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The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 20g

4.5 of 256 reviews


4 instalments of $2.46

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4 instalments of $2.46

Or 4 instalments of $2.46 with LEARN MORE

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The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder is a Vitamin C product that can be added to water, toner, moisturiser or serum to enhance your complexion over time. This powder works to improve radiance and even skin tone, promoting a healthy, glowing complexion. This superfine powder also helps to protect against external aggressors due to its antioxidant properties. 

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

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4.5 of 256 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

gradual, but stable change

Nhung Meiklejohn

I add this into my toner/moisurizer. After 2 weeks my skin looks brighter and more evenly toned.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great value


It’s great for its price and the fact that it can be mixed with any facial oil or serum (other than niacinamide) makes it quite easy. The only thing is that it’s quite finicky to use and to try not use too much powder is quite difficult. Just not for me.
  1. Works a treat, but can be stingy


    I like this product - I have acne-prone, combination/sensitive skin and mild rosacea. I find a small amount of the powder mixed into a moisturiser or serum does a great job at reducing redness. It can be a bit stingy and irritating if you use too much of it, so I feel like everyone needs to find their sweet spot through trial and error. Not too sure how well it works with acne - have had clear ski...
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  2. gradual, but stable change

    Nhung Meiklejohn

    I add this into my toner/moisurizer. After 2 weeks my skin looks brighter and more evenly toned.
  3. First time purchase this time!

    James CHoi

    I have not noticed any huge change from a few times applying it on my face so far, all great review and brand recognition I trust and am willing to be patient for furthers uses.
  4. Not sure


    verified purchaser
    I love the ordinary, so I have faith in this vit.c product, have mixed with water to make a mist and spray on as added skin nutrition after routine, so far so good
  5. Not sure


    verified purchaser
    I love the ordinary, so I have faith in this vit.c product, have mixed with water to make a mist and spray on as added skin nutrition after routine, so far so good
  6. Sticky, again!


    This is ny second product of the ordinary, that just leaves my face feeling sticky? No matter what moisturiser I mix it with - or the small amount that I use, my face just feel sticky for hours and hours afterwards. I’m not sure if it’s meant to and maybe some people love that sticky feeling but I personally hate it feels like it’s just sitting on top of my skin and never soaks in.
  7. Good affordable Vitamin C


    verified purchaser
    I mix this into a toner or moisturiser and use all over the face. It is a little hard to dissolve and can feel a little gritty when applied. Even with a small amount it does sting in more sensitive areas but does make a noticeable difference in the texture and brightness of my skin.
  8. Great product & great price


    This product will last a long time. I love it. My skin is illuminating after using it for a few weeks. I would test initially to make sure this works well and does not irritate your skin. You will feel a little tingling. I highly recommend.
  9. Powder = convenience (and cheap!)


    Love the fact that the powder can be added to another serum (I add it to Marine Hyaluronics), so it limits the quantity of products - I appreciate that as my skin is sensitive and allergy-prone, so I hate layering too many products. I use very little (a small rice grain, certainly not the full spoon) and it does tingle a tiny bit but makes my skin looking nice and even. The jar is going to last fo...
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  10. Great product!!


    verified purchaser
    Can’t wait to use this again! Only issue is working out what beautiful product to get next!
  11. Great value and results


    This product is great, definitely brightens skin if used everyday, i've been mixing it with skintitut moisturiser. However, as soon as I don't use the product for a couple of days my skin looses the gained brightness.
  12. Great product


    My skin feels firmer and smoother. Definitely felt an improvement
  13. Didn't notice a difference


    I was using this consistently for 2 months and didn't notice a difference in my skin. I noticed that in my Palm that I was mixing it in was turning an orange colour so stopped using this product. Not necessary in skin routine
  14. Awesome Product


    I have used all sorts of vitamin C product, both from the ordinary brand and other brand (skintitut) - this by far is the greatest value for money. I use the product in the morning - mix with the ordinary moisturiser and top with SPF and I notice my skin is brighter and more even in tone. I have not found spots diminishing yet but it's only been one week, so it may be able to get rid or make my sp...
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  15. Not Ordinary


    This product is sensational, I mix it with a small amount of serum and apply to my skin prior ot bed time, it leaves my skin smooth and soft. Awesome product
  16. Whiten my acne trace!


    I am really liking this powder, it doesn't make my skin tight like many other powder I have tried. I also feel the texture of my skin has become a little fair and hoping with continued use the texture will be greatly reduced.
  17. You need this!!


    I absolutely love this powder! I can go as light or hardcore as I want! It is so simple to use, just mix it with serums, oils or creams and off you go. I am 59 and my skin can be a bit grumpy occasionally but I can use this every other night with no troubles.
  18. Great value


    It’s great for its price and the fact that it can be mixed with any facial oil or serum (other than niacinamide) makes it quite easy. The only thing is that it’s quite finicky to use and to try not use too much powder is quite difficult. Just not for me.
  19. very impressed!!


    I absolutely love this product. I get a little tingle when I use it and it goes away almost immediately, it doesn't bother me and I am seeing great results with the product. I love mixing it with my retinol or HA serum.
  20. large size and diy mix


    This is amazing that I could add this into nearly every skincare products. I added it into my scrub and my skin more smooth now. I added it into my serum and my skin more brighter. The only thing I don't like is that it is too sour the smell makes all stuff sour with it.
  21. Amazing value once again


    I love the ordinary for their value! I find them so useful, especially when deciding to incorporate a new ingredient into my skincare routine as I only need to spend a small amount to see how my skin reacts before buying something more expensive. With that being said though, this product is perfect - and I have absolutely no need to try something more expensive. I love how easy this powder is use ...
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  22. Great


    This brightens and helps with pigmentation. It has lasted me so long and i am not even half way through
  23. Great product


    This product is great, it gives my skin a glow without being heavy or sticky. I mix a small amount with TO Hyaluronic Acid and apply it every morning before moisturising. It works well with my combination skin
  24. amazing


    for the price it is just so good and so afforable. love how it made my skin look and feel after frequent use
  25. Handy product


    I've used quite a few vitamin c products and I really like how handy this powder is, I love that you have the freedom to mix it with other products to change up my routine a bit
  26. C, bargain!


    I love this bargain product! I mix this with The Ordinary Resveratrol and Ferulic acid serum as part of my morning routine, and it gives me a gorgeous glow. Just don’t mix with niacinamide. Only drawback is it can still be a bit grainy when mixed but the feeling is like a super gentle exfoliation. I purchased this instead of a really expensive Vit C for $$$ reasons and now I’ll definitely repurcha...
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  27. A great cost effective vitamin c product


    This lasts forever and can be easily mixed with your other products for easy application. I use it in the morning with my hyaluronic acid and its does the job.
  28. Sensational value!!


    Man this product has some serious longevity! I've now had this product for a few months and I still have so much left!! Talk about great value! Results wise it is fantastic too - I've definitely seen a noticeable improvement. My one tip is to use a really small amount - the size of a rice grain is what The Ordinary recommends - as if you use a large dose your skin may get a slight irritation.
  29. Love it


    I am in my 30's and just starting to experience the first signs of aging. I mix a scoop of this powder with my morning and evening moisturizers and honestly noticed an almost instant improvement it’s been a week now and my frown lines are less noticeable I really love it
  30. Fantastic but difficult to use


    As to be expected, this product can be slightly difficult and messy to use. If you can overcome that reality I would definitely recommend this over regular vit-c serums. It improves skin appearance within hours (I use overnight) especially by brightening. The only other downside to it is that it does leave a residue and scent on the hands, even when scrubbed after application.
  31. Not sure


    The best thing is that it can be mixed with most of my skin care products, the not so best thing is even after using the whole pot I didn't see any results. I have had results with other similar products so I won't recommend this.
  32. Excellent


    It's a great cheap vitamin c powder, that is great quality.

    The best thing about it is that you can mix it with most moisturising skin products, and the packaging is great making it easy to use, with a lil spoon provided.

    I mix it in with my moisturiser at night time. Half the spoon provided is sufficient, do not overuse as it can make your skin sensitive and raw.
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  33. Good but not for me


    The product may be great, but not for me. Very good size more than you need. I combine it with The Ordinary 3% Resveratrol + 3% Ferulic Acid in the morning. After more than 6 months, I didn't see any change in my face. I bought it for my pigmentation.
  34. Love this


    My favourite vit c product. Been using it for a month now and I can see the difference in my skin.
  35. Great


    This is a stable form of Vit C so i love it and it has helped my skin look brighter and clearer
  36. Amazing vitamin C!


    Vitamin C is notorious for becoming unstable when exposed to a variety of conditions. After reading that a powder vitamin C was one of the most stable forms of the ingredient, I ordered this product. Even though it is somewhat messy to use, it is incredibly effective and provides noticeable improvements to pigmentation. And for the price, I don't think you can beat it!
  37. Seems to work


    I have hormonal miasma and it seems to be fading after a few months of use. Doesn’t irritate my skin.
  38. I am SHOOK (Eczema prone skin has started clearing up)


    I am very surprised at the way this has worked! I had pretty bad eczema behind my knees and my arms which has caused significant hyperpigmentation. I mixed this with my vaseline / nivea / QV moisturiser before bed. I've been using this for about three months now and It definitely burns a little when I use it, but my legs and arms have never looked softer and radiant. My skin is breathing for the f...
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  39. This is the one for uneven skin tone.


    This tingles a little, but I love that because I know it's working. In conjunction with cleaner/ moisteriser and Hyaloronic Acid +b5 THIS has changed my entire faith in the skincare industry. My malasma is lightening up, my skin tone is becoming more even, it doesn't bleach my skin, it evens my skintone. I had a what I call a raccoon mask of pregnancy that even makeup had difficulty fixing for 20 ...
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  40. Loved it


    It’s my second purchase. I am getting so many compliments. Simply mix it with your favourite serum or moisturiser it does it’s work.
  41. Tedious but glorious


    Slightly tedious design. I would much rather a shaker bottle however the product itself is amazing and I would recommend, especially at the low price point.
  42. Love it!


    Mix this into my moisturiser every morning and night. You can feel it working on your skin.
  43. Skin best friend


    I mix l absorbing acid with hyaluronic acid and it works best. InStant glow and best skin care routine.
  44. Great for body brightening!!!


    I use it on my body since it's too strong. I mixed it with my body moisturizer and apply it every day after shower for a month. I can say for sure that I saw a significant change of my body. My skin looks brighter! That's exactly what I hoped for. Make sure you put on SPF after using that product!
  45. The BOMB DOT COM

    Emma Loves Skincare

    This product is a game changer for me!! I finally bit the bullet and gave into trying this product after reading heaps of positive reviews. I have used a lot of the Ordinary products and while I thought this product might be quite messy to use, it's quite a fun (and quick) process that reaps me amazing results. I've definitely felt like my skin texture has improved and I feel like it looks brighte...
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  46. Get that glow


    this stuff is amazing! It makes your skin glow and definitely helps with pigmentation. I mix a half pea size amount with a bit of simple moisturiser and some ordinary marula oil at night time when im not using retanoids. Make sure that you wash your hands really well after as they can stain a bit if you dont. I will also use alpha h liquid gold the morning after as every once and a while my larger...
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  47. amazing


    Very well priced for such an effective and hydrating product, will be repurchasing!
  48. Great Vitamin C product at a great price


    I have tried other Vitamin C products that are much more expensive than this one from the Ordinary, and this works just as well as any of them at a fraction of the price. Brightens/evens skin tone & seems to help with skin healing. Be sure to only use a tiny amount - I was being a bit absent minded one night & accidentally used a whole scoop & next day I looked sunburnt... A third of a scoop works...
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  49. Wow


    I see a major difference with my face when comparing before & afters. My face has bloomed with brightness! I feel a lot more confident as I did have very dry & uneven skin ! Very happy & will re purchase
  50. Learn to love

    Kirsten M

    It took me a while to see any difference in my skin using this daily mixed into my moisturiser. But after 3 months of consistent use I can really see a difference to pigmentation, scaring and brightness.
    And I don't even feel like I've made a dent in the tub!
    Will definitely last me ages.

  51. Forewarning, this product is amazing but it does tingle


    I knew what I was getting into when buying this product as I read through all the reviews. I have dry skin with acne scarring and also suffer from regular breakouts. I tend to use this product 3 times a week as it does tingle quite a bit after applying. I mix this product with my skin food moisturiser which blends really well together however, I do feel a sensation of tingling for about 10 minutes...
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  52. Great


    This makes my skin look brighter and my complexion better. Love it
  53. Too strong for me


    It was much too strong for my skin, particularly since I include retinol in my skincare. It made my skin flushed, and felt like it burned my skin slightly. Not a fan.
  54. Great value


    Great value vitamin c that is finely milled and can be added to oils or moisturisers! Noticed a big difference in my skin. Definitely brighter!
  55. Real results


    Ive bought this product 3-4 times now and it consistently delivers. I usually mix it with my moisturiser or with hyaluronic acid and it definitely brightens the skin, especially my acne scars.
  56. Fiddly


    Quite tricky to use. Fiddly little spoon that is hard to measure. A bit gritty also. Reasonably effective but not my preferred vitamin c powder.
  57. Too stingy for me.


    I’m sure it’s great for normal people, but apparently not great for me! I have quite thin skin, naturally, and sensitive. It burned me to the point where I had to wash it off and I’m left with blotches of redness.

    Be wary if you have sensitive skin!!
  58. Causes flush


    I'm 63 and used this sparingly with The Ordinary Moisturising factors with HA. It is a bit hard to get it to mix smoothly with moisturiser, but you could try it with water instead. I did get some flushing of skin even though I used a little bit. As a result it's not something I can use, unfortunately. It could possibly benefit someone with non sensitive skin.
  59. Good but not great


    This is the 2nd Vit C I’ve tried from the ordinary & it’s ok but not really for me. I mixed it with the resveratrol/Ferulic but I tend to be a bit heavy handed with the quantity (the scoop provided isn’t very good) so I experienced a bit of redness & irritation as a result. Also, even though the powder appears to dissolve into the serum, it kind of sits on your skin for a while afterwards so I had...
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  60. So far go good


    First time user of this product. Felt a little tingle upon application, the formula mixed very well with the ordinary's moisturiser. Will continue to use and see how it goes.
  61. I've been using this for a couple of months and haven't noticed much of a change


    I've been using this for a couple of months and haven't noticed much of a change. It's hard with The Ordinary because I use so many of their products at the same time, it becomes hard to tell which ones are actually working.
  62. Very affordable


    I have gone through quite a few jars now because it's easy to use and it works.I mix it with moisturizer.
  63. Great value


    This is very good value vitamin c that is finely milled and can be added to serums or moisturisers! A little goes a long way, only downside is it can get messy
  64. Good but powerful


    This product is great, yet be wary on what products you mix the powder with. I find if I mix it with a strong serum, my skin feels burning!
    It is strong but can see some brightness when mixed with the right product.
    Can be messy when mixing powder.
  65. Powder not for me


    Good product and results, powder just isn’t for me!
  66. Fabulous!


    This is the first powder vitamin c product I have used and have really enjoyed it! Very finely milled powder than can be mixed with moisturisers, oils and serums. Personally I think it mixes better with a serum, however I also mix this with Weleda skin food and have no issues with it dissolving. Some say they have experienced grittiness; they recommend using only a rice grain amount and if you mix...
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  67. Very strong, be wary.

    Neysa ilayne

    I think this would be perfect for people with not sensitive skin as why I've given 5 stars.
    However my skin is just to sensitive and this makes it worse.
  68. If you want it STRONG


    I like you can adjust the level of Vit C just by using more or less powder. Vit C degrades really quickly in solution so this is perfect if you need a strong stable and cheap option. Great to mix with HA. Make sure you understand how it interacts with other products. Better to use at night. Really tingly.
  69. Excellent


    I've been using many TO products for about a year now but have been avoiding this one because it looked like too much hassle. I couldn't have been more wrong! I've been adding half a scoop to my nighttime routine and it's really brightened my skin by morning. It's faded my substantial scarring caused by surgeries to remove skin cancer too. My freckles and 'age spots' have also noticeably reduc...
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  70. The Ordinary


    I have loved using this product! I was very careful to use it sparingly at the beginning so not to get a reaction or cause irritation. My skin tingles in a good way after I apply it. There has never been any discomfort. I mix it with TO moisturiser in the mornings twice a week. My skin looks clearer and feels softer since I started using it. I will definitely be repurchasing.
  71. I love this


    I love this powder. I can feel it working on my skin and have been using consistently for over 3 months. It last a really long time and use it with a serum rather than a moisturiser
  72. Great price and even greater product


    Been using this to help fade blemishes and acne scars. I mentioned I had been using it to my dermatologist and he approved of its use. Super cheap price for a lot of product. Been using it for a few months now and I'm not even halfway through the container. It doesn't dry out my skin and can be mixed in with a lot of different products. I love it in the powder form. Much more versatile and stable ...
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  73. loving it so far


    Am loving it so far- it does tingle on application but i didnt find it grainy and my skin didnt react badly. I use it everyday now. The application is a bit annoying (with the spoon) and there isnt an actual guide as to how much to use, but i started small and worked my way up to a bit more.
  74. Didn't notice any difference


    I used this product for a while but didn't notice any difference. I combined this with ferulic acid solution from Ordinary.
  75. Good vitamin c


    A very easy way to introduce in vitamin C into your routine. I like to use it in my moisturiser to give me a glow.
  76. Versatile


    I was a bit unsure about trying this, as it seemed like a bit of an effort, but it's actually fine. It turns out I like the versatility of the powder form, because I can mix it with different products, depending on my routine that morning or night. Works well mixed with a moisturising serum like HA, with a cream moisturiser, or an oil (I've started mixing it with the Resveratrol for a vitamin cock...
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  77. First time user


    Have just received my first big order of the ordinary products. Very excited.
    So far have found this product amazing and very easy to use. Love the little spoon.
  78. great scar reduction


    I found thisi really helped minimsed my acne scars
  79. Love this product!!


    This is one of the best vit c products ive used. You definitely feel a tingle when applying the product, also tightness. It did take a few weeks for my skin to get used to it do new users go easy at the start! It definitely has brightened my skin. I only use it at night. I generally mix with The Ordinary's moisturiser or with their retinoid serum.
    Be wary if you have eczema or similar condit...
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  80. Great format, actual results, doesn't oxidise


    I have noticed a significant lessening in redness on my cheeks and decollete with daily use of this product. I switched to a different Vit C product (Ausceuticals 20%) for two months and noticed my redness returned with a vengeance, so I switched back to this product 2 months ago and the redness is back under control. Additionally, I have also used TO's 23% Vit C Suspension in the past; that pro...
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  81. Sticky, but effective


    I have been using this with other The Ordinary serums, and I can attest that this will definitely make your skin GLOW! That said, no matter what I mix it with, my skin becomes sticky for an hour(ish). If you can cope with that, I would 100% recommend this!
  82. Would recommend!


    I love mixing this in with my daily moisturiser. I like that I can put in however much I need. It leaves a tingly sensation when applying, but I have found that it evens out the texture on my face.
  83. Love!


    So affordable and easy to use, very potent and gives your skin a light tingling feeling. Powder form keeps the vitamin C stable and this little jar will last me a long time. This one of the best skincare purchases I’ve made
  84. works best 2 x per week in daytime


    mixes with any product. It works so well to brighten and clear the skin.

    I have pale skins and some freckles and tend to rosacea so works great for me.

    If you use it more than every 3rd day it may, as it did for me, cause small bumps, irritation or breakout.
  85. hello glow


    Been adding this to my morning skincare routine for the last 6 months; mixed into a very basic moisturiser.
    It stings on appliation, but the tone and texture of my skin has really improved. Most noticeably, the dark circles under my eyes has faded dramatically.
  86. could do with better instructions


    I do enjoy this product but found the instruction to mix a "small amount" with other treatments to be vague.
    I found out from another source that my "small amount" was much more than what I was meant to be using, and that I should be using no more than a rice grain.
    My skin has been better since using reducing the usage to a REALLY TINY amount with my day and night cream.
  87. Great but fiddly.


    This product really works and I do genuinely love it, but with two caveats: 1) it’s fiddly to use, so I don’t use it as often as I would like and 2) it is quite a harsh product and will stain hands orange!
  88. Love this


    This product in the powder form is great if you don't want to add more liquid onto your skin (if it's say- oily like mine)

    Just be careful when you measure it that you don't breathe too close and inhale it. it is very fine.

    Great results, gentle tingle. I use at bedtime so it have plenty of time to absorb and work it's magic. remember your skin will be a little sensitive ...
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  89. Excellent value, high potency Vitamin C


    I love that I can mix this product with my normal moisturiser for a boost in vitamin c. A little goes a long way so by far my favorite Vitamin C product on the market!
  90. Great product, great price


    I have been using this product since it came out and it’s wonderful. It’s not only very affordable but it lasts and you can mix it with a variety of other skin products. I definitely recommend it
  91. Awesome


    i use it with my moisturiser at night and i wake up with a radiant clear complexion rather than oily and acne everywhere, highly recommend
  92. So cheap and lasts forever


    This is a great way to add vit c to your skin care routine. It turns an ordinary moisturiser into a treatment by just adding a little scoop.
  93. Amazing


    This is the best vitamin c for my skin. I has helped with so many issues - pigmentation, complexion, brightness, health of my skin, etc. Will buy again
  94. Love Love Love!


    I use this product every second morning with a serum and it really helps brighten my complexion during the winter months! I made the mistake of using a bit too much initially (I was new to the vitamin C game) and it stung quite a bit, but after reducing it to a small amount it works like a charm!
  95. Loving it


    I love vitamin C to brighten and hydrate my skin, I apply the serum I make using the L-ascorbic Acid Powder mornings and nights and my skin is soft, bright and well hydrated. Will purchase again.
  96. Love it!


    I have pigmentation on my face, and this product used twice a week has really helped. I started off using the suspension product, but now I have introduced this one into the routine too. It does tingle and you might feel like that’s unusual, however I love that feeling as I can feel it penetrating my skin and doing its job.
    For someone who suffers from dark spots or pigmentation, I highly re...
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  97. Great price


    Great price for a vitamin c powder if you want to mix your own treatments. Just be careful and read up on how much to use. You only need the tiniest amount
  98. Not so impressed


    I've read so many reviews about how much people loved this and how easy it was to mix it into other products. But for me I haven't noticed much of a difference with my skin and I hate the grainy residue it leaves on my face. It could be the products I'm mixing it into or how much I'm using but it just never seemed to dissolved completely.
  99. Effective delivery of Vit C


    I think this is the best way to ensure Vitamin C doesn't get oxidised by delivering it in a powder form. I have been using this for more than 6 months. I mix a teaspoon (a mini spoon comes with the product).with hyalouronic acid or mosturiser after washing my face in the morning. I do think that my skin is radiant and glowing from using this. Highly recommended!
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