Finally, This Best-Selling Blonde Treatment Comes In A Shampoo

If you’re a blonde-haired gal, you’ll know that brassiness in blonde locks is Public Enemy #1. 

When we think of blonde colour #goals, we’re picturing Margot Robbie’s cool, icy tresses, not Mischa Barton’s orange-tinged, post The OC meltdown mane (Google it … it’s not great). 

The key to achieving that perfect shade of blonde 24/7 is figuring out how brassiness works and which haircare products are designed specifically to eliminate it altogether. 

What Causes Brassiness In Blonde Hair?

Brassiness refers to those yellow and orange tones that can start to appear in your hair when it’s been more than a hot minute between colour appointments. It can also become a problem if you’ve been a tad naughty and haven’t used products formulated specifically for blonde hair. 

 “When you lighten your hair, you bring the yellow tones out that naturally exist in hair,” explains Aussie haircare brand evo’s head of education, Jay Kownacki.

 “Toners are used to neutralise the yellow and give you the desired blonde tone you’re after, however they will wash out and fade overtime, which is when the brassiness comes through,” he added. 

 Why can’t you just remove those annoying yellow tones permanently, we hear you ask? 

 “When lightening your hair, if you completely remove the yellow, it will cause so much damage to your hair that it will break completely,” Jay says. 

So, How Do You Get Rid Of Brassiness In Blonde Hair?

“Coloured toners, shampoos and treatments are the safest way to keep the colour you want and your hair healthy. They’re your best option in between salon visits,” Jay explained.

Most bonde shampoos and treatment products contain a purple pigment, which helps to offset those unwanted brassy tones. 

Evo is famous for its salon-quality, cruelty-free shampoos and treatment products, especially those designed specifically for blondes.

Their bestselling evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment is a gorgeous violet-coloured toning conditioner that hydrates and nourishes hair while neutralising any brassiness, but that’s designed to be used once a week. 

Now the brand has brought out a regular shampoo version of the fan favourite treatment, the evo Fabuloso Toning Shampoo. So every time you wash your hair, you’re helping it fight off those annoying brassy tones.

All blondes, rejoice!

How Does The New Evo Fabuloso Blonde Toning Shampoo Work?

“This shampoo contains a maximum amount of violet pigment to help neutralise brassy tones without resulting in a murky overtone,” Jay explained. 

“The unique combination of ingredients help to ensure the hair is left soft and shiny after use, so not only your colour, but also the condition of your hair is amazing!

Here’s how you use it:

1. Pop on a pair of plastic gloves in the shower. You don’t want the concentrated purple pigment to stain your hands. 

2. Drench your hair with water then lather it up with the shampoo, making sure the product is applied evenly throughout and you haven’t missed any spots. 

3. Leave on for 1-3 minutes, then rinse. 

4. Follow with your desired conditioner, hair mask or hydrating treatment product. Or follow with your trusty evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment for an advanced brass-busting result.

Should Blondes Be Using A Toning Shampoo Or Toning Treatment, Or Both?

“Depending on how brassy your hair is, you can use either or both,” Jay says. 

“For the strongest possible result, use both the shampoo and the treatment. For a medium result, go for the shampoo, and if your hair is just a little brassy, the treatment is your best option.”

He says both the Platinum Blonde Shampoo and the evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Boosting Treatment are fine to use together. 

“They’re the perfect option to keep brassiness at bay, while keeping your hair soft and shiny.”

“A true toner used in a salon and is mixed with peroxide and other colours, so it needs to be carefully applied by a hairdresser to ensure you get the right result and don’t cause damage to your hair,” Jay explained. 

“Toning shampoo is a direct dye, it doesn’t contain any ammonia or ingredients that can damage your hair, so it is safe to use at home.”

What Other Products Can Help Maintain Gorgeous Blonde Hair?

As well as brassiness, blondes often have issues with hydration and breakage, as bleach can damage the condition of the hair. 

So consider adding a weekly hair mask or a daily leave-in moisture product into your haircare routine. 

“Lightening the hair removes moisture and pigment, so you need to look after it and ensure you are putting the moisture back in,” Jay says. 

He recommends evo’s The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask and The Happy Campers Wearable Treatment, as well as products like Olaplex, which work to “rebuild the bonds in your hair that lead to breakage.”