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asap super c serum 30ml 30ml

4.3 of 120 reviews

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4 instalments of $17.36


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Eliminate and repair the visible signs of ageing caused by the sun and harsh environmental factors with the asap super C serum. This facial serum utilises a unique combination of three of the most powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C (as L-ascorbic acid), Pycnogenol and Idebenone to help brighten skin and fight signs of ageing.


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 77% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap super c serum 30ml

asap super c serum 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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4.3 of 120 reviews

77% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great starter vit-c serum


I do not see noticeable results as soon as other serums, however, this does work! My skin does look brighter and radiant when I use this and it works well under makeup too. Some vit-c serums pill like crazy, I have no issues with the application of this one.

Most Helpful Criticism

Strongly scented


This applied quite easily to my skin but didnt absorb well. It also has a strong scent which lingered. My skin felt nice after constant use but I think I will try a different brand
  1. Strongly scented


    This applied quite easily to my skin but didnt absorb well. It also has a strong scent which lingered. My skin felt nice after constant use but I think I will try a different brand
  2. Great starter vit-c serum


    I do not see noticeable results as soon as other serums, however, this does work! My skin does look brighter and radiant when I use this and it works well under makeup too. Some vit-c serums pill like crazy, I have no issues with the application of this one.
  3. My skin loves it


    I have been using this for years, every morning under my moisturiser. It absorbs beautifully, I can sometimes get super shiny on my forehead by the end of the day when my skin is having a moment so I just use it everywhere else on those days. Only the smallest amount is needed so it lasts a long time! It can sometimes leave a brief sting - if I'm in the middle of a breakout I just mix it in with my moisturiser before applying. Easy!
  4. Excellent product


    I love ASAP products and have been a big fan of their AHA/BHA Serum for a while & have recently started using their Super C serum a few months ago & have definitely noticed a big difference in my skin. Will definitely continue buying this!
  5. Amazing!


    I don’t usually review as I find it kind of pointless unless I really need to tell a story - and by lord does a story need to be told with this product! I’ve used so many Vit C serums and found my holy grail to be C-Firma by Drunk Elephant. It made my skin glow and gorgeous. Now I’m on maternity leave and don’t have as much money to spend on skincare I thought I’d try ASAP range as a more affordable option. I wasn’t expecting much but ohh-em-gee! This little bottle is going to be my new go-to. I have recently cleared up my acne but still have some stubborn dark spots. After only 2 weeks of use along with ASAP B serum these spots are 90% gone. Even my hubby has commented on it. To be honest it doesn’t give me as much of a glow as drunk elephant but it has really helped with repairing my skin which is more important to me at this stage. I’m obsessed and would def recommend this product. To help it penetrate further in my skin I get a warm cloth and cover my face for 15 secs before applying both serums. Seriously- if your considering this product- buy it!
  6. Ouch!


    I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but sadly this serum stings like nobody’s business on my cheeks. It’s got a gorgeous texture and scent but it’s unfortunately a bit too strong for me. I’d be cautious with this if you haven’t used a lot of actives but on seasoned skin I’m sure it’d be a winner.
  7. Horrible


    I love asap products but I hate this vitamin c it creates yellowy dry patches all over my skin when u try to wipe the dry patches it literally balls up and looks terrible, leaving your face looking flaky and dry, turned me right off. Made my skin look horrendous never again.
  8. Can feel it working


    I love that this serum is a cream consistency. I can feel this serum working when I put it on. It’s beautiful.
  9. Good C serum


    I love using a tiny bit of this mixed with the super B complex, I find it can be a little too much for my sensitive skin if I use it on its own. My skin is looking bright and it helps with any pigmentation.
  10. Worth it


    I was recommended to use this to brighten the dark spots and treat the melasma on cheek bones by the skin therapist. The texture is very vitamin coloured serum which gives a little sting to the skin but I have no reaction to it. I use it in AM for entire face and PM for spot treatment (only on dark spot)
    It brightened my skin and texture is even toned. I am happy with this purchase.
  11. Great for pigmentation


    I use this every morning and it has done wonders for my pigmentation. I have tried this product on it's own, but found it too irritating. Mix it with a little bit of vit b serum and you have the perfect combination. Love this.
  12. Love the smell


    This is such a great product, absorbed so nicely in to my skin and I noticed an improvement in the plumpness of my skin straight away. I have quite dry skin and this was perfect for my complexion.
  13. Nice enough


    This vitamin c is nice enough for the price but it hasn’t wowed me. Good for if you’re starting off with Vit C as it is fairly gentle
  14. Effective vitamin c


    This product gave me a good tingle upon application. Great packaging and it has stayed stable for the last 3 months. I noticed brightening and more even skin tone. Only thing I struggled with was consistency (typical of all vitamin c I have tried)
    But while I didn’t love the feel of it, as far as vitamin c products this is the only one I’ve felt comfortable wearing under makeup
  15. Good serum


    This serum is nice and I have noticed an improvement in some scarring on my skin. I personally struggle a little with the texture of this product as I am used to using smoother serums, but once you get over that it is a nice serum.
  16. Great serum


    I use this serum after my toner dries down and apply one pump at night and half pump in the morning. It feels light and absorbs very quickly. Interesting texture - almost like a primer.
    If I use too much at once (like two pumps) it does have the tendency to sting slightly - nothing unbearable though and obviously I have just used too much.
    It leave skin feeling smooth and ready for moisturiser. I feel like it helps with radiance and I feel like I’m doing some good by using it!
    Doesn’t break me out or irritate me if used correctly. I have repurchased twice.
  17. Inconsistent


    Used this product a while ago with great results, very brightening and I felt it helped with reducing pigmentation. However, ordered again recently and the product doesn't absorb into the skin properly, when I wake up after applying it at night I can see it on the surface of my skin. Bit of a hit or miss, so i'll be looking for an alternative.
  18. It’s okay


    One of the more disappointing vitamin c serums I’ve used. I have tried others that I think are much better.
  19. Great for dry skin


    I was using the Image Vit C serum but I found this one thicker and my skin was far more hydrated. I’d recommend this one over the image one much better value for money.
  20. amazing serum


    I have oily/combination and acne prone skin and this product has actually reduced the number of breakouts as and also reduced redness
  21. Nice texture, bad side effects


    The texture and the way it glides on was great, but as soon as it touched certain spots on my face it stung like crazy and I had to immediately wipe it off to ease the discomfort. Also, if not left for long enough or too much is applied the B serum and SPF causes it to clump up. Smells lovely and I wish I didn’t have the redness and itchiness from it, but unfortunately won’t be buying again.
  22. Great price


    Great value for money as it seems to work as well as other more expensive vitamin c serums I’ve used. It has quite a thick consistency so you don’t need much. Will definitely keep purchasing
  23. Great Product


    I was using skinstitute serum and swapped to this .
    Is thicker but I can use so much less with the ASAP brand and it's really reasonably priced!
  24. Love


    I was using another brand and the consistency of asap is a lot thicker, but I can use a lot less and it applies amazingly
  25. Great product


    I have dry combo skin and this product has actually reduced the number of breakouts as well as reducing the redness across my nose. It also smells and feels lovely!
  26. Tried everything


    I feel like I have tried everything to get this product to work. No matter what I do it ends up coming off my skin and sticks to my fingers as soon as I apply anything on top, such as sunscreen, foundation, primer, etc. I have used it alone, with the super B complex, after the super B serum and let it sit and absorb on to my skin for hours. It has an awful texture unfortunately. Smells great and I really wanted to like it because I love so many ASAP products. Im not sure if maybe I just have a dodge bottle because everyone else seems to love it
  27. Light and Asorbing


    Bought this on recommendation from multiple users as i needed to add a serum to my skin care regime for brightening and i don't regret it! feels very light and soft once applied and already noticing a difference in overall complexion. not a HUGE difference but enough to feel more confident being make up free. will be looking at adding the B serum to the regime too.
  28. Cool serum but a couple of downfalls


    The texture of this serum/cream is a dream! I love the way it glides on! I bought this as a booster for my winter skincare because of the vitamin C however I find that it actually makes my skin quite red for a couple of hours and also causes a significant stinging sensation on my face when applying it. It also leaves a clumpy residue on your hands. I get the feeling it is doing good in protecting my skin though and it is very blurring and closes many pores!
  29. Good serum


    I was using skinstitute serum and swapped to this .
    Is thicker but I can use so much less with the ASAP brand so last a lot longer and is more cost effective . I use this after gentle facial cleanser then exfoliate and then serum and then the hydrating moisturiser
  30. Strange smell and no difference in my skin


    This product says it’s fragrance free however, it smells like fake tan for hours after application. The smell lingers on my hands as well. Even after washing after application. I’ve been using this serum for over 2 weeks now and nothing has changed in my skin’s texture, brightness and pigmentation. It also tingles when it’s applied, borderline stings. It’s uncomfortable not unbearable.
  31. Love/Hate Relationship


    I was absolutely in love with this serum.. my face looked brighter and it was evening out my skin tone, seemed to be working really well on pigmentation.
    But I'm pretty sure it was giving me blackheads! I've never really had them before but they were appearing on my cheeks, forehead and jaw. I stopped using it and the blackheads have since stopped.
    Really disappointed as it seemed like a winner.
  32. Feels Amazing


    A light layer on your skin every morning following cleansing and it feels amazing, I’ve used it for years and people always comment on my skin looking good
  33. Great for brightening


    Essential part of an overall ASAP routine. Use as directed alternating with super A and Radiance serum and your skin will thank you.
  34. Reasonable


    After using this product my skin appeared brighter and clearer. The only thing I didn’t really like about this product was how it feels when you put it on.
  35. Amazing product!!


    Incredible product! Have been using it for a few months now and really notice a difference in my skin!
  36. Great hydrating serum


    Love this serum and notice a difference after using it straight away


    Love this serum it smells devine and i can see a difference in my skin already even though i haven't been using it for a long time.
  38. Hydrating!!


    Great hydrating serum! I use it morning and night and will definitely be purchasing again.
  39. Good But not the best


    I bought this serum because I love the ASAP B serum. the C isnt quite a serum its more a cream, it definetly lightened and added a glow but feels heavier than other true C serums

    In regards to the smell I like it!
  40. Amazing


    Again, an amazing product from ASAP! They can do no wrong. This serum is so smooth but lightweight. The smell is amazing. Great to use under foundation to give a really smooth look


    Just love this vitamin c it smells devine , my skin just loves it as my skin is starting to look more fresher and
    Great for my sensitive skin
  42. Big fan


    This product is great for my sensitive skin and really leaves me feeling hydrated and moisturised. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite, only a shame it’s so expensive.
  43. Vitamin C


    Love this vitamin C serum for lightening hyperpigmentation. I have a few faint scars this has brightened, but so far have not seen results on deeper scars.
  44. Don't be put off by other reviews


    I was initially cautious after reading other reviews with respect to the texture of the c serum. I find that than any issues with texture are easily addressed by using this product with the b serum (or a moisturiser for that matter). Using the b and c serum leaves my skin looking bright and plump in the mornings and both products sit well under make up. My skin has been less oily since using the c serum and I have noticed an improvement with the size of my pores.
  45. hydrating


    My skin really drinks all of it. I've been using this serum on top my later of dermalogica clear start breakout clearing booster and underneath the Tatcha Water Cream every morning and night and I can really notice a difference in my skin. My pores have minimised, feels very hydrated without the heavy oily feeling.
  46. Amazing


    This serum is amazing I’ve only used a few times now and I can notice a change with my skin. It glows and reduces the look of lines.
  47. Glowy


    This is great for maintaining a glowy complexion. Can't say it did anything for my pigmentation spots though, but perhaps that is a long term goal
  48. Beautiful finish


    I absolutely love this serum! It smells citrusy and fresh. It is a liquid but when it dries on my skin it almost feels like a powder it leaves the most beautiful finish and makes my makeup sit perfectly
  49. Great


    I use this product every second night underneath my advance hydrating moisturizer and it is amazing. It glides on like velvet and a little goes a long way. Makes my skin feel soft and looks health and glowing.
  50. This stuff is great


    This vitam c is actually really lightweight with lasting hydration. I love putting it on at nights and it just feels so moisturising whilst also a bit plumping almost! Love it
  51. Feels amazing


    I like this vitamin c because bit feels amazing in your skin, soaks in like velvet! Live the pump bottle as well as it gives you the perfect amount with one pump. Sits well under my make up. Will purchase again
  52. Okay


    Unfortunately my skin became very irritated by using this product on a positive note It did actually help my acne subside.
    Skin type =acne prone with fine lines
  53. Quiet Impressive


    Was a tad hesitant to purchase this serum given a few of the other review but I am loving it. I have used 3 times now, and don't get some of the same issues in the comments. I find the C serum quiet lovely, and it is making my skin so radiant. Yes it does smell like other vitamin c product and that can be strong, but i get no colouring, no graininess or the like, just a lovely boost to my skin. I am currently using twice a week in conjunction with asap cleanser, and B and R, and alternate my 4th step between D and C. Just loving the results. My skin has never been so healthy.
  54. Not the best vitamin C serum


    I love all ASAP products with the exception of this one. It has a very odd and grainy consistency which creates a film on top of the skin. It feels as though this serum is not being absorbed into the skin. Not a great serum in my opinion, I much prefer the Dermalogica Biolumin C.
  55. Great product!


    I apply this serum once a week after I use the asap daily cleanser and exfoliating scrub. You can definitely feel the tingles in your face after you’ve just exfoliated! It’s very light on my skin and leaves it feeling very fresh. Tip: don’t apply to your hands to rub in because it absorbs very quickly.
  56. 3 stars


    I’m on the fence about this serum. First of all it’s not really a serum. It’s more like a light cream with a little grittiness to it. Plus the smell is really hard to get off your hands.
    This was my first ever vitamin c product and I did like it as it does do what it’s supposed to do. It definitely does brighten and even my skin out. But after using it for a few months I started getting some milia around my eyes and forehead and irritation on my neck. If I was to use this product again I’d only use it twice a week.
  57. Beautiful, brightening serum


    This serum is so light and leaves my skin feeling great. Must wear sunscreen over the top though. I keep mine in the fridge to stop it from becoming gritty when applied on my skin. Have had compliments on my skin looking so smooth and bright. Overall a great product!
  58. No really work


    After 2 months of trying it, I am not a fan of the product. I like the light texture, but it looks like it does not work for me. It leaves my skin greasy all day long. I do not see any improvement. My skin is combination, olive colour, 41 years old.
  59. oh my gosh


    haven't had a pimple since i've switched to all asap products (serums, can't forget them!) never ever going back
  60. Not a fan


    Oh my gosh....... I received a large sample of this Serum and it is possibly the worst serum I have ever tried!
    There was nothing I liked about it. I have tried a lot of Vitamin C Serums and I strongly urge you to purchase from another brand. It didn't absorb, it smelt bizarre and turned my fingers orange!
    Yes I see price point wise it is appealing but it didn't work at all!
  61. This really works!


    Now that i am in my late 30's, i am always concerned with premature aging of skin, fine lines, pigment, dehydration.I have dry combination skin. I absolutely love this bit c serum. Cannot rave enough about it. I have tried various other bit c serums and they can be too harsh or irritating. Asap's serum seems to be quite compatible with my skin. There is always a light tingling when you use it, which is normal for vit c serums. The only thing that i don't like is the balling of the product. Apart from that i love it!
  62. Meh


    Look, it’s fine, but I’m not a fan of the texture, and that is a huge deciding factor for me. It’s a little grainy, and there’s something about the slip on the skin that I don’t love. Results-wise it’s hard to say whether it improved my skin because I disliked using it so much.
  63. So Good


    i am so glad i tried the vitamin C pump... my skin is thanking me daily.
  64. Love this product


    Love this product definitely worth a try
  65. Best on the market!


    I've tried many Vitamin C serums and ASAP is the best! I purchased the ASAP Platinum COLLECTION months ago and the C serum is part of it. One thing I will say is it is much better to mix the Vitamin C and B serum together to apply. A little goes a long way so if you find the products balling then you've used too much.
  66. Seems to calm my skin


    This product seems to calm my red, sensitive skin. I love the way this product dispenses out of the tube. No wastage like some other products where the product is powder.
  67. Amazing Vit C serum!


    This was the product that got me started with the ASAP range upon a recommendation from my beautician.

    It definitely doesn't disappoint. I love the feel of this serum as it's applied, the smell, the ease it soaks into my skin. And my skin is definitely brighter and smoother from using it.

    I attribute being now comfortable without foundation to this serum.
  68. My favourite new beauty product!


    This vitamin C serum is amazing! It was recommended to me by my beautician following a facial. I have used the Super A serum and also love this product - however the vitamin c serum is my new favourite. I love the texture, scent and the way it leaves my skin. I use this currently in the morning, before my serum ahead of makeup.
  69. Amazing for pigmentation


    I have been using this product for awhile niw and it is amazing. I have melasma from pregnancy, that wouldnt go after babys birth and prior to starting this i had struggled to fade it.... iit is still there but it has faded dramatically i 100per cent recommend this product to anyone. I am also quite freckly and it has even faded them aswell.
  70. Best mixed together with the B serum


    I have definitely noticed a difference since using this C serum, but I agree with other reviewers on the consistency and the fragrance. I find that when I mix the C serum with the B serum, it's a better consistency and absorbs nicely all over my face and neck. The fragrance isn't the best, but I only use it at bedtime, and it's been great for my sensitive skin.
  71. Nice


    This is not the best vit C serum I've tried but it's not the worst, it brightens a little however unless you want to spend double on a serum you won't find better than this. I didn't find it too bad texture wise but I do mix it with the vit b serum so that may help thin it out and improve the texture.
  72. Nice product


    I really like this serum. I’ve just switched to this from another brand and I can definitely tell the difference. This product feels like much better quality and it dink’s into the skin nicely. Also sits well under make up.
  73. Mixed opinion


    The texture is really a odd one.. it's like a smooth sandy paste. I have been using this for a few months now and my skin tone has evened out a little, not drastically, but the changes are there. However it does make my face produce more oil than usual. The texture is uncomfortable to apply but once you get it on and follow with a moisturiser the sandy feeling disappears. Unsure whether I will repurchase this...
  74. A nice serum


    Really like ASAP's range and this is a nice serum. You get value for money too which is nice especially spending a decent price on this
  75. Didn’t work for me.


    I tried this product in the value pack, it was the last item full as when I first used it I hated the texture it went lumpy and rolled off my skin. I finished using all the other asap products in the pack which I loved... I then gave this a 2nd go and NOPE. I hate it. A male coworker even comment on my skin one day saying I had something on my face. How embarrassing! Love everything else from asap though I would never try this product again.
  76. Beautiful


    Love this product have noticed improvements with my skin tone and its only been 2 weeks
  77. Great product


    Starting using this product a while ago. It’s great, it has definitely improved my skin tone
  78. Fantactic for reduction of pigmentation!


    I started using this serum in conjunction with ASAP daily facial cleaner, exfoliating scrub and vitamin B upon recommendation from my dermatologist to assist in the reduction of my pigmentation and I have seen a significant reduction in my pigmentation. My skin tone is also more clear and hydrated. I highly recommend this product
  79. Excellent


    I have used many vitamin c serums over the years and asap is definitely the best. The texture is light and makes my skin look and feel great. Unlike other brands, I am able to apply my make up over the top flawlessly. I would definitely recommend this product.
  80. too good


    this serum has become my holy grail, its so hydrating and moisturizing, it keeps my skin so soft and it helps get rid of my scaring by evening out skin tone whilst reducing the appearance of my under eye bags, and its also a thin product so it soaks in quickly
  81. So far so good


    I decided to try this after running out of the Hylamide vit c serum i had previously been using.

    This has a really slippery silicone feel to it (which feels odd when applying, however seems to be assisting with blotting up any oiliness throughout the day so I'm willing to put up with the odd texture)

    I use C in the morning and alternate retinol and tretinoin at night. (and spf 50/PA++++ sunscreen every day). So Vitamin C is a pretty important part of my skincare. I haven't noticed a massive difference compared to Hylamide other than the texture. But so far, it seems to be fine!

  82. Great product


    I've been using this serum every morning for the past week. My skin is much smoother with a radiant glow after applying this. The texture is not what I was expecting but I'm loving it more everyday.
  83. Love !


    This is a great serum. Feels light on the skin and easily absorbed. Can definately tell the difference in my skin. Love all the asap serums. Best on the market !!
  84. Brightening


    Noticeable brightening effect when I used with asap vitamin b serum. I will purchase again
  85. Convenient packaging and active ingredients


    I love this easy to use pump. You can feel the ingredients working . I'll buy again
  86. Like it


    This serum is amazing I’ve only used a few times now and I can notice a change with my skin. It glows and reduces the look of lines.
  87. Not a fan...

    Aesthetic Investor

    I have used many different vitamin c products but this one simply does not cut it. I am a fan of asap but there is something about this that bothers me. I didn't get any pilling like other reviewers however the texture annoys me. The fact that a polymers also the first ingredient makes me think this product is just filled with inessentials. I know polymers help bond ingredients to the skin however I think there are other alternatives available. I will not purchase this again.
  88. Terrible texture


    I have used a tonne of Vit C serums and this is literally the only one I have ever had issues with. It peels, it doesn't blend nicely into the skin, it's mattifying (maybe good if you have oily skin, but makes my normal/dry skin seem even drier) and it does not work well with other products.
    I have used it with other ASAP products, and with non-ASAP products; I've followed it recommendations to the tee, as well as used it how I prefer; I've used it before/after other serums, and I've used it on its own; I've used it immediately with other products, as well as tried minimal to maximal drying times in between layers of other products --- and it still peels off and clumps and does not blend into the skin. It just does not appear to absorb at all. It's almost like it sits on the skin, so no matter how long you leave it until you put another layer of product on (regardless if it's a serum, moisturiser or makeup) it disrupts this product again. Terrible. Maybe it's effective, but they need to go back to the drawing board and fix its consistency.
  89. Still unsure...


    I am a cult fan of all asap products, however am not sure on this product. I have dry-combination skin and I have been using this mixed with my Super B Complex serum. I have used this for 3 weeks now and have noticed some radiance in my skin since using this product however nothing extraordinary. Unsure if I would spend the money again to repurchase.
  90. Great product


    Highly recommend - my skin has definitely improved and become more radiant since using this daily.
  91. amazing


    I use this cream in conjunction with the Radiance serum and the Super B complex serum, and I've noticed changes in my skin after just a few weeks. There have been improvements in texture and pigmentation on my face, my skin has never felt softer and been clearer.
  92. Good drink for the skin!


    I had quite dry skin with quite a bit of redness without makeup on. This product worked well for my skin. It feels good and feels like your skin absorbs it well. You only need to use a little bit at a time. After a few weeks the redness had noticeably reduced. The overall appearance of my skin definitely improved after using this product.
  93. Love it


    Started using it and have noticed a massive difference with the tone of my skin
  94. Amazing


    Makes my skin GLOW!!! Gets rid of dullness, wrinkles and my uneven pigmentation. Heaps of product so it lasts for ages!!! A must have for every skin care routine
  95. Bye dull


    This has allowed me to say bye to dullness!! My skin isn't dull or anything after I use this. It looks more radiant.
  96. ASAP VITAMIN C youthful skin


    I’ve been using all the ASAP range and I find the vitamin C the bomb! It has really given my skin a youthful glow and has reduced my fine lines. I combine a pump of the vitamin B and Vitamin C together every morning as part of my routine. This product range is a great anti ageing line! The pump bottles reduce wastage and easily dispenses product!
  97. Nice product, strange texture.


    This vitamin C was nice on my skin but I felt like it was difficult to get an even layer over my face because of the strange texture. It is thick but not liquidy and would ball up in places when trying to apply. It is hard to spread evenly so I never felt my whole face was reaping the benefits. It does smell very nice and when I did manage to rub it in, my face felt smoother. For the price, I would not purchase again because of the texture. I also felt there was a lot of wastage due to the packaging it came in. Once the product got low, it would no longer pump out of the bottle as easily. You have to take off the lid and manually scrape out the remaining product- which I'm glad I did because there was quite a few days worth left in it.
  98. A must for everyone


    This is my favourite serum! It makes my skin glow and allows all of my other products get absorbed really well. It is also perfect to mix with Vit A and C before applying to the skin. Love. Love. Love!
  99. Staple product


    I love this vitamin C & use it every morning & have done for years. It leaves my skin so silky, I can definitely notice if I haven’t used it for more than a couple of days. My favourite vitamin C of all time, it really does brighten my dull skin.
  100. Lovely serum


    I use this in the morning mixed with the asap super B serum, under spf moisturiser and makeup. I love the smell and it makes my skin feel lovely and soft. I found if I used it on its own, it would pill easily, but I haven't had that issue when mixing it with the Super B serum (which is what the brand suggests you do). I would repurchase this.
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