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Womanizer might sound like an unusual name for a sex-positive, female-focused range of sex toys. But the Womanizer brand is an unusual brand!


Developed in Germany by a husband-and-wife team, they developed Womanizer sex toys out of a desire to see true innovation in the area - and thus Womanizer was born - thank goodness!


The first of its kind, the Pleasure Air Technology of Womanizer products has to be tried to be explained, so treat yo’self!



Is the Womanizer a vibrator?



Well - not exactly. Most Womanizer toys do make use of the innovative, and patented “pleasure air technology” (by the way - the first of it’s kind - all other “sucking” toys came after this O.G!). This uses puffs of air to encircle, tickle and tantalise the clitoris, rather than buzzing like a traditional vibrator. Some toys (for example, the Womanizer Duo) use Pleasure Air Technology alongside a traditional vibrator - so that you can be both externally and internally stimulated.



What does Pleasure Air Technology feel like?



We’d encourage you to try it out for yourself - if you haven’t used a Womanizer sex toy, or something similar, it’s quite a unique experience! Many people compare it to the feeling of oral sex - so we’ll leave that with you.


Further to this, the Pleasure Air Technology is technically touchless - there is no direct contact with the clitoris. Because of this, Womanizer believes that Womanizer orgasms are constantly new and exciting, and make it easier to achieve multiple orgasms.



Do Womanizer sex toys need batteries?



Great news - they don’t! No more fumbling around for AAA batteries in the bedside table, or ashamedly sliding them onto the checkout at 9pm on a Friday night - these babies are all USB charged.



Are Womanizer sex toys waterproof?



Almost all Womanizer toys are waterproof - and the Womanizer Duo, Womanizer Premium and Womanizer Liberty models that Adore Beauty stocks are all 100% waterproof. Take this baby into the shower, into the bath - wherever you want to go, she’ll come too.


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