How to Find the Right Eyebrow Colour

A well-groomed brow can really enhance your features, and choosing the correct brow shade is an important factor. Knowing what eyebrow colour suits you can transform your brows for the better. Whether you’re using a brow pencil, powder, or gel, we have some tips to help you on your way to perfect brows!

Eye of Horus Universal Brow Gel - Close up of eye and eyebrow. Eye is looking down and eye brow brush is held close to brow - 670 x 452Eye of Horus Universal Brow Gel - Close up of eye and eyebrow. Eye is looking down and eye brow brush is held close to brow - 670 x 452

How to Shade and Shape Your Eyebrows

Filling in your eyebrows is sometimes a difficult task, especially when you have unruly brows. If you want to achieve your best brows, it’s important to shape before you shade. For perfectly shaped brows, we recommend using the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer for expert precision. Then, follow our Ultimate Brow Guide for brow-shaping tips that suit your face shape.

The next step is eyebrow shading. Shading in your brows helps them look fuller and more defined. The key to shading in eyebrows with a pencil is to use hairlike strokes. Make small, upward strokes that mimic your brow hairs to achieve a natural result.

To colour eyebrows naturally, product should be concentrated towards the centre of the brow and then feathered out. Using the Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil makes this easy, as its precise tip lets you create a soft look that lasts all day.

After you’ve applied your pencil, stray hairs can be put into place with a clear or coloured brow gel such as M.A.C Cosmetics Brow Set. Clean up any mess with a cotton swab. Finally, accentuate your brow bone with a concealer or the Jane Iredale Eye Highlighter Pencil. For an amazing eyebrow starter kit, embark on your journey with the Garbo & Kelly Brow Kit, which includes brow guides for beginners.

What Colour Brow Powder Should I Use?

If you’re wondering what brow colour to choose, we have some top tips for you. Many people wonder if their eyebrows should match their hair colour. But in most cases, matching your eyebrows with the hair on your head will look too monochromatic.

If you have lighter hair, it’s best to go for a brow shade one or two shades darker. Conversely, if you have darker hair, try going one to two shades lighter with your brow colour. Not only will this look more natural, but it’s also much more harmonious.

Blonde Hair: When choosing an eyebrow colour for blondes, it’s important to remember that less is more. You want to choose a brow colour that isn’t too harsh, or else your brows will look unnatural, and you could wind up looking old or mean! Fill in any sparse areas with a colour only slightly darker than your hair colour. If you have platinum, ash, or golden blonde hair, brow shades that would suit you are Ash Blonde or Taupe.

Auburn Hair: If you have auburn hair, your eyebrows may be lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. You may have red, blonde, and even light brown tones in your brows. Whether you have auburn or truly red hair, you want something that will complement the warmer tones in your brows. Go for shades like Ash Blonde, Caramel, or Auburn.

Brown Hair: Brunettes generally have quite pronounced brows that only need to be filled in lightly. In most cases, you’ll only need to go a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour. Light Brown and Medium Brown are colours to look for—and maybe even Taupe if you have very light brown locks. For a natural look, try to focus most of the product towards the tail of the brow and in sparse areas. If you want to emphasise your darker brows, we recommend Garbo & Kelly Brow Pomade in Brunette, particularly if you prefer not to use a traditional eye pencil.

Black Hair: The best brow colour for black hair is actually … Black. If you don’t want your eyebrow colour to match your hair, you can easily use a Chocolate or Dark Brown pencil. But going with a Black pencil won’t look overdrawn or crazy.

Grey Hair: Figuring out how to colour grey eyebrows can be tricky. Basically, you have to decide if your want to mask your natural brow colour or embrace it! If you want to cover grey tones in your brows, we recommend applying Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint, a temporary stain that leaves brows evenly coloured and filled. If you want to keep your eyebrows grey, we recommend using Cool Blonde, Ash, or Taupe shades like Eye Of Horus Brow Define in Husk (Ash Blonde).

Now that you’ve got the right brow tone sorted and your shaping and shading technique down pat, there’s nothing to stop you from achieving brows like Lily Collins or Cara Delevigne.

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