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The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 20g

4.5 of 139 reviews


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$2.46 x 4

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
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The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

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4.5 of 139 reviews

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Most Helpful Positive

So easy for fab results
I mix this with either a basic moisturiser or a nice hydrating serum and the results are For. Real. Can be grainy under makeup so I prefer to use on non makeup days or at night.

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn’t work for me
Bad packaging as it oxydises quickly. Burned the crap out of my skin and I usually don’t have issues with vitamin c. Didn’t notice an improvement. But it is really cheap so that’s a plus!
  1. So easy for fab results

    I mix this with either a basic moisturiser or a nice hydrating serum and the results are For. Real. Can be grainy under makeup so I prefer to use on non makeup days or at night.

    I wanted to incorporate vitamin C into my routine, but the Vitamin C suspension 23% + HA spheres 2% would form a film on my face that blocked my pores a bit. I bought this product instead and it's amazing! The powder is very finely milled and mixes perfectly with oils and serums. It causes very mild tingling on the face, but don't burn. I mix this with the Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% to make a (somewhat) dupe for the 'Skinceuticals C E' serum.
  3. Works really well

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  4. Great for night time

    This powder feels nice and tingly and leaves my skin feeling glowy in the morning. I mix it with my night time moisturiser. I tried to use it with serum during the day but I find it always leaves a little of bit of grit so I stick to using it at night.
  5. great product!

    ive been using this product for about a week now, i have noticed my skin is alot more hydrated and glowy. i mix a full scoop into my night cream each night. really good product for only $10!!
  6. Very effective

    This mixes great with my moisturizer (unless I add too much, then I end up with white streaks on my face). It makes my face tingle, but in a good way. I really think it brightens my skin. My one complaint would be that the screw top of the one I got is really difficult to get back on - it keeps getting stuck and I'm worried someday I'm going to end up with white powder all over the room!
  7. Didn’t work for me

    Bad packaging as it oxydises quickly. Burned the crap out of my skin and I usually don’t have issues with vitamin c. Didn’t notice an improvement. But it is really cheap so that’s a plus!
  8. Great

    in addition to exploring, when you add it to the creams it becomes of a more dense and velvety consistency
  9. Works perfectly

    I mix this in with The Ordinary Matrixyl and my skin loves it. I only use about half a scoop as more than that tends to give me some pilling, when I apply anything else over the top. You cannot go wrong with the price!
  10. Great size and works!

    I bought this to try on my freckles and it is so good. I mix it with a retinol cream in the evenings. The packaging keeps the powder in, it is mess-free and a great price for a good quality powder. Would recommend!
  11. Love

    I use this vitamin C powder with The Ordinary Buffet Serum at Night & then Ordinary Moisture HA Cream. I’m 60 & have great skin but it’s even brighter, tighter doing this regime. Love it Love The Ordinary.
  12. love!

    I use this daily with the philosophy ultimate miracle worker moisturiser and omg! I won't use another brand of vitamin c after using this.
  13. Made me break out!

    My skin is usually pretty good, thanks to the Buffet and Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2%, but this made me break out in the worst blind pimples and bumps all over my chin, around my nose and on my forehead. Still trying to get rid of them since stopping using it over a week ago :’(
  14. Great

    I add this to my sunscreen to give a little extra glow, overall a great product and price but I did find the powder frustrating to use so its probably not for me.
  15. Love

    This is the best - love the fact you can mix with serum or any complementary product. Brightens my skin. Lasts a long time and the price is very reasonable.
  16. Good

    Have been using this product for around a week. At first I found it difficult to work out what to mix it with as ALL my serums contained Niacinamide, which this can't be mixed with. I've ended up simply mixing it with water and applying it that way, which seems to work also. I don't personally find having to mix it every night annoying, as it only takes 20 seconds or so, especially when you consider that it has the benefit of being less prone to breaking down and becoming useless as liquid vitamin C is. Overall I haven't seen too much of a difference in my skin, however it's only been a week, so I'm looking forward to the results. This also hasn't caused my skin any problems, which is good as I have very sensitive skin.
  17. Great product for vitamin c addition in your skin care

    Out of all the vitamin c skin care I’ve used this is the best due to it’s versatility. I use half a scoop mixed with my usual moisturiser once or twice a week.
  18. Great

    I use this a few times a week at night. It's a super gentle AHA that really brightens your skin.
  19. Vitamin C powder worth a try

    This is a nicely milled fine vitamin C powder which I mix in with one of the Ordinary moisturizers. It is not an everyday product for me, as the scooping of powder using the little spoon and mixing it into a moisturizer takes some time, although the results are great and my skin feels glowy after use. Definitely worth a go if you are not in a rush in the morning. I would recommend this product, however for ease of use, I usually stick with liquid forms of Vitamin C.
  20. Great addition to your beauty arsenal

    I love this product. I use half a scoop at night mixed with 3 drops of the Resveratol and Ferulic Acid and my skin is glowing. I've had no breakouts or sensitivity with it which my skin is normally prone to. I highly recommend this.
  21. Very effective

    This is my favourite Vitamin C product to date. Really tingles when it's going on so I know it's working! Incredibly finely milled powder, I usually mix it in with my Buffet serum and it goes on well. Occasionally leaves white powdery residue if I've used a lot but melts in as soon as I add a second serum or moisturiser over the top. Little tub lasts for months. I've definitely noticed less pigmentation on my cheeks. I got this for my sister who has very combination skin and within 2 weeks she was getting lots of compliments about being glowy.
  22. Incredible

    Incredible product that truly works. After about a week of use my skin was absolutely glowing and pigmentation definitely reduced! Amazing product that actually works and such a great price
  23. Pleased with the results

    Pleased with the results but it is a bit annoying to use because of the mixing factor and trying to figure out what to mix it with. But it does make my skin very soft. Only a mild tingling sensation too.
  24. i love this stuff

    i mix this into any moisturiser or serum, does get ball up (not sure if its the amount i use) if you use too much so i just stick to using it at night, usually mix into my ordinary hylauronic acid 2% & b5 serum or buffet serum. noticed a differenced within 2 weeks of using that my pigmentation on cheeks was disappearing and my skin was glowing and more even. everyone needs this!!
  25. It works...

    It makes my skin look visibly brighter, but it stings a bit upon application especially if you exfoliate before you put this on...
  26. OMG Best Vitamin C Powder

    Wow. I have used VERY expensive vitamin c serums, lotions, you name it. I've used everything from serums with "evidence" amount of Vitamin C to lotions with 20% vitamin c in it and NOTHING compares to this powder from the ordinary. Wow. It transforms ANY of your other serums into powerhouse serums.

    I mix this with either The Ordinary rose oil or resveratrol or hyaluronic + b5. My skin is so soft and glowing. Fine lines gone. So obsessed.

  27. Cost effective and great

    Switched from skinstituts version. It's not as finally milled. However half the price. Use with TO ferulic reservatrol. Amazing. I don't mind the fragrance.
  28. Plump dewy skin

    I’ve only used this for about a week. I got it for antioxidant preventative purposes. So far skin feels more plump and hydrated. I use it with the buffet in the morning. I heard this will help with my pigmentation so hope to see some more exciting results in a few weeks.
  29. Don't really like it

    I think this product is a little too harsh on my skin. I've used multiple vitamin c serums and powders but this one hurt my skin. If you have sensitive skin then just be careful with it. Less is definitely more.
  30. This is the real deal

    I’ve used a lot of vitamin c trying to get rid of my Queensland sun lover melasma and pigmentations. But this stuff is potent! After only a week my skin is looking more even and lighter!
  31. Effective but annoying

    I use this with Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%, as recommended. It noticeably reduces redness and general skin appearance but it annoying/ hard to use. I have been given different advice for The Ordinary regarding what it can be mixed with (I am under the impression that buffet has been taken off the list of things it can be mixed with) and it leaves a very unpleasant odors on my hands which serious scrubbing can't remove.
  32. A lifesaver for reducing pigmentation

    I'd done a significant amount of research on Vit C in serums and its notorious instability, so I wanted to opt for a powder to extend its shelf life and combine it with my already extensive collection of night creams. With the L-absorpic acid it's fabulous, plays nicely with everything that I've mixed it with and I'm already noticing a difference in it reducing some pigmentation spots on my cheeks after just a couple of weeks. Absolutely amazing and 10x better than some of the Vit C serums that are $200+!
  33. Love it, but it requires trial and error

    I've discovered that less is definitely more with this product. I used too much once, and my face looked worse than the night before. However, if you use maybe half a scoop of that tiny little scooper, or a bit less, you will definitely wake up with smoother, glowier skin than when you went to sleep. Too much, however, can make you drier and peel. So it does require a bit of trial and error depending on how much your skin can take/ what it requires to get the best results. I didn't think this jar was going to last that long but I've had it since January and I'm not even halfway through the jar, so it's a good investment as well.

    It works well with the Moisturising Factors moisturiser, as well as with rosehip oil mixed in too. If you want to give vitamin C powders a try, absolutely try this, but do start out with a little bit at a time to see what it takes to see results, and be careful about adding too much.

    The one issue I have with this is the SMELL. The powder itself has no scent, but I always find that it leaves a terrible metallic smell on my hands and face, as well as stains the skin between my fingers if I don't rinse it off well enough.

    I loveeeeee this product. I don't care thats its a little messy and the spoon is a silly shape, it works wonders. I use it mixed with buffet serum and results are super glowy skin when I wake up. I find I also have better results with the salicylic acid when using this over the top. Blemishes are always gone the next day. I did get carried away and mixed it in with body lotion and used it all over me and then wore a nightie to bed on my nice white sheets and it looked like I had sweated a spray tan off the next morning so keep that in mind. I actually have bought black sheets so I can use this in body lotion every week and not have to worry about staining.
  35. Good for the price

    I like this Vitamin C powder but don't love it. It definitely works and makes your skin incredibly glowy but it can be messy and using too much leaves it sitting on your skin, peeling and flaking away for the rest of the day. I also found it doesn't layer well with some heavier moisturisers.
  36. The Best Product I Own

    I honestly cannot believe how great this it. I mix one spoonful into standard moisturiser or TO Hyaluronic acid every night or every second night - hardly ever tingles. It is the most brightening product I have ever tried and noticed a difference in how glowy my skin was after two days. I don't use it if I'm breaking out, but haven't found that it's irritating at all as I started small and built my usage up. Miles better than any other vitamin C product from TO and incred value for money.
  37. Genius Product

    I use this a couple times a week at night. It's a super gentle AHA that really brightens your skin. I previously used glycolic acid but I have found this to be much gentler.
  38. This makes my face so bright and dewy

    I love love love this product! I mix a bit in my morning moisturiser and it makes my skin bright and dewy looking. Such a cheap product that makes a difference. I put a small scoop onto my palm and then add a pea sized bit of moisturiser and mix to form a paste which I then apply. I will repurchase this for sure when it runs out.
  39. Love this

    I love the idea of this powder because you can easily mix it with any serum you want to cater to your skin. I mix it with 5 drops of the Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% in my palms and mix it with my finger. This combination makes my skin all glowy and helps with skin tone and pigmentation
  40. great

    has really smoothed the texture of my skin!
  41. Great product but stains fingernails and pillows

    I liked what this did for my skin, but have had to switch to a different form of Vitamin C because this one caused my fingernails to turn an ugly yellow brown, like someone who smokes 3 packets a day. It also stained my pillowcases but washes out easily enough. SO, great product with unexpected and unsightly side effects.
  42. Superb idea

    I absolutely love the idea behind this. You can put it in any serum which makes the incorporation of vitamin c in your skincare very easy. I don't like the smell of it, however I wake up with smooth skin in the morning and have noticed a reduction in pigmentation. Incredible price as well, highly recommend
  43. Cheap and effective

    Great price for functional product. I mix this powder in with moisturiser or serum and let it sink into the skin. Definitely have seen a little lightening of my blemishes over the course of 3 weeks. Only issue is that the powder is a bit of a hassle to have to mix into the serum/ moisturiser - an all in one treatment may be more convenient.
  44. When you need those extra antioxidants

    I love how it comes in a form of powder. It has a tiny scoop included and I always use one scoop. I put one scoop in my palm, then drop from one of my serums like Marula Oil or B Oil or even The Ordinary Pycnogenol 5% , mix it with the tip of your finger. It gets smooth super easy. Then put on your face. I use it as part of my night routine. My skin feels soft as a baby's bum the next day and it evened out my skin tone after like a month. Super cheap and super effective!
  45. Favourite Vitamin C product

    I think it's a great way to use l-ascorbic acid in the powder form to avoid the oxidization.
    To avoid the 'messiness', you may scoop some out into a small empty loose powder container and then just tip some out each time. For me it's easier to mix the powder with moisturizer this way than to layer products.
  46. Such a good idea

    This is a great way to give your skin vitamin C. I have tried many serums with only a 3 month after opening expiry date as well as creams with awful textures and undesirable filler ingredients. Having pure vitamin C powder that I can dissolve into my own toners or serums is an amazing idea and I really enjoy using this product. It gives my skin a nice glow and reduced my breakouts.
  47. Great product for soft and smooth skin

    It’s a great product. My skin feel soft and smooth with natural glow. Highly recommend.
  48. Careful...

    I bought this product a couple months ago and I gotta say I am not a big fan yet. I was quite excited and pleased with the results when I first tried it but but then I had a massive breakout on my chin, like I have NEVER had before to the point where my chin had this horrendous texture....the stuff of nightmares....I actually cried.

    I don't have sensitive skin but looking back I was using it every day rather than easing it into my routine, which is why I am not going to swear it off completely. Now that my skin has gone back to normal I will try using it once a week and take it from there but I am definitely scared, specially considering I only used about half the recommended amount, this stuff is powerful so definitely be careful and take your time with it. I will check back in a couple months for another review.
  49. Great product for great value!

    I’ve tried a few different vitamin c applications and this one is by far the best. I use it with the ordinary moisturiser or rosehip oil or HA. I use it at night and occasionally during the day under makeup with moisturiser if I’m looking for an extra plump and smooth look. My skin glows and is so smooth after using. Just be careful not to use too much! And wash your hands as it is prone to staining, especially under the nails.
  50. Love this

    I absolutely love this powder. The Ordinary vitamin C suspension irritated my skin but this powder mixed with my night time moisturiser feels amazing
  51. Pretty effective

    This is a good effective vitamin C very effective has helped fade my pigmentation and my skin glows when I wake up in the morning.
  52. Love it

    Loved this, would highly recommend. Good starting point for vitamin c as you can choose how much you use, start small and work your way up. I use it with the ordinary moisturiser every second night and wake up with baby soft skin
  53. Outstanding vitamin c - baby smooth skin

    Excellent high quality vit c. I mix it with Trilogy Antioxidant and rosehip oil. Just a rice grain amount - less is more this stuff is strong. My skin is even, baby smooth and luminous. As vit c degraded and oxydises quickly mixing it everyday into my oil means I get the highest quality product working on my skin. Great price point.
  54. Love it

    I love this product. I mix it with the ordinary natural moisturizing factors. I wake up with my skin looking brighter. Also makes my skin really soft!
  55. Amazing

    I have skin that’s prone to redness around my nose and chin I have used quite a few different products that claim to stop redness and pigmentation but nothing seems to really help the redness as much as this has in the past few days of using it! I’m amazed at the results in such a short amount of time my skin looks flawless! I used two scoops as I was super excited and went a little over board, but still didn’t get any tingling or irritation at all I mixed it with The Ordanary HA+ natural moisturising factors seems to work really well,
    although it can feel a little dry so can’t wait to try and mix it with other ordinary products aswell!
    Cannot recommend this enough for its price and effectiveness!
  56. Easy and effective.

    Easy and works a treat on my pigmentation.
  57. Works Great

    I love this little pot of L-Ascorbic Acid Powder. It is fantastic to mix with other serums etc and you wake up with skin that glows. Not too big a jar so great for travelling.
  58. Nice

    I use it on my body mixed with body lotion. It brightens my skin definitely!
  59. rapid results

    The first time I used this I mixed half a spoon in with my moisturiser and the next morning my skin was visibly brighter and more glowy. I have been using it everyday and have had great results! some people may not like the fact that you have to mix in the powder with other products/make your own solutions as it takes a little more time, but personally I find it really fun and love making skincare concoctions! it mixes well with cream moisturisers and hyaluronic acids, though I tried it with the Ordinary's 100% squalane and it felt slightly strange and grainy. would 1000x recommend this product
  60. Great product and price point

    Such a great price I actually bought this to use on sun damaged skin on my arms/chest. It is slowly working. Well worth the price, if a little messy.
  61. Good and affordable

    It's a good product, affordable and I would say effective. The only cons is that the powder may not mixed thoroughly and can be messy if you are not careful or rushing. But so far my skin feels smoother. Not bad!
  62. I love this stuff!

    Okay, so the jar is a bit of a pain (unscrew lid, have spoon ready, pump serum on back of hand, put on spoonful - level - of C powder before serum runs away, mix and apply) but really, for the price it's reasonable.
    I found no stinging, but have used VitC for a while now. This one definitely smooths the skin and is working on my sunspots - especially the one on the back of my hand, which is why I mix it there in the first place.
    I'll be sticking with this one, I think.
  63. Good product

    This is a good product. It smoothen my skin. I mixed this in my moisturiser, body lotion and toner. Cons... it does stain on clothes and pillows.
  64. Okay

    I wasn't in love with the product but it was pretty effective and great for the price
  65. Good so far

    Only have tried for a week now, I do like it so far. I have no stinging from it. I mix 1/2 scoop with the Ordinary HA in the morning. My skin did look a bit brighter, not sure tho, would like to use it more to see if it helps with pigmentation. I also mix it with serums and moisturizers on diff days. I def prefer this vit C than the other one from the Ordinary, which was gritty and harsh in my skin with no results
  66. Packs a Glowy Punch - beware of how much you use

    I can certainly vouch for the efftiveness of this product.
    I use this in the morning and make up a litle serum/emulsion using 1/3 of a spoon (the one included in the pot) of this powder mixed in with a few drops of other oils/serums(e.g. buffet,/vitamin e oil/Hyaluronic acid) as a part of my AM routine. It gives me a wonderful glow , probably the most noticeable of any product ive used!

    However, please note: this stuff is STRONG. I really think there should be more of a warning or detailed instructions included for this product. The first time I used it, I used a generous half spoon and boy was that TOO much for my skin to handle! Start small is my advice, maximum 1/4 of spoon and work your way up from there once your tolerence builds. If you can navigate your way through that then you will love this product. Also i cant even imagine when it will run out! The price point on this product is nothing short of amazing!
  67. Life-changing!

    I bought this product about 2 weeks ago and I was noticing a difference after the first use and still continue to notice a difference. My pore size has shrunk, my acne scarring has been reducing and my skin looks fresh and plump. I actually can’t believe how well it is working.

    I did notice that I really didn’t have much tingling when mixing it with ‘The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA’ and that’s with the Hyaluronic acid and one of my other ordinary serums underneath. But when mixed with the Plant derived sqaulane and the tingling was unbearable.

    Overall this is my favourite new product!
  68. Broke me out!

    I am so disappointed with this product. I was expecting great things from it but instead I end up with really bad breakouts and congestion on my forehead.

    I used this in the morning, diluted with snail essence without niacinamide. I wait for 20-30 mins before continuing with my routine but after using this for a few months, discontinuing it, then using it again, I can safely say that this product did me more harm than good.

    It didn't brighten my skin or do any of that. Instead, I ended up with rough, raised bumps on my cheeks, around my nose and on my forehead.

    I've used Vitamin C in the past with no issues. I've also used about a quarter of the spatula provided.

    I'd be careful with this product if your skin type is dry/dehydrated, sensitive.
  69. Brightening

    I mix this with The Ordinary "Buffet" at night twice a week and it visibly evens and brightens my skin tone by next morning. It is a great boost to add to your evening regime, but I'd recommend starting with half a scoop at first - I started with a whole scoop and it was a bit stingy! But once you get the amount right you're in for a treat.
  70. It works

    Definitely seeing my skin brightening and pigmentation disappearing. I add one scoop to my moisturiser of a night.
  71. Great product at a low cost

    It can be mixed with almost anything and it’s super effective, it really has made my skin come to life over these past few months
  72. Super usable and effective

    This powder is the most affordable Vitamin C powder I've seen, and it appears to be just as effective as other. So easy to use, I just add it to my night face oil.
  73. Very effective

    A very effective brightener - just add a level scoop to your moisturiser.
    A little bit goes a long way - careful not to use a heaped scoop or it will sting.
  74. Seeing good results with time!

    My skin has acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and redness.

    My main concern is to get rid of the acne, acne like spots or scars etc. I was a bit hesitant as I am quite time poor but it’s so effective it’s worth the extra few minutes to get the combination right. I feel my skin always looks really bright the next day!!
  75. Wow!

    I bought this product out of curiosity, and I am SO glad! I’ve only been using it a week and already I can notice a difference.. I wore my make up for 24 hours the other day, and usually I would wake up with pimples and spots all over.. but I have been mixing this powder in with my moisturiser before applying any primer or make up, and I found ever after washing off all of my make up my skin was so smooth and even! I can’t believe it! It creates a solid barrier on the skin and hydrates it effectively. And for this price you really cannot go wrong!
  76. Wow!

    I’m 45 with freckles so I’m using this in the hope it evens my skin tone and reduces lines. My skin care routine with The Ordinary is morning: Marine Hyaluronics, Buffet (mixed with 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder every 2nd day), Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% (morning routine). For night I use Marine Hyaluronics, Buffet and alternate between The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil and Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane replacing these once a week with Matrixyl 10% + HA. With this routine, I’ve most definitely seen a huge difference in my skin. It’s hydrated, brighter and more evened toned. This is only after 2 months. For the price of these products, I’m amazed! My only suggestion for The Ordinary is to have more comprehensive guides as to what products to use together and simpler product names. It’s really hard to navigate all of their products and a lot of the names sound similar. That’s why I posted this routine as I find it works for me. Make sure you follow the advice and where a good sunscreen in the day as well.
  77. No brainer

    A no brainer, best Vitamin C powder I’ve used and a fantastic price. Gives your skin a nice glow!

    I was using another brand of Vitamin C powder and find The Ordinary’s version is finer and whiter.

    Doesn’t sting like some Vitamin C product. I find half a scoop works best as a full scoop is too much.
  78. Best Vit C

    I love this product! If you're new to using actives go steady on this. It might sting and itch a little until you build up tolerance but stick with it. I use a full scoop mixed with the Ordinary moisturizer nightly and have noticed a big difference over time with pigmentation. Just make sure you keep the lid closed tight and don't get the container wet because it will oxidize and go hard and lose its potency!
  79. Follow up after a Month of use

    I bought this product a month ago to combat the hyperpigmentation and redness I have from some old acne. I didn't see any huge difference in appearance the first week (though it had made it the smoothest it's ever been), now happy to report that my redness has very much diminished! I find this stings less than the spheres with HA product, cause I mix it with a mattifying moisturizer.
  80. VitC all rounder

    I love this product, not only can it be added to just about any other skincare product for an extra boost but it can be applied directly onto any blemish eradicating it almost overnight. Gives healthy colour to my complexion and an almost flawless finish.
  81. Value for Money

    Excellent value for money with this product. I bought a much more expensive one, with less in it, before the Ordinary released theirs. Super happy with this, I mix a little into my serum or moisturiser. It lasts for ages, and the light sensitive packaging ensures it doesn't degrade too swiftly. Once I get through it, I will absolutely be repurchasing.

    I got slack with skincare for a while because I actually accidentally mixed too much of this into something and for chemical burnt haha so you only have to use the SMALLEST amount, but if you get it right, it works. I have super obvious dark hyperpigmentation around my mouth that makes me look like I have a bit of a mustache and this cleared it right up! I mix it into a watery toner and follow it with hyaluronic acid and a moisturiser. I find that it makes my moisturiser sticky if I mix it in with that, but a watery toner mixes so well. It really has saved my skin and I'm confident to not wear makeup again!!!
  83. A bit fiddly but worth the effort

    I bought this product after a beauty therapist recommend I purchase a vit c serum to help with post pregnancy pigmentation. I mix it with The Ordinary “Buffet” serum and it has certainly helped brighten my skin tone. Worth the effort if you are looking for an affordable Vit C serum!
  84. Vitamin C

    Love love love this stuff! I actually quite like the process of having to mix it into another product.
    I use this every second night, and mix it into my Sukin moisturiser.
    My skin looks brighter, and my complexion has really improved!
    Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after using it though! My nails went a bit orange from mixing it with my fingers, so now I just use the end of a makeup brush to mix it in the palm of my hand.
  85. A little tricky but much better than the other antioxidant solutions I've tried!!

    I have some hyperpigmentation from old acne on my cheeks and have been looking for something to help combat the redness leading up to my wedding day. I wanted something potent and that was shelf stable to add to my collection for use every other day (not for daily use) and yes, it's a bit trickier to use than a bit C serum or lotion but it's very effective! I mix it in with a basic moisturizer and put it on just before I go to bed. Just be prepared, it tingles a bit so best to sort of start with smaller doses and then step up as your skin gets used it it :)
  86. Amazing!

    I have combination skin. Not prone to break outs but have large pores! This product is amazing. First time i use it pm, i add it on my moisturiser, when i wake up i love my skin... it’s glowing, plump and smooth! I also add this on my body lotion and smoothens my skin. But be careful as it stains on clothes your wearing and on your bed. But my skin is loving it! With my pores it helps to tighten my pores but that is after finishing one bottle. Im on my 3rd bottle. Will definitely buy again as long as it’s available!
  87. Nice product

    Wasn't sure if I'd like thus but I'm impressed so far.
  88. Great buy

    I love this, it’s very good. I can see results unlike other, more expensive products from other brands. You need only a tiny little bit so it will last for ever, too. Very happy. Will repurchase.
  89. Strong vit c

    This vitamin c powder is definitely the strongest vitamin c powder I’ve used. I always get a little sting after applying it (my skin is dry and can be a little sensitive at times) but with prolonged use and mixing it with the right serums I’m certain that I’ll have amazing results and glowing radiant skin.
  90. Most cost effective

    The ordinary is the most affordable price among the same type of products with the highest concentration, My skin type is the combination.I apply this powder on the body with a mixture of body cream.The effects is obvious. I recommend all my friends to have a try.
  91. Affordable substitute for more expensive Vit C powders

    I have been using philosophy's Vit C powder and was pleasantly surprised to see that The Ordinary had a similar product.
    I'm pleased with The Ordinary's Ascorbic Acid powder as it has been just as good so far, and is so much cheaper.
    My only gripe is the packaging. The container's mouth is too wide and causes the powder to fly about especially when opening the jar. I'm also concerned about easy contamination because of the wide opening.
  92. Great

    Great product, fantastic price. It did take about 10 days for my skin to get use to it. I would recommend you only use 1/4 scoop of the little spoon it is very stong.
  93. Surprisingly my fav vit c from the ordinary...

    I have used numerous vit c products from The Ordinary, including: the original vitamin c suspension, Ascorbyl Glucoside and the Tetraisopalmitate Solution. This I have to say is my favourite. I've had the best results, no sensitivity to it(and I have generally sensitive skin) and the product amount/cost is crazy cheap. If I use it before makeup I do need to let it soak in for 20mins or so, but that would really be the only annoyance, which in the scheme of things is minor, I just skip it if I'm in a rush haha. But its definitely a 5 star product for results <-> price/value!
  94. Does not live up to the hype.

    I have heard exceptional things about this item and unfortunately it has not done anything for my skin. I bought this product to help lighten my acne scars, but after using it for a month, there were still no results. Another downside to this product is the packaging, it just gets really messy. If you are tossing up between this and a serum, definitely skip on this product,
  95. On the fence

    I’m not sure how I feel about this product. I feel as though my skin breaks out a day or two after using it each time. I will continue until it finishes as I know the importance of vitamin c topically on the skin.
  96. Good if you have time

    Slightly messy and inconvenient but it does help protect your skin and give it a healthy glow.
  97. It's not the product's fault...

    I would like to rate it 5 starts but it is ALWAYS out of stock. Last time I received the notification but I was still too late to order, and it became out of stock again in the second day. You can tell how popular is this Acid Powder.
  98. Works

    It does seem to brighten my skin and is really the most affordable vitamin c available. Its a bit annoying needing to mix the products in the morning, but at least the vitamin c is fresh. Would have preferred a smaller scoop though, since Adore recommends a rice grain amount while the girls in the store recommended 1/4 scoop. If that's the measurements then why give me such a big spoon to complicate my life?!
  99. the product was great and i did see results!

    I mixed this product with my everyday moisturiser and started to see results after a couple of weeks. My skin is feeling great and i would definitely recommend.
  100. Holy grail

    I have been using this product for 2 months now, i mixed it with "Buffet" serum from the same brand.
    When i first applied it, i can immidiately feel the tightening effect on my face :)
  101. Review & Earn

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