The New Wash-Out Hair Colour Our Founder Is Loving Right Now

mr. smith pigmentsmr. smith pigments

Have you ever had the itch? You know, that feeling you get when you wake up on an otherwise regular day with an irrational desire to dye your hair?

Like, today would be a great day to go blonde. Or, I would look freaking amazing with fire engine red hair, wouldn't I?

Only thing is, dyeing your hair is kind of scary. It's also semi-permanent, meaning if you don't like your 'new job, new me highlights' or 'relaunch chocolate brown', you're stuck with it for months. And what about when your ashy blonde turns orange after a week or two? What then?!

Thankfully, we've found a clever new product that can enhance your natural hair colour, maintain your colour between salon appointments or deliver a completely new look, if that's what you're after.

It's called the Mr. Smith Pigment and it's so good, Adore's founder Kate Morris is loving it sick right now.

mr. smith pigmentsmr. smith pigments

OK cool, but what is this 'pigment' hair colour product? And is it a wash-out hair colour, or a colour toner? Or... both?

Keep scrolling to find out (and to see Kate's before and after hair transformation!).

What Are Mr. Smith Pigments?

The Mr. Smith Pigments Collection is a range of colour treatments designed to intensify, maintain, prolong and change your hair colour at home.

They're more hydrating than your average colour mask and far more effective than the wash-out box dyes you might've used in high school. Think of Mr. Smith Pigments as a glorious cross between a colour toner, hair mask and wash-out hair dye.

These pigments are suitable on all hair types, and can be used on dyed, natural and grey hair.

Here's a breakdown of the different pigment shades:

How Are Mr. Smith Pigments Different to Other Hair Colour Products?

At $50 a tube (but a very chic, post-consumer recycled PCR plastic tube), this hair colour product isn't cheap. But that's because it's so much more than a colour conditioner or blonde toner.

Unlike other hair colour products that stain the deeper hair cuticle, Mr. Smith Pigments are formulated using cationic dyes. This type of dye is positively charged compared to the hair’s negative charge, which causes the pigment molecules to bind to your hair's surface.

In other words, the pigment sits on top of the hair as an even, balanced colour film that gradually washes out completely over four to eight washes.

A lot of blonde toners, yellow shampoos and colour masks leave the hair feeling super dry, but Mr. Smith Pigments have been formulated to be a two-in-one colour and protein mask for soft, ridiculously shiny hair.

Some of the main ingredients include:

  • Hydrolysed Wheat Protein - This high quality natural protein penetrates deeply into the hair to strengthen, repair and protect the hair from within.

  • Almond Oil - Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A & E, which works to moisturise and smooth the hair, whilst B7 helps keep hair healthy and strong.

  • Lavender Oil - Works to calm the scalp and condition the hair to promote good scalp health and prevent dryness.

  • Orange Peel Oil - Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which help to condition the hair, cleanse the scalp and improve shine, whilst B12 supports hair growth.

Our Mr. Smith Pigments Review.

Now for the bit you really came here to see... the before and after photos of this fancy colour product in action.

Even though this product can be used to enhance the colour of natural virgin hair like mine, I politely begged two of my colleagues who dye their hair to try using a Mr. Smith Pigment on their colour. Here's how that went.

mr. smith pigments before and aftermr. smith pigments before and after

Who: Kate, Adore Beauty founder.

Pigment: Mr. Smith Pigment Peach

Honest thoughts:

"I've been trying to refresh the 'rose gold' toner my hairdresser put in my hair in my last appointment (which was now about eight weeks ago...). I love this shade! My previous attempt at getting this sort of shade involved mixing two of my faves, Evo Fabuloso in Copper with the Revlon Nutri Color Creme in 1003 (Pale Gold). This product was easier to use and harder to mess up than my DIY concoction. I also loved how shiny my hair looked afterwards! Next time, I might try leaving it on for a couple more minutes to get a more intense result."

mr. smith pigments before and aftermr. smith pigments before and after

Who: Maddy, Adore Beauty Videographer.

Pigment: Mr. Smith Pigment Chocolate

Honest thoughts:

"I'm still navigating how to maintain my cool brown colour after dyeing it from my former bright pink shade. This product is thick, bougie and super chocolate-y. It smells and feels luxe and my hair felt nice after using it. There's a noticeable difference with the colour, it’s come out really rich, warm and shiny. It won’t change your hair colour drastically in one night (at least it didn’t for me) but over time, it’s a great way to maintain your colour - and it’s very convenient to use."

mr. smith pigments before and aftermr. smith pigments before and after

Who: Me (Amy), Adore Beauty's Senior Editor.

Pigment: A mixture of Mr. Smith Pigment Ruby Red and Mr. Smith Pigment Chestnut to give my natural red hair extra gloss and vibrancy.

Honest thoughts:

"I didn't think this would make any difference to my hair whatsoever. Obviously, I was wrong. The pigment product gave my hair a greater depth of colour that looked seriously shiny and glossy, without altering my natural shade. For me, I was more impressed with how bloody soft and healthy my hair felt. I'd use this product before a big event for extra glitz, without actually having to get my hair done."

Here are a few other before and after shots that show how the Mr. Smith Pigments work on different hair colours.

How To Use This Wash-Out Hair Colour.

By now, you've realised this product is perfect if you're keen on refreshing your colour, or have the hair transformation itch but don't want to risk anything drastic or permanent.

So finally, we'll leave you with some easy tips on how to use the Mr. Smith Pigments at home, without staining your bathroom tiles (or your scalp):

  • Apply on damp, towel-dried hair after shampooing.

  • Always section the hair and comb the product through the hair from root to tip for even distribution.

  • Mix your product in a bowl, especially if you're combining two different tones.

  • Leave the product on for 2-3 minutes to begin with, or longer for a more intense colour - max 10-15 minutes.

  • Hot tip: The colour will show up faster on chemically-damaged and/or lighter hair, so factor that into your application time.

  • You don't need to wear gloves while using the pigments, but always wash your hands afterwards, especially if you're using the brighter, deeper shades.

  • Same goes for staining on the scalp and face - chuck some Vaseline around your hairline just in case you slip up when applying.

  • Wash with a sulphate-free shampoo to help the pigment colour last longer.

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