I Tried the TikTok 'Bathrobe Curls' Trend to See If It's Legit

Amy Clark TikTok Bathrobe CurlsAmy Clark TikTok Bathrobe Curls

Anyone else spend way too long watching TikTok beauty trends and other random videos before bed? Same.

Sorry, that's a lie. I'm way too old for TikTok.

But when I found myself with a Saturday afternoon and zero plans not too long ago, I decided to try out the TikTok 'bathrobe curls' trend popping up in my feed.

What are bathrobe curls, you ask? Excellent question. Keep scrolling for my bathrobe curls tutorial and heatless waves before and after photos.

What are Bathrobe Curls?

You can check out our TikTok beauty trend bathrobe curls tutorial in our YouTube video below!

Remember rag curls? Bathrobe curls are exactly the same.

While your mum might've used torn up bits of fabric to give you heatless curls as a kid, the young people on TikTok are using the belts from their bathrobes.

Bathrobe curls are a pretty decent way to get heatless waves overnight, without using a curler, straightener, curling wand or any heat tools.

Here's me ready to sleep in my bathrobe curls. FYI moments later, I rolled over and started drooling.

Amy Clark TikTok Bathrobe CurlsAmy Clark TikTok Bathrobe Curls

TikTok Bathrobe Curls Tutorial.

To try this TikTok beauty trend at home, you'll need:

How to Do Bathrobe Curls.

Here's your step-by-step instructions on how to do bathrobe curls.

Step 1: Rough dry your hair to about 80-90 per cent dry. Focus on drying your roots. (Want heatless curls? Skip this step and air dry.)

Step 2: Spray a sea salt spray through your hair for grit and texture, and run a hair smoothing serum through your lengths and ends to avoid frizz.

Step 3: Part your hair as you'd like it and split your lengths into two sections. Grab your bathrobe tie. Pop the bathrobe tie over your head so it's sitting like a headband. Secure one side of your hair and the tie into a ponytail to keep it in place.

Step 4: Starting at the front of your hair on the other side, take a section of hair and wrap it around the bathrobe tie, away from your face.

Step 5: Pick up a second section of hair and wrap both around the bathrobe tie - the technique is similar to braiding. Continue until all your hair is wrapped around the bathrobe tie with two inches left out at the end.

Step 6: Secure your hair to the bathrobe tie with a coiled hair tie or a silk scrunchie to avoid hair tie marks. Repeat on the other side, always wrapping the hair away from the face.

Step 7: Go about your day/evening as you are, or secure your two sections into Princess Leia-style buns.

Step 8: After five to six hours, or overnight, gently unwrap your hair and remove the bathrobe tie. Brush the curls out with your fingers or a wide tooth comb, and add any styling products as you wish. Fin.

PSA: Did you know Adore Beauty now has TikTok? Check out how Jo curls her hair in the video below!


Waves just like that 😉🌊 @joannafleming13 using the Silver Bullet Fastlane Large Ceramic Curling Iron ##foryou ##hairtransformation ##adorebeauty ##fyp

♬ big and chunky - kozume.aep

Bathrobe Curls Before and After.

Hold on, because my TikTok curls before and after journey is WILD.

After hanging out and sleeping in my bathrobe curls for well over 15 hours, the initial results were very defined, coiled curls.

My mum reckoned they looked like the natural curls I used to have before I dried all the life out of my hair with heat styling.

Amy Clark TikTok Bathrobe CurlsAmy Clark TikTok Bathrobe Curls

Amy Clark TikTok Bathrobe CurlsAmy Clark TikTok Bathrobe Curls

A few hours later, the curls started to soften and drop, and by the end of the day, I had EXACTLY the kind of waves I'd get if I used my straightener or curling wand.

The waves were big, loose and relaxed - just how I like 'em.

These waves lasted me another day or two, so in total, I got three days out of my bathrobe curls, and that's without using any styling products to hold the waves post-bathrobe.

Amy Clark TikTok Bathrobe CurlsAmy Clark TikTok Bathrobe Curls

My Verdict on This Heatless Curls Hack...

It's a yes from me. If you can be effed.

It's also a BIG yes from Megan in our Social and Content team, who as you would've seen in our TikTok beauty hacks YouTube video above (seriously, go back and watch it), was vibing her Farrah Fawcett hair.

So, if you have a bathrobe tie and absolutely nothing to do, might as well get on this TikTok beauty trend. It's a good time.

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