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Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 250ml 250ml

4.6 of 291 reviews


4 instalments of $17.30

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4 instalments of $17.30

Or 4 instalments of $17.30 with LEARN MORE

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Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is ideal as a detox treatment as it cleanses, purifies and restores balance to sensitive or oily scalps. This is a treatment product designed to be used once or twice a week, and is free from silicones, parabens and colourants.
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Flaky scalp
  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 250ml

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 250ml

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Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 250ml Reviews

4.6 of 291 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



For the last 30+ years, I’ve been washing my hair on a daily basis as I cannot stand having greasy hair. From time to time I have tried dry shampoos to try to extend the time between washes, without success. Since using this scrub consistently, I am now able to wash my hair every second day which, as silly as it sounds, is life-changing for me. I use about a teaspoon of this to deep clean my scalp once a week. For the rest of the week I just use my normal shampoo. It does make the ends of my hair dry on the day I use it, but that’s a small sacrifice, and I just counter it with a moisturising mask.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice product, however has not helped my itchy scalp


I bought this after hearing it raved about on the Beauty IQ podcast. I have suffered from an extremely itchy scalp for a while and nothing seems to work so I thought I would give this a try. Unfortunately it hasn't helped my scalp, however it is a very nice product and lathers up a lot better than a lot of other hair scrubs I have tried.
  1. Great cleanse


    This is so good at cleansing your hair. It's so nice to massage in and it lathers up well too.
  2. Lifechanger


    For the last 30+ years, I’ve been washing my hair on a daily basis as I cannot stand having greasy hair. From time to time I have tried dry shampoos to try to extend the time between washes, without success. Since using this scrub consistently, I am now able to wash my hair every second day which, as silly as it sounds, is life-changing for me. I use about a teaspoon of this to deep clean my scalp...
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  3. Not sure if it is worth the hype


    Overall good for the scalp; however, I do have oily roots and a dry ends so it might need to be paired with other hydrating products in the range.
  4. good scrub


    this is great for giving my head a good scrub, smells nice too!
  5. Was average to me


    Very hyped product but works average on me.
  6. Great scrubby cleanser

    Catherine Bennett

    I love this product, my scalp feels so refreshed after using it. The tub is quite generous so last a long time. I think if the salt flakes were slightly finer it would’ve more suited to a wider range of users (e.g. sensitive scalps).
  7. Fresh lemon scent


    This works well to cleanse the scalp, but i only use once a week otherwise i find it dries my bleached hair.
  8. Strong hair clean product


    The texture, smell, and results from this shampoo are so amazing! Does what it says- leaves your hair SO clean, irritation-free & is perfect when you need your blowdry to last a few days more than normal.
  9. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub


    I feel my scalp has been purified. My concern is that I've got oily roots but extremely dry ends, this product is not the best solution (slightly overdry for my hair overall)
  10. clean, smell good


    Receive a 40ml sample from adore. clean my hair and scalp efficiently. A little last a long time
  11. I understand the hype


    Finally caving in to purchase this product, and wow did it deliver. I was experiencing some extra oil in my hair for the last month and nothing worked. Until i tried this. My hair has pretty much renewed and I cant wait until the next time i get to use it - genuinely excited to use a hair care product.
  12. Not bad, but also not the best


    I received a sample of this with an Adore order and was so excited to try it. I have experienced a dry scalp for a few years now and it just seems like nothing will completely fix it. I'm afraid for me this was just another one of those products. However, it does smell lovely, is easy to use (unlike some other scalp scrubs), and left my hair feeling clean.
  13. no more oily hair


    received a sample of this and within one wash i immediately purchased the big size. i use to wash my hair every second/ third day. Now i wash it every fourth day which is amazing. i do admit i have to use a conditioner or smoothing spray to detangle, but it is worth it as my hair feels clean and my oily roots are no more.
  14. Very impressively useful


    I have dry hair and usually itchy but do not have dandruff. I exercise a lot and avoid washing my hair each day as it damages my hair. The issue will be that my scalp specially back of my head gets itchy. I got 40ml size of this product from Adore with my purchase (thanks adore), wow it worked well and I dont have any itchy head anymore, the only downside is I felt it striped the color from my bl...
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  15. Its just OK


    I read rave reviews about this after getting a very generous sample pot, but unfortunately that wasn't the case for me. Pros: I loved the fresh smell and volume after using the product. Cons: I just could not get it to lather in my hair without using HEAPS, and also, even after a few consecutive uses, I did not notice any clarifying effect on my scalp
  16. Have purchased twice already


    I can't rave enough about this scrub! It's been a game changer for me and my oily hair. Love how it has reduced the amount of times I wash it and how it leaves my scalp and hair feeling. I follow it up with a mask to put back some of the moisture back into my hair, especially to the ends. This is the second large tub I have purchased
  17. Not great for coloured hair


    I received this as a sample and unfortunately it stripped some colour from my hair (semi permanent bright colour) and I found it pretty drying. Was not for me but would probably work well for natural hair.
  18. So refreshing


    This is so refreshing for my scalp! A bit difficult to use for my super thick hair but it just means i take longer in the bathroom
  19. oily hair no more


    so i was a bit put off about the idea of shampoo being in a tub, like how much do i use? i used a good two finger tip scoop and massaged it into my hair. first impressions are all i can feel is the salt, but once i applied water and lathered it into my roots, then it was a game changer. i massaged my scalp until i could no longer feel the salt and i will say my hair felt quite dry after washing o...
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  20. Love it product


    I received a free sample of this and wow its amazing, it cleared away all dandruff never knew I needed this but now its an essential in haircare routine.
  21. Perfect Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt


    Fortunately I got a free sample of 40ml. I've run out of it. It's the best cleaning product for oily scalp. It can effectively control the oil secretion of scalp, and I love the scent.
  22. Not worth the hype?


    The hype over this product is crazy, I just don't think it's worth it...
    I didn't notice any difference on my scalp after using this product a few times. The smell is amazing, yes, but other than that it doesn't do much for me.
  23. Surprinsgly good


    Had this products as a sample. I didnt know what to think about it since it's pricey and gets a lot of rave. It's in a tub which I dont like but apart from that its great. You have to add a bit of water when you use it so it kinda foams. It makes my hair shiny and feels really good. Smells really good after the shower too
  24. Makes me excited to wash my hair


    This is such a great hair cleanser! It’s cleared up my flakiness, it smells really fresh and clean when you scrub it into your scalp and it lathers up well when you add more water after the initial scrub. I follow up with a treatment on my ends to hydrate and only need to wash my hair twice a week max.
  25. Great to reduce product build up!


    I got a generous sample of this product from Adore and I am so happy at how well to removes product build up from my hair. I have paired it with the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask :) 10/10 product!
  26. Strong hair clean product


    I use this product once per week. It really works well. Previously, my hair got oily if I did not wash my hair for three days. After using this product, I can feel my hair very sofy and clean. Strongly recommend!
  27. Hair Heaven

    Caro u

    I received a sample pot of this product with quite low expectations. How beautifully surprised was I when I applied a teaspoon full of this salty consistency to my scalp. Before I knew it, the consistency had converted to a dreamy soapy texture and that little amount went a long way. It smells heavenly and feels different to any other product I’ve used. After drying my hair, I had a more voluminou...
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  28. good detox treatment


    I received this as a sample, it is a good detox treatment for my hair and I will buy it next time!
  29. Game changer


    I was a little sceptical when I first tried this as a sample after years and years of testing different products that has little desired results. I was blown away by this product and subsequently repurchased a full sized tub as soon as it came back in stock.

    I have gone from having to wash my hair daily to two to three times a week. This is a gamechanger to me (a busy mum of three yo...
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  30. Overhyped IMO


    After reading countless glowing reviews about this product I was curious to try the deluxe sample I received with a recent adore beauty purchase. However, I will not be purchasing this product. It matted my hair and dried it out more than any heat styling tool could ever have done. It took copious amounts of conditioning masks to recover my hair back to something I could manage. My hair is super f...
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  31. very clean hair


    this really helps clean my scalp and helps my hair get less oily
  32. Smells incredible


    I bought this product to help with a flaky, itchy scalp. To be honest, I'm not sure it has helped too much with those concerns (although, I have noticed some improvement) and the sea salt is in such big lumps it often falls straight off my head. But this stuff leaves your hair feeling amazing and the smell is absolutely incredible. So - still a great purchase.
  33. WOW.


    I received this as a sample but having thick and dry hair didn't think it would do anything for me. It really refreshed my hair, smells absolutely incredible, is a lot more creamy in texture than I thought it would be. I now use it as a pre cleanse with my Olaplex shampoo. Will re-purchase!
  34. WOW! This is great.


    From the first use I was wowed by this scalp scrub because it gives instant results and is delightful to use. I picked it up on recommendation from Amy Clark and am so impressed. You only need a tiny amount of this scalp scrub applied to wet hair to get an amazing lather that really clarifies you scalp and hair from any dry skin and product build up. I wash my hair twice per week and use loads of ...
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  35. Lives up to the hype


    Wow. Makes my scalp feel so refreshed and healthy, like a real deep cleanse. Means I can get an extra day in between washing my hair - love it!
  36. Great cleanser


    This product was able to successfully remove the itchy build up of dry hair shampoo off my scalp (i use dry s'poo up to 3 times in between washes). I hadn't had much success finding a shampoo that could remove it from my thick hair but this formula can!
  37. great


    this helps get rid of the buildup on my scalp, helps it not be so itchy and flakey
  38. Perfect for greasy hair


    After one use my hair already feels cleaner and healthier. I would recommend this scrub if you have greasy and soft hair as myself
  39. Lived up to the hype!


    Absolutely adore this product! My hair and scalp has never cleaner! It’s worth the money and couldn’t live with out it now! My roots are less oily since using this as well.
  40. Winner!


    Ok so now I understand why everyone raves about this product! It lathers so well and leaves your hair squeaky clean. Great for a deep cleanse and removing product build-up.
  41. Effective with a refreshing scent


    Absolutely love this purifying scrub. It leaves my hair feeling bouncy and fresh and soothes my itchy scalp.
  42. MUST HAVE!


    This is my new holy grail! It does everything you could ever want from a hair product.
    Before using this, I had an itchy irritated scalp and after only one use I saw a huge improvement in my scalp - so much less irritation. It also made my hair so much softer and shiner. After using it a couple more times my scalp is no longer irritated and I actually look forward to washing my hair now! Sme...
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  43. cool


    Although it is a little expensive, it has a strong ability to control oil and keep hair dry for a long time.
  44. LOVE this!!


    I was lucky enough to receive a sample size of this great product in one of the recent goodie bags. I was excited to try, as I have heard about all of the great reviews. This honestly lives up to the hype. My hair and scalp have never felt as fresh or clean, I'm obsessed and cannot wait to use this once a fortnight.
  45. Amazing


    I got this as a sample and I love how it leaves my hair feeling clean and free from buildups! My scalp feels so refreshed and it doesnt make my hair dry!
  46. Super clean and bouncy hair!


    I got this as a sample in the recent goodie bag (and was the reason why I selected this particular goodie bag!). I used it last night and it didn't disappoint! I have oily and fine hair (but a lot of it), and use dry shampoo most days as well as a volumising spray - so I do get product build up, coupled with my usual oiliness. After using this my hair was squeaky clean, super voluminous and I didn...
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  47. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 250ml


    this cleansing scrub it’s wonderful keep my hair clean fresh and smells very good everything looks good
  48. Highly recommended weekly scrub


    I have kept coming back to this sea salt scrub over and over again as I have not found anything else equal to this. I have very fine hair and have had issues with oily/greasy hair as well as dry scalp and this was one of the main things that helped re-balance my scalp and helps keep it in check. Note I only use this once a week as it is quite strong but as a result, I now only wash my hair twice a...
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  49. So refreshing


    So refreshing for my scalp and its the best self head massager tool! I just wish there was some kind of menthol/minty feel to really give that cooling sensation on the head...
  50. Great shampoo


    I use this instead of shampoo about twice a week and it is the only thing that has ever effectively sorted out my flaky scalp. It leaves hair feeling squeaky clean. I recommend spending at least a couple of minutes properly massaging it into the scalp.
  51. Firm favourite


    Really love this product, it was a game changer when dealing with some scalp irritation and acne. I purchased this product initially to help with scalp irritation and have continued to use regularly as I love how it cleans my hair and scalp. I manage to get more days between washes after using. Would highly recommend for those with fine hair that feels it needs frequent washing, and anyone with mi...
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  52. WOW!


    I received this in the most recent goodie bag and was absolutely blown away. I'd heard good reviews about it and seen Amy Clarke's speak highly about it but was skeptical as I thought it was a loose scrub but it lathers up beautifully like a shampoo and my hair has never felt cleaner. I also felt I could go a few extra days without washing it which is always a bonus.
  53. Effectively cleans the scalp


    This product helped me clean the scalp effectively and made my hair fluffy. I only need to use a small amount of Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste to get a lot of foam. Compared with the rose flavor, the sea salt is more suitable for oily scalp.
  54. A great clean!


    I got this as a deluxe sample, really cleaned my hair and took out all the product build up, I was my hair a lot but I felt like it just stripped my hair of all the dirt, and product. Took 1 star off as I felt like the actual scrub never really touched my scalp... maybe my hair was too thick
  55. A godsend


    Absolutely love this! It has helped my itchy scalp and dandruff problem immensely. A little bit goes a long way and leaves my scalp feeling super clean. It’s reduces my dandruff and extended my time between washes
  56. clean


    I really like this product and was impressed at how clean it made my hair and scalp feel. The scent is also nice and enjoyed using it each time.
  57. Deep clean


    Gives my hair a really good deep clean, don't think it does much for extending time between washes though
  58. love this scent


    I love this scent, however this shampoo not recommend for everyday wash, cause for me , it’s too dry after using this, I must apply conditioner after this shampoo, normally I am not using conditioner, my husband quite like this one, he has very oily scalp. If you’re oily type, will definitely recommend.
  59. scalp saviour


    I purchased this after hearing it could help with a dry flaky scalp on the Beauty IQ podcast. It has truly been a scalp saviour! It has made a huge difference after only two uses and now my scalp is clean and it has removed all product buildup and I don't have any dandruff. My scalp feels so much healthier. I would recommend using this product once a week or once a fortnight.
  60. Nice product, however has not helped my itchy scalp


    I bought this after hearing it raved about on the Beauty IQ podcast. I have suffered from an extremely itchy scalp for a while and nothing seems to work so I thought I would give this a try. Unfortunately it hasn't helped my scalp, however it is a very nice product and lathers up a lot better than a lot of other hair scrubs I have tried.
  61. Fixed my scalp issues and I love the scent! Worth it!


    Had never had problems with an itchy/dandruff scalp before, so when I started to experience it I tried some shampoo and treatment spray but it only helped buy a minuscule amount. I had heard great things about this, but was reluctant to buy it at such a high price. I bought it when it was 20% off to see if it helped. After 2 uses my issues were gone! Now I use it every week to keep everything at b...
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  62. His reputation is well established


    I use it for about a year. I have long curly hair. I love it. I would even say that it is a moment of pleasure to massage the scalp with this product. Never more than once a week because in my opinion it dries hair a bit. Actually, You can feel it just after rinsing that’s why I saturate my hair with a rich conditioner as a mask and to detangle the hair.
    The pot may seem expensive but eventu...
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  63. Love this!


    I bought this after listening to the podcast and it is amazing! After the first use, my hair had more volume felt lighter and stayed cleaner for longer.
  64. Worth every dollar


    This is my holy grail for scalp care. I use this once a fortnight depending on how often I’ll use dry shampoo, because then I might use it more frequently. It leaves the scalp feeling super clean and fresh. Consistency wasn’t what I’d expected but it smells amazing and will definitely be repurchasing once I finish my tub.
  65. Game-changer for my hair routine


    I have very thick hair and wash once a week. I have replaced my shampoo with this scrub and it has done wonders for my scalp and hair. It’s a really lovely part of my washing ritual and feels so good. A great find!!
  66. Love this scrub


    I really, really like this product and was impressed at how clean it made my hair feel. It's been a while since I've found something that gives my hair that really squeaky clean feeling but this definitely does the trick. It certainly helps to get rid of flakes from the scalp but it's too soon to say whether it will actually help prevent them from coming back. The consistency of the scrub is reall...
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  67. Invigorating and a great product to try


    After watching Meike’s video on YouTube about blonde hair recommendations I decided to give this a go. Scent is refreshing and not too strong. It really does a great job preparing your hair and scalp for my blonde shampoo and conditioner. I think the size of the product is generous - it will last quite a while. It is quite strong and the sea salt is quite rough but I have noticed a big difference ...
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    Ummed and Ahed about buying, then wish I purchased sooner. I am not someone who spends a lot on hair care, I am basic slash lucky I have good hair that is really easy to manage and doesn't need much work to style. So haven't been a big spender in this category, however I do get a dry scalp at time, and recently going blonder + winter, was getting pretty embarrassed by the flakes. This was INSANE. ...
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  69. Amazing!


    I used this product today and wow, it’s really amazing!! I suffer from an oily scalp and this is the first product that actually made a HUGE difference. My hair feels so healthy and clean.
  70. Hero Product


    If you think of this bad boy more as a treatment rather than a shampoo, you will understand how this incredible product works. Personally I dampen my hair and work enough of the scrub through my hair and scalp and leave it for 15 mins. Then once in the shower slowly add water and work it into a thick lather before rinsing.
  71. Flakiness worsened


    The first 2 times I used this product I thought I loved it, but then it started making my flakiness worse. I thought I might have overdone it so dropped down from using it weekly to monthly, but it's still drying out my scalp and causes really noticeable flakiness after I've used it. Not for me, but plenty of rave reviews out there.
  72. Works well but


    I love how clean my hair and scalp feel after using this. My hair is also noticeable shinier the following day. However, I’m not sure if I’m the only person with this issue, but I find the sea salt flakes so large they just fall off into the shower and because they are so large, it hurts when I step on it accidentally. I love it otherwise, but am dropping a star because of this.
  73. Holy grail


    I've been struggling with a flaky scalp for nearly a year and have tried many products however, this is the only product that has got my scalp under control! I have thick hair so don't need to wash too often so I try to use this once a week or fortnight to maintain my healthy scalp. Downsides is it's pricey for a hair scrub and I have to use a lot of product to be effective.
  74. The best scalp scrub I've tried


    A lot of scalp scrubs are small and I find them really hard to wash out. Because the salt is bigger, I find it breaks down easily and it washes out straight away. I love to use this when I've been using a lot of products and my hair is feeling heavy. I like that it cleans my hair without stripping the moisture out.

    Make sure you rub it into your scalp/hair and then add a bit of water ...
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  75. Invigorating


    It really gives your entire scalp an invigorating refreshing feeling and cleans the scalp better than anything I’ve ever used, I try to use this once a week to remove everything off my scalp and have a nice fresh feeling.
    I’m so surprised it’s able to lather with just a little bit of water since the mixture feels mostly like salt.
    There were lots of really big lumps of salt though th...
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  76. Harder to use than I expected


    I have thick long hair and had trouble getting the product to the scalp rather than caught in the hair. If feels like you need to use a lot but it lathers up once you start massaging . I didn't get the results I was hoping for but it's okay.
  77. down the middle


    The experience of using this was lovely. The texture felt amazing, the smell was nice and my hair felt nice and clean. It did not however help with my flaky scalp and may have made it worse. I will continue to use it to see if it helps long term. It also drieddddd my hair out even with a condition and leave in. Will try with a masque afterwards
  78. Best hair scrub


    This scrub works wonders! I was really surprised at the texture of this scrub as it is quite grainy with the size of the sea salt however it has a lovely paste texture as well. This products lathers so well on wet hair and does not feel abrasive or too harsh at all but still provides a deep scrub! My hair feels so clean after using and styles amazingly with lots of volume. I highly recommend this ...
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  79. Highly recommend


    I’ve been using this product for around 2 months now and there is a noticeable change in the health of my scalp. At first I wasn’t sure how well the product would work but it has met all my expectations.
  80. Deep clean at its best


    If you're looking for a really deep clean this is the best, but be careful not to use this on scratches or abrasions as I used this and it aggravated my scalp- but otherwise it's reallyy good
  81. SO GOOD!


    This product works so well for me - i experience quite a lot of product buildup with my extremely thick hair. This has completely changed the game for me and i've seen such massive improvements. Because it is so purifying however, make sure you follow this product with a super nourishing mask otherwise your hair will dry out.
  82. Fresh and clear scalp


    This product has definitely been worth it in regards to clearing up my dry/flakey scalp but does leave my hair very dry and knotty. Definitely need to use a lot more conditioner after using and making sure it’s completely rinsed out.
  83. Squeaky clean


    This scrub is amazing! My hair feels squeaky clean after every use so make sure to use a treatment with it! a little goes a long way with this product as well!
  84. Feels rough but it’s wonderful!


    In comparison to the Volumizing paste, I find this abit more coarse, less foamy and more difficult to get into the scalp (esp if you have long hair).
    But once you get in there and are determined, it really gives you a satisfying clean.
    I would always recommend a deep treatment after use though as it does feel almost too squeaky clean.
    I wouldn’t use if you have any current abr...
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  85. Deep cleaning, not drying, new holy grail hair product!


    I bought this product on a whim, hoping it would help give my hair a deep clean without dehydrating or damaging my fine hair, it far exceeded my expectations!
    I am an avid dry shampoo user and this really helps to prevent any build up on my hair and scalp. I use the scrub once a week and it leaves my hair feeling super clean but not dry. I also love to double shampoo normally and with the s...
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  86. Very good


    Good product. My scalp and hair feels completely clean after using it. Removes all the build up in my hair. Make sure to use conditioner after using it. Recommend to oily scalp. Will definitely buy it again!
  87. like nothing I have tried


    This has helped clean my scalp so much, I had never tired anything like this before, really good
  88. Great for Dandruff!


    I have had dandruff for years and have tried every medicating shampoo under the sun including natural remedies ect and nothing seems to keep it properly under control, until this. I cannot rave about this enough my scalp has not been flake free in years and I feel like a new person! Not only that but it feels so clean, soft and fresh. I look forward to using this every week, I love the way it make...
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  89. Seems good but not a 100% fix


    I often battle an itchy scalp which I suspect is due to product build up. When I change shampoos that usually helps, but recently I just haven't been able to get much relief even from switching shampoos. This scrub has helped somewhat - I'm less itchy but it hasn't 100% fixed the situation. It's pretty expensive given how fast you go through the tub - I'm 1/3 of the way through the tub from 1 mont...
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  90. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub


    This scrub has worked a miracle on my scalp. I have gone to 3 different dermatologist over an 8 year period. I had red bumps that oozed and actually hurt. I was on lotions and antibiotics with little or no help. I tried this scrub and in a week my scalp felt so much better. It's been 6 months and no recurrence.
  91. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub


    It is so concentrated that a little bit lathers and spreads like a handful. I used a pinch to wash the top of my head and another to do the back the next day. My hair was so soft that I thought it was a shampoo with conditioner combination.
  92. Great purifying scrub!


    I always come back to this purifying treatment. It is great at really feeling you are cleaning the hair and scalp and I try to use it only once or twice a week. It lasts pretty well and I feel like it adds a lot to improve my hair.
  93. squeaky clean hair


    This cleans your head like nothing else and in combination with Prickly Pear mask is just heavenly. Make sure you do use a really good nourishing conditioner/treatment after this scrub otherwise you'll have a bird's nest on your head. I'm on my second full size jar of this now.
  94. Where have you been all my life?


    I have no idea what I was doing before I started using this product. Three washes in and I doubt I will EVER go back. Once a week I follow my regular shampoo with this product and use a scalp scrub to lather it up and it feels insanely good. After a great rinse the hair is super squeaky clean and ready to take on moisture. It feels completely clarifying without disrupting my scalp and causing furt...
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  95. Amazing


    Got this product with 2 goals: 1. Reduce product and natural oil build up on my scalp 2. Reduce frequency of required hair washes. Definitely a beautiful cleansing product - finally able to go more than 24hr without washing. The salt flakes make for a lovely scalp massage. Unsure yet whether my hair appears thicker because it is fluffier/ less weighed down or if it is stimulating hair growth b...
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  96. Works a treat!


    Finally, after... well forever of having an itchy scalp, chunks of dandruff caused by dry patches and an oily scalp it is finally living the life it was meant to live!! This stuff is salty gold. The scrub actually makes it to the scalp through the hair which surprised me and lathers really well into a wash. I found I lost a little bit of hair which I'd expect too and it really does make your hair ...
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  97. Not my favourite


    This seems like a good scalp scrub if you have shorter hair or really want something exfoliating. I found the large salt particles got stuck in the lengths of my thick hair and they weren't concentrated enough to really scrub my whole scalp.
  98. So good


    I bought a travel size of this on the recommendation of the podcast, and was not disappointed. I tend to get greasy roots and dry ends, with an itchy, flaky scalp if I use too much product or am not absolutely fastidious about washing out my shampoo. This is like a reset button for my hair. Whenever I feel my scalp getting flaky or itchy, I double shampoo with this and my head is happy again. I a...
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  99. Best hair scrub!


    I've never used a hair scrub before this, but saw it on Rosie Huntington and had to try it! I have extremely oily scalp and have to wash my hair at least once a day. This scrub feels amazing and it smells divine! After using this for a few weeks I can definitely see an improvement with my scalp oiliness.
  100. Not Bad


    Amazing product, really leaves your scalp squeaky clean but it contains sulfate.
  101. Review & Earn
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