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We all know the power a good fragrance can have, but fragrance ingredients can be a minefield to navigate. If you want to give phthalates the flick or prefer your eau de toilette without any eau de acetone, shop Adore Beauty’s Clean Beauty Fragrance category.

We’re here to help, with a range of carefully curated perfumes and oils that let you make an informed decision about what you’re putting on your skin.


All our products in the Clean Beauty Fragrance category are:

Cruelty free, Acetone free, Ethanol free, Phthalate free, Formaldehyde free, Limonene free, Methylene chloride free, Ethyl acetate free, Benzyl alcohol free, Benzaldehyde free.


So whether you’re after something sweet for summer or a daring new scent for date night, our selection of Clean Beauty Fragrance will have something for you.


Are these fragrances cruelty-free?

Yep! None of the products in our Clean Beauty Fragrance category have been tested on animals.


What about alcohol-free fragrance?

Not every perfume in this category is free from all types of alcohol - but they are all free from ethanol and benzyl alcohols, which can be drying or cause sensitivities on some skin types.

If you want something completely alcohol-free, check out this handy link here to shop our selection of alcohol-free fragrance.

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Lumira Perfume Oil - Cuban TobaccoLumira Perfume Oil - Cuban Tobacco
Lumira Perfume Oil - Cuban Tobacco

Reminds me of a Comme Des Garcons perfume

I love this.

I love Cuba and love tobacco. And this scent seriously took me back twenty or so years when a very eccentric friend wore a Comme Des Garcons scent religiously.

It's small, classy and practical and although it doesn't last that long on me - I'd be still happy to restock on it as it's really everything I love in a fragrance.

Unisex, dark and brood...
Lumira Perfume Oil - Arabian OudLumira Perfume Oil - Arabian Oud
Lumira Perfume Oil - Arabian Oud

Love it!

Love this smell! The only minuses is that it wont stay long on your skin and they don't have it in spray bottle! :((
Lumira Perfume Oil - Cuban TobaccoLumira Perfume Oil - Cuban Tobacco
Lumira Perfume Oil - Cuban Tobacco

I love the scent

I love spicy sort of smell and this one reminds me of cloves. It does have a strong scent so you only need a small amount. Love the packaging - you can easily keep it in your small handbag.