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Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics

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Creating a gorgeous brow look without a ton of effort may seem like a fantasy, but not anymore! Your brow goals are within reach with no-nonsense Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. The perfect killer brow creator, Goof Proof Brow Pencil comes in a wide range of shades with an angled tip. You can create both fine, thin strokes and wider, defining lines with just one product.


Simply angle the pencil to the pointed end or the wide end to create whatever brow look you’re going for. Whether it’s a bold night-out brow or a daily brow fill-in, you’re all set to create whatever brow you desire in no time with Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil.


Key benefits

  • Creamy pencil formula glides on effortlessly—no harsh pencil feel here!
  • Angled tip allows for short, light strokes that mimic natural brow hairs as well as long, defining strokes to shape and sculpt the brows
  • Wide range of shades includes an option for everyone
  • Soft colours; no bold, jarring shades
  • Natural finish that blends perfectly with brow hairs for a naturally full look


How to use

  • Brush brow hairs into place using the spoolie provided.
  • Start by applying small strokes with the pointed end of the angled tip to the larger areas of the brow, creating the illusion of natural fullness.
  • Use the flat edge of the angled tip to define the outer lines of the brows and the tail.
  • Set with brow gel and you’re out the door!


Who is Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil for?

This product is suitable for all ages, genders, and skin types. Those with sparse brows and those looking for a quick, easy way to create fuller brows will benefit most from the use of this product.


Why does the angled tip make a difference?

Often, brow products offer just one option for stroke width to fill brows in, which limits your look. The angled tip of this product allows for both short, light strokes as well as long, defining strokes, making it a great all-in-one option for a full, defined brow.

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Truely goof proof - 10-12-2018 by

First timer with filling out eyebrows and literally is so simple to use!

Brow Perfection - 07-12-2018 by

This product is brilliant, gives you the perfect brow every time and lasts all day long.

Obsessed - 06-12-2018 by

I am obsessed with these brow pencils. They fill in so naturally - great comb as well! Could not recommend more.

An easy and convenient brow product - 29-11-2018 by

This product is great for busy mornings to quickly pencil through brows to give them a bit of definition. Blends easily into brows with the spoolie. The colour is well balanced and not too warm.

Easy to use - 28-11-2018 by

Stays on, easy application - it really is the best

Awesome - 26-11-2018 by

Great product to fill in the brows

SO GOOD - 22-11-2018 by

This is such an amazing miracle product for your brows, the formula is so awesome because it makes your brows look thicker and fuller and makes the brows look to thick and nice without looking fake. The Brush end is also nice and does the job. Would recommend

Great product - 13-11-2018 by

Great product, easy to use and great colour options. Got this as a sample and loved it!

alright.. - 31-10-2018 by

I tried out the goof proof eyebrow pencil, for $42 it’s pretty expensive! The colour (medium 3) was too warm toned for me, although upon reading others reviews, medium 4 was too dark. I much prefer using a palette type brow product (with wax and powder) and an angled brow brush. I really wanted to love this product after all the great reviews but it’s just not for me.

Classic! - 30-10-2018 by

It's pretty hard to argue with something that just works. I find this to be a good balance of creamy yet firm enough to give a good texture and long-lasting finish, and honestlly, even works on days where I should probably be paying more attention to my brows. I think I didn't review this because it's not that exciting to me - but really, it's a great product, and if you're struggling to find a good brow pencil I think you'll like this.

Quality pencil - 29-10-2018 by

Great for filling in brows, can create a natural or heavy look

Long lasting - 29-10-2018 by

Great formula and slanted tip, nice addition that it has a spoolie

My new best friend - 26-10-2018 by

I now get what all the fuss is about with this pencil it is my new best friend.
I have several brands in my collection and thought my favourites were anastasia and hourglass but move over this one takes their place. It glides on easily filling in gaps and enhances and shapes my brows perfectly. It is very natural looking and blends well.
I have blonde/light brown brows and purchased shade no 3 .

Stays on - 24-10-2018 by

This is a product that I keep coming back to! I have been using it for over 2 years and always find it stays on my skin and doesn't budge until I take my makeup off!

Great - 22-10-2018 by

This prodcut is one of my fave from benefit.You can apply easily like super smooth when you shape your eyebrows. Definitely will repurchase it again;)

great that it comes with a spoolie! - 17-10-2018 by

I like this a lot more than their other pencils I have used and its great that its double ended but it is bit faint once again as in the colour pay off is limited. That said, its great for beginners or more natural looks because of this

Good pencil that lasts all day - 16-10-2018 by

My brows are decent enough - a few gaps but overall fairly thick and well defined. Most of the time, a coloured brow gel (Benefit Gimme Brow) is all I need but, when I want a full brow look, I fill in gaps with this pencil. I love how easy it is to apply - the shape makes it easy to both shade and also to add fine hair-like strokes with the pointed end. It has impressive staying power even on my skin, which can get pretty oily; it lasts until I take it off. Benefit just do brows well and I love their colour range. I'm 6 Deep and it's a perfect tone - a good balance of grey to look natural.

Not the best - 14-10-2018 by

The first time I used this product I really enjoyed it, great texture, size, easily glides on... but by my 3rd use the whole thing crumbled. I thought I must have gotten a dud pencil until I bought it a second time & it did the same thing. The pencil broke deep in the container so I had to chuck it out. I prefer Anastasia Beverly Hills wind up pencil.

Love it! Beginners Dream - 12-10-2018 by

This product is exactly as described, goof proof! I think its great for beginners and people who struggle with eyebrow gels and brushes! Colour and pigment is good with the option to use a light amount and work up the intensity to suit natural and intense styles.

The name says it all - 04-10-2018 by

This product really is goof proof. I am not a skilled makeup artist, but whenever I use this, my eyebrows look lush. Love.

Needs a light hand - 20-09-2018 by

I think this colour is great for when you need a bold colour as a lot of product goes on even when pressing lightly. I have issues with filling in the brow at the centre when I want a lighter shade, so I have to have several goes using the spoolie brush to distribute pigment- but luckily it is included on the other end!
Overall my eyebrows look well groomed, it’s very simple to use but it’s easy to press too hard

Wow - 19-09-2018 by

Great for giving you excellent control over your brows, I love the results. Would highly recommend!

Goes on so softly - 18-09-2018 by

I love this eye brow pencil because it goes on so softly. You don't have to press hard to get colour. The size of the pencil is also perfect for creating a beautiful arch.

Ok - but not great. - 14-09-2018 by

You could probably get similar, if not better for a cheaper price. Fiddly to get the right angles and I feel like you possibly use a lot of product for a small outcome. Does the job just fine but probably slightly over priced for what it is.

Pretty good - 12-09-2018 by

I enjoy using this product I have dense brows but they are patchy so it is difficult to fill them in and blend without looking uneven. Despite that I do think the colors suit most and I only notice that the product starts fading away at the end of the day. The brush included is a bonus.

Not bad - 10-09-2018 by

This isnt the best pencil but it is pretty good. Not the best but feels really good.

Love it! - 09-09-2018 by

I use this product every day. I was hesitant the first time I purchased it due to price, but it lasts a long time. Very easy to use and looks very natural.

Ok...but not the best - 07-09-2018 by

I find this hard to use..i Know the teardrop shape is meant to be helpful to fill in the brows but it just ends up smudging in places I don’t need it because it’s so large on one end. It’s not very precise at all, some
People may like it if they aren’t after something precise.

Best eyebrow pencil - 06-09-2018 by

I use this pencil to fill in and lengthen my brow line. The unique design aids in making brows look more natural, and the brush helps to blend with what's left of my natural brows. I like to layer this with a brow gel to keep them in place.

Really is goof proof - 04-09-2018 by

This pencil really is super easy!

Quick fill in - 03-09-2018 by

I have almost white eyebrows which I dye brown. This is great to fill in the gaps when I’m in between dyes. It’s easy to apply and lasts ages

LOVE it! - 03-09-2018 by

I made the mistake of getting talked into trying an Hourglass brow pencil a couple of months ago and I regretted it so much I didn't even finish it before buying another Goof Proof. The colour is great for my skin tone and hair colour (I'm strawberry blonde with pale eyebrows and lashes but a love for black mascara), whereas the Hourglass one made my brows look orange and kinda like blurry caterpillars. I'm very much a beginner-level make-uperer but I can get great, natural-looking brows with this pencil every time.

Easy to use - 27-08-2018 by

This is easy to use for beginners but harder to get an exact hairlike stroke with this pencil than with the precisely my brow pencil, except you get more product with this so it is more worth it! Good formula and texture.

As the name says, it's definitely goof proof - 25-08-2018 by

This product is so damn easy to use, this product is great for beginners, the pigmentation is great and it isn't waxy, it stays in place all day. Love that it has a spoolie

ok - 24-08-2018 by

This product is kinda hard to use and honestly not worth the price. it still works but you can buy similar things for less that work much better

A little disappointed - 20-08-2018 by

This eyebrow pencil was disappointing to me. The ONLY thing i liked about it was how it performed on the starting point (inner part of my brows) But to create a shape, It isnt precise at all, the colour removes so easily if eyebrows are touched or knocked, it doesnt last all day, fades in places, etc. I think ill stick to the dior brow styler.

Meh - 20-08-2018 by

i dont know why every one else has such a good experience with this brow pencil but it just is not pigmented enough for me. i find the pencil too hard and i need to press extremely hard to get any product to show up. Maybe i just got a bad one but its really disappointing because i thought i would love it like everyone else

My absolute fav! - 16-08-2018 by

I love this eyebrow pencil! It is a great formula, and looks very natural! Although you can build it up to get a dramatic brow look. I will definitely be buying again.

Pro tip, the spoolie on the other end is great for blending out the pencil!

I'm addicted! - 16-08-2018 by

I have always settled with brow pencils, and the colours have never been quite right. However, I LOVE this pencil. The colour matches my brows perfectly, there is a decent amount of product included, and it really is goof proof - even a rushed brow job looks great! I love the angled tip.

04 Medium - 15-08-2018 by

This is my favourite brow product from benefit! Shade 04 medium is perfect for dark brown brows, and there are quite a few shades available. The spoolie and pencil in one applicator is very convenient. The pencil glides on smoothly without leaving hard to blend lines. the angled tip allows you to create short hairs as well as overall colour. The pencil lasts a very long time, I've had mine for well over 6 months now and I fill in my brows almost every day!

Favourite - 07-08-2018 by

this brow creates such an easy effortless brow that looks stunning, this product is an all time favourite.

Easy to use - 01-08-2018 by

A very convenient product, and great for on-the-go browing up. You can create tiny singular hairs or a basic fill (if you're in a rush). And the spooly on the end is very handy. Really enjoying!

Easy to use - 31-07-2018 by

*note: I have trouble shade matching for my ginger brows in the benefit range - light is too a shy and medium is warm but too dark in tone to work for a natural look, however I've started leaning in on the darker toned brows thing, so no probs.

Was to use and stays all day - a great brow filler :) wish they carried light in the mini pencils, though, as I often mix medium and light to get a warm toned lighter match for my brows.

Best brow product ever! - 31-07-2018 by

This product makes it so, so easy to have perfectly neat brows. The slanted tip makes it easy to fill in the brows and the spoolie brush helps disperse the product through the brows and generally tidy them up. I suggested to my mum that she tries this product and she loves it too! Only negative is that if you use too much pressure the crayon might snap, but that's only a minor complaint, I just have to be conscious of it.

Fast & Fleek - 25-07-2018 by

The rest don't compare to this game changer, literally tried multiple brows pencils that haven't applied as easy and as nicely as the Goof Proof. Literally the fastest fleekest brow you could ever create and feel confident walking out the door.

03- medium - 24-07-2018 by

this is the perfect shade for me, its not too dark or light, or warm toned. It is super quick and easy to apply even as someone who struggles to brows. Ive worn this to the gym and it stayed on all day without smudging. 10/10 purchase

03 Medium - Best brow pencil - 19-07-2018 by

I like that it glides on easily and it’s not too dark. The shape of the pencil makes it easier to apply. Usually lasts me the whole day with no smears even under the hot weather. Have purchased this product for quite a few times.

Easy to use - 17-07-2018 by

I'm new to the brow world and Benefit has definitely made it less intimidating. I started using the gimme brows and it was a treat to use. Very easy and fuss free. I decided to try this one after hearing lots of good reviews and im really impressed by it. It's not too dry and not overly pigmented, very forgiving my brow amateurs like myself

Quick and Easy - 13-07-2018 by

I love this product because its so quick and easy to use. It applies smoothly and easy to blend. I quickly run it threw my brows to thicken them up and they still look natural.

Amazing for thick brows - 13-07-2018 by

Great for giving you excellent control over your brows. Would highly recommend!

Perfect eyebrows in under a minute! - 05-07-2018 by

Quick and easy to use and they last all day and into the night! wont use anything else!

Perfect - 04-07-2018 by

It is the best for thick brows like myself, it lives up to its name

AMAZZINGG - 04-07-2018 by

This is the best brow product i have ever used, If you have thick brows like me it is perfect to get in between them to fake brow hair would 100% recommend

Quick and easy eyebrows - 04-07-2018 by

This product is in fact 'goof proof' its very easy to use and you can create any type of brow from fine and natural to sharp and bold, it does lean on the more pricey side for an eyebrow pencil but I would say it is definitely worth it

LOVE - 02-07-2018 by

this product is so good and it just glides on and stays for the whole day!! even when i tried to wipe it off just with water its still there! i used to have to use a pencil and powder now i just just this goof proof brow pencil and its so good!

Smooth - 02-07-2018 by

Runs on very smooth, almost like pomade. Not precise so if you want crisp edges, it's not for you. Very natural when brushed through lightly.

Great products - 28-06-2018 by

Easy to use, natural colour, long lasting. Would buy again.

Amazing Product - 25-06-2018 by

Benefit never fails to disappoint when it comes to brow products. This eyebrow pencil is so easy to use and is great for on-the-go use. I’ve tried other products though nothing compares. Definitely recommend.

Easy Peasy - 20-06-2018 by

Recommended this to my friend who was new to brow application. It makes the task pretty easy, especially the shape of the crayon. Be sure not to wind it up too far, as it snaps easily.

Eh, nothing special - 11-06-2018 by

I bought this based on all the reviews but having used similar shaped eyebrow pencils this didn’t do anything for me. I found it to be almost too soft and creamy to get defined lines so I had to spend longer cleaning my edges. I also found that when filling it tugged on my brow hairs so there we hairs left on the pencil

Precisely My is much better - 16-05-2018 by

My Precisely My brow pencil from Benefit ran out, so I thought I'd give this one a go. I wish I hadn't- I find it quite hard to use. I prefer filling in sparse hairs, whereas this is hard to be particular with. If you like really bold brows and find a perfect colour match it might be okay as you can just run it straight over the brow, but not so much for just filling in spots for a natural look.

Ok brow pencil - 08-05-2018 by

Not a fan. I only bought based on the reviews. Very obvious. I prefer the fibre style brow enhancers. Won't be purchasing again.

So easy and quick to use - 08-05-2018 by

I'm extremely lazy when it comes to makeup so I adore this product, I wake up and pop this on in literal seconds and it looks great. I got a lighter shade that is wonderful for building up if I'm feeling enthusiastic. The brush is great quality too - also good for those who don't want to dig through a makeup bag of 180 different makeup brushes.

SO easy to use - 08-05-2018 by

Such an easy to use product and is really long lasting. Have just run out so purchasing another one as we speak :)

Amazing - 08-05-2018 by

I had previously used the Precisely My Brow and was worried this wasn't going to give me the same definition but I was pleasantly surprised!
The wide top makes it easy to run through your brows to add colour and fullness, while the pointy tip can achieve a crisp edge. I feel like my brows look very full and natural with this product which I love. I follow with the Brow Setter to 'fluff' up the hairs and set them in place. 100% would recommend!

Love this eyebrow pencil - 19-04-2018 by

I love this eyebrow pencil, it’s the only pencil I’ve used every day for a few months and it still hasn’t run out. It gives you a really natural but defined look, and the spooly is amazing to fluff our your brows.

thick defined brows - 27-03-2018 by

I already have pretty thick and full brows but this pencil is all i use and it just helps to create the perfect shape, lasts allll day, waterproof and sweatproof. its also lasted me months on almost daily use. im in shade 3

For anyone who shaved off their eyebrows in the 2000s - 13-03-2018 by

Not only did I intentionally shave off my brows in the early 2000's, I INTENTIONALLY got my brows waxed by someone who THEN accidentally waxed off half of my left eyebrow. Essentially my brows are a shivering mess; fragile, meek and afraid. This brow pencil is the only thing I've been able to find that adequately replicates my lost brow hairs and doesn't make my brows look like they've been drawn on by texta. It lasts all day, looks natural and gives me the Olivia Wilde brows of my dreams.

Must Have - 27-02-2018 by

This has replaced my other brow pencils, the shape allows me to both fill in and create small hair like strokes and is super quick. this along with my Gimmie Brow is all i need to have my prows looking great.

Miss the old pencil, but has it's benefits. - 16-02-2018 by

I loved their old pencil, which has been replaced by the Goof Proof pencil. Being able to sharpen the old pencil allowed more control in creating soft and hard lines.

The Goof Proof still has it's benefits however. I like the mechanical system and the angled pencil makes creating a defined arch very easy.

Too soft for hot tropics - 13-02-2018 by

Thought I'd give this a go since my regular brow pencil wasn't available. Almost finished now and haven't enjoyed using it. It does OKAY.
It's very soft, and smudges easily hours after and a little more difficult to do small touch ups. I live in hot, humid climate so doesn't help at all.
However Benefit's Precisely, My Brow Pencil ticks all boxes for me and holds up well on hottest days and during sport! Much easier to apply and a bit dryer.

Worth every cent - 16-01-2018 by

On my budget, I wouldn't have tried this eyebrow pencil if it wasn't given to me... but this is by far the best product I've ever used for brows. I have very thin, sparse brows, and when I draw them in with this, they look totally natural. The pencil tip never loses it's pointed angled shape and it's perfect for filling in thickness and doing the 'tail' end of the brow. AND it lasted almost 6 months, which is great value for money, so I am never buying any other eyebrow pencil!

Fabulous! - 27-12-2017 by

Highly recommend this brow pencil. Its really easy to use, nice thickness and I find it lasts all day even in the humid conditions we have been experiencing. give it a go!

For fuller eyebrows - 03-12-2017 by

This product is relatively easy to apply and leaves you will fuller eyebrows. It's a bit on the pricey but I feel like it may last a while.

Amazing!! - 14-11-2017 by

Seriously in LOVE with this eyebrow product, Iv always used mac eyebrow pencils for as long as I can remember until I tried the goof proof pencil and it is so far the best one I have ever used. I got the shade #4 and matches my natural brows pretty well, would highly recommend!

Best eyebrow pencil! - 05-11-2017 by

The color suits me well and the pencil itself is amazing. I’ve tried a lot of eyebrow pencils and this is the best one for me so far. Love it!

Great Product - 11-10-2017 by

I've been using this product for over a year now, and I always go back to it each time it runs out. Gives great coverage, is pretty smudge proof and is simple and easy to use.

Pretty awesome - 28-09-2017 by

I have combo/oily, acne prone skin, and dark hair. This product is pretty great, there's an awesome shade selection, and the shape of the pencil makes it so easy to apply, and you can really control how defined you want your brows to be. The only hitch is that I have oily skin, which includes skin under the eyebrows, so sometimes the product fades a little, but that's after 5-6 hours of wear, so it's forgivable.

Verdict: awesome product, does the job, be a little careful if you have oily skin.

Perfect brows in less than 3 mins - 20-09-2017 by

I had never been concerned about my eyebrows until I had them shaped and tinted and couldn't believe how much better they framed my eyes and complimented my face. Well, this little miracle product has saved me countless trips to the beautician as I can now shape them easily in under 3 mins of a morning.
The handy brush swiftly moves the brows into place and then I can carefully colour them in.
It has the definition of using a pencil but the coverage of a crayon and the angle of the product means you get an accurate line every time.
I have dark brown/black hair and went with 5 Deep and its the perfect match. Definitely re-purchasing this one!

benefit best friend - 20-09-2017 by

Ok so I am 53 and well because I lived through the 80s with the hideous plucking of eyebrows I now don't have much. The bit I do have has some greys as well. so yeah super pretty. I have never really filled my brows in but have certainly tried with some not so good looks and this is due to my next problem eyesight....
So recently I started to hear all this great stuff about benefit Goof proof pencil and thought lets try another one and see if this can help me get even eyebrows that don't scare small children,
Wow I am so impressed, this would have to be the best pencil I have ever used. The colour is perfect and so easy to use. I can even manage to get the eyebrows even and I don't have to put my glasses on or use the magnifying mirror. I was booked in to have tattoos done on my eyebrows but didn't really want to, so I have since cancelled the appointment and will be sticking to this Goof proof range. Not often do you find a product that any age group can use....this is one, and this is the best....

Magic Stick !! - 12-09-2017 by

I have always been that girl who could never perfect her eyebrows, always looking at other girls brows and thinking how did they do that. Until I got this little stick of magic, it has changed my life !! I now feel confident doing my brows, no more frustrations and I even smile while doing my brows. This has been one of the best investments I have ever made to my beauty regime. I love my Magic Stick !!

quickest & easiest brow product I've ever used! - 12-09-2017 by

Goof Proof is by far the best quality brow product that is super easy to use. Application is almost effortless and it's my "go-to" everyday brow product because of how quick it applies. The shape of the crayon is ergonomically designed to flow to a natural brow shape which makes it so so SO easy to use! The shade selection is also amazing! LOVE this product.

Provides a good, strong colour and is easy to use - 07-09-2017 by

Gives a strong colour, and very easy to use. I have fair hair, and thin eyebrows and previous to trying the Goof Proof Pencil (#2), I had tried the Precisely My Brow (#2) - and I love them both, but for different reasons. The Precisely My Brow requires more etching in (which makes sense given the thinner pencil), whereas with the Goof Proof Pencil I can fill my eyebrows in more quickly - although I do have to be careful not to make them look too heavy handed. Overall I found the Goof Proof is great to build a heavier/fuller brow (especially if I haven't had a tint done), while the Precisely My Brow is better when I have had a tint, to just prolong the colour with small touch ups.

So easy to use - 22-08-2017 by

Goof Proof indeed! I was tired of using pomades and always looking over done, and this is a much easier way to get defined full brows that still look natural. The brush on one end is a bonus too, so you only need this one product from start to finish. I really like the shape of the crayon, it makes it so easy to create the shape.

Lives up to its name. - 01-12-2016 by

I love love love this eyebrow pencil! It is definitely goof proof. I am the biggest goof and even so, with this pencil, my eyebrows were on fleek. I have previously used Hourglass' eyebrow pencil and was so unhappy with it. But benefit cosmetics is amazing. It's great if you tend to be a little heavy handed as the pencil itself is not soft and needs a little bit of pressure, which for some might be annoying but is great for those who are heavy handed. It's honestly the best eyebrow product I've tried and leave you with nice and natural looking eyebrows.

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