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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate 4.25g

4.5 of 172 reviews


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4 instalments of $1.74

Or 4 instalments of $1.74 with LEARN MORE

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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate is 100% natural, formulated to soothe, moisturises and protect. Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate is formulated to replenish and hydrate the lips, with the natural antioxidant properties of pomegranate.
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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate Reviews

4.5 of 172 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Old brand and I love their product, very nice

Most Helpful Criticism

Not big on the smell


I'm not a huge fan of strong scents so it was hard to look past to see how the lip balm felt itself. I wasn't a huge fan of this overall.
  1. Nice product


    Overall this is a really nice, hydrating every day lip balm. The price is great. The only thing I wish it had was a bit more pigment so the colour showed up more. I find that no matter which colour I use they all come out clear - it'd be nice if these darker colours left a little bit more of a tint!
  2. nice


    Old brand and I love their product, very nice
  3. favourite lip balm


    I love all of their lip balms, they're all so moisturising and smell so lovely, pomegranate flavour is so nice too
  4. fav product


    so hydrating and makes my lips so soft all time favourite flavour out of the line
  5. Good


    Nice everyday balm, I like the smell, and the texture is balmy while having a bit of an oily slip that makes it more pleasant to wear than the original version. Only issue I have with it is that it doesn’t go down when I screw it down so I have to push it back in.
  6. best lip balm


    super moisturising and well priced this one is my favourite flavour
  7. love it


    love the smell of it can moisturise my lips
  8. Can't live without this


    I have had a couple of the Burts Bee's lip balms and this one is absolutely my favourite - it smells amazing and makes my lips feel soft and hydrated!
  9. Pretty but not moisturising enough


    I had high hopes for this product since I generally have had good experiences with Burt's Bees. While the tint was pretty and it did feel nice on the lips upon application, the moisture did not last very long and I found myself constantly reapplying every hour or so. I think this product is great if you don't have very dry lips like I do.
  10. Love daily lip balm


    One of my favourite lip balms. Always have one in my purse! Also offers a lovely pigment to the lips,
  11. Great all purpose lip balm


    This is a great balm. Hydrating, lasts well, priced right. Always in my bag. This one gives off a faint pinky red tint which is nice too.
  12. nice but not as moisturising as i need it to be


    I work outdoors and suffer from dry lips weekly when working. this lip balm tastes amazing and glides smoothly on your lips leaving a very faint "pomegranate" colour. Doesn't leave a white cast like some lips balms. My only negative is that it is not as moisturising as i need it to be and find i apply more than i should/ question if i really is moisturising. Nice, but wouldn't be the first lip bal...
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  13. Love love love


    I've started to collect lip balms from BB, because they are so moisturising. I was worried this one would have a red tint that would show up on my lips (I dunno...I like them to be clear so they don't change the colour of lipsticks), but the tint is barely there. And these lip balms are so good under lipsticks.
  14. great


    This lip balm feel so amazing on the lips. It so hydrating on my lips. pomegranate flavour it one of my favourite.
  15. Love the smell!


    This lip balm smells absolutely amazing! Definitely recommend!
  16. Good Lip Balm


    This lip balm is pretty solid - it has a good smell, a little bit of colour, and I think the packaging is cute too. Not my favourite Burt's Bees lip balm, but I do like it.
  17. Gets the job done but not amazing


    This lip balm is pretty standard. It doesn't feel sticky and it is easy to apply on the go. It does help to moisturise the lips but there are better lip balms out there.
  18. Nostalgic


    Used to use this as my go to balm. I like the flavour but I'd understand if someone didn't. It's not the best balm I've used, but it's pretty good for the price.
  19. my favourite


    this is my second tube of this, i can't get enough of the pomegranate smell. Very effective as well to cure dry, chapped lips. Quick delivery as well.
  20. Great


    Great lipbalm- easy to use. Leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised. I like this scent and also like that it doesn't tint my lips- good for when I want a completely natural look.
  21. nice lip balm


    I picked this lip balm up because I love pomegranates. It's colorless, smells nice, and hydrates enough. I rarely use up a lip balm as they always go missing!
  22. Lovely for every day


    Lova this product for everyday use.
    However, I was a bit disappointed that it did not leave a bit of a redder tint, but otherwise, I would buy again.
  23. Lovely Moisturising Lipbalm


    I buy this lip balm every month - it has a great scent and is so moisturising and long lasting. It has a lovely pink hue, very subtle but lovely.
  24. Great lip balm


    This lip balm offers a great level of hydration. Great to use in the winter time or any windy day. And it has a delicious flavour. Definitely will buy again.
  25. Perfect every day lip balm


    I have honestly probably tried every Burts Bees lip balm and will never get sick of them. Such a delicious smell, absolutely love Pomegranate!
  26. Love it


    My fav product from this brand. Softens the lips and keeps them soft for hours and leaves a nice tint.
  27. Amazing


    This product has such a nice colour, whilst still keeping your lips moisturised at the same time. Such a good staple in your handbag!
  28. One of the best lip balms


    This is one of the best lip balms I've found that gives you a light tint plus its good for sensitive lips and leaves them hydrated. Definitely one of my go to's.
  29. Five stars!


    I get very badly chapped lips and started to find that regular lip balms were actually making them worse. Switching to this natural product made a huge difference. My lips felt really soothed and I love the smell. It gives your lips a bit of a pink tint as well. Perfect.
  30. Moisturising


    This lip balm is super moisturising and stops my lips from chapping. However I'm not a big fan of the texture. The texture is much softer than the other Burt's Bees and is slightly grainy when you first apply it. However the touch of tint is really nice and the scent isn't overpowering and smells super natural. If you don't mind the slightly grainy texture I would definitely recommend purchasing t...
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  31. Love it!


    My fave smell in this range. Super moisturising, I always have this one on hand and my daughter loves it also
  32. Not a fan of this flavor


    This was the first flavor I tried of the Burt's Bees line, and honestly, it's my least favorite. I'd definitely recommend the wild cherry, strawberry, or cucumber mint instead! All three of those are great. But regardless of what flavor you go with, the texture and moisture provided by these lip balms is really unparalleled.
  33. Hydrating lip balm

    Sweet Pea

    Hydrating lip balm with a nice subtle tint. Moisturising lip balm, keeps lips smooth and hydrated. Received this as a gift.
  34. Lip Saver


    I am on acne medicine which causes extremely dry lips. Burt's Bee's lip balm is the only product that I choose for relief as it's natural and moisturising. perfect for cracked, chapped, dry lips (especially in winter and on acne treatment).
  35. perfect lip balm


    I love that this has natural ingredients which are good for my lips, and this hydrates and nourishes like no other. I love the hint of pink colour it gives my lips too!
  36. great for work


    good for keeping on your pocket while working, small and compact
  37. Lovely tint


    Great product, goes on easily and gives the lips a little bit of a tint. It’s very subtle but has a lovely rosey colour.
  38. My go-to


    I love this lipbalm. It is so nourishing and leaves my lips feeling supple with a hint of pigment and shine.
  39. not a fan


    smells bad, and not hydrating you have to reapply all the time
  40. Love the pink tinge on my lips


    I love this product, its fragrant, nourishing and I love the colour it leaves on my lips!
  41. Favourite Burt's Bees


    I have loved all of Burt's Bees lip balms, they are a great brand for everyday lip balms. The pomegranate takes the cake though, thanks to the very slight, natural tint of colour it leaves on your lips.
  42. Not big on the smell


    I'm not a huge fan of strong scents so it was hard to look past to see how the lip balm felt itself. I wasn't a huge fan of this overall.
  43. good for chapped lips


    quick and easy to use
  44. Moisturising and smells good but no tint.


    Does the job, i haven’t had dry or cracked lips while using this and I find I don’t need to apply it as often as other lip balms yet it doesn’t feel too heavy or sticky. I didn’t notice any tint at all though, so if you are looking for a tinted lip balm you may be disappointed.
  45. Burt's Bees Lip Balm Tube - Pomegranate


    Love this stuff, always. It's my go-to lip balm, and just about any flavor of it, too. This is what I use when my lips are dry and chafing from days of drying lipstick formulas. I use it as a lip primer or just slather it on before bed.
  46. Love it


    Hydrating, smells good and has a subtle tint.
  47. Good


    Creamy, easy to apply and lovely colour.
  48. nice and hydrating


    perfect for work where my lips get too dry from lipsticks
  49. Decent But Does The Job


    It a decent lip balm that does the job. It leaves a barely-there tint on which is nice.
  50. Nice smell but not that hydrating


    I use this every so often but while I really love the pomegranate smell, I find this formula too think on my lips, and it also feels very waxy, rather than hydrating. I'm going to stick to the vanilla and strawberry ones, the former being particularly hydrating.
  51. Hydrating and delicious


    This lip balm is a great alternative to a gloss or lipstick, keeps the lips hydrated as well as pretty. Tastes delicious as well!
  52. Second Fav!


    so good love the smell & really hydrating
  53. Helps repair


    I found this really helped repair my dry cracked lips while still giving me a beautiful hint of colour
  54. Okayish


    I received this as a gift along with other things for Christmas. It leaves some colour on the lips but it's moisturising. After using this for few days, rotator on the bottom stopped working and I couldn't use it anymore.
  55. Nice lip balm for winter


    Burt's Bees Lip Balm is lovely - deeply moisturising and with a lovely scent. It does have a small tint, so just be aware that this one is not 100% clear (I like it, but it may not be for everyone)..
  56. Its okay but not my favourite from their range


    Its a good lip balm but the colour is not super subtle and I'm not a big fan of the smell
  57. Best Burts Bees Lip Balm


    This is my favourite Burts bees lip balm. Nice smell and adds a slight tint to your lips.
  58. Lovely smell and feel


    This lipbalm smells lovely and all feels moisturising once on.

    The tube lasts for a while. Reasonably priced too.
  59. Beautiful smell


    I love this lip balm, it has a gorgeous smell & leaves my lips feeling soo soft!!
  60. Lovely


    A gorgeous lip balm, smells wonderful and keeps your lips nice and soft, no colour to it so you can also use it night. Easy to use and wind up, and will last you a long time. Terrific value
  61. Awesome lip balms


    I have a few of these lip balms in different flavours and I love them all. They are great to keep in your handbag, beside your bed and in the car! The price is amazing and they are super moisturising! Pomegranate is definitely my favourite flavour!
  62. Beautiful


    Smells great and glides on nicely. Product will last you a long time too.
  63. Nourish


    A very nourishing lip balm that helps to protect my lips. Great for winter season.
  64. Nice


    These are fantastic to have on hand I have many tubes. All that I’ve tried have performed perfectly
  65. Love the slight tint of pink!


    This is creamy and hydrating. I use every day. Love that it has just a little touch of pink to jazz you up but still feel natural. Great price compared to the lip tint one (which I love also).
  66. Cult Product for a Reason


    I love this. It is a cult staple and super nourishing. It smells delicious and you can't go wrong with it!
  67. very good


    great value for money. good balm that doesn't cost a fortune
  68. Love this and wear it everyday!


    I was gifted this lipbalm and can't believe I took so long to use it regularly! This is now my 'go to' lipbalm for the day and is the last step in my morning skincare routine. I love the fact it's not packed with unnecessary ingredients and irritating perfumes. It glides on and leaves a subtle gloss. I've worn it at night too and I can still feel it on my lips in the morning which is lovely. I've...
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  69. amazing


    this product really mositurises and protects my lips from the colder winds all day long, helps to prevent flakey dry lips
  70. Smooth


    Lippy is pretty good. Nice texture on the lips, repairs cracks well.
  71. Smells delicious!


    This smells so delicious and gives a small amount of tint. Nice and smooth application.
  72. Love it!


    soft lips and very light tint for no makeup look
  73. Love


    soft lips and very slight tint for no makeup look. love the smell
  74. okay lip balm


    It's not bad but the colour can be a little strong and is hard to apply correctly. It feels moisturising at first but can get a bit tacky and sticky throughout the day.
  75. Lovely tint


    hydrating and gives a really lovely no makeup look tint.
  76. Great

    Kylie Q

    Such a great brand and such a great product. Really love how moisturising these are. Not my favourite flavour though the others are better.
  77. Super hydrating


    Love this lip balm, super smooth and hydrating.
  78. Great Lip Balm (if you like tint!)


    Super moisturizing and a great texture, not too sticky or 'wet', though I'm not a huge fan of tinted balms or fruity smells so it loses a star there for me.
  79. Great lip balm!


    Lovely formula and amazing product for the price! I like the flavour quite a bit but think I prefer the honey one.
  80. Smells yummy


    I love this lip balm - it’s moisturising and adds the perfect tint of natural colour to the lips, you can’t go wrong! Give it a try.
  81. Really loving this


    This is lovely and hydrating, umm loving the beautiful tint it leaves on my lips. I’m very happy with it.
  82. Nice and cheap


    As its price, I believe it worthwhile. I bought ten when It's on sale. I always lost my lip balm and it's better to have one in each handbag. It's really affordable.
  83. The best!


    This is my all-time favourite lip balm. It is so nourishing and doesn't dry out my lips more like some other brands.
  84. Taste disgusting


    Feels ok lips but taste disgusting
  85. Best stick lip balm


    This and the honey lip balm are the absolute best stick lip balms out there. I always stock up when there’s a sale! This does have a very slight pink tint which makes it even better than the honey scent, which comes in at a close second
  86. Staple


    Burts Bee's make one of my favourite lip balm formulas ever. This is a ball brand I always have in my handbag. It's a staple. This flavour isn't one of my faves though
  87. Nice Lip Balm


    I like this lip balm , it’s nourishing with a perfect natural hint of colour, but I must admit I’m not in love with the taste of it. If I didn’t get those hints of flavour it would be perfect!
  88. Good, slight hint of tint.


    Like all Burt’s bees it made my lips so soft and makes them crack free, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this scent however it didn’t smell bad. When I first tried it I was shocked to see it gave my lips a slight tint however it seemed to grow on me. Would recommend for anyone looking for a subtle tint.
  89. Best lip balm


    I've had a lot of lip balms in this brand in this flavour. Definitely love them except the minty flavour I don't seem to favour that one.
  90. soft pink tint


    this lip balm does wonders for my dry and chapped lips, its so creamy, nourishing and hydrating. has a super cute pink tint to it and smells quite nice
  91. Moisture boost


    My lip is left super plump and hydrated after using this. Super good for dry lips
  92. Soft pink tint and super moisturising


    I love that this doesn't look like lip gloss/lipstick but still gives a nice shine and tint. It's also really moisturising and makes my lips super soft. Lasts ages as well even if you regularly apply
  93. Hydrating


    Niceand hydrating love the little splash of colour.
  94. excellent


    I bought this for my 6 year old daughter because of the natural ingredients. She loves it. Its very moisturising and because its red in color she feels like she putting on lipstick without it actually staining her lips. She has a habit also biting below her lip balm and sometimes gets sore red flaky skin. So i make sure she puts this on her skin and night and by the morning the dry, flaky skin is ...
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  95. Love these


    Great smell and leaves your lips super moisturised and smooth. Definitely reccommend.
  96. Great


    Package is small and looks like a home made product, perfect for carrying around with you. It has a smell a little bit strong but definitely worth it. You can feel your lips getting really moisturized.



    Super hydrating and smells incredible
  98. Great!


    Beautiful formula and the colour is so good! I love Burts Bees lip balms and this didn't disappoint. The packaging is great and it's super affordable. Would definitely recommend
  99. one of my favourites


    gives a gorgeous colour and lasts hours. really hydrating and beautiful smell! overall great lip balm
  100. I love this stuff


    This is my everyday lip balm, it lasts forever, keeps my lips hydrated and soft and smells awesome
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