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Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

4.5 of 214 reviews


4 instalments of $10.75


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4 instalments of $10.75


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Presto… fast, full & natural-looking brows! Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is an easy glide-on brow pencil formula. Leaving soft color and a goof-proof tip, this the easiest brow filling & shaping pencil.

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4.5 of 214 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best!!!


This product has such a creamy texture which makes it go on so easily and the bouns is the spoolie at the end. It has such a good color range.

Most Helpful Criticism

No spoolie


Love this to fill in sparse brows. The triangle tip makes it really quick. Wish it came with a spoolie
  1. Nice colour


    I live the colour of this (med) but you do have to press quite hard
  2. The best!!!


    This product has such a creamy texture which makes it go on so easily and the bouns is the spoolie at the end. It has such a good color range.
  3. Great for creating shape!


    I accidentally purchased this instead of the Benefit my brow pencil. I love the light shade for my blonde brows but found the pencil too wide for fine brush strokes. However it is great for shaping the brow.
  4. On the natural end


    Good for a natural, every day brow look, I use for work and it gives me the perfect finished touch.
  5. Great product


    I recently had my brows feathered but love this product to fill them in a little more and make them look a little more polished. So quick and easy, my routine literally takes 2 minutes- brush with one end, fill with the other, brush over again- done!! Price point is the reason I’ve marked it down, it costs a lot for what it is but it does last a long time.
  6. The best


    This is the absolute best eyebrow pencil I have ever used, I have pretty thick brows so I don't need a lot of help but this is such an easy to use product that blends so naturally that it wouldn't matter how little or how much you need that it would work in both situations. I have repurchased time and time again and will continue to do so.
  7. Very natural brows


    I love this pencil, doesn't smudge during the day and helps fill in sparse eyebrows and they still look quite natural!
  8. 'Go to' brow pencil!


    I love this brow pencil! Easy to use, doesn't dry up, great colour matching. I wish it was a little cheaper but otherwise love it!
  9. amazing brow products


    I use all of the benefit eyebrow product because they are best but I've got to say this one has changed my life. Ive been using almost everyday of the past year. Theres so many shades and mine is 4.5. It gives me that neural defined brows.
  10. Love it!

    Tay Tay

    This is the only eyebrow pencil I use, along with the eyebrow gel in the same brand. It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge as well as it’s easy to work with with the angle tip.
  11. amazing


    If you dread doing your eyebrows you need this product! Its fool-proof!
  12. easy to use


    I love this pencil. it so easy to use and gives you that natural defined eyebrow look. best part is the spoolie at the end. it also has a good amount of colours.
  13. Best eyebrow product


    This is like the best eyebrow pencil out. It last me all day long. When I need my brows to look natural and full I use this. Basically you can create any type of brow look with this. Bold, natural anything. Nice shade range as well.
  14. perfect for the brows!


    I love all benefit brow products and this is no exception! I find this product works best for brows which need more filling in than small amounts. This is best for brows that are nearly non-existant, as i find you use less product with this rather than the goof proof.
    Great colour range and long lasting! highly recommend and worth the hype!
  15. Good for big brows


    I really like the tip of this brow pencil, good for filling in your brows if they are a bit bigger. The colour is really nice, the pencil is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. I also love the packaging and the spoolie on the end.
  16. Great!


    This is such a great brow pencil. Fills in sparse spots of my dark thick brows and easy to do light strokes to look very natural.
  17. Not Bad


    This is a great, soft brow pencil. The only trouble I have had is both of them I have ordered have dried up after a week or so making it difficult to apply. For the price it's not the best quality.
  18. Brow pencil


    Super easy to use and so convenient with the brush on the end !
  19. Love the natural brow look


    This definitely fills in my sparse areas very nicely, and helps me achieve that feathery brow look. A favourite of my brow stash
  20. The best!


    This literally is goof proof! It is impossible to have bad brows with this and trust me...I am very familar with bad brows! I am hopeless at filling in my brows and always struggle to get a good shapes.This product made every day a good brow day...even when my brows were in terrible shape!
  21. A good product but there are better ones


    It's a good brow pencil that is highly pigmented and lasts a long time. However, I find it a bit awkward to use in comparison to the Hourglass brow pencil I had prior to this. I probably wouldn't repurchase.
  22. Good


    This is good to shade and fill in your brows, it doesn’t give you a sharp brow but more of a natural brow. It’s handy to have!
  23. WOW


    This pencil is so nice to fill in thick brows ! super quick and easy
  24. Easy & Quick Option


    Great brow product as always from Benefit, I especially love Goof Proof if you're just after a very quick application and don't have too much time to be perfecting your brows or are just doing a very minimal natural look.
  25. Brows on fleek


    I love anything from Benefit brows because they apply so easily. They also have a wide variety of colours so you can find a match easily for your skin and eyebrow tone. The goof brow pencil makes my eyebrows look natural, as long as you go in with a light hand. You can also use it in conjunction with the Gimme brow gel for a more intense fuller looking eyebrow. The packaging is so cute as well whi...
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  26. Wouldn't look at a different brow pencil again


    I've been using this brow pencil for 2-3 years now after being recommended it, and now I feel everyone I know uses it! it last for ages too. I started off using the precise (skinny) version, which is also good, but I feel like this one last longer, and the angled pencil shape helps with shaping.
  27. Super easy


    Love this pencil, makes putting on the brows a breeze, I’m a natural blonde so my brows are white :( I use the light number 1 and its perfect! Also use it with benefits eyebrow gel, great combo
  28. Travel size costs less


    Great value. Such a good size for my travel bag.

    I don’t buy full size anything anymore. Costs half the price to buy the mini and by the time the formula needs replacing, if you buy full size, you have more than half left so it’s wasteful.

    This pencil is so easy to use and I can fill in my brows in minutes after a gym session.
  29. goof


    benefit is on top of the game when it comes to brow products, the goof proof is so simple to use and amazing for a natural looking brow
  30. Easiest brow product


    I love this brow product. It’s so easy to use with the spoolie on the other end and is very blendable. The shape of the tip is perfect for filling in the brow.
  31. Lasts for ages!


    I have had this eyebrow pencil for almost 3 years and it is still going strong! The waxy texture and angled end make it super easy to apply and the spoolie end makes it really easy to blend and fix any mistakes. Easily the best eyebrow pencil I've ever used, and while it isn't cheap it does last absolutely ages!
  32. My go-to brow pencil


    I have tried pretty much all of Benefit's brow products, but I keep coming back to the Good Proof Brow Pencil as my favourite. The triangle-shaped tip allows for both precision application and wide strokes depending on which way you turn the pencil. Keep a light hand and it creates a really nice, natural-looking brow. Shade #3 matches my medium dark brown brows perfectly.
  33. Really is goof proof


    I am a make up newbie and have tried so many eyebrow products that leave me looking like I have sharpie brows. This blends well for a natural defined look. Great especially if you dont have much time for make up as it glides on and blends effortlessly
  34. Awesome


    not my fav but defintely up there, if i hadnt had my brows done in a while this is the product to use to give my eyebrows a creamy beautiful new look
  35. THE BEST


    This is the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used, and I have used my fair share of eyebrow products. It glides on so easily and gives an amazing natural look. This is one that's hard to beat, I will be using this for a long time!
  36. Great


    Always a big fan of minis! This pen glides easily and fits in your travel bag effortlessly. It stays on for a good 3-5 hours before you would need to touch up again.
  37. Thick & thin strokes


    I love this pencil and how the end is designed to create both thin hairlike strokes and thicker bolder strokes to fill in the brows. I use colour 3 for my light brown hair and it looks so natural. Staying power is next level too!
  38. one of the best


    this brow pencil is very creamy, and does not look harsh as some others can. i like how natural it looks, the only downside is how expensive it is
  39. Best brow product


    This purchase was to replace my last Benefit Goof Proof pencil which had run out. I wouldn’t be without it and wouldn’t use anything else now. I even gave the packaging to a work colleague who is going to purchase one too. I have light and relatively sparse brows and I can achieve a beautiful full well shaped brow with this pencil every time. (Note the smaller less expensive pencil doesn’t come wi...
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  40. Best Eye brow Pencil


    I’ve tried so many eye brow pencils, but the Benefit Goof Proof is by far the best and so easy to use!
  41. Easy


    Really easy to just pencil in brows with this. I have used a lot of brow pencils and this one is really easy to use. Easily winds up instead of having to sharpen.
  42. No spoolie


    Love this to fill in sparse brows. The triangle tip makes it really quick. Wish it came with a spoolie
  43. Fool proof


    Great pencil for beginners, it’s nice an easy to use but can look a bit “blurry” on - can’t go wrong with it otherwise
  44. Great for on the go


    I got this brow pencil as a tester and instantly loved it. It is easy to use and stays on all day. The colour matches my brown eyebrows perfectly and being that it is just one pencil rather than a pot and brush, it is easy to take on the go. I keep one in my handbag for the days I'm rushing out the door.
  45. Quick and fool proof


    Fool proof for easy brows! Love this little pencil to fill in my brows on casual days. It's super quick because the tip is thicker than other brow products. Long lasting and haven't had a problem with it sweating off in hot weather either.
  46. Must have brow pencil


    This fabulous little pencil is my everyday go to, by itself or with a brow gel, this pencil lasts all day without really fading or smudging.
    I work in a high school with active teenagers and it doesn't matter how much the rest of my make up falls apart my eyebrows always look fabulous.
    The other huge benefit of this brow pencil is that the colour is buildable from natural to dramatic....
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    This literally is goof proof! It is impossible to have bad brows with this and trust me...I am very familar with bad brows! I am hopeless at filling in my brows and always struggle to get a good shapes.This product made every day a good brow day...even when my brows were in terrible shape!

    Great colour pay off and the product lasts a while!
  48. Still unsure but am giving it a go


    I feel like I have to press down hard for the pencil to make a mark. But I am going to be persistant and see if it gets better over time.
  49. LOVE


    LOVE LOVE LOVE. A great brow pencil - great tone and is great by itself or with gel for a more built up look. Use this quickly daily even if I forget other make up .
  50. INsta worthy brows!


    I thought I'd give this product a go since I have a few annoying gaps in my brows. I want to preface this by saying - I have tried every brow product on the market and while I've been a bit "meh" about every one of those - THIS product is WOW-WEE! I feel like I want to spread the word - I rarely give reviews on products but this one deserves it. I use it every day and get comments on my eyebrows e...
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  51. AMAZING!!!!


    This product is definitely goof proof!! Glides on so easy! Perfect lines and easy to blend for a perfect natural look! Definitely my go to brow pencil!
  52. Incredibly easy to use!

    Rachel F

    I literally do my eyebrows in like 2 minutes with this. It gives a lovely feathered natural look. The only advice I would give is not to apply too much pressure when drawing your eyebrows, as you risk blunting the slanted edge.
  53. Not the best


    While the shape and thickness of this product is designed for easy and quick application, it doesn't apply smoothly or evenly. With other products I can do my brows quickly and with precision, for the price, this product just isn't worth it.
  54. Definitely Reccomend


    This product is fantastic!! I would definitely recommend so great that you can try in this mini version.
  55. Awesome


    Having never really been able to get a great brow look in the past I figured I’d give this a go. As an absolute novice and a wearer if glasses I was amazed at how easy it was to get the Perefect brow shape using this awesome little tool! It certainly lived up to the goof proof name and for anyone who isn’t as talented at applying makeup honestly you should try this you won’t be disappointed
  56. Great for beginners


    The shape of this is so easy to use for a beginner and I think that makes it a really great product. Lots of eyebrow pencils are difficult for beginners so I appreciate the thought that went into this! Only drawback is none of the colours really work for my blonde hair, so I think a colour between 3 and 4 is needed.
  57. Super easy to use and good light coverage


    This is brilliant and awesome for on the go use - its easy to use with minimal mirror access, as the shaped tip covers and defines without having to be too precise.

    It gives good coverage without being too heavy so is good for a natural day time look.

    I am naturally ginger blond, very pale and dye my hair bright red and this colour works well on me as a natural definition...
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  58. Def is Goof Proof


    Formula is soft and easy to blend. Not completely waterproof, but wearability is very good. Retractable, so the formula doesn't dry out. Great for people who are just beginning to color their brows, or people like me who just want a quick and easy touch-up. Well worth the price too
  59. nice


    this is a great product to get those eyebrows looking good! so easy to use and lasts for ages
  60. Good starter


    This is one of the few beginner pencils I used and it's great for starting out. Really good to begin with.
  61. Best eyebrow pencil I've used!


    I've tried tons of different eyebrow products and this is by far my favorite. It looks so natural and it applies so easily. The color is also perfect!
  62. Best


    This is the best brow pencil ever. It fills them so fast and the product is extremely creamy. It doesn't budge alllll day. I highly recommend
  63. longlasting


    Easy to apply and the brow looks amazing! Brows looks very natural as well! I have tried swatching on my hand and the colour stays even after washing my hand
  64. Natural, soft, easy to use


    I use the shade 3 medium on fair skin with brown hair.
    It is very easy to use and I love that it is compact (and the packaging is really nice). The shape of the tip is like a tear drop which allows you to fill in your brows quickly but also get accurate fine tips on the end. It goes on very smooth and the colour is very accurate so you can barely tell I have makeup on my brows. The product ...
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  65. Good


    I love this product, it fills the eyebrows nicely and gives them a gentle shape. It is so easy to use. I am not giving it 5 stars though as the twist-up mechanism stopped working for me after a few weeks of everyday use so I was unable to use the remaining amount of the product. However, I will keep purchasing it as it really is the best out there.
  66. Beginner pencil


    Good pencil for beginners, it provides a very natural look. I do prefer a sharper point that can do some 'flicks' for the eyebrows though. The colour is nice and blends in well.
  67. Easy to use


    Easy to use pencil , helps give great shape and colour and long lasting.
  68. good to use


    nice product but not enough product for the price
  69. A good brow product


    An easy to apply and long wearing brow product. Helps brows look groomed and filled in.
  70. LOVE THIS!!!!

    S Fahd

    I havent put this one down ever since I got it and its just amazing. The color is perfect and the angled tip makes it so much more easier to fill in your eyebrows as well. Wished if it had a spoolie with it but not a big deal !!! Its really and easy go to product.
  71. Good for gaps


    This is really good to fill in the gaps and give a smooth line to your brows.
  72. Ideal for unsteady hands


    This product is fantastic for anyone who has difficulty drawing the perfect brow. Goof Proof DEFINATELY!
  73. The best brow pencil!


    I have been using this for a couple of years now & will continue to do so. Have tried so many brow pencils but this is the only one that glides on, stays put & has a natural colour. Absolutely love it!
  74. The best brow pencil. Great consistency, easy to use.


    This is without a doubt the best brow pencil. It glides on and blends easily. Super easy to use, and super quick to use before you rush out the door! Great colour that can be darkened with multiple applications or toned down for a more subtle effect, by using the handy brow brush that's also included.
  75. Superb


    Tried so many brow products now and always come back to this one. It’s a great size and apples seamlessly!
  76. Amazing


    Love that this product doesn’t require constant sharpening. The pointed tip makes it easy to define brows with precision and being waterproof, it sits well throughout the day without smearing at all
  77. perfect brows


    My brows have never looked better. it is very easy to use as well and I don't think I'll ever stop using it. would definitely recommend!
  78. Brows on fleek every time


    Benefit is my absolute go to for brows! I’ve used a ton of other brands in the past and nothing compares to this one. It’s easy to use plus the comb brush on the end is convenient. The shade matches perfectly and it stays put all day. Overall recommend!! 10/10
  79. Amazing


    It’s a great pencil if you’re interested in filling in the entire brow. I’ve light brow hair and find shade 3 works really well. Nice creamy formula aswell with a great spoolie
  80. Amazing for shaping brows


    The good proof pencil is the perfect shape for shaping brows! I probably wouldn't use it to fill in the brows lightly (would opt for a powder) but its great if you want a full brow look. Also love the colour range. Shade 5 I find is perfect for Indian skin tones.
  81. amazing


    Amazing brow pencil that is so versatile and creates the perfect natural brow every time
  82. Quick and Easy but Not Perfect!


    I love benefit's brow products but this one is definitely not my fave.
    If you have brows that aren't sparse and have a bit of natural shape to them I think this would be a great product for you but because I have naturally sparse brows with basically no tail I don't think this was great.
    Apart from that, the shape is a bit awkward and the tip tends to lose it's shape after a while mak...
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  83. Good product but doesn't last long


    A nice, creamy easy to use pencil with a good colour range (2.5 for my light/medium skin tone and ash blonde hair is ace), however with daily use I went through this in a month. Spent a little more on a different product which has been going strong for 4 months so won't repurchase.
  84. This is great


    I have very patchy eyebrows so it's important for me to have a good brow pencil. This does a great job, I use colour number 4 which is the perfect colour of my brows. I love that its double sided with the brush. Expensive but worth it.
  85. Slight let down


    Whilst it is a nice creamy product and easy enough to use, I just don't think it's quite worth the price compared to other eyebrow pencils out there!
  86. i want to like it but cant


    I just wish I could apply this like the makeup artists do in Sephora! For the life of me I just can’t, every time I try it’s a struggle. It just applies super chalky and smudges whenever I try to fix it up. Ironic as it’s called ‘Goof Proof’
  87. very creamy


    the creamiest pencil I've ever used, the product just glides on my brows so easily. I've used many other brands, but nothing compares to benefit.. basically the only brow product I use
  88. Easy to use


    I love this brow pencil as it is easy to use, and is excellent for filling in areas. As I have fair features I think I personally prefer a thinner pencil however this product is still excellent
  89. Super easy


    I like to use this if I'm in a hurry it's really easy to just fill in the gaps with a few swipes. Colour is great and its blendable if I make a mistake.


    This product is super easy to use and goes on well.
    I use the shade 3 and it is natural enough but still gives me defined brows.
  91. Easy to use


    Great product, makes my daily routine so easy!
  92. Quick and easy brows


    I have fallen in love with this brow pencil! Using this it is so quick and easy to fill in my brows which I love because I’m not someone who enjoys sitting around for too long doing makeup. I also love that this is water and sweat proof for 12 hours which I’ve found so handy for when I’m working and it’s very humid.
    The angle of the pencil also makes it easy to get that perfect shape you wa...
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  93. Perfect angle!


    This eyebrow pencil is one of the best I have used. The angle of the applicator makes it super easy to draw fine lines with the angled tip or use it to fill in larger gaps in the brow. I use 03 which perfectly matches my brow shade, and there are plenty of options. It stays on even after swimming and heavy exercise. If you make a mistake use the brush and go over the line a few times and it will ...
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  94. Great for beginners


    the angle of the pencil gives you a good precise line and control when drawing in your eyebrows. i find that using this makes my routine a lot faster coz the tip of the pencil is a lot longer so drawing strokes of hair is easier. the spoolly at the other end is good quality too. great for beginners!
  95. HG eyebrow pencil


    if you have a lot of hair in your eyebrow and it doesn't need a lot of filling in, this is perfect imo as it is so fast to fill and shape your eyebrow. it is not too creamy that you can go overboard with your eyebrow, but not too waxy either. it is perfect and i heard they are expanding the shades! I cannot wait for adore beauty to get it!
  96. Great, just need more cooler shades.


    This is a really great brow product - easy to apply and blend and I love the slanted tip. My only negative is that the mid shades are all quite warm toned, with the only exception being shade 3.5 which doesn’t seem to be available.
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