What To Look For In A Lash Serum

Faking your way to fab lashes can easily be done with a good set of falsies. Although have you ever tried to fake your curl/length the natural way – or with a lash serum designed to quicken the speed at which your lashes grow? Because these days it can be done. 

As long as you’re not sleeping in your makeup, obviously. Which we all know is a cardinal sin.

We all know that sleeping with your makeup on can lead to a whole range of skin issues including breakouts and irritation, but sleeping with any eye makeup on (like mascara on your lashes) can additionally lead to damage or even cause your once healthy lashes to break – or worse, lead to infection!

So, the moral for us all is: healthy skin needs to be cleansed before bed, and healthy lashes need to be as well. Bonus points: added to anybody that wants to include a lash serum to foster healthy growth.

What Do Lash Serums Actually Do?

However, there are so many lash serums on the market these days where do you begin? More importantly, what do they even do?

Predominantly lash serums have been created to condition the root of the lashes with vitamins and minerals. They’re also designed to hydrate the lash fibre. It’s like extra TLC and nurturing to ensure you generate killer lash growth (we all so desperately desire.) So adding a good eyelash serum to your routine will essentially help with ensuring you have strong, healthy lashes – no matter what life throws at them.

An eyelash serum also has the potential to deliver killer, fluttery lashes – minus the in clinic appointments so over time it could save you a bit of money. Not to mention restore them back to their shiny, vibrant selves.

Plus, did you know that your very own mascara (yes the one that is as important a step in your morning routine as your coffee is) is a major culprit in drying out/weakening your eyelashes? So yeah, an eyelash serum can help you fix an addiction to over-using your favourite mascara too.

If Your Eyes Are Easily Irritated, Should You Avoid Lash Serums?

Lash enhancing serums might not be the best for everyone and Debra Sloane, Managing Director at Love Those Lashes, on Oxford Street in Paddington, tells me that “if people have sensitive skin or are inflamed for whatever reason they should avoid lash enhancing serums of any kind.” Usually because most serums have concentrated ingredients and these concentrated ingredients are the most likely to add too or worsen irritation.

When Is The Best Time To Apply Your Lash Serum?

Debra also advises that the best time to apply an eyelash serum is directly after cleansing and moisturising at night.

“Serums do not normally need to be applied every night. Rather two-three times a week. I also like to recommend that on the nights an eyelash serum is applied you do not apply any other eye treatments.”

Although, it is important to check the usage instructions on your individual product, as some brands, like EyEnvy, will recommend applying your lash serum in the morning to avoid the product migrating into the eye overnight and causing irritation.

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Can You Use A Lash Serum If You've Has A Lash Lift Or Extensions?

I know what you’re all thinking now… ”what about my (can’t live without) lash lifts! Or my eyelash extensions!” Can eyelash serums be used in conjunction with those treatments? Well, Debra says you can.

“Serums should be used with lash extensions and lifts, because even though the lashes are dead it is the root that needs nourishing regularly,” Debra says.

“So just like when you have colour added to the hair on your head, which forces you to maintain its health and condition with weekly treatments. The same TLC should apply to lash extensions and lifts. Lash lifts and extensions tend to dry out the lash fibre therefore, a conditioning treatment such as a serum is important.” It helps put back in what the treatments take out.

So are you ready to restore your lashes to better health? A few lash serums to try are below!

Touted as one of the best eyelash growth serums on Adore. This is also a serum designed to promote healthy, full lashes and prevent breakage and fall out. Plus, it’s free from artificial fragrance, so it will be kind to any of you with mildly sensitive eyes. 

An eyelash conditioning gel that conditions, lengthens and thickens. However, one that’s also good for anybody recovering from wearing extensions for a long period of time or from heat damage as it’s super rejuvenating. It isn’t entirely organic or naturally derived though, so if you are prone to irritation it might be one to avoid.

Lash serum extension safe, this is a lash serum that is super friendly on the pocket. Not only will it nourish and feed your lashes but it can help reduce lash loss too – which we all know is super common for anybody that can’t live without their eyelash extensions or lifts. Side note: it will take around four weeks to see results.  

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