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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate 4.25g

4.5 of 108 reviews


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4 instalments of $1.74


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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate is 100% natural, formulated to soothe, moisturises and protect. Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate is formulated to replenish and hydrate the lips, with the natural antioxidant properties of pomegranate.
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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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4.5 of 108 reviews

91% recommend this product

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this product really mositurises and protects my lips from the colder winds all day long, helps to prevent flakey dry lips

Most Helpful Criticism

okay lip balm


It's not bad but the colour can be a little strong and is hard to apply correctly. It feels moisturising at first but can get a bit tacky and sticky throughout the day.
  1. amazing


    this product really mositurises and protects my lips from the colder winds all day long, helps to prevent flakey dry lips
  2. Smooth


    Lippy is pretty good. Nice texture on the lips, repairs cracks well.
  3. Smells delicious!


    This smells so delicious and gives a small amount of tint. Nice and smooth application.
  4. Love it!


    soft lips and very light tint for no makeup look
  5. Love


    soft lips and very slight tint for no makeup look. love the smell
  6. okay lip balm


    It's not bad but the colour can be a little strong and is hard to apply correctly. It feels moisturising at first but can get a bit tacky and sticky throughout the day.
  7. Lovely tint


    hydrating and gives a really lovely no makeup look tint.
  8. Great

    Kylie Q

    Such a great brand and such a great product. Really love how moisturising these are. Not my favourite flavour though the others are better.
  9. Super hydrating


    Love this lip balm, super smooth and hydrating.
  10. Great Lip Balm (if you like tint!)


    Super moisturizing and a great texture, not too sticky or 'wet', though I'm not a huge fan of tinted balms or fruity smells so it loses a star there for me.
  11. Great lip balm!


    Lovely formula and amazing product for the price! I like the flavour quite a bit but think I prefer the honey one.
  12. Smells yummy


    I love this lip balm - it’s moisturising and adds the perfect tint of natural colour to the lips, you can’t go wrong! Give it a try.
  13. Really loving this


    This is lovely and hydrating, umm loving the beautiful tint it leaves on my lips. I’m very happy with it.
  14. Nice and cheap


    As its price, I believe it worthwhile. I bought ten when It's on sale. I always lost my lip balm and it's better to have one in each handbag. It's really affordable.
  15. The best!


    This is my all-time favourite lip balm. It is so nourishing and doesn't dry out my lips more like some other brands.
  16. Best stick lip balm


    This and the honey lip balm are the absolute best stick lip balms out there. I always stock up when there’s a sale! This does have a very slight pink tint which makes it even better than the honey scent, which comes in at a close second
  17. Staple


    Burts Bee's make one of my favourite lip balm formulas ever. This is a ball brand I always have in my handbag. It's a staple. This flavour isn't one of my faves though
  18. Nice Lip Balm


    I like this lip balm , it’s nourishing with a perfect natural hint of colour, but I must admit I’m not in love with the taste of it. If I didn’t get those hints of flavour it would be perfect!
  19. Good, slight hint of tint.


    Like all Burt’s bees it made my lips so soft and makes them crack free, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this scent however it didn’t smell bad. When I first tried it I was shocked to see it gave my lips a slight tint however it seemed to grow on me. Would recommend for anyone looking for a subtle tint.
  20. Best lip balm


    I've had a lot of lip balms in this brand in this flavour. Definitely love them except the minty flavour I don't seem to favour that one.
  21. soft pink tint


    this lip balm does wonders for my dry and chapped lips, its so creamy, nourishing and hydrating. has a super cute pink tint to it and smells quite nice
  22. Moisture boost


    My lip is left super plump and hydrated after using this. Super good for dry lips
  23. Soft pink tint and super moisturising


    I love that this doesn't look like lip gloss/lipstick but still gives a nice shine and tint. It's also really moisturising and makes my lips super soft. Lasts ages as well even if you regularly apply
  24. Hydrating


    Niceand hydrating love the little splash of colour.
  25. excellent


    I bought this for my 6 year old daughter because of the natural ingredients. She loves it. Its very moisturising and because its red in color she feels like she putting on lipstick without it actually staining her lips. She has a habit also biting below her lip balm and sometimes gets sore red flaky skin. So i make sure she puts this on her skin and night and by the morning the dry, flaky skin is gone.
  26. Love these


    Great smell and leaves your lips super moisturised and smooth. Definitely reccommend.
  27. Great


    Package is small and looks like a home made product, perfect for carrying around with you. It has a smell a little bit strong but definitely worth it. You can feel your lips getting really moisturized.

  28. Great!


    Beautiful formula and the colour is so good! I love Burts Bees lip balms and this didn't disappoint. The packaging is great and it's super affordable. Would definitely recommend
  29. one of my favourites


    gives a gorgeous colour and lasts hours. really hydrating and beautiful smell! overall great lip balm
  30. I love this stuff


    This is my everyday lip balm, it lasts forever, keeps my lips hydrated and soft and smells awesome
  31. Forever lasting


    This product remains on for much longer then other brands.
  32. The Best Lip Balm!


    I've used other burts bees lip balms but this one is my favourite! The others will come off in 10 minutes and my lips are still dry but this one provides hydration for hours! My lips were NEVER dry while I had this, it makes them so smooth - its so creamy and smells nice too
  33. Natural tint


    I remember really loving this balm during the time I was in high school. Recently I found this in the shops and picked it up so that I could relive my childhood. This product gives you a subtle tint suitable for everyday use or when you just need a little colour on your lips to brighten up the face. The scent of this balm is also very nice and not too overpowering. Definitely give it a try if you haven't!
  34. Great product for the price


    Wanted something a bit more natural that smells and tastes nice. smells natural and not artificial at all which i really like. quite moisturising but I guess its just not enough for my dry chappy lips. lasted me a while too. the balm inside is not stiff or anything nor too soft, very easy to apply just the right amount. if you're looking for something that is affordable that works, this might be an option for you.
  35. Subtle lip tint and moisture


    This is a really moisturising lip balm and I love that it has a subtle tint to it! I have one in each of my handbags!
  36. Colour pigment changes effectiveness of the formula for me

    Tea Sommelier

    I liked the tint this Lip Balm gave to my lips, but the formula doesn't seem as effective as the other Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tubes. I think it is solely due to the added colour pigment, and not the scent, as i don't have this issue with the other Lip Balm Tubes from this range.
    As mentioned previously, I always have trouble with the plastic, twist-up tubes of Burt's Bees Lip Balms. The twisting mechanism breaks down before I have finished using up the product, meaning I have scooped out the remainder of these Lip Balm Tubes with a nail pusher and keep it in another container for future use. It's gotten to a point where I keep all the empty Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tins (8.5g) solely to store the product from these Lip Balm Tubes. If Burt's Bees ever changes the current Lip Balm Tube packaging, I would love to try more of their Lip Balm Tube range.
  37. This is so good and cheap


    I love this lip balm. The colour and texture is great. It leaves just a hint of shine, for that your lips but better look. The best lip balm at this price!
  38. Yum


    Tastes yum and looks great on the lips. Easy application. However, I prefer Clinique as this doesn’t hydrate my lips as well! But, still a great product and I keep one in my bag!
  39. smells great but not for sensitive lips


    smells absolutely amazing but my lips break out in a rash when i use it. wouldnt recommend for those with sensitive skin
  40. It works!


    Best lipbalm I have ever purchased.
    Always have one on hand to swipe on my lips to keep them soft and supple.

    No greasy feeling, colour is only a hint so you don't need a mirror to apply and the scent is feint but pleasant.

    Love the all natural ingredients and nothing hidden like alcohol which can cause dryness like others.

    Cheap enough to keep a tube in the car, handbag, desk and gym bag.

  41. Love it


    It smells nice and feels good on my lips. I use it every night before I go to bed so it hydrates my lips all night and makes them so smooth.
  42. love


    Really love these lip balms and this is no different. Really pretty colour and super soft.
  43. The best BB lip balm


    This is my favourite Burt's Bees lip balm. It has a really pleasant scent to it, slight rosy colour and nice finish. It is really moisturising and nourishes all day. The packaging is good and really hygienic. It has a waxy feel to it (like most BB lipbalms) but it's better quality than the vanilla in my opinion.
  44. Smells Fab


    I LOVE the smell of this lippy balm! I always make sure its in my handbag.
  45. Quite moisturising but tastes/smells weird


    Although this lip balm is fairy nourishing and provides a nice light colour I found the taste/smell off putting and . The smell actually reminded me of cleaning fluid vaguely.


    I use this product every single day as part of my makeup routine. A great moisturizer for lips!
  47. Very Nice


    A firmer lip balm that smells really good! It's not the most moisturising but none of burts bees I find moisturises a tonne. It's decent and does decent job though! Really great for the summer!
  48. Quite nice


    Nourishing to the lips & quite a nice scent, definitely a good lip balm to try if you enjoy fruity scents.
  49. Yummmmmm


    A great lip product, has a lovely yummy scent and easy to apply. Leaves lips soft. Basic packaging - but for the price point you cant complain. Very slight sheen and colour.
  50. Lovely scented lip balm


    Lovely lip balm! I love the fruity scent and it's a really nice formula. Great value for the price. Would definitely recommend
  51. amazing on the lips


    bye bye chapped lips and the scent is amazing. just a bonus!!
  52. decent


    This lip balm is 100% natural which really was the selling point for me, but in terms of moisturisation, it kind of disappears after a while and needs constant reapplication. It would NOT be suitable for very dry and cracked lips as it isn't very rich. It does feel comfortable on the lips and has a pleasant fragrance. But not my favourite lipbalm.
  53. Yum!!


    I love this flavour tastes and smells great and leaves a beautiful red shine on the lips for that quick pop of colour as you run out the door.
  54. Lovely lip balm


    Really love this lip balm! The pomegranate flavour is so yummy and I love the formula - it makes my lips so soft and lovely. Would definitely recommend
  55. Lovely lip balm


    Burts bees make my fav lip balms! Tastes lovely and the formula makes my lips so soft and smooth. I love the natural ingredients they use and it's so cheap!
    Would definitely recommend
  56. The best lip balm


    This is the best lipbalm for me as I can't have any lipbalms with SPF so this is the only one that doesn't cause irritation for me. I love it and have bought so many of these
  57. Lovely lip balm! Great flavour


    Love this lip balm! The formula makes my lips so soft and smooth and the scent is lovely. I really like the subtle tint it give my lips. Would definitely recommend and its such a good price!
  58. Go-To Lipbalm!


    Great lip balm, super moisturising and lovely blush red colour that adds some slight colour when applied (but nothing drastic) - smells amazing too!

    Will buy again and again!
  59. Great colour and flavour


    Just like any other Burt's Bees product, they are insanely moisturising.

    I like this one the most because of the flavour and the light sheen of colour.
  60. Lovely wash of colour


    I love how this lip balm gives my lips a natural looking, healthy wash of colour. It seemed moisturising at first but I found that using it for too long dried out my lips. With that said, I'll still continue using it but only for my no-makeup makeup days when I don't want to wear lipstick!
  61. Sweet smelling


    A lovely fragrance and highly moistening for dry chapped winter lips. One of my favorite lip balms.
  62. Great


    This is one of the cheapest lip balms ive bought and it’s also one of the best you do have to reapply frequently during the day, but I’ve found it’s still on overnight and wake up with soft lips.
  63. Can not recommend this enough


    This is my absolute holy grail lip balm and I've tried basically everything on the market - including asian skincare brands!! My favourite features are that its made from natural ingredients, the formula is really lightweight - but sufficient to provide protection for your lips AND the scent is really calming. I was originally after the honey flavour because it's constantly raved about but honestly am so grateful it wasn't available so I could discover this one!
  64. Fruity


    I love this lip balm! Keeps my lips so soft and has a nice fruity scent.
  65. Love the scent


    Love the scent of this lip balm. Nice texture like the other burts bees lip balms
  66. Nice scent


    Burts Bees are an interesting brand. I like some of their products and others I don't like. This product was a mix for me. My lips tend to get dry and cracked at times and when I purchased this, I thought I would find relief.

    Not really. This lip balm has a lovely smell but I didn't find it very moisturising. I didn't get to finish the product because it didn't do much for my lips. Also, I think you can get a better lip balm for less.
  67. Only the best


    Burt’s bees make some of my favourite lip products. Their balms are among my favourites and I’m pretty sure I have one in every flavour. A must have staple for your handbag or makeup bag!
  68. Amazing


    Bye bye chapped lips ! Love the smell of this product and so worth it for the price too.
  69. Love it!


    This is one of the best tasting and smelling lip balms. It is also super moisturizing for your chapped lips! Highly recommend! I always keep a few around the house, in the car, in my handbag. Cant get enough!
  70. moisturing


    Love the feel- doesnt dry lips over time
    the smell is a bit much.
    An intense fruity smell
  71. A great affordable lip product


    This Lip Balm leaves my lips soft and nourished, with a beautiful non drying colour payoff. Perfect for dry and cracked lips.
  72. Love it


    This is such a good lip balm in that it's reasonably priced, lasts a while and leaves a really nice smooth texture on the lips as opposed to the greasy finish of many other lip balms.
  73. hot pigment


    This moisturisers the lips, while giving it a red pigment at the same time. This product is perfect if you have cracked lips and can't wear a lipstick. I just opt for tinted lip balms to ensure they are moisturised at the same time.
  74. A great choice if you don't often like lip balm flavours


    I normally hate lip balms with flavours but this one is yummy. Would definitely recommend for being able to keep lips soft without making you feel sick from the overkill of fake flavouring that so many balms have out there!
  75. great


    I love burts bees lip balms, so nourishing and they contain great ingredients. The flavour of this one is lovely as well, but if you don't like fruity flavours of course this wouldn't be for you.
  76. G


    Great when you just want a hint of colour. I have a few of these lying around! good for when your lips are feeling a little dry/flaky as the colour doesnt emphasise it!
  77. Feels light and clean


    Love Burts Bees products. This flavour gloss smells great and feels like it condions your lips instantly. Would recommend to anyone as a great lip conditioner.
  78. The taste put me off


    The taste of this one is not for me, find it really off putting. Shame because it’s a nice colour tint and very moisturising lip gloss. The fake pomegranate taste is weird to me. I much prefer the peppermint flavour one.
  79. you can never have too many


    i think we can never have too many lip balms! this pomegranate balm does the job really well! i love to use it daily in the winter especially when you just want an easy, no fuss balm to just put on wherever you are.
  80. greasy


    These are alright but not my favourite. I find them greasy and slippery and not really nourishing to be honest, I like that they're in stick form so you don't have to dip your fingers in them, however in summer they melt. I do like that it is natural however

  81. Amazing


    Love this lip balm!! so hydrating for my dry lips and smells amazing I just want to eat it!! lasts for ages too
  82. Great all rounder


    I have one of these for each of my kids
    They love them. Its a little greasier than I like but for the price point for kids in winter it is great. Cheap and easy to use fuss free option that is natural and smells sweet
  83. No fuss lip balm


    These are OK. I've tried a few different flavours, and I found them more slippy than actually hydrating or repairing. I like that they're in stick form so you don't have to dip your fingers in them, however in summer they melt.
  84. Great


    I use so so many lipbalms and this is amazing. So lovely to use and smells great.
  85. Great


    I use so so many lipbalms and this is amazing. So lovely to use and smells great.
  86. Nice


    Lip balm should not be something to worry much about. I first used it 7-8 years ago. I've tried too many different ones even from higher range brands but always come back to this brand when it comes to lip balm.

    First thing first, it's natural. They are all made from natural ingredients, not petroleum.
    Second thing, I'm a fan of bee's product (anything from bee including honey, bee
  87. Lovely lipbalm


    Beautiful natural lip balm. Super nourishing and slightly tinted. Smells lovely too. Always carry this in my bag.
  88. Great for dry lips when you want some colour!


    I have dry lips that crack easily and I love this for daily use and it gives your lips a. Ice healthy colour and keeps them smooth
  89. Beautiful


    I get really dry lips in the winter and this lip balm has saved my lips! It hydrates them so well leaving them looking plump and nourished. It also gives my lips the most stunning hint of colour. I would definitely recommend this lip balm for this winter!
  90. Love it


    Lip balm smells incredible, and i find that it leaves a really light tint which I don't mind.
  91. Good for the price


    This lip balm used to be my go to and is still a favourite of many of my friends and family however after trying other (albeit more pricey) lip balms, this just isn't as good. The product is definitely good value and nourishes the lips and provides a subtle tint and is great for those who don't wish to spend too much money on a lip balm!
  92. Gorgeous colour


    Such a lovely lip colour that stays on! It is super hydrating as it is a lip balm rather than a lipstick. Tastes good too on your lips. 100% recommend for an every day lipbalm.
  93. Wow long lasting


    This product is fantastic! Not only is it super affordable but actually works. It sinks into your lips rather than sitting on the surface and keeps your lips hydrated for hours!
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