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Whether it is for setting your makeup or for keeping shine at bay, a high-performance face powder is a must-have in your makeup collection. BECCA offers a variety of face powders for all skincare concerns and skin types. If want a blotting powder with a matte finish for your oily complexion, or a translucent powder to set your foundation, there will always be a BECCA powder for your handbag.

What is powder used for?

Makeup face powder can serve many purposes. A finishing powder can be the last step in your makeup routine to lock your base makeup in place and increase longevity. A blotting powder helps minimise shine throughout the day on oily complexions. A blurring powder helps disguise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, and uneven skin textures.

Powders can either be translucent for setting and shine control, or pigmented for light coverage. Powders come in loose and pressed formulas, each of which has its advantages. Loose powders provide a more natural airbrushed finish but can be messy. A pressed powder has a more cakey texture but is handbag-friendly.

What is the purpose of blotting powder?

Carrying a blotting powder is a must if you have an oily complexion. You can quickly counteract any excess oil your skin may produce throughout the day. BECCA Blotting Powder Perfector has a translucent finish and does not disturb your already applied makeup. This powder simply removes mattifies the skin.

What is the purpose of a blurring powder?

A blurring powder is the perfect last step in a makeup routine, as it can quickly and easily blur any imperfections and leave skin looking airbrushed. BECCA Soft Light Blurring Powder works as a real-life beauty filter, setting makeup with a subtle luminosity whilst removing shine for a natural finish.

This feather-light powder helps to smooth and even out your complexion with a universally flattering shade. Apply Soft Light Blurring Powder throughout the day to refresh your look.

How should BECCA powder be applied?

When applying powder under the eyes to set concealer, it is important to use a small, fluffy brush to get into all the contours around the eyes. However, with the rest of the face, a big, fluffy brush is the best for both loose and pressed powders. Simply swirl into the pan and apply in circular motions all over the face.

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