Let Me Show You How to Get a Salon Blow Dry... Without Using a Hairdryer

Joanna HairJoanna Hair

I'd like to see a show of hands if you can blow dry your own hair.

No, not rough-dry. I mean proper blow dry. With the round brush and the hairdryer. The way your hairdresser does it.

Exactly. Nobody can, can they?

To be honest, I think I have a total of two friends who can properly blow dry their hair and one of them is a hairdresser so she doesn't even count.

But we all love that beautiful bounciness that a blow dry give us, so I'm here to tell you about a shortcut to getting the same finish, without requiring the skills and coordination of the round brush and hairdryer technique.

That shortcut is called a hot brush. Allow me to elaborate...

What Is A Hot Brush?

Hot brushes, or hot air brushes, aren't new.

Various kinds of hot brushes have been on the market for years, but they've made a huge comeback in the last 12 months or so (which I partly attribute to the release of Dyson's Airwrap), prompting tool brands like ghd and Hot Tools to release their own variations of volume-boosting brushes.

National Lead Education for Rogue Beauty, Belle Jackson, theorises the popularity of hot brushes is thanks to the simple, no-fuss nature of the product.

"Who doesn't want wet-to-dry styling in one step with one tool, that gives you a salon-quality blow dry look at home?" she says.

"By only having one tool in your hand versus a brush and blow dryer, this makes it very easy to blow dry each section of the hair. Thus, creating effortless volume or a sleek blow dry in one simple step. They're also great on dry hair to touch up a second-day style." 

The result? Celeb-worthy hair from the comfort of your own home.

Which Is the Best Hot Air Brush?

This is a tricky one.

Each hot air brush in Australia has its own pros and cons, so let's cover off my top three to make your decision a little easier.

Hot Tools Black Gold Volumiser

While this tool is a little bulkier than what I'm used to, the two bristle types and variable heat and speed settings give you the control to create significant volume.

This brush has an oval barrel, titanium plates and a cool shot function to lock in your style. It's great for styling from wet hair, and can also be used to refresh next-day hair.

ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush

This new tool can't be used on wet hair, so I'd encourage you to think of it more as a hot roller with a round brush influence.

It helps to create volume, waves and curls with a 32mm tapered barrel and smooth bristles that glide through the hair. It heats up to 185 degrees and ensures a consistent styling temperature to give lifeless, limp hair more oomph.

Silver Bullet Genesis Hot Air Brush 32mm

Available in both a 32mm and 38mm barrel, the Silver Bullet Genesis dries and styles your hair at the same time.

How? With two heat/speed settings, a tourmaline ceramic barrel and bristles that mimic a traditional round brush for luscious volume and bouncy curls. Plus, this bad boy is the most affordable of the bunch at under $100 if you're comparing Hot Tools vs ghd vs Silver Bullet.

How to Use a Hot Air Brush.

If you're working with a tool like ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush, your hair should be already dry before you get started.

The best part about hot brushes like Hot Tools Black Gold Volumiser is you can use them to dry your hair too, so you can cut out a styling step in your routine. For some hair types and lengths, this could save you a serious chunk of time.

"For maximum root volume, start by sectioning out the top of the hair over your part line. Grab a section the width of the barrel and hold the tool at the roots for a few seconds to start the drying process," Jackson suggests.

"Then, glide the tool down to the ends of that section. Once at the ends, wrap the section around the barrel and hold for five to seven seconds - this creates the volume and shape. Repeat until the section is dry, then onto the next."

Want ultimate volume? Jackson recommends using your hot brush alongside volume styling products, including:

If it's an ultra-smooth, effortless blowout finish with weightless volume you're after, try these:

Hot Air Brush Before and After Results.

Hot Air Brush Before/AfterHot Air Brush Before/After

As someone up against the constant struggle of having fine, flat hair, hot brushes are quite literally made for me.

If you're not sold yet, perhaps this before and after of me in my Qantas pyjamas using the Hot Tools Black Gold Volumiser will convince you to invest in one for yourself.

With this wider barrel tool, you'll be able to achieve the bouncier blowout finish like in the photo above.

If you're looking for a tool to be able to create a blow wave finish (and you want something more compact and travel-friendly), the ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush might be more up your alley as it allows you to control and style at the same time.

Happy volumising, everybody!

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