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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone 30ml

4.2 of 177 reviews


4 instalments of $3.20

Or 4 instalments of $3.20 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.20

Or 4 instalments of $3.20 with LEARN MORE

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A Water-Free, Stable Suspension of 30% Pure L-Ascorbic Acid in Light Silicones to help reverse multiple signs of skin ageing while brightening the skin.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 77% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone

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The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone Reviews

4.2 of 177 reviews

77% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love It!


Really like this product, it is like a matte finish which is great if putting makeup over the top and not looking oily. It is a little tingly once applied but that does wear off. I mix it with the TO Natural Moisturiser and can barely feel the tingle! Love the way it looks on my skin once applied.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure


Rough, gritty texture, feel as though it rubs off. Not a fan of the smell. I’m not entirely sure what it’s purpose is but it helps burn off acne during breakouts
  1. Love It!


    Really like this product, it is like a matte finish which is great if putting makeup over the top and not looking oily. It is a little tingly once applied but that does wear off. I mix it with the TO Natural Moisturiser and can barely feel the tingle! Love the way it looks on my skin once applied.
  2. Loving it so far!


    My sister bought me this product as I had noticed a dramatic improvement in her skin since using the Vitamin C, so I thought I would give it a try!!! I have very sensitive skin and try to avoid using products containing silicone but I'm loving this product so far! Just be careful with what other products you are using, as it isn't recommended to use it with a lot of other products (including but ...
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  3. Miracle skincare product!!!!


    This product has become an absolute miracle staple product for me!!! This is my second time ordering it. I've been using it for around a month now and have noticed a MASSIVE change in my skin. I had extremely visible hyperpigmentation/scarring on my left cheek and chin which has almost completely disappeared now with using this 6 days a week. Plus my skin is a lot brighter and the texture and tone...
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  4. Results but super thick


    I've been using this product for about a month now and can see results. My partner also says my skin looks better (brighter, less pigmentation, and less textured). It is not gritty at all, although it is definitely thicker than I expected though and when I apply it, it's almost like it dries up quite quickly. I'm left with a bit of a film on my fingers and if I try to rub the film in, it ends up p...
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  5. Feels great


    I really like the feel of the silicone. I dont know if I’ll repurchase as I would prefer one without silicone but I like how it feels. For those who have had issues with pulling or too much tingling I’d reccomend mixing it with a little bit of moisturiser to help it along.
  6. Does what it needs to!


    As always, the ordinary always serves looks! The minimal bottle looks awesome on the counter top of the bathroom. I bought this one for my mum (50) and she loves the smoothing feeling and brightening look it gives her skin! The only draw backs is that it itches a little bit on first uses and does have a strange smell (for skin care). But overall, is a good vitamin c skin product!
  7. Smooth texture, definitely helped with looking brighter and pigmentation spots


    I have sensitive skin, so I was a little hesitant to try this product. But it lives up to all my expectations! It goes on smoothly due to it being suspended in silicone (like a silicone primer), and I loved mixing it with the Ordinary HA moisturizer of a morning (I use retinol at night and don't have the patience to wait 30 mins so they don't counteract each other). My skin is definitely brighter...
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  8. Love it!


    Never used a vitamin c before on my face, and wow! What a difference it has made in a week! My skin feels so silky and smooth now. Definitely buying this little gem again!
  9. Absolutely loving it!!!


    I put off using this for ages because of the restrictions of what you can use with it, but I recently wrote a proper skincare regime where I use this product every morning so it doesn't interact negatively with other products I use at night. I've been using it most mornings for the least few weeks and have already noticed awesome changes in my skin!!! My skin is looking so much brighter and my hyp...
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  10. Love love love


    I think this product is amazing it goes on smooth and glides over the skin, very little tingling and makes my skin bright and glowing, I only use it at night and also put the ordinary HA moisturiser over the top, it is great for the back of your hands as well. I recommend this product
  11. 1 Litre bottle please!


    I LOVE this product. It seems mildly exfoliating, I like the mildly sandy feeling, very nourishing, best to put on at night because in the morning the sandy feeling seems to have penetrated the skin and your skin will feel wonderfully plumped and fed. This is one of my top 5 products. Just don't apply near eye area and don't use together with Niacinamide, use Niacinamide in the morning after clea...
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  12. This has been the worst thing I’ve ever used on my face. Unfortunately the stinging was nonstop and the left my skin rough and drier than ever.


    I was skeptical to start with, however, I purchased this product based on the reviews I’ve read online. Unfortunately it did not deliver for me and some how caused further damage to my skin.
  13. Makes everything pill

    Bridget L

    You can only wear this at night if your skin is completely clean and has nothing else on it, and you don't use anything over the top. Make up looks terrible when applied over it and it causes any moisturiser or serum to pill. Have tried to keep using it, only at night, and not noticed any difference so have stopped using it.
  14. good introductory product to add vitamin c to your routine

    Caitlin N

    I wanted to introduce vitamin c to my routine as I had read all the benefits and the price point of this product and good reviews are what sold me. This, like many of the other “the ordinary” products I’ve bought is excellent, not too harsh and affordable. Used it for a week now and can see an improvement in overall brightness of my skin and reduction in pigment. Would highly recommend.
  15. Already seeing results


    I have been using this product for over a week and already I am seeing an improvement in my skin. My skin is noticeably smoother. The cream has a weird texture but it's fine to wear overnight.
  16. Not for me


    I was lucky not to find it stingy, however I also didnt see much of a difference using it. I used it evening only because it didnt absorb well into my skin and left a white ghostly layer. I also found it quite gritty. And using it right before bed was risky because DAMN does it sting if you rub your eyes or bury your face in your pillow and drag the product into them
  17. Creative


    I tend to use this product at night and sometimes I will use it all over my face but on other occasions I will use it on areas where i Have pigmentation. I was really surprised the other day when I noticed the pigmentation which was above my eyebrow had faded. I had decided I wasn't going to buy this product again but use something else but I think it is worth having a tube for just pigmentation i...
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  18. Not sure


    Rough, gritty texture, feel as though it rubs off. Not a fan of the smell. I’m not entirely sure what it’s purpose is but it helps burn off acne during breakouts
  19. Brightens my complexion


    I was wary of this product at first because 30% Vitamin C seems quite high for my skin. Despite some tingling every time I apply this, I always wake up with glowing skin the next day. Overall, quite happy with it and will be re-purchasing until I'm ready to try another Vitamin C product.
  20. So brightening


    I love The Ordinary products - such good value and they actually work.
    This product does sting a little bit at first but once you are used to it, it is lovely and brightening. I use most nights and can definitely notice the improvement in my skin the next morning. You only need a tiny bit - it’s quite runny also.
  21. Brightens complexion


    I previously purchased the ordinary's vitamin C 23% with HA spheres and even though it was super effective in brightening my skin, the stinging was just unbearable. When i found out about this product I decided to give it a go. I still felt a stinging (pins and needles) sensation on my skin but it was sooo much more bearable than the other vitamin C product. This particular one also works well in ...
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  22. works


    it works but i can only use at night because it sits badly under makeup
  23. I’m in the minority here


    But I hated this product. It oxidised so fast on my hands and face if they weren’t at 100% hydration, turning both slightly orange. And the smell is terrible. Not a fan.
  24. No difference


    Didn't see any difference. No brightening effect or fading of existing pigmentation. Also has a funky plastic smell (probably the silicon?)
  25. Brightens Skin


    It definitely brightens my skin. The texture is perfect very smooth, I used in the morning after moisturizer and before SPF. Don't tingle too much nothing that you can't handle. You only need to use a very tiny pea size in you entire face.
  26. Very Stingy and No Results

    Zoey J

    I was hoping this would help with some post inflammatory scars and generally brighten my skin. It was very stingy and itchy to start with but I pushed through by mixing with squalane which was fine. Unfortunately I didn’t see any results. I’m going to try another Vitamin C from the range to see how that goes instead.
  27. Loving it!


    Wanted to try a vitamin C for a while. Started using a few weeks ago and can notice my fine lines softer and more plumped. Really happy. Bit tingly when using but stops after a couple of seconds.
  28. Amazing


    This makes my skin look lifted and reduces texture significantly
  29. weird texture but effective outcome


    This product has the weirdest texture ive ever used, it starts out as an oily siliconey cream and once it warms up in your hands/face it almost turns chalk-like. It's quite hard to rub into the skin evenly and can look quite flakey so I only used it at night once figuring this out. I also started mixing it with a more watery serum at night and that would make the texture much easier to rub into an...
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  30. very bitty!!


    I am not impressed with this product. It doesn't seem to like my skin. I used it before work and as I was putting my make up on it turned into bits, I tried using it alone and mixing with products but I got the same results. I love The Ordinary but this isn't for me.
  31. Love how my face feels and looks after using this product


    This product feels so velvety when applied to the skin, making the skin instantly feel smooth. I use this product before bed and I love the way my face looks so fresh and clear the next day. It would have to be my favourite Ordinary product as I find I break out with their other products but this one has a really positive effect on my skin. The only downside is that the bottle is quite small, but ...
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  32. It’s okay...


    I am indifferent about this serum, it’s okay but it’s not one I would buy again. I couldn’t get past the smell of it, I found it very unpleasant. Texture was quite good though and it did seem to brighten my skin very slightly. Okay for the price but there’s definitely better vitamin C serums available.
  33. Best vitamin c product I've tried


    I've used all of the vitamin c products the ordinary offers and this one is my new favourite. It's perfect for use during the day under my make up as the silicon base acts as a primer. It isn't gritty and leave my skin instantly smooth. I use it everyday, my only complaint is that it doesn't come in a bigger size! Just about to order another 2 tubes love this stuff.
  34. I'm not sure if it suits me


    I just used one. I think it's a little thick for oily skin, but it really has a little brightening effect.
  35. Unsure about The texture


    Not sure if the texture is right for me. It feels very gritty and also it stings my skin. I stopped using it after a week.
  36. Bit tingly!


    Did not expect it to tingle as much, had read reviews but can definitely cause some irritation if applying other products on top! Thought the suspension would help apply but it appears to apply with some difficulty due to suspension.
    Good effects though, seen reduction in lines and brightening.
  37. Love that it acts like a primer


    I prefer this version compared to the other Vitamin C product that the ordinary carries. There is no grittiness like the other one and this just glides on the skin. I love how it gives a perfect base to make up, thus acting as a great primer. It does sting but my skin got used to it after a month of using.
  38. Quite potent but doesn't quite get the highest rating

    Rachael McLean

    The Ordinary’s Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone is a potent vitamin C treatment for skin, but it doesn’t quite make the grade to get our highest rating.

    This fragrance-free cream comes in an opaque squeeze tube that protects the vitamin c from light and air exposure (vitamin C is particularly vulnerable to both elements and can quickly lose its beneficial properties in their prese...
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  39. Lovely


    I was really worried about trying this product in case it was gritty and sticky but it just glided on and was absorbed quickly. The tingle was a bit different but was fine. Would purchase again.
  40. Very smooth


    I really like this product, goes on well and feels so smooth. I don't use a primer when I'm using this, as the silicone texture is like a primer. Great price too!
  41. Love the tingle

    Rachel Lane

    I love the tingle, am a fan of Vit C products, skin is very fresh and plump after using this product.
  42. Glow and Refresh Overnight


    The tingling sensation took a little while to get used to but the results are more than worth it. I use this product usually in the PM as instructed on the packaging. I wake up with refreshed and glowing skin. AMAZING
  43. Smooth


    I prefer this formulation to the lower strength one. This product reallynworks and skin is so clear since using on a regular basis. It also blends smoothly, does not pill.
  44. Great for the price


    Great as a starter Vitamin C and terrific for the price.Definitely need to follow the instructions about how to apply. Makes the skin brighter.
  45. incredible


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  46. Affordable and good quality


    I like this product. It does what it says but it has a weird gritty feeling in the liquid that doesn’t feel great when putting it on the skin.
  47. Leaves skin felling good


    Product leaves skin feeling smooth, smell is not pleasent
  48. Average in comparison to The Ordinary range


    I don’t like how the silicone feels on my face to be honest.
    I do like how my skin looks after applied so I just use it at night time.
    I do prefer the other vitamin C cream The Ordinary sell. So probably would rebuy that one instead, but I will still finish of this one so not a complete write off.
  49. Strong Vit C


    I purchased this Vit C to replace my other (incredibly expensive) Vit C to help with pigmentation. I use it PM only. It certainly tingles which always makes me feel it is potent and doing its job. It goes on smoothly thanks to the silicon.
  50. Recommended


    Third bottle I’ve used. Highly recommended. It makes my skin look more nourished, and the price is really affordable.

    Will continue to purchase this item and others from the ordinary range.
  51. If it tingles it is working right?


    This product tingles quite a bit.. I suggest starting off slowly with small amounts.

    It is worth it though! My skin is so clear now and an even tone. It has a nutty smell but I use it at night time so it doesn't bother me. I highly suggest this! It would be 5 stars if it didnt tingle so much and if it didnt smell :)
  52. Great value


    I was hesitant to try this after hearing mixed reviews but very glad I have. It feels like really velvety as you apply and goes on very smoothly. I do find if I don’t rub it in enough it does tend to ball, so I make sure I massage it in deeply. I got it to help with pigmentation and brightness and feel that it does wake my skin up each morning. I have pigmentation, and fair, combination skin. The ...
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  53. Its a steal!


    This was recommended to me to help with pigmentation and general brightening. I've been really happy with the results. Strangely, some nights it stings around my nose, other nights its a tingle, and some nights I feel nothing. The silicon base is a bit weird and gritty but I tolerate it because of the price point. I was also thrilled to see that Beautypedia rates this really highly. I only use t...
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  54. The Ordinary


    I love this product!! It feels like silk when it goes on my face. No grittiness or pilling. There is mild tingling after I apply it but no discomfort at all....it actually feels nice. No smell which I like, the product goes a long way and I love the price!!!! So affordable. A great product to start with if you are new to using Vitamin C. Will definitely purchase again.
  55. Value vitamin C


    I'm a big believer in vitamin C for your skin and this product is a great entry way to using vitamin C. The price is very fair for the concentration of product. I feel that vitamin C helps my skin to look brighter and more radiant.
  56. Dewy Skin


    After using this, i do find i have quite dewy skin but it seems to sometimes leave some of my skin flakey, to the point I can rub my finger hard on my face and get a collection of skin coming off. Does anyone else have this problem? And can advise on how to fix? Also I recommend mixing it this moisturizer as it does burn a little much when used by itself.
  57. Great


    I had been using a very expensive vitamin c serum and decided to try out this product purely based on the price point and because I use other The Ordinary products and absolutely love them.
    First and foremost, the product does work. I apply it in the PM and wake up with skin that glows from the inside out.
    The only downside is the gritty feeling of the product as it spreads on your fa...
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  58. Great value, does what its intended to


    Does tingle a little bit when first applying but then feels nice on the skin. The silicone makes it feels similar to a make up primer. Really don't need to use a lot otherwise it beads. I prefer to use this overwinter under a moisturizer at night.
  59. 30% too strong for my skin


    I bought the vitamin C 30% and my skin felt like it was burning. I rarely have sensitivity to skin care so after some assistance from YouTube, I began mixing it with Hyaluronic Acid and I am no using every second evening. Next time I won’t buy 30% vitamin c and see how that goes
  60. Works


    I bought this to try a stronger vit C and although it worked well, I really hated the texture of it. I doubt I’d buy it again as it’s silicone based
  61. This product works!!!


    Have recommended to at least nine others.. Three I know are using product thrilled as I am.. And a beauty therapist is about to purchase for herself.. with view to using in her business to compliment her routines.. I love it!!!
  62. Really worth it for its price!


    Excellent vitamin C cream that brightened my skin tone and made my skin look healthier.
  63. Great product


    First couple of days my skin tingled when applying this product. It is a good product which I feel brightened my skin. Great for the price.
  64. Brightens and refreshes my skin


    A really affordable product that has helped my skin come out of winter hibernation - it brightens my skin and when teamed with the HA, leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I use it once every 3 nights, avoiding exposure to sunlight when applied.
  65. if you have sensitive skin beware


    I have used the version without silicone and I have sensitive dry skin and boy it burned my skin. Do not buy the one without the silicone if your skin is sensitive. As for this one I have noticed that I cannot use it on my neck. I can use it a little bit on my face and I do feel like it evens out my skin tone but on my neck it just burn. But it also dries out my skin so I can use it too often.
  66. Not sure


    I like to think this is doing something good for my skin but I am yet to see a difference and have gone through 2 of these. so at this point undecided. It does oddly make a good primer though which is why I still use it.
  67. Grainy


    Very high concentration of vitamin C in this! Saw brightening effects in a few weeks. Can take a while to get used to the graininess, but it's worth it
  68. Glides on


    I purchased this product as I had read Vit C is great to improve skin discolouration. Plus I use other products from The Ordinary. Thank you to Adore for always providing the best product information. As I’ve aged I have a number of darkish pigmented spots on my face. It is early days yet but I do see a slight improvement. This product glides onto the skin and feels lovely and there is a slight ti...
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  69. recommended


    This product is great value. Normally use an expensive Vitamin C cream, but this product seems to have the same effect.

    Nice light texture, and doesn't make my skin oily.
    Definitely recommend buying this product and other items in their range.

  70. Not their best product


    I love The Ordinary's products but this one i wouldn't purchase again.
    The texture is thick, powdery, matte and didnt have the same result for me as the 23% which id put on in the PM and by morning my skin was bright and clear.
  71. good for lightening skin


    It definitely works, it feels weird when you apply it because the texture is not smooth like most moisturisers but that would be the vitamin C in it. It can be a bit irritating at first too like a tingly sensation, so I don't use it every day but every second.
  72. Amazing value for money


    This is an incredible product! You only need to apply a small amount each time, feel the tingles and enjoy the benefits! I’ve been using for a few days now and can see immediate effects :)
  73. Brightens my skin!


    This products makes my pigmentation disappear!
  74. Great product, for the price


    I've been using this product for 2 weeks now and it has helped even out my skin tone somewhat, I haven't been using it long enough to really notice a huge difference. It does have a very thick consistency and I find it easier to apply when mixed with my regular moisturiser. It is a great product for the price and I would recommend everyone try it for themselves.
  75. Waiting to see the results for hyper pigmentation


    I bought this cream to tackle my hyper pigmentation. I’ve used it every night for 4 months now, but haven’t seen any visible results in terms of fading age spots yet. It tingles when applied, but goes away after a few seconds. The texture of the cream is like thin smooth clay spread on my skin, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Need only one or two pea size for whole face and a tube lasts for mont...
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  76. Great!


    It does have a weird texture and gives a slight tingle but it's been great for my skin.
  77. Vitamin C


    Smooths and brightens due to vitamin C and silicone action. Love how soft my skin feels
  78. Wake up brighter!


    Love this product! It definitely does give a tingly feeling the first time you use it so I would recommend mixing it with your night moisituriser, particularly if you have sensitive skin. After using I definitely wake up with clearer, brighter skin. I would buy again!
  79. Love it


    This is my favourite vitamin C product and it is very convenient for everyday use in this formula instead of a powder Vit C. I apply this after skin needling as well along with a moisturiser and my hyperpigmentation has almost completely faded over time and this product leaves me with such bright, clear and smooth complexion that I love it
  80. Strong product


    I feel it tingle on my skin for a few seconds, but it does help clarify skin tone. Recommend working up to the 30% concentration as it can feel quite strong.
  81. Great


    This product does its job helping to firm and brighten the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth due to the silicone. I used this product on my mother and she loved the feeling and noticed firmness and brightening after the first night of use. There is a tingling feeling however for me it was minimal, I would definitely recommend to anyone.
  82. Nice but thick


    Great but very thick, probably not good for sensitive skin as it does leave a tingly feeling. I use on my arm to help repair discolouration.
  83. Like it


    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  84. Another winner!


    On my 78 year old skin with its inevitable wrinkles, i use this in combination with the Marine Hyularonic at night - a little while before bed so it has a chance to do the best job on my skin rather than my pillowcase. Happy at last to find affordable and ethical products. Thank you
  85. Great


    This works I think
    I use it in the night time and after few nights I think my dark spots are really fade . I have tried so many products that claim to fade the dark spots but nothing come close to this one. I think if someone’s looking to brightens the face or eliminate the dark spots should try this one. I recommend.
  86. Good for the price


    This product has a decent brightening effect however it is not my favourite vitamin c product. The texture isn’t as smooth as I would like but for the price I can’t complain it’s pretty good
  87. Easy


    I prefer this to the powder vitamin C alternative, easy to use and it has a lovely brightening effect
  88. Cheap and effective Vitamin C


    I bought this to replace my old Vitamin C serum. It's not my favourite product from The Ordinary, but I like to use it sometimes in the morning to protect against sun damage, along with sunscreen of course! Grainy texture is a bit annoying but I do like the fact it's in a tube so doesn't oxidise quickly. I just make sure I rub it in well so the Vit C is absorbed.
  89. Bargain Vitamin C!


    Such a great price for fantastic, gold standard ingredients!

    It goes on very smoothly, no gritty feeling. It does sting a little bit, but it subsides. It makes my skin very soft.

    I’ve definitely noticed a brightening to my skin!
  90. Where has this been all my life?!


    To be honest when I bought this I wasn’t even sure what it was supposed to do, but now I get it! Since using this for a few weeks my skin looks SO much younger, brighter and healthier. I have dry skin that’s prone to looking really dull and this has completely fixed that. Obsessed!
  91. Enjoying It


    Love it day and night! Great to help brighten and lighten the skin
  92. Impressed


    This is my second try at a Vitamin C product, having used a liquid version in another brand which I found oxidized very quickly, had an unpleasant smell and made my skin feel very scaly after a few weeks' use. This goes on much more smoothly, feels hydrating because of the silicone, and I feel that my fine lines look less noticeable already. Have also been using it on the backs of my hands in an...
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  93. Love it


    Actually loving the silicone base of this, leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I mix it with my sunscreen and then I'm ready for foundation. Such good value!
  94. Good product


    I mix this with my Granactive Retinol, goes on lovely an absorbed fast. Nice little tingle.
  95. Helped with pigmentaion and radiance


    Easier to use than the powder. Have reordered! Will keep using this product. I do notice that my skin is brighter and it is great value.
  96. not a fan


    I bought this by mistake, instead of TO Vit C 23%. I cannot stand the silicone! This product does not suit my skin type (combination oily) the silicone sits on top of the skin, it almost feels like an oil. I think if you had dry irritated skin this would be perfect for you.
    The silicone also breaks me out. Do not recommend.
  97. Feels uncomfortable on the skin


    Made my skin tingle. I tried to use it over the course of a month but it just kept irritating my skin
  98. Mix with favourite ordinary moisturiser


    Love it day and night
  99. Great buy


    I normally use Vit C that requires refrigerating, so I love this one can be kept with my other products and is a perfect travel size. It goes on smoothly with a nice tingle. The next morning I wake up fresh faced, hydrated skin with a great glow. I would highly recommend trying this
  100. Value for money


    Have recently started using The Ordinary products and love them. I haven’t experienced the tingling sensation so I’m not mixing it. Gives skin a lovely smooth feel
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