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RCMA No Colour Powder 85g

4.6 of 190 reviews


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$6.00 x 4

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RCMA No Colour Powder

RCMA No Colour Powder

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4.6 of 190 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This powder is amazing, I am VERY greasy. I use this powder to bake my nose and under my eyes, it keeps my grease at bay most of the day. It is literally as it says, no colour, it does not change the colour of your foundation at all but also doesn't brighten (for under eyes if that's what you're looking for). It's really finely milled and doesn't have any smell. The packaging is annoying but I just tipped some into an old translucent loose powder container and use it from there. It's great value for money, it lasts for ages because you get so much and need so little as a bonusI love its simple ingredients list (only two). An old faithful that really comes through!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good product but bad packaging
This is a good, affordable alternative to other setting powders - on par with some of the laura mercier powders, although i still prefer laura mercier translucent powder. i am marking it down because the packaging is terrible and leads to a lot of wastage. it annoyed me so much i'm not sure if i'll use it again.
  1. AMAZING!!!

    This powder is amazing, I am VERY greasy. I use this powder to bake my nose and under my eyes, it keeps my grease at bay most of the day. It is literally as it says, no colour, it does not change the colour of your foundation at all but also doesn't brighten (for under eyes if that's what you're looking for). It's really finely milled and doesn't have any smell. The packaging is annoying but I just tipped some into an old translucent loose powder container and use it from there. It's great value for money, it lasts for ages because you get so much and need so little as a bonusI love its simple ingredients list (only two). An old faithful that really comes through!!
  2. Nice and smooth.

    Nice powder. Set foundation well. Great price, lots of product. Only downside is the packaging but I just put it an other container.
  3. Great for setting under eyes

    I have loved this powder and it is my go to for setting my makeup. But it works wonders for under eyes. It is great for baking under the eyes and your makeup would last for the entire day after setting it with this powder.
  4. Great product

    This powder sets makeup well with no creasing. Doesn’t give a white cast in flash photography. A budget friendly alternative to high end powders.
  5. Great product

    Such a good quality setting powder especially for baking and if your a makeup artist and don’t want to spend heaps of money on lots of powders! Leaves a super smooth finish and is super cheap for the amount of product you get! Although the packaging looks a bit cheap it is an amazing product



  7. Good for all skin

    I have dry skin and this didn’t make it appear drier which is great
  8. WAS good

    i did like this product as some people said i could substitute this in and use instead of the laura mericer powder, i did like this product and how it was however it did produce a bit of a white cast flashback, nothing major would defs only use for day time wear
  9. Love it

    Love the consistency, no creasing, no caking and no flash photography
  10. Better than Laura Mercier

    This is the best setting powder I have even used.
    I actually prefer it over the coveted Laura Mercier translucent powder... and its a quarter of the price!
    The powder is very light and doesnt cause any caking.
    Fantastic product
  11. really great everyday powder

    i love this product - it is barely detectable on the skin, never looks cakey and doesn't cause flashback. also, you will never run out of this - it comes with so much product! the only downside is the packaging, it's not the best to travel with, but in my eyes it isn't a major issue.
  12. Best powder I've found

    After trying a few different loose powders in more high-end brands I have comfortably settled on this one for my daily routine. The no colour makes it easy to use and doesn't alter the colour of my foundation or concealer underneath. Helps to reduce the oiliness of my T-zone throughout the day.
  13. Great setting powder

    this is a great setting powder but it isn't good for baking. it accentuate my pores if I use it for baking, but it is fine for just setting
  14. Great powder

    This powder has great reviews, and it lives up to them. Was looking for a good powder to finish with and this sets nicely and has a good blurring effect. No flashback either. Highly recommend.
  15. Great powder for everyday!

    I love this stuff. I have oily skin so like a matte finish and this powder is great for that. I didn't realise how much I needed a translucent/no colour powder until I realised my current powder was making my colour matched makeup look off. Love love love!
  16. Worth Every Cent!

    This is an incredible miracle worker!

    I absolutely love using this product to set and bake my face and it really is a no colour powder which is what worried me at first.

    I look forward to purchasing this again when it runs out :)
  17. Tried out after makeup artist recommendation

    I had a makeup artist recommend this to me in place of more expensive brands, It doesn't the trick and is great for the price, i use more for every day and work, I still go back to more expensive brands like laura mercier if I am doing a full face or went a luxe feel. i do find dispensing the product a bit tricky and messy though
  18. Great for tanned skin too!

    Love this powder for a mattified finish. It doesn't give tanned skin a white or grey cast. The packaging is a tad inconvenient, but I can live with it. There is no flashback either.
  19. Good product but bad packaging

    This is a good, affordable alternative to other setting powders - on par with some of the laura mercier powders, although i still prefer laura mercier translucent powder. i am marking it down because the packaging is terrible and leads to a lot of wastage. it annoyed me so much i'm not sure if i'll use it again.
  20. Best setting powder!

    This powder is amazing, especially for the price. Sets my makeup better than any others I’ve used without looking cakey or heavy. Doesn’t add any colour or create flashback! It’s super soft and fine and will last forever with the size of the tub
  21. Great

    I love this for setting my under eyes and covering spots
  22. Miracle Worker !

    This is an amazing product! This product is perfect an makes my face feel so smooth! I will 100% be purchasing this product again ! I absolutely love this !
  23. Suitable for all skin colours

    I am so happy that I finally bought it, I am using it for my make up classes in college and it is suitable for all skin colours which is super good because I do not need to carry another setting powder.
  24. Love Love Love!

    Total HG product for me. The quality is amazing. It feels light on the skin, mattifies but only enough to keep the skin looking flawless and without making me look flat. Sets makeup like a dream, and smoothes the skin/texture/pores. Plus it's amazing value for money. I never go without this!
  25. Great powder for the price

    I have combination skin and this powder keeps the oil at bay. I bake with this powder and it has little- no flashback. The bottle lasts ages !
  26. GREAT

    I hadn’t tried “baking” but wanted to attempt it but didn’t want to spend heaps of money on a powder as I was unsure if I would use it.
    It was recommended I try this no colour powder and i have become obsessed with baking.
    I have heard other brands have bad flash back but I haven’t found that to be an issue.
    Definitely suggest this powder.
  27. so so

    I have this and I never really reach for it. It is nice and works. The benefit is that you get a lot of product. It however is very messy
  28. My favourite powder!

    This is my favourite powder to bake with. It leaves no creases under the eyes and sets everything perfectly without being too dry. So affordable too! I love it.
  29. Amazing setting powder

    I LOVE this setting powder, it has no flash back and works perfect on my very pale skin as well as darker skin tones, a little goes a long way and it has a great price point, the packaging is difficult to use however so its best to have something to put the powder into so you don't encounter excessive waste
  30. Does the job

    I am wary of 'no colour' and 'translucent' powders as I have had some bad experiences with flashback, but this powder is fantastic. It leaves my underage both feeling and looking smooth with no white cast on my tan skin or flashback! For the rest of my face it does a great job of keeping oil at bay. I find the packaging a little finicky to use, however, for the price and volume of product, its very much worth it.
  31. Perfect!

    Love using this to set my under eyes, it’s a fine powder and is good for spots and shiny areas too
  32. Works well

    I have used this power a few times now to help with baking of our makeup.. little goes such a long way. & Works amazingly
  33. good for setting foundaiton and does not change colors

    I have medium olive with combination skin. This powder is amazing for setting the foundation without drying your skin and does not cause skin breaks out. Also, it does not change your skin color! So you do not need to worry about finding the match shades between your powder and foundation.
  34. LOVE

    This product has been recommended to me so many times! So happy I finally tried it !!
  35. amazing and will last you forever

    Ran out of my all time holy grail (laura mercier translucent powder) and had to find an alternative. Had my friend just stare at my undereyes saying how smooth they looked after baking with the RCMA powder. Makeup lasted all night and didnt budge one bit. bonus is that the tub will last your forever! perfect for tan skin too as no white casts or flash back. highly recommend!
  36. AMAzing!

    A product that does what it’s supposed to do!

    I was looking for a good powder, and a few friends recommended this one, and I am so glad they did. Make up looks flawless and lasts longer! Will definitely not leave myself without this powder again!

    Products like this one make me happy that they exist!
  37. Best setting powder

    Possibly the best setting powder I've used. Small amount goes a long way, bottle lasts a LONG time, no flashback and looks fresh all day.
  38. One of my favourite powders!

    I love this powder so much - I am yet to find one as good! It doesn't look cakey on the skin doesn't appear 'heavy' either. It's very comfortable and I also love to bake with it under my eyes too! I have pretty normal skin that is sometimes oily and sometimes dry.
  39. Review

    Like this product for a everyday finish power. I have dark olive skin and it doesn’t come out pale. Nicely blends in. The packaging is just really tricky to manage though.
    I’ve had to use an alternative lid to empty out at times.
  40. An amazing powder, one of few that actually work!

    I was having a lot of trouble managing to set my foundation but this powder really works! It sets it, doesn’t leave white cast-brushes off easily. The container is a little messy and I’m still trying to work out how to not waste it haha
  41. Fantastic setting powder

    This is a fantastic setting powder and such a bargain price compared to so many other brands. This is the first setting powder I have used after doing much research - I was very close to buying the iconic translucent powder from a luxury brand but decided to get this instead as so many people have said this is exactly the same and I’ve tried many luxury brand powders in store but still none have really set my under eye make up well. I bought this one as it was low risk with such a fantastic price and I have been so impressed with it. Sets my under eye make up and eye make up so my fine lines don’t show and my make up (concealer and foundation) don’t crease. I stay matte in the places I put it and just use a small loose brush like an eyeshadow blending brush to apply. It really is amazing.
  42. Great powder

    This powder is fantastic to set makeup and I have placed in my freelance makeup kit
  43. Great value for money

    I have seen this product recommended everywhere in YouTube makeup reviews. And I couldn't recommend it enough. Absolutely great value for money. You get a lifetime worth of product in one container because you don't need a lot to set your foundation &/or concealer. Less is best & this product definitely supports this motto. Will definitely purchase again!
  44. As good as any

    I don't use a lot of powder on my face as I am extremely dry but in the areas I do I find this as good as or sometimes better than any of the more expensive ones I have tried. Not sure how it would go if you need a lot of setting powder. As with many of the other reviews the big draw back is the container.

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT! This works amazing and it is such good value for money. You need to use a little amount however there can be a flash back and after some time powder appears however using a small amount works amazing. i have been using for almost a year and i will continue to do so!
  46. Should have gotten sooner!

    This is the best setting powder, I have tried quiet a few but they all seemed to change the colour of my makeup, this doesn’t, but I do dislike the packaging!!
  47. Perfect powder

    No flashback, no white cast on darker skin. Great value for money - you get a lot of product for the price. There's a reason why everyone raves about this!
  48. Good Value for money

    You get so much of this product best value for money, i found it a bit drying but good when mixed with another setting powder.
  49. Amazing setting powder!

    I needed a setting powder that had a matte effect and didn’t make me look like a ghost, and found this beauty!
    I wear this powder over the top of my foundation and it absorbs oil which is great. It doesn’t feel heavy or powdery, and doesn’t give off the ‘ghost’ look as most white powders do. Only downside is the packaging. I use a small tray to put a bit on and dust onto my brush. Huge bottle, not even halfway through months in. Highly recommend
  50. Brilliant value for money

    This is a good finishing powder but it can still leave your face lighter even though it says it won’t. Reacted with one of my foundations. Also not great for really oily skin as it goes shiny.
    But for a few hours it’s great
  51. Okay product, good value

    I love this product for making my contour lines sharper, although it doesn't stop my concealer from creasing under the eyes which is a shame.
  52. Such a great powder

    Such a good powder and will last you months on end! However not really a fan of the packaging. I even use this on skin when no foundation has been applied to get rid of shine in certain areas. Sits perfectly on skin with or without foundation.
  53. Great product that doesn’t clump up around the eyes

    Would purchase again though I won’t need to for a while cause there is a generous amount of product.
  54. cant fault

    what more can you want in a setting powder then no flashback honestly that one me over completely, its so hard to find setting powders that dont make you look like a ghost and this one has you covered, absolutely glides on like silk and makes your face feel absolutely incredible.
  55. Good job

    I have pale, oily skin. I use this product to dull some of my shine and it does an ok job. But I need to keep applying it through my work day and I only use a small amount so as not to look cakey.
  56. Best ever!

    Such a great powder, I don't get flash back and it doesn't feel cakey like some once over foundation. Doesn't oxidise throughout the day and doesn't affect my sensitive skin. I recommend to anyone who asks
  57. No creases

    I did a bit of research on this before I bought it. It is amazing for the price literally disappears on face but kind of hides imperfections while setting makeup. The only downside is that it is not in a compact. But for the price and quantity it’s fab.
  58. Fantastic

    This is a very find powder. I use it to set my under eye area and to bake my contour and it does a perfect job everytime! I would 100% recommend.
  59. Great powder

    The powder is very fine and great for keeping my mostly oily skin under control. It makes the skin look very nice and doesn't change the color of the foundation.
  60. great value for money

    this product is great for everyday use, however i wouldn't recommend it for photography as it can give off a white cast
  61. Not a wow product, but still good

    I found that this powder did what most powders do on me, cling to dry patches and cake up on the oily patches (I have combination skin) so while I didn't find it to be a "wow" product, if you are looking for a loose powder, it's still a nice product and for the price and amount of product you get I think it's worth it.
  62. Daily use

    This is another great budget product. It’s a wonderful finely milled setting powder to use over the top of makeup. Especially for baking under the eyes. Downfall is the packaging - I wish they would put it in a more user friendly container. But I love and will continue to re purchase.
  63. Great

    cheap and amazingggg, not only for setting the under-eye and whole face making it look flawless
  64. Undecided

    I'm not sure how to feel about it. It was nice considering the price but It also wasn't as mind blowing as I hoped it'd be. I also feel like it almost cast a whiter look on my face.
  65. Best value and powder

    I really don’t think this powder could look bad on anyone, my aunt was a makeup artist and this was all she used. I have dry skin that doesn’t need powder but I still use this when I really need my makeup to stay in place all day.
  66. Converted

    I didn’t think I would ever be converted from my Laura Mercier translucent powder...but here we are! I love this powder! It’s a great consistency, perfect for baking and contouring and blends amazingly. What an amazing price for double the amount or product! The packaging is a little annoying to use, I’m going to put the powder in another container.
  67. Great every-day powder.

    Such a great every day translucent powder to use over the top of makeup. Especially for baking under the eyes.
  68. Favourite setting powder!

    This is my go to setting powder, and for the price point it can't be beat! A little goes a long way and there is a LOT of product. It sets my makeup perfectly and when I use it to bake, my skin stays matte and crease free for the rest of the day. The packaging however, is a little inconvenient. I would prefer if the packaging was more standard such as the Laura Mercier translucent powder packaging. That one is much more user friendly. Regardless, this powder is too good to pass up and I will never purchase another one for as long as this is still made.
  69. Great setting powder - not so great packaging.

    I absolutely adore this powder for setting my foundation and baking the face. My skin looks so smooth, it works on every skintone and it doesn't make my face feel tight or look crepe-y like some other setting powders can. It's also very reasonably priced and lasts a LONG period of time. I don't mind the simplicity of the packaging but I think the actual structure of the container could be improved - preferably a more traditional-shaped container akin to the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder - it would just make the product so much more user friendly. Nevertheless, I will continue to re-purchase and just decant the powder into another container that I prefer.
  70. Perfect setting powder

    Perfect setting powder to ensure a smooth and matte finish.
  71. AMAZING!!

    My favourite no colour powder. I have very oily skin and use this for baking, I leave it on for maybe 5 mins or so and it stops the oils from coming through my foundation. Recommend this to anyone and very affordable.
  72. Great setting powder

    Skin type: combination
    Skin colour: neutral/ light-medium
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Foundation/ Concealer used with this powder most often: giorgio armani LS, Giorgio armani PF, it cosmetics bye bye under eye, Nars radiant creamy concealer.

    This setting powder is my go to for events and nights out. A little goes a long way. It truly leaves no colour on the skin and can be reapplied without caking. It works very well under the eyes (compared to my laura mercier translucent powder which made my skin look white grey and crepey under eyes). I will buy this again. At the price point and the size of product it cannot be beat.

    Think of this as a your skin but better type of product. It definitely sets makeup well but it doesn't provide any extra coverage or hide your pores. I suggest using a finishing spray to make your overall look a little less powdery and more natural/dewy.
  73. Great powder

    gives a flawless finish and keeps makeup looking great all day whilst preventing shine
  74. Prefer the translucent powder

    Ran out of the translucent powder after a good 12 months of use and thought I'd try this one as it's what YouTubers seem to prefer. It does keep me matte all day, but it's no good for baking like the translucent version is - makes my undereyes appear papery and creased as. Lesson learner: stick to what you know works.
  75. b

    ever since i used this product ive never changed it its the best setting powder ever makes your skin so flawless
  76. Disappointed

    Very disappointed in this powder. After reading so many great reviews on this I went ahead and bought it. I wish I didn't. I really wanted to like this! The powder takes away my foundation and makes everything uneven. Doesn't "stick" to my skin at all. And i dont have oily or dry skin! So i will be sticking to my dermablend powder.
  77. Good

    I purchased this as I can no longer get my hands on the Laura Mercier setting powder let me just say it does exactly the same thing for a much better price my new go to setting powder
  78. Good value and product

    First of all the price is really reasonable for the volume of the powder, seems last forever even i’ve been using it daily.
    The powder is very fine and soft, what I like about is it’s really no colour so I always apply to my brows area before any eye brows products on and my brows stay whole day without getting smudged even through the hot sweaty Bangkok weather when I was on my holiday.
  79. Love this for fair skin

    Hands down the best powder I have used for setting under my eyes. Great for fair skin as it doesn't change the colour of your concealer underneath. SO cheap and this one pot has lasted me over a year.
  80. MUST HAVE!!

    It is exactly what it sayd NO COLOUR!!

    Excellent setting powder, completely translucent, keeps everything in place, no flashback whats so ever and great value for money.

    I use this everyday and it lasts me 18 months ++
  81. Fave

    Finely milled, no flashback, suitable for every skin tone and is great value! Perfect for setting, baking and eliminating shine. I only wish they'd stock the larger sized tub.
  82. Amazing product, amazing value

    I have had this product for ten months now and have not even made a dint in the product (there is so much). If you're looking for a really cost effective powder I highly recommend this! As a pretty pale person I find that it sits really well against my already pale skin, and doesn't wash me out at all.
  83. Amazing value

    I use RCMA foundation and so, naturally, I ended up with this setting powder. It'll set any foundation - liquid or cream - without altering the shade. Leaves a nice smooth base to go in with powder products, whether you want to use a finishing powder, blush, bronzer, contour, etc. It's finely milled and, when used properly, it won't leave a white cast on any skin tone. I have medium-deep skin and have no issues with it - if I use too much, a spritz of a setting spray or facial mist will take the 'powderiness' away. Helps to control oil well on my combination skin too. Packaging is fine if you're only setting with a velour puff but you'll want to decant it into a jar if you want to use a brush. Like all RCMA products, it's amazing value for money. It stacks up well against far for expensive products. Would recommend to anyone who wants a good no colour setting powder.
  84. HG powder

    RCMA no colour powder is my HG powder!

    - White powder becomes colourless when applied to my face
    - helps to control oil especially my t-zone face
    - comes with 8 oz, this lasts really really long time. It’s been a year since I bought it and I still have more than half left!

    - the bottle is a bit inconvenient when trying to take some powder out, however it isn’t a big deal for me as I use makeup mixing palette and pour the powder onto it.
  85. A great setting powder!

    I had been after a good affordable setting powder that doesn’t cause flashback, and this is it! It sets under my eye concealer really well and doesn’t crease too much. It’s great, affordable and the bottle lasts for ages.
  86. Basic

    This is just a basic powder, I have oily skin but textured and it doesn't sink into anything terrible. Doesn't make my skin dry nor does it hard set anything so once a setting spray is down it's a good look. I also think for the amount of product you get, this is amazing. However the packaging is it's down fall, having to use a seperate lid or container to tip it into and use.
  87. Great professional product

    I am a freelance makeup artist and use this is my kit. It is a great powder and is suitable for all skin colours and types. It is a lightweight powder so never leaves the skin looking cakey. It sets foundations beautifully, it’s also great for setting under eye concealer. My only negative is the packaging. It is so messy! I pop my powder into an empty lush black pot to help make it less messy to use.
  88. Looking for a setting powder? Look no further

    Do not be fooled by the product being white, it does blend into your foundation ( no colour to it) , does not crease, sets your entire face and lasts all day!
  89. Love this powder

    This powder is definitely a holy grail product for me and nothing else compares in my opinion. It keeps my oils under control and doesn't cling to any dry patches throughout the whole day. The packaging is a little annoying but I just tip the powder into the lid of another powder I've tried that I didn't like as much. It doesn't alter the colour of my foundation or leave a white cast on my skin, also no flash back. Love this powder and I'll continue to stick by it when I run out.
  90. Meh

    I feel like this leaves a white cast if you’re not careful. Price is good. Packaging no frills, and no lid to tip the product into to swirl the brush into. Also, take care as the large holes in the lid makes it easy to use a lot more than necessary which can waste a lot of product.
    Wanted to love this as I had read great things, but I don’t think I’d repurchase.
  91. absolute best

    this powder is incredible for me, it doesnt crease and doesnt cake at all, my favourite part about it is that it is white!!! and has no colour!!!! finally a powder i can use that supports my fairness lol! and also ive been using this for a year and you wouldnt even know, it hrdly looks like ive used any product at all the bottle is still basically full! so i guess a little goes a very long way hehe AND ITS SO AFFORDABLE!
  92. Amazing!

    This stuff is incredible! For so long I tried all the powders you could imagine and always ended up with creasing no matter what I tried. This is the only powder that doesn't crease my under eyes and it is such good value. I'll be using this stuff forever - I'm hooked!
  93. Amazing silky setting powder

    I recently tried this powder after years of hearing rave reviews. I was on a waiting list for quite a few weeks before I purchased this. It was definitely worth the wait!
    I use this to bake and seal in my base makeup. I sweep off the excess and my face looks smooth and makeup lasts all day. I use Elf's Hydrating Eye Primer, concealer and then this powder on top. Make sure you use a setting spray to improve longevity and reduce powdery look.

    I'm not a fan of the packaging but the price is worth it, I just put some into a face powder jar with a sifter lid.
    Definitely recommend!
  94. LOVE

    Love this powder. Perfect for baking the face, leaves no flashback!!
  95. Why didn’t I get this earlier

    After waiting for an extended amount of time, I finally got my hand on this powder. The powder is very finely milled and sets my oily combo skin beautifully. The powder helps to extends my foundation wear time before I become an oily mess and have to blot and touch up. It is so good that I bought another one immediately incase I run out.
  96. Leaves a nice white undereye

    this no colour leaves a perfect under eye with no creasing what so ever... i like using this as a translucent and the price for however product you get isss just PERFECTT its so savvy and so cheap and its the best cheaper alternative to the laura mercier powder
  97. My favourite powder!

    Definitely the best setting powder i've ever used! No flashback, no white cast, keeps my oil at bay for at-least 6 hours. I've bought it twice over the past couple of years, the bottle lasts such a long time! My holy grail, can't see myself using anything else!
  98. Amazing

    This powder is one of the best powders I've ever used, literally no flashback. I can't get enough of this powder!
  99. I prefer my yellow-based/banana powders for under my eye

    i like this for around my face as i use my around the face setting powder sparingly, but for under my eyes (as I bake with quite a bit of product) i feel that it leaves a whitecast (i have deep tan nc45 skin).
  100. Love this powder!

    This powder is amazing! I can’t believe how good it is considering how cheap it is compared to others on the market. It sets my foundation perfectly and truely is ‘no colour’. I have oily skin and have been using this with the Estée Lauder double wear foundation and make up forever mattifying primer and my makeup still looks flawless by the end of the day. Amazing!!
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