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Alpha-H Cleansing Cube by Alpha-H


Introducing the revolutionary new approach to cleansing from the skin care experts at Alpha-H. Enriched with Crushed Cranberries, the Cleansing Cube easily cleanses and buffs skin for a smooth and soft finish. Offering gentle exfoliation with low concentrations of Glycolic Acid and additional Coconut Oil to help naturally lock in moisture, the Cleansing Cube is the perfect alternative to soap.


Key benefits of the Alpha-H Cleansing Cube

  • Gently cleanses and buffs skin 
  • Contains Glycolic Acid to work as a body scrub
  • Hydrates skin and locks in moisture
  • Free from palm oil and sulphates
  • Can be used as a body and face wash
  • Suitable for all skin types


What are the main ingredients in the Alpha-H Cleansing Cube?

The Cleansing Cube contains naturally sourced Crushed Cranberries, which are rich in Vitamins A and C. They not only help gently buff skin for a smoother and softer finish but also help stimulate skin cell renewal and circulation for healthier- and younger-looking skin.

The body cleanser is also enriched with low concentrations of Glycolic Acid to exfoliate skin and antiseptic Coconut Oil to moisturise skin and boost hydration levels. There are no sulphates or palm oils in the Cleansing Cube, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.


How to use the Alpha-H Cleansing Cube

Dampen skin before use in the bath or shower.
Massage into skin to lightly buff away at the surface.
Avoid the eye area.
Rinse thoroughly for a cleansed and smooth feel.


Who should use the Alpha-H Cleansing Cube?

The Cleansing Cube is a wonderful addition to any natural skin care routine. It’s perfect for those who are looking for soap-free and palm-oil-free formulations, including those who suffer with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. The inclusion of Coconut Oil makes this a deeply nourishing cleanser, ideal for oily, normal, and dry skin types.


Can the Alpha-H Cleansing Cube be used as a facial cleanser?

The Alpha-H Cleansing Cube is a multi-purpose must-have that can be used as either a body wash or a face wash. The gentle exfoliation and moisturising formula make it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and problematic skin.


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Aqua, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Sunflower Seedate, Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Glycolic Acid, Vaccinium Macrocarpon Seed Powder, Benzyl Salicylate, Alpha-isomethyl Ionone, Hydroxycitronellal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Ci 77891.

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Reviews (12)
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skin saviour - 15-05-2018 by

I wasn't expected that much from a soap, but I'm loving it ! I use it only for my face, and it's gentle enough to be used everyday (only once a day for me). I have combination and very sensitive skin. I've also been using the liquid gold rose from the same brand, but I found it highly irritating for my skin, and not that efficient. It seems that regular exfoliation from this soap is the only thing that work for me to stop my skin from having bumpy whiteheads. I still have blackheads though, but I'm loving my skin texture thanks to this product. I've been using it for about 2 months and it will probably last me the whole year if not more.

This actually shocked me - 15-05-2018 by

You don't need to use a lot. Foams up very well, leaves my skin feeling hydrated! I need to buy another for backup.

Highly recommend - 13-05-2018 by

Lobe this cleansing cube!
I have used it on my face, but mainly use it for my body.
I don’t have problem skin, just a little oily.
Feels lovely, and so affordable.
Will repurchase. Highly recommend

Good for body & travel - 16-04-2018 by

I have quite oily skin with large pores and wanted and introduction to the raved about Alpha-H products. I found that this bar is very effective at getting rid of make up at the end of the day (I use 30+ SPF so it can be difficult to get it all off), however, it left it dried out much as if I was using a normal soap. That said, I took it travelling with me and found it was great not having to worry about an expensive cleanser leaking.

I then tried using it on my body & had much more success! It has just the right amount of scrub to be used daily (though I did reach a layer about 1/3 way into the bar which was just soap & no grit). I like that it's natural and not micro beads!

Get rid of Bacne! - 22-03-2018 by

Back acne was a huge problem for me. My acne prone oily skin did not appreciate my workouts at the gym. Causing large sore acne on my back and chest.
I saw the price of this cleansing cube, and thought it was worth a try. Since using this I have not had any bacne since! My partner also uses it on his fresh tattoos to boost moisture in his skin.
Highly recommend having this in your shower caddy at home.

Just fabulous! - 21-10-2016 by

I have tough problem skin (largely due to keratosis pilaris).
The only products it really responds well to are AHA (glycolic acid) based exfoliants & moisturisers.
I can appreciate such items may be a little too harsh for those with sensitive skin, but I now know for sure that my crocodile skin can only be effectively dealth with using glycolic acid products.
This cleansing cube takes away all the roughness, but simultaneously seems to deposit moisture, and leaves my skin feeling normal & soft.
Also, Alpha-H product are excellent value & beautiful quality! This cleansing cube lasts longer & is far cheaper than an equivalent bottle cleanser. I hope Alpha-H continue to offer this little miracle product far into the future! xx

A bit too harsh for my skin - 02-08-2016 by

I love using beauty bars because of the convenience. I was previously using Clarins beauty bar. It lasted 2 years despite daily use. Since it is unavailable lately, I thought of giving this one a try. Unfortunately, within 4 days of use, my skin has started peeling from here and there. There are excessively dry patches even though I have oily skin. It has that temporary soft and cleansed effect like when bi-carb soda comes in contact with skin! And I found it just as harsh. I had to bring my moisturizer from my room and keep it in my washroom because my skin instantly feels tight to an extremely uncomfortable extent.

Anyway, I am glad it was not a costly product to have wasted my money on. I have also found an alternative use. I use it for washing my white beauty blender and I can't insist how clean it turns out. Loving it!!

Love this product - 05-11-2015 by

I gave this product a try as a promo and was really surprised at how good it actually is! I tend to overlook body wash/soap but this leaves my skin feeling silky, vibrant and hydrated. I don't use it every day, just when I feel like my skin needs a bit of a pick me up! Works great with an exfoliating cloth to clear dead skin cells and revamp the skin - also safe to use as a wash with fake tan which is another bonus! Definitely worth purchasing :)

"you get what you pay for" - 28-10-2014 by

l expected and recieved the very best fron the cleabsing cube and alpha h, it has left me feeling soft, smoove and cleansed. and for a male, this means heavy duty business. if you want high end products that work fabulously, stick with alpha h guys!

Clean soft skin - 30-09-2014 by

This cleansing cube is so nice, I washed by body with it & my skin felt amazingly clean and so soft afterwards! I used it most days in the shower & now need to buy a another one as I love it so much. It was nice to finally find a soap with a good exfoliation that moisturizers at the same time. It took my makeup off quickly and easily as well - win win!

An excellent cleanser. - 26-06-2014 by

The Alpha-H Cleansing Cube is a deep cleanser and especially good to take off makeup. Leaves my skin feeling very clean!

Soft Skin! - 27-04-2014 by

The benefits of glycolic acid on your skin is something amazing. I have always wondered why don't people use it on their body if they are willing to use it on their face... that's why I gave the Alpha-H Cleansing Cube a try.

The texture of the crushed cranberries is something I had to get used to (I rarely use scrubs for physical exfoliation), however, my skin was left incredibly soft after the first try. I'm not sure if this is due to the oils present in the cube, or the glycolic acid, but I love how my skin feels after using it!

I don't use it everyday (or on my face), just a few times a week for a treat and I love it. I've already purchased my second cube!

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