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Luxe Electricals
To achieve luxurious locks, you need the best products, tools, and appliances on the market. Sure, that cheap straightener you purchased at the chemist's might get the job done. But at what cost to your hair? When you apply heat to your hair, you’re potentially drying and damaging it. Our Luxe line of heat appliances offers you hope for perfectly styled hair that’s also perfectly healthy. What difference can a tool make? Plenty. The key to healthy hairstyling is evenly distributed heat. Our Luxe line features ceramic and other materials that ensure heat is evenly distributed for safe, quick, virtually effortless styling. Because we think an item can’t truly be luxurious without offering a little pampering, the Luxe line offers much more than just quick styling. These tools restore shine to your hair, sealing the shafts to reduce the appearance of damage, frizz, and other woes you’d rather leave in the past. Healthy hair means focusing on the future, not just the instant gratification of gorgeous style today. Our Luxe line allows you to invest in a future of beautiful hair. Purchase these products with confidence and witness what they can do for you.
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Professional Electricals
For Thomas Edison, it was the light bulb. For Jonas Salk, it was the polio vaccine. And for you, the latest and greatest in scientific advancement might just be one of our Pro electricals for hairstyling. There’s no magic spell that can bring an unmanageable mane under control or convince split ends to disappear. You need—and deserve—the benefit of years of scientific research. Here’s what we know: Heat dries your hair, leaving it more vulnerable to frizz and breakage. Styling tools that pull your hair or apply heat unevenly cause the worst damage. Healthy hair is less vulnerable to frizz and general unruliness. So what dos this have to do with our Pro line? Everything. These items feature high-quality plates that heat quickly and evenly, reducing damage. Smart appliances apply only as much heat as necessary to give you the style you want, minimising damage and producing smooth, shiny locks in the process. Any product can give you the style you want today. But our Pro line ensures that your hair’s health improves over time. That’s not a gimmick or a false promise. That’s the cutting-edge science of hair- protecting electricals.
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Essentials Electricals
Don’t want to invest an entire pay cheque in a hairstyling appliance? You don’t have to. Our line of Essentials merges quality tools with affordable prices. Using simple, reliable styling principles, these products minimise damage while maximising style. What can you expect from the beautiful simplicity of our affordable Essentials line? We offer: Dryers that minimise frizz and damage Flat irons that straighten and shine your hair, producing sleek strands safely A versatile array of hair-beautifying wands and curlers Save your money for an outing with your newly beautified hair. Check out our Essentials line and embrace effortless style.
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