow after with another cleanser
  69. Great product


    Beautiful product, cleanses well and leaves the skin so soft. I have normal to combination skin and it did not break me out. The fragrance is nice as well. Its expensive but worth it
  70. Oily make up remover


    Love this product! Easily removes dirt, grime and make up ready for cleansing! Doesn’t over sensitise skin even with cleansing and moisturising after woulds. Doesn’t last very long though would recommend the balm as it is better value.
  71. Personally it is not for me


    I usually love all products from Dermalogica but this one didn't really impress me. I received it as a free sample with purchase.I don't see the point in the product. I'm sure others would love it but I wouldn't buy it.
  72. Amazing job at cleansing


    I can't believe I haven't tried this sooner. This pre-cleanse firstly smells lovely when I rub it on my dry skin. I then use a face washer to wipe it off and I can't believe how clean my face feels. I will repurchase this again and again.
  73. Literally melts your makeup off


    Literally melts your makeup off! I use to use the sherbet type makeup removers which work like magic, but this oil cleanser really takes off everything off the face. One downside is that i need to make sure the bottle sits on top of a cotton pad / tissue because the oil drips even when not in use...
  74. oily


    not at all good for oily skin, left my eyes shiny for days!
  75. Great for removing makeup


    It removed makeup well without leaving dry skin behind, however, I don't love using oily products on my face and this one has an oily texture. I should note that after using it my skin didn't feel oily, it is just the product itself.
  76. oily goodness


    It says it in its name, a lovely precleanse. It has an oily texture and lavender aroma that washes any makeup and sunscreen. The fact that its an oil, doesn't strip all your natural oil, which leaves your face feeling nourished and not tight and dry. Therefore prepping you for you second cleanse with whatever you choose
  77. It's okay!


    I gave this product a try - its great but I defiantly don't think it's the best on the market.
  78. Am I in a day spa?

    Elle Maze

    I LOVE using this precleanse purely for the smell. It is effective at removing makeup but leaves a beautiful soft feeling on the skin. I have normal skin and dont find it too heavy or oily - its amazing!
  79. LOVE


    Since hearing about the double cleanse, I gave the small Dermalogica PreCleanse a try but after 3 uses I had to buy the big bottle. No regrets! It clears off all my makeup and the grime from the day (including the SPF) and hasn't made me break out at all. Will definitely continue using this daily.
  80. Perfect way to start my night routine


    I have only just recently started using this before I use my normal cleanser at night. I was double cleansing with just my usual cleanser and found it sometimes left my skin feeling a bit tight. Since using this I use this first as my first cleanse and then use my normal cleanser afterwards and it has made all the difference. My skin no longer ever feels tight and my pores have become the clearest...
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  81. Can’t live without


    Have used this product and brand for over 10 years now and there is nothing else that comes close to this. Removes make up completely including waterproof, leaves skin soft with no oily residue and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight either. Great for all skin types and smells nice and natural.
  82. OG Oil Cleanser


    This is the first Oil Cleanser I ever used and I still go back to it, its that good. I love the smell, the texture, how effective it is and that it rinses clean. I find this is a great first cleanse if I am wearing heavy glam or long wearing makeup. I also love the smell, makes me feel like I'm giving myself a facial. Luxe!
  83. The original & the best!


    I don't know why I try other cleansing oils. Nothing will ever compare to this holy grail product. As soon as it goes on you feel like you're in a dayspa, and it removes EVERYTHING without leaving you feeling stripped.
  84. Hydrating on my dry 40’s skin


    Love this cleanser. Had never used a oil cleanser before but I’m hooked now. Love how hydrated and soft my skin feels after using. Only downfall it’s exxy and I seem to be going through it fast. But I will definitely re-buy!
  85. Best makeup remover!


    I have been using PreCleanse for years and love it. I use a long wear foundation for work and this removes it perfectly. A little goes a long way too so it lasts.
  86. Iconic


    One of the only trusted ways to take off your makeup is by using this. This genuinely does the job and more and you can feel so satisfied with the out come. I even use this just to take off sunscreen on days I don't wear makeup and you really can notice the difference!
  87. Must have for everyone!


    Never had a product like this before and so happy I bought it. One small pump every night and you can literally feel it dissolving all the nasty stuff from your face like make up dirt and pollution. Will always be buying this. Leaves you skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Also the best make up remover ever.
  88. beautiful


    omg it smells so good. I love this as it removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling so.soft.
  89. Ah-mazing long wearing makeup remover


    I use a certain foundation that is extremely long wearing and is quite difficult to remove at the end of the day. This pre-cleanse melts it away with very little effort! I love it. It smells amazing, washes off easily and hasn’t caused any breakouts for me. I will be buying again for sure!
  90. Does its job


    Amazing, really removes all the impurities and makeup off!! Amazing precleanse
  91. Great product


    This product is fantastic for after work removing makeup. Leaves your skin extremely soft. The only issue I have is you seem to use quite a lot and the bottle isnt very large.
  92. PreCleanse Goodness


    I was doubtful, oil to precleanse but I was pleasantly surprised. This goes on smoothly and comes off easily. I use it daily to remove makeup before cleansing. It leaves my face prepped and ready for a good scrub.
  93. Best first step I use to get my makeup off

    Pre cleanse

    I got told to try this thru a friend because I was complaining about how it was hard to get my much loved Estée Lauder double wear foundation off and this was the product I needed! I can’t live without it now. It’s the first step I use at night, I rub the oil into my makeup and then use a wet facial cloth and wipe it off and the makeup just comes off. And then I use another cleanser after that.. t...
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  94. So gentle


    I have only just started using this. It does all it says and removes even the most stubborn of stay on makeup. I always do the double cleanse so I follow up with the Special cleansing gel. I have dry sensitive skin and I never feel any tightness. Dermalogica is still my all-time fave brand for skincare!
  95. Beautiful product


    I just finished my first bottle of this. I had been using every day before my normal cleanse. It is a great precleanser. It does the job and it emulsifies nicely when mixed with water to wash off. It smells herbal and reminds me of getting a nice facial. I would purchase this again.
  96. Good product


    This really help to remove my sunscreen after a long day wear. Without this product I used to wash my face with cleanser only and it didn’t completely remove all , I can still see dirty cotton pad after I cleaned my face, But with this pre clean it really help .
  97. Good for a pre cleanse


    I use this cleanser after I remove my make up with a wipe and before I wash my face with my main cleanser. I can't go without it now, if I don't use it my face just doesn't feel clean! I have oily skin with a few breakouts but this doesn't aggravate my skin at all. I wouldn't use it as a complete make up remover though as I don't think it would get all of it off. I will keep buying though for how ...
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  98. Smells like heaven


    Just buy it - now. Double cleansing will literally change your life. You can actually feel the dirt of the day leaving your face! I can not even put into words how amazing this smells - think Aesop but far less invasive. I think the size of the product for the price is a little excessive but it is such a good product I didn't really think twice - love it!
  99. Best first cleanse


    Been using this for a few years now and is my preferred way of removing makeup and using as a first cleanse.
  100. So light and fluffy


    Have been using for the last 6 months, it is super light and makes my skin feel clean and refreshed. My skin which is normally super sensitive hasn't had any reactions. It also smells lovely (lavender oil) and is very easy to use.
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