I Tried This Insta-Famous $89 Hair Dryer to See If It's Worth the Hype

Mermade hair dryer review, Amy Clark holds Mermade Hair DryerMermade hair dryer review, Amy Clark holds Mermade Hair Dryer

Raise your hand if you're highly sceptical of Insta-famous beauty brands. Same.

Maybe it's because they're literally everywhere and look too good to be true, but I tend to approach the buzzy brands everyone's talking about on social media with a raised eyebrow.

One such brand is Mermade Hair.

When their best-selling hot pink (and kind of terrifying) hair waving tool went viral in 2019, it was all I saw in my feed.

Honestly, I resented it. I could hardly scroll for a few seconds without seeing photos of the three-pronged contraption and 90s 'mermaid' waves a la the Kardashians.

Then, I tried the tool for myself and conceded it actually works - with some practice and strong biceps. A reminder that some Instagram brands aren't just all talk and influencer marketing, if you will.

Following the success of the Mermade Hair Waver and Mermade Hair Waver Mini, the same brand has launched an equally cute pink hair dryer called the Mermade Hair Hair Dryer . Again, I was sceptical.

So, naturally, I decided to road test the affordable hair dryer to see how it would stack up against my trusted ghd, Parlux and Dyson hair dryers. Here's what I found.

What is the Mermade Hair Hair Dryer?

Mermade Hair DryerMermade Hair Dryer

Mermade Hair DryerMermade Hair Dryer

The Mermade Hair Hair Dryer is an $89 hair dryer (*$99 if you're in New Zealand) that looks an awful lot like the $549 Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer.

Described as the solution for "a ‘gram-worthy blowout in the comfort of your own home", this small, pink hair dryer is very good looking.

But how does it work? Here's a recap of the Mermade Hair Hair Dryer features:

  • 1800 wattage and 220-240 voltage.

  • Two speed settings.

  • Two concentrating attachments.

  • Amplified or concentrated airflow feature.

  • Three heat settings of 96, 106, and 116 degrees Celsius.

  • Ionic technology to increase moisture retention, protecting your hair from long-term damage.

  • A cool shot feature to finish your style.

  • 2m cord length.

My Mermade Hair Dryer Review.

OK cool, but is this pink hair dryer more than just a pretty face?

I put away my ghd Helios hairdryer Black and Parlux Supercompact Ionic & Ceramic 3500 Hairdryer for the Mermade Hair Dryer. I've been using it twice a week for the past two weeks and I've got to say... it's pretty good.

You can check out the hair dryer in use in my quick video tutorial below!

Now, let's talk about the pros and cons of this hair dryer.


  • The Mermade Hair Dryer is really light (much lighter than my ghd and Parlux) and easy to use.

  • On the highest temperature and speed settings, the hair dryer dried my long hair fairly quickly (no longer than it takes with my ghd or Parlux).

  • The nozzle attachments are great for blow drying sections straight - I use this to iron out cowlicks around my hair line.

  • My blow dry was smooth and frizz-free.

  • It's perfect for short hair, fine hair and long, straight hair types.

  • The compact size makes it an excellent travel hair dryer.

  • It's cheap as chips.

  • It's pink. Enough said.


  • The wattage is slightly lower than your standard professional hair dryer (1800 compared to upwards of 2000).

  • It has less speed and heat settings than other professional hair dryers.

  • The highest heat and speed settings are lower than other professional hair dryers.

  • If you have thick, coarse or textured hair, your blow dry will take longer.

  • The hair dryer doesn't come with a diffuser attachment.

Does the Mermade Hair Dryer have the variety of power, speed and heat settings of more expensive hair dryers? No.

But did it dry my long hair straight out of the shower in under five minutes? Heck yes.

You can see my frizz-free, smooth hair after using the Mermade Hair Dryer below. Pretty good, right?

Mermade Hair Dryer Results, Amy ClarkMermade Hair Dryer Results, Amy Clark

Mermade Hair Dryer vs. Dyson Hair Dryer.

Finally, let's acknowledge the question everyone's asking me in my Instagram DMs:

Is the Mermade Hair Dryer as good as the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?

Short answer: no.

Anyone who tells you an $89 hair tool can give you the same or better results than a $549 tool is telling porkies. Dyson spent years and millions of dollars coming up with their revolutionary airflow technology, after all.

What I can tell you is the Mermade Hair Dryer is a surprisingly good hair dryer that delivers a sleek, smooth blow dry at a sixth of the cost. This is brilliant news for anyone who can't afford, nor justify, investing in a more expensive hair dryer.

Whether you use it every day, every now and again, or while travelling, the Mermade Hair Dryer gets the job done.

And did we mention it's cute AF? We did? Wonderful.

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