If You Love It Cosmetics CC Cream, Here's Everything Else You Need To Try

Every beauty brand has a famous hero product. 

For Giorgio Armani, it’s their incredible Luminous Silk Foundation, while the jewel in Estée Lauder’s crown is our skincare saviour, Advanced Night Repair

And for IT Cosmetics (which for the record, is pronounced “it” as in “it’s amazing”, not IT as in IT Crowd - and stands for Innovative Technology), the glorious Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream is hands down the brand’s knockout fan favourite product.

But we're not just here for the best-selling CC Cream. The brand has a tonne of other hero products you might not know about.

If you're prone to dark circles, I can guarantee you'll be blown away by their IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer, which is also packed with anti-ageing ingredients including peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

bye bye poresbye bye pores

Adore Beauty staffer Hannah after four hours sleep, but still lookin' bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Why Is It Cosmetics’ CC Cream So Popular?

For years, this legendary base product was constantly sold out. Before IT Cosmetics was stocked at Adore, getting your hands on a tube of the CC Cream was about as tough as finding a bulk pack of toilet paper at Coles right now. Seriously, it was bloody hard. 

Why is it so popular? Because it ticks off so many boxes. Oh, did I mention there's three variations? I'm talking about the Original, but there's an Illuminating and Matte version too.

Perfect coverage: The CC Cream (CC stands for colour-correcting) formula is a cross between a BB cream and a foundation, so it gives you loads of coverage without that thick cakiness often associated with fuller coverage products. It covers redness, pimples and pigmentation, but still allows the skin’s natural glow to peek through. 

Sun protection: It contains a broad spectrum SPF 50+ physical sunscreen, so when applied on top of your regular SPF product at the end of your skincare routine (FYI, the SPF in this product alone is not enough to properly protect the skin), you get an extra layer of added sun protection. 

Skin-boosting ingredients: The water-based formula is packed full of anti-ageing ingredients including niacinamide, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and lots of delicious hydrating oils, so you’re getting loads of added skincare benefits while wearing a full face of makeup. 

Dewy, but long lasting finish: The formula gives you a lovely luminous glow that lasts all day (And all night. Trust me, I’ve tried it). If you’re super oily, a tiny dab of powder can lessen the impact of shine throughout the day - more on that in a tick.  

HOT TIP: IT Cosmetics products rarely go on sale, but if you’re looking for a best price alternative, try out one of these $22 mini 12ml versions instead. It’s a great way to test out the CC Cream and see if it’s right for you, before committing to the full-sized tube. 

What Other Products Does IT Cosmetics Sell?

Far from being a one-hit-wonder, IT Cosmetics offers a wide range of other makeup and skincare products, as well as brushes, to complement its best-selling hero product.

If you are prone to dark circles, oiliness or redness, these guys can act as your new best friend.

This brilliant full coverage concealer covers *literally* everything. Whatever dark circles, bad decisions or poor life choices you might find yourself battling against (no judgement), this guy has you covered. While the formula is thick and packed with pigment, the texture is still creamy, so it’s super easy to blend - just start with a small amount. Because it packs a punch, try blending the concealer out with the IT Cosmetics Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush, or the smaller end of the Complexion Perfection Brush, which are both regular fixtures in the kits of our favourite makeup artists. 

As mentioned above, if you’re on the oily side, you might find you want to set your CC Cream base with a light dusting of powder. This one is made primarily from silica, a natural mineral, and gives skin a flawless finish without settling into your pores. If you prefer a loose powder over a pressed, we sell an identical loose version, too. 

This is the ultimate allrounder primer. Think of it as like a spackle for your pores, sealing them off and making them appear smaller. Apply it after your skincare routine, but before sunscreen, and then pop the CC Cream on top. And if you're yet to be converted to a primer, let me tell you, it's an important step to improve the longevity of your foundation, and can help to prevent it from oxidising.

With a thin wind-up pencil on one end, and a spoolie on the other, this dual-ended brow product makes it easy to create fine hair-like strokes that mimic your natural brow hairs. Plus, you can use the wand to measure where your eyebrows should start, where the arch to be and where the tail should end. If you make a mistake, simply use the spoolie to brush out any extra product. It's available in one universal taupe shade which can be adjusted in intensity depending on how hard you press the product into the brow.

I could go on. There's a whole skincare range I haven't even touched on yet. OH, and the Superhero Mascara. And Bye Bye Breakout. Ok, I'm gonna have to come back and cover those in separate articles. For now, shop the whole range below.

Video: How To Use Bye Bye Pores

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