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WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Pouch Refill 300g by WelleCo

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Top up your WelleCo caddy with the SUPER ELIXIR Greens Pouch Refill. This plant-based alkalising greens supplement is created with a combination of 45 premium whole food ingredients that are designed to nourish your body at a cellular level, from the inside out.

Formulated by leading nutritional doctors, this all-in-one green superfood powder can be enjoyed daily to improve your energy levels, strengthen your immunity, repair inflammation caused by sugar, dairy, alcohol or stress and leave your skin glowing! 

What are the features and benefits of taking the WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens?

  • This superfood powder supplement contains 45 premium whole food ingredients
  • Alkalising proprietary green plant blend for pH balance in the body
  • All-in-one multivitamin for your body
  • Improves your energy levels
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Repairs inflammation
  • Can help improve cognitive function
  • Can help improve metabolic function
  • Encourages healthy, glowing skin
  • Can improve nail and hair health
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free
  • No refined sugars
  • UV protected, eco-friendly packaging
  • 2-year shelf life
  • No need to be refrigerated 
  • Not recommended for pregnant women or people under 15 years of age
  • Refills your 300g Caddy
  • Dosage - 2 teaspoons in liquid daily
  • 300g - approximately 4 weeks worth of servings

The Super Elixir Super Greens helps detox your body, and run alkaline. This means that you can deal with toxins better, have more energy, and even enjoy more quality sleep. 

How do I take the WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR? 

There are multiples ways the WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR can be enjoyed. Simply mix two teaspoons of the green powder in one cup of filtered water, coconut water, juice or smoothie. It's important to consume immediately after making, and an hour either side of caffeine, to ensure your body can absorb the potent ingredients of the ELIXIR effectively. 

Some of the key ingredients of the WelleCo Super Elixir include: 

  • Super Greens including Barley Grass, Wheatgrass, Alfalfa, Spinach and Spirulina: Helps to balance the acidity in your skin and the alkalinity in your blood
  • Tumeric - contains anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties
  • Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms - helps to maintain the immune system
  • Omega 3 - assists cognitive function
  • Pro and prebiotics - supports the digestive system to maintain and improve gut health
  • Acai, Pomegranate, Grapeseed and Rosehip Powders - high in antioxidants, rich source of Vitamin A, promotes healthy skin and fights premature ageing. 

We advise that you seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner before taking WelleCo if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, WelleCo is not available for shipping outside of Australia. 

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Be ready to feel amazing! - 16-01-2019 by

I tried this mixed in water, the taste isn't amazing, but it made me feel so energised and clean. I'm excited to continue using this

Great Beauty Product! - 11-01-2019 by

This product is fantastic - a really great supplement. It's been great for my skin and overall gut health. It works really well in smoothies, but alone it's quite nice as well. Has a pineapple like taste to it.

Great brand/supplement - 10-01-2019 by

Really love this supplement. Seems to have heaps of nutrients and vitamins in it and I feel less bloated after taking it. Being honest: it does NOT taste nice. It has an odd aftertaste and usually I'll just drink it quickly with some juice. Works best for me in the morning. I still really like it because I can put aside the taste for the health benefit.

Love this product/brand - 18-12-2018 by

If you can get past the price of the product this refill is really great for your health. I use it daily and I feel so much better. Heaps more energy and helps a little with bloating after meals. It is a fairly small amount of product so thats why ive given it a 4 star but the product itself is AMAZING!

Recommend - Great! - 15-12-2018 by

I've started getting this 300g refill pouch because its a bit more value than the 150g. The size of these pouches are really tiny amounts and at first I was a little disappointed with the amount I received but after trying it - its such a great supplement. Heaps of really great ingredients/vitamins. I have so much more energy.

Boost - 10-12-2018 by

Really great added to a juice to add in some extra nutrients/vitamins. It is very expensive though for the very small amount you receive so be aware of that (its not something you're getting good value for). Health wise I think its worth paying the extra for. I would re-purchase 100%.

GREAT - 26-11-2018 by

I purchased this a few weeks ago. The first thing I noticed was that its a VERY SMALL amount of product for how much you pay for it. But after using it every morning Ive really noticed a difference - im less bloated AND feel like I have so much more energy. The list of ingredients is also pretty amazing there are so many great things in it. The taste takes a little getting used to so I usually just add it to orange juice OR a green smoothie/juice. Try to drink it right after adding it too or it does get really thick. 100% worth it if you're willing to spend the money.

Great to start the day - 26-11-2018 by

Really healthy boost of nutrients to my morning juice.

Holy grail product! - 25-11-2018 by

This is the holy grail of health supplements -it has so many amazing ingredients - I highly recommend!

Energy-boosting, healthy greens - 12-11-2018 by

I love this powder. I mix it with 400ml of water every morning and now can’t do without it. I love that I feel like I am starting my day off with a healthy boost (and a big glass of water!) and I do feel more energetic.

Amazing - 12-11-2018 by

I was looking for a green supplement or green juice. This is amazing, it has probiotics and fiber so I no longer need to take 2 other supplements as well. This has been much cheaper than buying 3 different products. It gives you a burst of energy too. Definitely give it a try :)

Really GOOD! - 29-10-2018 by

I’m only a week into using this and I’m already convinced - this supplement works! It gives me an immediate energy boost and I’ve been feeling less bloated in the afternoons. It’s hard to describe but I can feel that my body is healthier and happier with this supplement as part of my routine. It tastes great. The only negative: when I mix it into water with a spoon it never totally dissolves - there is always a bit of gritty residue. It’s perfectly smooth when I use a blender. But that’s only a small issue and is easy to tolerate! I’ll report back after I’ve used it for a few more weeks but so far, so good!

Life changing! - 13-09-2018 by

I discovered welleco just over a year ago, and I am SO happy that adore is now a stockist. This greens powder really was a game changer for me. I had previously used (and still do alternate with) the beauty chef's glow powder. While the taste of this, in my opinion, is not nearly as nice or refreshing as glow powder, I think it packs more of a health punch. Within an hour or two of having this I can physically feel a surge of energy, and after taking it consistently for a year I think I am healthier for it. I believe in variety and moderation, without relying heavily on any one supplement, so I take this every other day and use glow powder on alternate days. Unlike others I really don't like the taste of the elixir, so i have it in water and "chase it down" with another drink, usually my welleco protein shake.

It’s kind of a love hate relationship! - 03-09-2018 by

I have been using this since it came out a few years back, I have tried to stop using it or try alternatives and this just keep drawing me back. It’s the best tasting green powder you will ever try, perfect in water, delicious in coconut water and amazing in smoothies! Keeps me regular, gives me energy, helps with gut issues and 100% reduces body odour, I barely have to wear deodorant when taking this daily.
Can’t live without supplement, infact it annoys me that I love it so much.
So happy it’s now stocked at Adore, I can now do a one stop shop order each month for all my essentials!

My Daily! - 29-08-2018 by

I have been adding this product to my green smoothies for years now, I swear by it. It keeps me healthy and feeling fresh with lots of energy everytime I have it.

Good product - 22-08-2018 by

Overall is a good product. However, I can taste the copper which it's not my favourite. I may change to mix it with almond milk instead of water.

Finally found the right one! - 22-08-2018 by

I have tried a lot of green powders and protein powders but welleco is by far the best ive tried, taste wise and getting so much out of it. I feel amazing and get all the energy i need for a full day ahead!

Super Elixir - 22-08-2018 by

Can’t live without it. Keeps me fresh and really stops me getting sick- I have a 3yo who brings all sorts of bugs home! Highly recommend!

Really good! - 22-08-2018 by

I have been using Greens since 2015. The alkaline argument just makes sense to me. It makes me feel good and it definitely resets my system. The taste has also improved though I best like to drink it just mixed with cold water.

Enjoyment - 22-08-2018 by

I look forward to taking the Super Elixir in the morning, I do feel like it gives me more energy and reading the ingredient list I feel better about myself for drinking it.

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