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Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Brushes & Accessories

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Youngblood brushes and accessories are the perfect tools to give your make-up to the wow factor!

The quality is of the highest level, loved by professionals and amateurs around the world. Hairs on the brushes are super soft and don't fall out, unlike similar brushes. They can be used on a variety of cosmetics, too, making them a great multi-purpose investment. For example, the Youngblood Kabuki Brush is good to use with a powder foundation, but it can just as easily double as an applicator for blush or bronzer. It's available in a large size and a flat top, too.

Applying make-up with a brush gives an incredibly polished, tidy look (it also means you don't have to wash your hands afterwards!), while still letting the skin breathe. You tend to use a lot less product with brush application, but it is very easy to build up the coverage to your desired level.

Don't forget to tap off the excess when using a powder product. This means you will get an even application, and if you use a gentle, circular buffing motion, the results will be even better!

A good idea for liquids is to warm up the product with the brush, on a palette or the back of your hand prior to putting it on. This makes it easier to glide onto your skin, allowing for expert blending and a flawless finish. 

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Youngblood Brush Roll 6 piece

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