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Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask 50g

4.7 of 130 reviews


4 instalments of $14.75


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4 instalments of $14.75


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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask

Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask

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4.7 of 130 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Super gentle yet effective face mask, you can feel the dead skin pill off as you rub it in and the skin you are left with is baby soft.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good quality product, awful packaging
This product has very high quality. I won’t purchase it anymore because it’s way too pricey for the quantity and I think that the packaging is horrible: deceiving because it’s much bigger than is content and it’s impossible to use all the product, since when it’s not too much left, the pump can’t reach. I tried to open the jar but I still couldn’t use the whole thing.
  1. Not right for sensitive skin

    My skin really didn't respond well to this mask. I think it was just too intense for my sensitive skin.
  2. Doesn't do anything

    I bought this because I had previously used another enzyme mask which I had liked until I started to develop a reaction to it. I have used it several times now and don't feel it has any noticeable effect on my skin. Particularly disappointing given the price.
  3. Amazing

    Super gentle yet effective face mask, you can feel the dead skin pill off as you rub it in and the skin you are left with is baby soft.
  4. Amazing

    This product deeply exfoliates my skin and really eats away the dead skin.
  5. Perfect for dry skin

    I have dry skin and need to exfoliate every couple of days to keep it hydrated. This is the perfect mask and exfoliant in one. Gentle yet effective and my skin doesn’t feel dried out afterwards. Must have with your skin care regime!
  6. Effective exfoliator for sensitive skin

    I have found this to be a gentle and effective exfoliator for sensitive skin.
  7. Lovely exfoliator!

    I have super sensitive skin and this has been a lovely gentle exfoliator! Easy to use and pleasant smell! Has left my skin feeling soooo soft I’m super happy!
  8. Gentle but Effective

    This mask/exfoliator was recommended to me by my dermal therapist after she used it on me for a light exfoliation. I have sensitive skin and after using it once a week for the last 2 months I have not had any reactions. I can start to see my scars fading and the dead skin that is removed leaves a bright and glowing complexion the next morning after I wash off the mask. It's so paramount that you don't exfoliate with harsh substances so this one is perfect, and a great price too!
  9. Effective exfoliator

    This product works extremely well to gently removing skin cells and reveal a soft, smooth and luminous complexion. A little goes a long way, follow the label, pea sized amount is enough. Love aspect!
  10. Yes and yes

    I couldn’t wait for this lil bundle of delight to arrive. It did not disappoint. Quick, easy and effective. My skin was exfoliated and not irritated or breaking out the next day. Not to mention It is so satisfying to have the lil bits of debri pill as you move the mask around. And even more satisfying to find a mask that does what you want so well. If only all skincare was this straightforward and fun! Looking forward to trying out other products in the aspect range.
  11. Luxurious

    This made my skin feel really hydrated, its really gentle and smells amazing but I just didn't see any real benefit so I unfortunately won't repurchase.
  12. Good quality product, awful packaging

    This product has very high quality. I won’t purchase it anymore because it’s way too pricey for the quantity and I think that the packaging is horrible: deceiving because it’s much bigger than is content and it’s impossible to use all the product, since when it’s not too much left, the pump can’t reach. I tried to open the jar but I still couldn’t use the whole thing.
  13. good

    I use this mask along with my Dr aspect vitamin a, b and cut. It's a great addition when your skin needs some brightening, it's also good for a light exfoliation.
  14. Great gentle yet effective exfoliating mask

    This mask is for you if you need a gentile yet deep exfoliant. I love how the mask smooths onto your skin, instantly removing excess built up dead skin. You can actually see and feel your dead skin balling up and being removed whilst you massage the mask in! It is amazing. Skin feels soft, clear, bright, plump and clean afterwards. Smells like a professional peel mask which I love. Great quality. Effective. Would purchase again. Xx

    This is a great exfoliater as it leaves your skin silky smooth , just love it.
  16. Feel the difference immediatly

    Super gentle yet effective face mask, you can feel the dead skin pill off as you rub it in and the skin you are left with is baby soft.
  17. Gentle Exfoliation

    I have used this mask on and off. It's very easy to use and the way it dispenses is great. I love exfoliating my skin - I think overall I prefer a more physical exfoliator. For those though with sensitive skin or looking for a gentle way to exfoliate this may be worth a try. The smell is great and the tub lasts for ages.
  18. Absolutely love it!

    As someone who is new to actually looking after my skin, I absolutely love love love this product. It’s so simple to use and I absolutely love the way my skin looks the next day.
    If your new to anything more than a basic cleanser and moisturizer you definately need to give this product a try.
  19. Worthy of all the good reviews!

    If you want clear, refreshed, revitalised skin with the cumulative benefits of less congestion, fine lines and pigmentation, this mask is for you! Wow. I love how it completely clears and exfoliates my complexion gently and effectively. I am in my early 30s and have fine lines and pigmentation and I cannot recommend this highly enough!
  20. Super smooth skin

    I love this mask. As you work it into your skin, you can feel the dead skin and dirt coming away. No other exfoliator or mask has left my skin feeling as smooth or clean. A great addition to any beauty regime.
  21. It's actually fun to use!

    There's something so satisfying about feeling your skin ball up under your fingertips. Non-irritating, not scratchy or burny, just a really effective exfoliator. A little goes a long way so it works out to quite good value.
  22. Makes skin feel so soft

    I really like this I use it once a week when my skin is felling abit dry and patchy and it makes my skin feel soft. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I would defiantly buy again. Smells nice too.
  23. Hydrating exfoliator

    I love this, other exfoliators are generally too harsh or stripping. This is actually hydrating but does the job! The little balls that form are actually not dead skin, but the product balling up with your skin
  24. worth

    Been using this for about a month and I cannot rave about it more. I use it as both a mask and a primer. When I mask, it gives me instant hydration and my skin feels amazing. And when I use it as a primer, it’s the perfect base that makes my skin look like butter. Money well spent!
  25. Great

    This product works better than the abrasive masks I’ve used. Fantastic product for peel and fractional after care (as its non-abrasive nature is perfect for sensitive skin).
    It is easy to use and doesn’t leave your skin with a tingly sensation that abrasive scrubs can leave.
    I also use it as recommended once a week in between visits to my dermal therapist.
  26. Gentle but effective

    This mask is really unique. You put it all over your face, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then gently massage your face, and it peels away all the dead skin cells, it leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated. Perfect for sensitive skin.
  27. The perfect at-home peel

    I discovered this mask through my local skin clinic, who use it after microdermabrasion treatments. I bought it to help maintain my skin between treatments and I absolutely love it.

    It's a quick, no fuss treatment that gives amazing results, and the packaging dispenses the perfect amount of product every time so you know you're not wasting any or using too much, which is important given it's not the cheapest.
  28. Great mask

    I absolutely love this mask. It produces the best results I've seen on my skin from a mask. I just pop it on to clean skin, massage it for a minute and rinse. I don't even have to leave it on and I see a massive difference in brightness and texture.
  29. After use, Makeup application is a dream!!

    I have been using this product for over a year now and this is a must-have product for all skin types. My skin differs from season to season going from combination to dry to oily but one thing that never leaves my skin-care routine is this mask! As you're using this product you can FEEL dead skin cells gently lifting and you're left with smooth, bright skin. I use this 1-2 times per week because it is so gentle on the skin and works wonders in alleviating dry patches & congestion. I particularly love using this product prior to makeup application as it allows for a perfectly smooth canvas for your skincare, primer and foundation. One use of this product and you will be hooked and recommending it to anyone who will listen!
  30. Amazing

    This is my favourite product I have purchased. I noticed results after the first use and it made my skin so soft.
  31. Pretty good

    Very gentle, I quite like it for my sensitive skin!
  32. Beautiful and works a treat

    Fantastic product that works. Leave skin feeling incredibly soft. Satisfying to see dead skin cells slough away as you gently rub your face. The packaging is both good and bad. Portion controlled which is fantastic but as it gets to the end- difficult to get to the last bits of the product and trust me you want to use every bit of the product.
  33. Can see a difference after use

    I honestly think this is reasonably priced for how well it works. It’s such a lovely product and my skin is always looking fresh and bright after I use it, which I obviously loveeeee. If you can, I’d definitely say give it a go!
  34. Amazing!

    After reading the positive reviews I decided to give this product a go- I am so glad I did!! I love it!! It deeply exfoliates my skin without irritating and when combined with the probiotic mask, the results are amazing! My skin looks brighter (which as a mum of two under two is not easy) and feels so muich smoother. I love the packaging as well.
  35. Gentle and soft

    Love this product. Leaves skin so soft and skin feels so clean.
  36. Amazing

    Not a budget-friendly product but I continue to buy it again and again as it has been very effective at reducing the pigmentation on my skin. I'm really impressed by it.

    It's gell like and you apply it to your skin before using your hands to exfoliate your face. It's nice to use before an event as well as once to twice a week.
  37. Gentle exfoliation

    This mask gives me a really nice gentle exfoliation. I find it great to use before I hydrating mask, or when I just want a little more exfoliation
  38. Beautiful product

    A great product for exfoliation of sensitive skin, whenever I use it my skin feels renewed and is bright. I'm happy I tried it but not 100% would purchase again, just as the price is quite high for the amount of product you get and there are cheaper products that I feel achieve the same results.
  39. fab at getting rid of dead skin

    nice product to use to get shed that layer of dead skin. i find the effectiveness of the mask depends a bit on the weather, specifically the humidity, if its too humid the mask isn't so great at forming those little balls properly
  40. Good cleansing balm

    This is a good cleanser, in that in manages to remove most of my sunscreen and makeup, however, it's quite thick and doesn't rinse well. I have to use a face towel to gently remove it from my face. It smells amazing as is effective as a pre-cleanse. Like a lot of other people, I wasn't please with the packaging. Although great at first, once the product was a bit used up, I had to open the lid and scoop it out. What was pumped through in the beginning also was a lot more liquidy than what was left in the jar, which had a thick consistency. I'm guessing because the liquidy part was able to be pumped through the jar more easily, and the stubborn part of the product was left.
  41. Fruity exfoliating mask

    This mask works to exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells, free radicals and pollutants. After applying a thin layer, you gently rub off the mask into little balls that you can then rinse off. I recommend washing your face and making sure it is completely dry before putting the mask on. The times when I've not waited for my skin to dry completely, the mask rubbed together with the left over moisture on my face and did not "ball together".
  42. Nice and gentle

    I use this product as both a mask and quick exfoliant. It effectively removes dead skin build up and leaves me with soft skin which doesn't feel stripped and dry.
  43. Omg so good! Gentle for sensitive skin

    I love how gentle this mask is! You put it on and rub it for a while and your dead skin cells come off. It really works. I even used it on my heels to remove some of the dead skin. My skin looks and feels so subtle after I use it. I would recommend buying this instead of paying for professional fruit peel facials.
  44. Positives and negatives

    So I like this product as it helps with dead skin however, it’s so hard to remove. It takes me what feels like a million washes to get this off. I’ve even tried applying a thinner layer and that doesn’t work. It does make your skin look a bit brighter though which is good.
  45. Definitely worth a try

    I purchased this for my pigmentation, I have been using twice a week for a few months, I have noticed the pigmentation has faded. I am happy with the way my skin looks and feels after using this mask. I have recommended this to my friends who have all had positive things to say. I will definitely repurchase when I run out.
  46. A waste on me

    This product has been sitting on my bathroom shelf for ages and I keep trying to make it work for me and can't. I have oil, dehydrated skin which sounds like I'd be the perfect candidate for this product. I suspect it causes me to break out though... I've tried to use it in different ways, but just think it's not for me.
  47. Dead skin be gone!

    I really love this enzyme mask aka chemical exfoliant extraordinaire! It physically takes away the top layer of crap (pollution, oil and dead skin) off my face. I think it is wonderful when it is used regularly to just reset my face. The only thing I wish I had known from the start was how often to use it, so far I have found because it is bloody good at it's job, just using it once or twice a week is enough. X
  48. weekly skin renew

    I have dry skin but I also suffer acne and this product is perfect for both. I use this weekly followed by a hydrating mask and it keeps my skin feeling fresh. It gently removes dead skin dealing with my congestion as well as my dryness. I was a little confused about the application when it first arrived as I wasn't too sure that it was doing anything but immediately after you rinse it off my skin felt renewed. I like to apply a hydrating mask after to ensure my new skin is moisturised well.
  49. New skin

    This mask leaves skin feeling silky soft and makeup application is a dream after using this mask. I marked one less star as the consistency on your face is a little oily and unpleasant, but the results after are definitely worth it!
  50. Excellent product

    This has fast become one of my favourite products. The gel like consistency makes it easy to apply and within a minute or so it liquifies and as you rub it in small circular motions, the dead skin balls up and falls away. It's a great exfoliator without harsh scrubbing and my pigmentation patches are definitely breaking up and fading. Highly recommend!
  51. Highly recommend

    This mask is beautiful. The skin cells that come straight off leaving you with glowing skin is amazing! Normally masks will tingle or burn and leave me with red patches however this mask does not. Great for sensitive skin!
  52. Amazing

    This is the closest product I have found to my in clinic enzyme treatment with a skin specialist. I have problem skin with acne and congested pours, this gets me through treatments and makes my skin feel so fresh and smooth. It irritated my skin the very first time I used it although was fine after that. I have bought this for many family and friends birthday presents, as it's just a really good product and worth the price. Container is made well and I've had it for almost a year and it's still going.
  53. Gentle but effective

    A really gentle but very affective exfoliant. The smell is pleasant and a small amount goes a very long way. My skin feels amazing afterwards and looks smooth and youthful. I usually follow with a mask and the results are truly wonderful.
  54. Great product

    This lovely gentle fruity exfoliant leaves you skin baby smooth. A small amount goes a long way to reveal youthful skin. I also love the pump packaging!
  55. Yesss!

    This stuff is amazing! I was worried it would irritate my sensitive skin but it doesn’t at all. The perfect amount comes out, it’s easy to use and when I wash it off my face feels cleaner than it has ever felt before. I will never go back to anything else after this.
  56. Amazing mask and exfoliate!

    I absolutely love this product!! It has a lovely smell and texture (not gritty!). Skin feels so great after. My Nurse Practitioner recommends it for my skin - oily and acne prone. Love the results.
  57. A definite fave

    This is such an effective product. I forget about how smooth it makes my skin feel until I use it again. This is one of my favourite at home resurfacing products. Easy to use and non irritating. Absolutely love this and continue to repurchase
  58. Definitely love it

    In the beginning, I did not know how to use it. Thus, I was surprised to see the result of the mask. It feels so nice and smooth after washing it off. The cleaning process is kinda fun to me too. I enjoy using this mask.
  59. Instant brightening

    This is the best exfoliant. No rough gritty texture, gentle yet effective. Followed by a hydrating mask it is as good as a facial.

    I use this product one to two times a week depending how dry my skin is. It pulls away the dry skin and leaves my face feeling so soft and radiant. I have used this product for years and will continue to. LOVE IT
  61. Great for sensitive skin

    My beauty therapies recommend me this fruit enzyme after I got my chemical peels in clinic. She recommend to use this fruit enzyme on day 5 after my chemical peels to help with the peeling (I got combined of lactic peels and retinol pearls).
    This fruit enzyme soft enough for my sensitive skin, but it still do the works to removed the dead skin.
    And the way the packaging of the jar, you won't be use less or over coz it's on the right amount for your face.
    Your skin feels so smooth afterwards.
  62. One of my faves

    Really smooths out and clears complexion without breaking out. I have sensitive acne prone skin but this peel smooths out and reduces appearance of pores and blackheads. Gentle enough exfoliation. Last a long time. Would definitely recommend
  63. Best Mask I have ever used

    this mask is incredible! worth every cent - my skin has never looked so good and felt so good after using this!
  64. Fantastically unique, very effective

    this mask is unlike any mask i have used before, the instant smooth and brightening effect had made me addicted, the packaging deserves its own 5 stars! I use this twice a week!
  65. Frutiliciouss

    I LOVE the smell and jelly like consistency of this and it legitimately feels like fruit jelly on your face. Would recommend one hundred percent ! Makes your face soft and lovely. The only downside is you take it off right away its not a set in mask which I assumed when purchasing.
  66. Game Changer

    I use this product 1-2 times a week depending how dry my skin is. It rips away the dry skin and leaves my face feeling so soft and radiant.
  67. Actually wowed by this mask!

    I’d heard so many positive things about this mask. I have been very sceptical about any type of exfoliating mask being really good for my reactive skin, since I don’t do well with AHAs or BHAs, or physical scrubs. This mask is AMAZING. After the first day, my skin was already noticeably better - smoother, less red, and best of all, I didn’t have any dry, leathery patches which is what usually happens after I use any type of exfoliation. The price is a bit up there, and I never spend this much on one product, but I think it is worth it in this case.
  68. Silky smooth

    My skin can get rough and needs a good exfoliation at least once a week. Otherwise, I find I get breakouts and congestion.
    Wanting to move away from harsh scrubs, an aesthetician recommended this product to me. It is incredibly gentle and yet leaves the skin silky smooth, as if you'd used a much harsher peel.
    There are products that'll leave you with a similar smoothness but the two main advantages of this one are the gentleness and the speed...at least the way my aesthetician told me to use it. Unlike the instructions above, she advised to put it on the skin and then massage it in circular motions - it gets liquidy as it heats up, then starts to ball up under your fingers and then it'll rub off the skin. You're done after a couple of minutes when the skin is dry and all the product has balled off. Give it a good rinse and you're done. Doing it that way, it takes 2-3 minutes so it's super easy to fit into your regimen. I find it does exactly the same job as leaving it on for 15 minutes and you use less product.
    Awesome product for sensitive skin.
  69. Rejuvenating

    This is an amazing product for rejuvenating your skin. My skin feels fresher and brighter after every use. I use it 2-3 times a week to bring the life back to my skin.
  70. Love

    This is such an effective product. I forget about how baby smooth it makes my skin until I use it again. This is one of my favourite at home resurfacing products. Easy to use and non irritating. Absolutely love this
  71. My love at first use

    You wouldn’t need to rub on your face with any harsh elements. It has jelly consistency which blends seemingly with the skin. Even though it named as mask, you don’t need to put on your face and wait until it dries. After washing you’d feel the difference. Believe me or not, this mask makes the skin most softest, cleaner, healthier and happier. That’s why I cannot live without it. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s working under a stressful situation which makes your skin dull, rough and dehydrated then this is the only only product you need in your skincare regimen.
  72. Works

    This is more of an active exfoliant than an actual masque. You need to rub it in for at least a minute into your skin to start the actual exfoliation process. It changes from a gel consistency to an oil and then starts to exfoliate the outer dry layer of your skin. Make some time in your routine because the process can take up to 5 minutes with all the gentle rubbing. Any less and you're not doing it right maybe. Skin feels softer and makeup goes on smooth.
  73. Perfect mask

    Such a beautiful mask. Exfoliating and skin is so soft and glowing after use
  74. Weird but good

    This is so strange when you first use it at its quite unexpentant that a fairly natural product and gel and can have so much effect on removing dead skin through just heat and rubbing. Skin feels soft, clean and glows after each use. Would highly recommend!
  75. Results!

    This product was first used on me during a microdermabrasion session and I bought it soon after. It's the only product I've ever used that you feel and see results straight away and my skin has been clearer since. Once applied, you can feel the dead skin in your fingertips every application. I used it once every 1-2 weeks in conjunction with the rest of the Aspect and Aspect Dr range. High recommend!
  76. Mask

    This product works better than the abrasive masks I’ve used. Fantastic product for peel and fractional after care (as its non-abrasive nature is perfect for sensitive skin).
    It is easy to use and doesn’t leave your skin with a tingly sensation that abrasive scrubs can leave.

    This is my favorite skin care step. I use this once a week and after using my skin feels literally so soft, looks so much brighter and is very clear. When using, you can even feel your dead skin in your hands, it TOTALLY WORKS!! This has been the best ever investment for my skin. I recommend this 100% and the cost is worth the product.
  78. Will keep buying forever!

    I love this product. I’m always looking for a great exfoliated but one that’s gentle enough I can use a few times a week. I don’t love in shower exfoliators so decided to try this.

    Does it work? 100 times yes! You rub this on your skin and you can literally feel like dead skin in your hands! My skin afterwards is so so soft, so much brighter and makes make up application so much better.
    The packaging is great too because it’s like a pump so your germy hands don’t get in the container.
    Not over fragranced either which I love and super gentle.

    3 of my friends now swear by this too.
  79. Soft and smooth skin

    Leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed and gently exfoliated.

    This is so satisfying and effective. Can't live without this product, you can see the dead skin coming off my face. Love this
  81. staple product.

    this is a must have product. leaves skin so smooth and vibrant. doesn't irritate. clears spots. use twice a week. amazing and worth every penny. great for getting rid of flakey skin post retinol or peels.
  82. Gentle and effective

    I got this after Adore Beauty made me aware of it with their piece on it a few months ago and I was so glad I did. It feels really luxurious to use and works well to freshen and plump your skin. You rub it on and it turns quite watery. After a while it balls up and begins to exfoliate. A common misconception is that these little balls are dead skin coming off which is only partly true - it's the formula that balls up and helps to exfoliate the skin while the enzymes chemically exfoliate, which is more gentle and better for it than an abrasive exfoliator with granules. My skin always looks so bright afterwards, it's super plump and free of any dry skin flakes which I tend to get around my chin, nose and lower cheek area. It also doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped of oil like some exfoliating masks can.
  83. Love this product

    I have normal skin but always looking for more ways to clean and exfoliate. This is a truly innovative product. The packaging is clever- take the lid off and push down on the white disc. You only need a pea sized amount. It feels thick when it goes on and at first I was confused, but keep rubbing gently and it thins out and starts to ball up. I love using it. My skin loves it and is glowy and smooth afterwards.
  84. Amazing

    This is such a unique product and I’m so glad I found it. You rub this on your face dry and it literally pulls the dead skin off as you scrub. Non irritating but man does it work. This is the only product I’ve ever used that works right before your eyes. Great for my skin that doesn’t exfoliate itself well. Once you try this you will be converted. A+
  85. Holy Grail

    i was introduced to this product when i was have a micro done, i soon later asked what it was and have been obsessed with it every since!.
    i use it once a week and you can feel the dead skin coming off, its not harsh like most exfoliatent products. its super refreshing, everyone needs to have this product in their skin care range!
  86. great results

    I was introduced to this in-clinic and loved the results so much I now use it once a week at home. With dry, sensitive, rosacea prone skin, I avoided exfoliating products for a long time because the results can be catastrophic. No such problems here - goes on smooth, no sensitivity and really smooths skin out.

    I also like the way the product is dispensed - one pump, no fuss or mess. I think it is much better value that single use masks.

    Highly recommend.
  87. Super quick exfoliation

    I love this mask as it literally just takes minutes and after you remove it the skin feels so so smooth without a dry tight feeling!
  88. Love it

    Highly recommend. Love this product... skin feels so smooth after use. Will buy again
  89. Gentle and Hydrating

    I liked using this peel, especially during the winter months when my skin sometimes becomes dry and sensitive. Gentle exfoliant, but very hydrating. Noticed a nice glow about my skin after using.
  90. Good non abrasive exfoliator

    Love this it's gentle and has an instant smooth skin payoff. My skin always feels great after using this. I have dry/combo skin and it's not oily or drying it's just perfect.

    I use this twice a week and it keeps my skin smooth so products can absorb better.

    Apsect is a great brand they are also cruelty free which is what I am looking for.
  91. Amazing!

    I got this product after realising I was using very harsh exfoliators. This product if perfect for dry and sensitive skin. After every use I wake up with smooth, fresh skin. You place a small amount on and rub it over the face and you can see and feel the dead skin creating little balls. It gets rid of built up dirt and skin in such an easy, careful way. I definitely recommend this product to anyone.
  92. Love this product! Great for eczema and sensitive skin

    Tried it for the first time and love the packaging. Really hygienic dispensing and so gentle on your face. At first it's cooling and as you keep working it in circular motions, you'll see the magic. Washed my face with warm water and it's instantly soft and smooth.
  93. Great for sensitive skin

    I really love that this product isn’t a harsh chemical exfoliator but still does the job. I’ve used wipes before that have made me break out in a rash as they were too strong, but this leaves my skin smooth without any irritation. I only have to use this once a week for results. Make sure you wear sunscreen if you use this!
  94. Loved it

    Such a nice product and my skin feels so refreshed after using it!
  95. Great & Fast Product

    I have oily & combo skin that can get congested. I love how fast this product works. Make sure you leave it on for a minute or so until it turns wet and then rub it into your skin. The dead skin will peel off (it is so satisfying) and you are left with clear and soft skin!
  96. Amazing!

    I purchased this Smith must hesitation because of the price point. I have only ever paid around $10-$20 on a face mask product, but after reading all the glowing reviews I decided to give it a go.
    And thank God I did! I love this mask - it has actually transformed my skin. My skin is so much brighter and my acne scarring is appearing less prominent. It's also so satisfying to feel the dead skin and dirt peeling off at the end!
    Well worth the price!
  97. Impulse buy with no regrets

    I absolutely adore the aspect hydrating mask so when I saw a review on this I decided quickly to give it a shot. I am sure glad I did. I find it’s a mask you really should use prior to your hydration and clay masks to get the full benefit.
    It is unbelievably gentle yet very effective
  98. Good product, bad packaging

    As someone who tends to avoid physical exfoliation, I like that this product is a gentle chemical exfoliant. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and when I wash it off my skin is soft and feels nourished. I find that the product is ineffective if my face is not completely dry when I apply it. However, the main issue I have with this product is the packaging. The sealed container is hygienic, but the product seems to separate inside. The product will sometimes come out in a very liquid form rather than as a gel, which makes it difficult to apply. On other occasions, a entirely solid white mass has been dispensed. It’s a good product but I find the packaging annoying!
  99. Not convinced

    I’m not so much bagging this product or anything because my face feels good after using it however my skin is pretty relatively good as is however I’m not totally convinced it’s actually my ‘dead skin’ rolling up into balls which is the reason I originally bought it because that’s what I actually thought however I’ve actually left some of the product on the rim accidentally and come back another time to use it and went to clean up the residue on there and it rolled into a ball on the rim which is interesting because obviously the packaging doesn’t have dead skin...
  100. Review & Earn

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