Why You Need to Put a Glowy Face Mist in Your Fridge Immediately

mac setting spraymac setting spray

Warmer days are coming. Thank bloody goodness.

Along with picnics in the sun, lazy afternoons at the beach and long, warm summer nights - SPF obligatory, of course - now is the ideal time to add a face mist spray to your beauty arsenal.

Pfft, aren't face mists just fancy scented water, you ask?

Sure, some are, but the best face mist will A) revive crusty makeup, B) help serums apply and penetrate the skin better, C) make your skin look dewy, but not oily and D) refresh your face when spritzed on a hot day straight from the fridge.

Need more convincing? Keep scrolling for why you should put a glowy face mist in your fridge immediately, plus three of my favourites.

What Is a Face Mist?

If you're thinking face mists are a bit of a marketing ploy, I hear you. I certainly used to feel that way, too. But, like many skincare categories, face mists have upped their game over the last few years.

Packed with skincare-boosting ingredients, mists are truly one of the unsung heroes of summer skin care.

Chuck one in your bag and look on smugly as everyone around you sweats through the heat. Use them to prep or set makeup. Give your skin a bit of a zhoosh at 3pm.

And yes, if ‘past you’ remembers to pop one in the fridge, there's nothing like an icy, refreshing face mist on a scorcher of a day.

Which Is the Best Face Mist?

Face mists won't radically change or transform your skin. But if you can afford one, they’re a nice-to-have that can offer worthy benefits and boost other products in your routine.

You can even find hydrating mist and setting spray hybrids that do it all.

Here are three of my favourite face mists.

1. Best Makeup Setting Spray - M.A.C. Cosmetics Fix+ Bronzer.

mac Setting Spraymac Setting Spray

What: M.A.C COSMETICS Fix + / Bronzer

Why it's so good:

This new version of the iconic MAC Fix+ product is a spectacular face mist and dewy setting spray.

Not only does it look stunning in the bottle, but the formula is infused with hydrating ingredients and bronze pearlescent particles for a subtle and beautiful shimmer finish.

This MAC setting spray promises to make skin look healthy and radiant, and improve the wear of your makeup for up to 12 hours. It feels so light and refreshing on the skin, I have to stop myself from spritzing half the bottle on my face each time.

I keep this one for days I’m wearing makeup as it offers such a glorious glowy finish. Hot tip: dampen your beauty blender with it instead of water before applying foundation for added staying power.

2. Best Hydrating Face Mist - Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Facial Spritz.

Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Facial SpritzJane Iredale D20 Hydration Facial Spritz

What: Jane Iredale D20 Hydration Facial Spritz

Why it's so good:

Consider this your general all-rounder. The formula absorbs really quickly into the skin and feels almost as light as water.

The sturdy metal packaging means it’s a great one to throw in your bag so you’re never left sans spritz. You should know, it does have a strong fragrance, including one of my favourites scents, ylang ylang. Beautiful, but not exactly subtle.

If you’ve got oily skin, you can use this spray instead of a moisturiser. Those with super dry skin (like mine at the moment) will want to use in conjunction with other hydrating skincare products.

This Jane Iredale mist is great for post-laser treatment, too.

3. Best Refreshing Face Mist for Dewy Skin - Pixi Glow Mist.

Pixi Glow MistPixi Glow Mist

What: Pixi Glow Mist

Why it's so good:

I love Pixi as a brand and this product is just another reason why. It's one of the best face mists I’ve tried.

Packed with 13 natural essential oils, aloe vera, and fruit extracts designed to boost hydration and make skin glow, this lightweight formula hydrates the skin and adds radiance, and can also help set makeup.

With a lovely fresh scent, it leaves skin or makeup with a natural radiant finish. The pump spray is also the perfect size to cover your face with just two spritzes. Win.

How to Use a Face Mist.

Here are four ways you can use a face mist spray in your beauty routine:

  • Apply to your skin before serums - Dampening the skin with a mist before applying your serums makes it easier for products and their ingredients to penetrate.

  • Prep and finish off your makeup - Different to straight setting sprays, a dewy face mist with some staying power can prep the skin before makeup, and lock everything in once you're done.

  • Refresh your face during the day - Spritzing a face mist throughout the day can revive dehydrated skin (thanks office air con) and keep your face from eating up your makeup.

  • Wake your sleeping partner up in the morning - Kidding, obviously. (Maybe.)

Now, all that's left to do is to decide which glowy mist to make space for in your fridge.

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