Why My Oily Roots and Dry Ends Are Obsessed With This New Shampoo and Conditioner

davroe reviewdavroe review

Everyone's hair is different, but I'd be willing to bet there's one specific haircare concern most of us have struggled with at some point.

I'm talking about oily roots and dry ends. You know; when your roots are greasier than a deep fryer and your ends look and feel like the end of a broom. At the same time.

If this sounds familiar, you'll know how tricky it is to find shampoos and conditioners that can help with both.

E.g. My wavy hair is naturally 'normal' in thickness, but I have a lot of strands which leave my hair feeling very thick and heavy at times. Plus, I have a bronde balayage situation going on, so I look for hair products that are colour-safe and can cleanse my hair, leave it silky smooth AND add a lustre, without weighing it down because I LOVE voluminous hair.

Yep, it's a lot. So when some product from our new hair brand Davroe arrived at my house, I optimistically reached for the bottles that have 'hydrating' written on the front.

Thankfully, it was love at first wash and I've been telling pretty much everyone how epic these products are ever since. Now, it's your turn...

What Is Davroe?

davroe hairdavroe hair

Davroe is a 100 per cent Australian made and owned haircare brand that also happens to be vegan and cruelty-free.

You might just be hearing about this brand for the first time, but Davroe has been around for 30 years (so you can trust these people know their sh*t when it comes to hair).

From smoothing and repairing to volumising, scalp remedy and blonde hair ranges, Davroe products are all formulated and made in Australia with a particular emphasis on natural ingredients and doing all they can to minimise their impact on the environment.

You can browse all the different Davroe hair products here, but keep scrolling to find out about the shampoo and conditioner that have my heart.

My Davroe Products Review.

The three Davroe products that are really doing it for me are:

You can watch this little IG Stories takeover video I did on how I use these products in my routine with some other faves.

Firstly, let's talk about the Davroe packaging, because these super sleek, neutral bottles will make your shower look ever so chic. They also come with colour coded lids and tubs so you know which products are treating which hair concern.

Then there's the scent, which is one of my favourite things about these products. The Davroe Moisture Hydrating Shampoo 325ml and Davroe Moisture Hydrating Conditioner 325ml have a luxe botanical aroma that quite literally makes you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a salon. Seriously, my boyfriend ALWAYS comments on how good my hair smells every time I wash it.

I find I only need a 20 cent piece size of the shampoo to get enough of a lather and feel like my hair and scalp have been properly cleansed. Then, I ring as much water out of my hair as I can before using the conditioner... OR this very good-looking mask.

davroe MCT maskdavroe MCT mask

Davroe MCT - Moisture Conditioning Treatment 200ml is an intensely hydrating weekly hair mask made with aloe vera, kakadu plum and argan oil. I pop a scoop of the product through my hair and let it work its magic for around three to five minutes.

Sometimes, I do this in place of my conditioner. Other times, I will rinse out and condition again if my hair feels like it needs it. The result? My hair feels cleansed at the root, while the ends are nourished and soft.

But the single most amazing thing about using these three products together is how they're able to deeply hydrate my hair, without weighing it down. They give me hair that feels light and airy with amazing shine and silky softness. And no greasy roots!

megan with the great hairmegan with the great hair

If you have similar hair to mine prone to dryness and brittleness, or are looking for instant hydration, I'd recommend incorporating the Moisture Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner and MCT mask into your hair washing routine.

As for other hair needs like anti-frizz, protein treatments, scalp shampoos, curl definers and styling products, you can check out all Davroe products here.

And judging by how quickly my Adore colleagues cleaned out the box of Davroe samples in the office, I reckon we're onto a winner.

Learn more about the best affordable professional haircare products on Adore Beauty in our YouTube video below!

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