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4.5 of 47 reviews


4 instalments of $13.75


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4 instalments of $13.75


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Benefit's famous total taming & shaping brow kit is NEW and improved! Benefit Brow Zings is a pocket-size pal comes with everything you need to sculpt, shape and fill brows. The perfectly paired powder & wax provide 12 hours of smudge-proof, budge-proof wear!

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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4.5 of 47 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I enjoy all of Benefits products so i decided id give this one a go. I really like the consistency of the wax, its super easy to apply and glides across the brows so nicely! The powder is great as well, it sets the wax in place and is definitely a great combo!

Most Helpful Criticism

not the best


not my favourite Benefit brow product! I find the pencil and brow gels much easier to use. this never really goes on even and takes forever to apply
  1. Love


    I enjoy all of Benefits products so i decided id give this one a go. I really like the consistency of the wax, its super easy to apply and glides across the brows so nicely! The powder is great as well, it sets the wax in place and is definitely a great combo!
  2. Does the job


    This shaping brow kit works alright when drawing and shaping eyebrows. However, I found it to be a bit too much when being applied, only a very small amount is needed. Some parts ends up way to dark sometimes and it's hard to correct. You just have to be mindful when using this product, to not grab too much. The price tag is a bit pricey, there are cheaper eyebrow products on the market that does ...
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  3. Another love!


    i just love all my benefit brow products and the brow zing is no exception! I love that it comes with the powder and the wax! It is a perfect tool to do your brows with. I like using this on days when I want a more bolder brow :)
  4. Last ages


    I've been using this for quite a good few years and it's remained one of my faves.

    I've tried dip brows and pencil/crayons but really like the look of this powder/wax combination. For the most part, I only really use the powder and it lasts ageees. Each Brow Zing has lasted me 10-12 months!

    They have also added more colour options now which is a plus!
  5. Not a fan


    Probably the least fav product from Benefit range. It doesn't work for me that well. Powder gets everywhere and other brow products work better for me.
  6. Gives a softer look


    Although there is so much diversity in terms of brow products on the market, I still sometimes love the look of a regular brow powder as I find it gives a more softer feel to the whole look compared to more defined brows when using gel or pencil. I find that the brushes that come with this product works super well in applying the product too so that's a bonus!
  7. not the best


    not my favourite Benefit brow product! I find the pencil and brow gels much easier to use. this never really goes on even and takes forever to apply
  8. Good product.


    This is a nice product for what it is but I find myself only using it on full glam days as it definitely doesnt give you the natural look gimme brow and the brow pencils do. Lasts all day and looks amazing.
  9. Good colour for auburn hair


    The second lightest colour in this is a pretty good match for auburn hair (which can be hard to match with brow products!). The double set with the powder seems to add lots of definition and stays pretty well. I use different brushes (a long handled stiff angle brush) as the brushes in this set are pretty dinky. It's a good product for really defined full lashes, but a little more effort than a tr...
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  10. Defines your brows


    This product is excellent! I started using it because I saw Shani Grimmond use it in a YouTube video. When I use this I mix both the powder and wax together to save me time. If you like to define your brows with a brush then this is the brow product for you. It gives a similar effect to using a pomade but slightly more fool proof. It seems pricey but you get heaps of product and I haven’t had to b...
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  11. brow zinging


    good wax and powder convo, good for a fade out brow I feel
  12. Benefit know Brows


    amazing brow product for full glam use both sides but more of a natural look just use the powder. the gel side on some shades can go a little orange
  13. Brow zings!!!


    love this duo! if you want bold big brows benefit is the way to go!
  14. Awesome


    this is such a handy set, can do the brows on the go because of the mirror and for i natural look i tend to leave towards just using the powder but you can also do full glam by using both.the only thing id change is the brush, it isn't that great to use
  15. Worth It


    I usually use the benefit “precisely, my brow” eye brow pencil, I don’t find this quite as easy to use but colour and coverage is great and the product is lasting me a lot longer ending up cheaper which is a bonus!
  16. so far so good


    love that it has a mirror inside which makes it easy to carry around or travel with. It's pigmented but not harsh, easy to use and blends nicely. It doesn't become patchy throughout the day. I normally use it by itself or would use it to set my brows and to add pigment. I do find the shape weird but unique at the same time. so far so good.
  17. Simple & Easy.


    Love the compact and easy to use kit. The brush it comes with is perfect size for precise application. Great compact for travelling and to throw in your handbag. Product stays on and is super easy to apply. Lasts forever too, i am no where near hitting the pan and I've had it for 6 months now!
  18. My eyebrows have never looked better


    My eyebrows have never looked better! This product fills the gaps in my brows so well and the brush that comes with the set is very good quality. The mirror in the packaging means you can get right up close too. Overall, I'm extremely happy with product and packaging.
  19. Such a great concept


    This is so easy to use & the colouring is just perfect for me. I love the fact that it comes with a little pair of tweezers. Your eyebrows stay exactly the same after 8 hours of wear even longer. Definitely worth the price
  20. So handy


    This is an amazing brow product. It's so good for on the go makeup. I really love how your getting two formulations. I love shaping my brows with the creme, then to set them with the powder. Perfect combination.
  21. Natural finish


    This product was a life changer for my brows. Give them a natural and clean look. The wax helps the powder set in place for many hours.
  22. Love it


    I have always been a powder person over pencil for my brows and this powder is the best one I have ever used! I got medium for my dark brows and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I also bought my sister one!
  23. Goodie


    Ok, so I still occasionally hesitate when having to pay $50+ for an eye brow product. However, I heard great things about this and after months of thinking about it I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. It's a a nice product and meets expectations however I think if I looked harder I can find something comparable for cheaper. I still would recommend this if you have the cash as it's not ov...
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  24. not bad


    amazing brow product for full glam use both sides but more of a natural look just use the powder. the gel side on some shades can go a little orange
  25. Amazing Brow!


    This product is a brow changer! The wax and powder work great together to leave a full and defined look.
  26. Absolutely love


    Absolutely love this product. Keeps brows in place, nice texture, natural looking, easy to work with.
  27. Really great formula!


    Love the Brow Zings. Really nice formula and very easy to work with.
  28. good


    This product helps me achieve my natural everyday brows easily which I really love! Its pricey yes, but its worth it!! You can use this product if you want to achieve a natural bushy brow
  29. Not for me!


    A great product for those starting out with brows but too pastey and powdery for any real brow definition.
  30. So good


    I love this. I love that it comes with the tweezers and a brush. My brows stay put all day long
  31. Cant even tell


    I cant even tell I have this on it's that natural. Love the look I can get with this and it's so easy!
  32. Easy to use


    Great product. Easy to use. Stays put all day/night. Compact for travel and comes with a good quality brush and tweezers. A PLUS!
  33. My favorite eyebrow product!!


    I love this product so much. it isn't even noticed as makeup it looks so natural
  34. Not a convert


    I'm a pencil or gel girl, but I wanted to try this. I'm not a full convert but it fills well and looks good when set with gel.
  35. cant go without!


    this is sooo easy to use and honestly just looks amazing! lasts for hours and makes my brows look amazing!
  36. I'm converted!


    I used to be a brow pencil kind of girl but ever since trying this I've been obsessed! I was hesitant because of the high price but it's definitely worth it. I bought the shade 03 Medium which is perfect for me right now as I'm a natural brunette with dyed blonde hair. On an every day basis I mix both the wax and powder together as it's quick and easy! Saves me so much time compared to filling my ...
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  37. My number 1 go to for brows


    I don’t leave the house without using this product anymore. It’s great for a quick application to define the shape of my brows which are thin and fine
  38. Love it


    I love this brow kit, love the small tweezers that are included to tidy up on the run, and the foldable brush included is great. I’ve had a few brow kits in my life and this is definitely the best and so worth the little extra money.
  39. Really easy to use brow kit


    This brow kit is great for those of us who don't have the time to perfect the brows. Just a bit of the powder on each brow really makes them stand out. It is really easy to use and lasts for ages.
  40. Great


    I'm still a beginner when it comes to brows. This is so easy to use and fills my brows well.
  41. Great to shape


    This is the perfect eyebrow kit. I defiantly prefer the natural look and have associated groomed eyebrows with the very dark, over the top look these days, so was a bit skeptical buying this product but I'm glad it was recommended to me by a clerk.
    Easy to use and great for days when I want to look put-together but am in a rush. I don't usually wear that much make-up during the day, but this...
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  42. Best brow product!


    I'm one of those people who is obsessed with their brows so I have tried everything. Nothing beats Benefit! This product helps you to get a nice defined brow that last for ages. I have light brown/blonde balayage hair with a fair to medium complexion and I use the light 02 colour. I wouldn't recommend going any darker for people with similar colouring.

  43. Bold Brows!


    I don't do my make-up every day but when I do this product is a must! The wax helps give fullness while keeping my hairs in place while the powder fills in any gaps. I sometimes use this in conjunction with a pencil as well but you really don't need to. It stays on all day and all night.... and even through to the next morning (please don't ask how I know that - not washing your make-up off at nig...
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  44. Best Brows


    I have been using Brow Zings in Deep (6) daily for about 2 years and I love this product! The pomade has a really nice, smooth texture for easy application and the setting powder gives excellent depth. Highly recommend!
  45. Recommended by Michael Finch


    My friend Michael recommended this product to me as I was looking for a good brow product and none of the drugstore products was doing it for me. They were either too dark or no pigment at all (waste of money!). This product is worth every cent. It has lasted me just over 12 months and I still have enough left for another couple of months. I use it every day and highly recommend to anyone. Probabl...
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