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WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens Pouch Refill 300g 300g

4.6 of 40 reviews


4 instalments of $21.25


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4 instalments of $21.25


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WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens Pouch Refill 300g

WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens Pouch Refill 300g

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4.6 of 40 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best


Very very good and comes with heaps! I love this a lot and see my skin glowing more than ever!! So impressed and absolutely love it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Taste isn’t amazing


You’d be better off making your own green juice. This doesn’t taste all that great and I think it’s a bit of a hype. Haven’t noticed any benefits. I do eat very healthily and thought this might give an extra perk but I’d rather have a properly filling protein shake.
  1. The best


    Very very good and comes with heaps! I love this a lot and see my skin glowing more than ever!! So impressed and absolutely love it.
  2. Fantastic product


    I swear by this product, it’s absolutely amazing and true to every word it says.. it’s great for energy, skin and general well being. Love it
  3. Amazing greens elixir


    I have been using this elixir for 6 months and love it. I stopped taking it for a few weeks and really noticed the difference in my energy levels. The taste takes a while to get used to but it is better tasting than other greens supplements I have tried
  4. Excellent energy booster


    I don't love the taste but this powder really boosts my energy. 100 times better than coffee.
  5. Taste isn’t amazing


    You’d be better off making your own green juice. This doesn’t taste all that great and I think it’s a bit of a hype. Haven’t noticed any benefits. I do eat very healthily and thought this might give an extra perk but I’d rather have a properly filling protein shake.
  6. Energy booster


    This super greens powder from WelleCo boosts my energy. I have a glass of it in the morning and it is a great way to start the day. It is pricey but worth it and the pack lasts a while.
  7. Nice daily boost


    This is really expensive but definitely worth having each day to boost energy and overall health. I personally dont like the taste but drink it anyway because its full of great things.
  8. Best greens on the market


    This stuff is expensive but well worth the price, after using this for over a month I have really noticed the different in my energy levels but most importantly my skin has improved dramatically!!! Amazing stuff
  9. Okay


    I've used this product and Vital Greens (a similar product you can get from your local chemist) and overall, I've found that the slightly more expensive WelleCo product doesn't appear to make me feel any better. The taste is a bit hard to stomach but not terrible. I was expecting a bit more, given the price point, but I think I'll stick to Vital Greens.


    Im very short on time due to always working and find some weeks ill eat really bad and go for convenient low nutrient foods rather than something healthy. This drink really helps me to get those nutrients that im lacking. Also has heaps of things not found in most meals/foods/drinks. I really dont like the taste too much its a mix between mint and tropical and greens all together but honestly I just drink it really fast and follow up with some juice because lets face it healthy doesn't always taste amazing but its worth having.
  11. Amazing life changing product


    Its been almost 2 months since I started using WelleCo Super Elixir and I am in love. My skin tone has improved significantly, my energy levels are increased, and I feel so fresh and healthy from the inside out. Ahh-mazing product, definitely recommend!
  12. Love it


    Been using for months now and have tried many greens supplements this is my favorite! For me personally I notice the immune benefits and it is great for my hair.
  13. Improved health


    Im not a fan of drinking supplements - personally I just dont like the taste or the gritty feeling and I usually dont have the time to sit and drink it. This powder is amazing health wise and has heaps and heaps of great things in it. I actually buy empty Australian vegetable capsules online (ebay) and will fill them with this supplement powder so I can take it in tablet form. Super convenient to take each morning before work. (just an option for those who dont like the taste or cant stand the gritty feeling)
  14. Great for immune


    I like to use this once a week just to help my immune. I personally hate the taste of it because i find it hard to drink things like this usually but push past the taste to get the benefits which are much more important. This product would be so good if it also came in a capsule form for those who dont like the taste!! But 10/10 for nutrients and ingredients....
  15. Didn't notice any change to my well being


    I have been using this for almost 30 days and I have to say, I haven't noticed any difference to my overall health and well-being. For the cost of the product, I don't believe it is worth it. I couldn't get used to the taste mixing it with water and it does not dissolve well, so I ended up drinking chunks of powder. Even in my smoothies I could still taste it and I have a pretty high tolerance for bad tasting powders. I won't be purchasing this again.
  16. WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR


    If I begin to get a cold, I'm over it HOURS. I had a sore throat a few mornings this winter, and it didn't impact by function or my day at all. I'm well almost immediately. Is this what an immune system is?? I am so grateful for these products. LOVE LOVE LOVE MY WELLECO.
  17. Good


    It took me a week to get use to the taste, but after 60 days I haven’t had a coffee I feel good in the morning and my skin hasn’t had any break outs. I’ve found it tastes nicest for me with water, mango and pineapple
  18. Love it


    I’ve been taking this for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I used to always need a coffee in the morning to get me going but since I’ve been taking this I’ve noticed my energy levels are higher and last longer. Also I don’t need the coffee. I feel so much healthier as well.
  19. Healthy


    Im always so busy so I love healthy supplement products I can have in drink form while I work. This has so many great ingredients and nutrients! Be aware it does not taste nice..... I usually have it in juice.
  20. Be ready to feel amazing!


    I tried this mixed in water, the taste isn't amazing, but it made me feel so energised and clean. I'm excited to continue using this
  21. Great Beauty Product!


    This product is fantastic - a really great supplement. It's been great for my skin and overall gut health. It works really well in smoothies, but alone it's quite nice as well. Has a pineapple like taste to it.
  22. Great brand/supplement


    Really love this supplement. Seems to have heaps of nutrients and vitamins in it and I feel less bloated after taking it. Being honest: it does NOT taste nice. It has an odd aftertaste and usually I'll just drink it quickly with some juice. Works best for me in the morning. I still really like it because I can put aside the taste for the health benefit.
  23. Love this product/brand


    If you can get past the price of the product this refill is really great for your health. I use it daily and I feel so much better. Heaps more energy and helps a little with bloating after meals. It is a fairly small amount of product so thats why ive given it a 4 star but the product itself is AMAZING!
  24. Recommend - Great!


    I've started getting this 300g refill pouch because its a bit more value than the 150g. The size of these pouches are really tiny amounts and at first I was a little disappointed with the amount I received but after trying it - its such a great supplement. Heaps of really great ingredients/vitamins. I have so much more energy.
  25. Boost


    Really great added to a juice to add in some extra nutrients/vitamins. It is very expensive though for the very small amount you receive so be aware of that (its not something you're getting good value for). Health wise I think its worth paying the extra for. I would re-purchase 100%.
  26. GREAT


    I purchased this a few weeks ago. The first thing I noticed was that its a VERY SMALL amount of product for how much you pay for it. But after using it every morning Ive really noticed a difference - im less bloated AND feel like I have so much more energy. The list of ingredients is also pretty amazing there are so many great things in it. The taste takes a little getting used to so I usually just add it to orange juice OR a green smoothie/juice. Try to drink it right after adding it too or it does get really thick. 100% worth it if you're willing to spend the money.
  27. Great to start the day


    Really healthy boost of nutrients to my morning juice.
  28. Holy grail product!


    This is the holy grail of health supplements -it has so many amazing ingredients - I highly recommend!
  29. Energy-boosting, healthy greens


    I love this powder. I mix it with 400ml of water every morning and now can’t do without it. I love that I feel like I am starting my day off with a healthy boost (and a big glass of water!) and I do feel more energetic.
  30. Amazing


    I was looking for a green supplement or green juice. This is amazing, it has probiotics and fiber so I no longer need to take 2 other supplements as well. This has been much cheaper than buying 3 different products. It gives you a burst of energy too. Definitely give it a try :)
  31. Really GOOD!


    I’m only a week into using this and I’m already convinced - this supplement works! It gives me an immediate energy boost and I’ve been feeling less bloated in the afternoons. It’s hard to describe but I can feel that my body is healthier and happier with this supplement as part of my routine. It tastes great. The only negative: when I mix it into water with a spoon it never totally dissolves - there is always a bit of gritty residue. It’s perfectly smooth when I use a blender. But that’s only a small issue and is easy to tolerate! I’ll report back after I’ve used it for a few more weeks but so far, so good!
  32. Life changing!


    I discovered welleco just over a year ago, and I am SO happy that adore is now a stockist. This greens powder really was a game changer for me. I had previously used (and still do alternate with) the beauty chef's glow powder. While the taste of this, in my opinion, is not nearly as nice or refreshing as glow powder, I think it packs more of a health punch. Within an hour or two of having this I can physically feel a surge of energy, and after taking it consistently for a year I think I am healthier for it. I believe in variety and moderation, without relying heavily on any one supplement, so I take this every other day and use glow powder on alternate days. Unlike others I really don't like the taste of the elixir, so i have it in water and "chase it down" with another drink, usually my welleco protein shake.
  33. It’s kind of a love hate relationship!


    I have been using this since it came out a few years back, I have tried to stop using it or try alternatives and this just keep drawing me back. It’s the best tasting green powder you will ever try, perfect in water, delicious in coconut water and amazing in smoothies! Keeps me regular, gives me energy, helps with gut issues and 100% reduces body odour, I barely have to wear deodorant when taking this daily.
    Can’t live without supplement, infact it annoys me that I love it so much.
    So happy it’s now stocked at Adore, I can now do a one stop shop order each month for all my essentials!
  34. My Daily!


    I have been adding this product to my green smoothies for years now, I swear by it. It keeps me healthy and feeling fresh with lots of energy everytime I have it.
  35. Good product

    Customer Review from welleco.com

    Overall is a good product. However, I can taste the copper which it's not my favourite. I may change to mix it with almond milk instead of water.
  36. Finally found the right one!

    Customer Review from welleco.com

    I have tried a lot of green powders and protein powders but welleco is by far the best ive tried, taste wise and getting so much out of it. I feel amazing and get all the energy i need for a full day ahead!
  37. Super Elixir

    Customer Review from welleco.com

    Can’t live without it. Keeps me fresh and really stops me getting sick- I have a 3yo who brings all sorts of bugs home! Highly recommend!
  38. Really good!

    Customer Review from welleco.com

    I have been using Greens since 2015. The alkaline argument just makes sense to me. It makes me feel good and it definitely resets my system. The taste has also improved though I best like to drink it just mixed with cold water.
  39. Enjoyment

    Customer Review from welleco.com

    I look forward to taking the Super Elixir in the morning, I do feel like it gives me more energy and reading the ingredient list I feel better about myself for drinking it.
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