A Tutorial Made Me Want This New Brow Product

I love nothing more than a multi-purpose product. I mean, why would you want just a brow pencil, when you could have a brow pencil and a brow powder?

Well, the truth is, I was quite happy with my Precisely, My Brow Pencil - until I saw a tutorial of Benefit's new Brow Styler and I had to have it. I like to maintain my brows like a mullet, fluffy in the front and full in the back. And as it turns out, the Brow Styler is perfect for that (and for creating pretty much any brow look you want).


How Is It Different?

Brow Styler is a two-in-one wax pencil and powder which makes it simple to create three different brow looks: soft & full, clean & shaped, and bold & defined. You're basically getting a Goof Proof Brow Pencil and Brow Zings in one product.

  • The wax pencil has a long-lasting waterproof with an angled tip to sculpt and shape

  • The loose powder on the other end easily builds soft and full natural-looking brows

  • Application is mess-free and almost foolproof (a guide is included for any beginners)

  • This versatile duo is excellent for makeup artists who regularly customise brow looks

  • Allows you to adjust the fullness of your brows based on your look for the day/night

  • It's available in 8 versatile shades with cool and warm undertones

Benefit-Brow-Styler 0015Benefit-Brow-Styler 0015

How To Use It:

 We were lucky enough to get a complete rundown of exactly how to create three different brow looks with National Brow Artist, Hannah Mutze. If you're gonna trust anyone with your brows, it should be Hannah. So whether you're a light and fluffy kinda girl, or you like a strong and stenciled vibe, the Brow Styler has got you covered.

Watch and find your perfect eyebrow style

What's Everyone Saying About It?

Can't believe it


I am usually a Precisely My Brow Pencil (by Benefit) girl but decided to give this a shot! I am SO surprised. The powder is so pigmented and the wax has the perfect amount of pigment for a natural base. Definitely recommend, worth the $!

My new brow go-to


Love the wax pencil and powder combo. I use the powder during the day for a more subtle look and then use the powder with the wax if I am heading out at night and want something a little more defined.



Absolutely amazing brow duo! Creates the perfect brow and so easy to use! Doesn’t rub off easily and looks super natural!