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Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 20ml 20ml

4.6 of 36 reviews


4 instalments of $3.50


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4 instalments of $3.50


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  • Dry
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Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 20ml

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 20ml

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4.6 of 36 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing Product
Soooo in love with this setting spray, it makes my makeup look so good and lasts ages!!!

Most Helpful Criticism

overhyped product
I didn't see any difference when using this. Would not repurchase.
  1. overhyped product

    I didn't see any difference when using this. Would not repurchase.
  2. Amazing Product

    Soooo in love with this setting spray, it makes my makeup look so good and lasts ages!!!

    This finishing spray is amazing! My make-up DOES NOT MOVE.

    I love this great little travel size too!
  4. Perfect finish!

    Love this product. Sets my makeup really nicely, and keeps it in place (as a laser technician I have to wear goggles all day at work and my makeup usually just slides off by the end of the day). I think to get the most out of this spray it’s best to wear primer as well, I found it wasn’t quite as good without it but still amazing!
  5. Favourite!

    This will forever be my favourite setting spray, I've always had trouble with my makeup looking horrible by the time I get home from going out although when I use this, even if I sleep in my makeup (gross I know) it looks greats in the morning.

    also, this is a great size to try it out or to take with you to travel/keep in your bag.

    I bought this to try out because of all the positive reviews and I have to say, it's hands down the best setting spray I've used so far. It held my makeup in place during heat waves and it stayed all day, I have combination skin and tend to sweat alot when hot and surprisingly it's the only setting spray I've found that made my makeup last from morning to night. Highly recommended.
  7. travel friendly

    perfect size for travelling and lasts about month or so (everyday use), sets in makeup and makes it lasts. great for oily skin and doesnt have an awful scent.
  8. Pure Magic!

    I have the type of face that makeup simply just slides off of. I have strugged for the longest time trying to use different primers, changing up how I apply, buying every setting spray ever.. until this one. Makeup still pristine even after hours of being under aircon and being an excessive face toucher. I love this stuff so much!
  9. Great

    This has quickly become a staple in my client makeup kit AND my own personal makeup routine. The spray not only gives the most beautiful finish to the face, but increases the longevity of makeup wear better than any setting spray i've used thus far!
    ps. It also works amazingly to help foiled shadows and pigments 'pop'!
  10. Best setting spray

    I really like this setting spray. I have tired other high end and drugstore products and this is the best one. It does a good job of holding my makeup in place plus is also great for keeping in my hand bag for a cool spritz during the day.
  11. BEST

    This is the best finishing spray ever, my make up does not move rain hail or shine with this thing on

    could not recommend it more
  12. does what it says

    i feel like it does what it says, it actually did the job of keeping my makeup intact for a good entire day.
  13. It really works

    I received this as a gift with purchase months ago and only used it recently when it was a hot and humid day (SE QLD)
    I was really impressed by this and will post again once I have tried it in the full summer onslaught.
  14. 50/50 result

    This product is amazing if you apply primer, base, set and then use the finishing spray. My make up did no move for the day. Worthy of five stars. However during the working week I just like primer, foundation and finishing spray. Unfortunately my foundation split and broke down on my face. I have been using MAC fixed plus as finishing spay, (and I know its not a finishing spray). It worked just as well as the skindinavia. This result as worthy of 1-2 stars. As I am older I really do not want to use finishing powder as I find it aging. I also have fairly decent skin so going light on the overall base is the way I want to go. I will keep looking. :-)
  15. Loveee it

    Sets my makeup all day, doesn't dry out my skin and it's the perfect size to carry around! I would recommend anyone looking for a good setting spray that does what it says to buy this!
  16. its goooood but

    It makes my eyes burn. Obviously I keep them shut when spraying my face, but somehow this spray just irritates my eyes. After a few minutes it's okay, and the product otherwise does ensure makeup stays put just be wary if you're sensitive
  17. The best!

    This spray ensures my makeup stays in place all day and has quickly become a staple in my beauty bag!
  18. Does the job fantastically, but get the bridal as that is the BEST and no one should live without.

    AMAZING product but not as good as the bridal version so PLEASE get that instead of this one!
  19. Great product and size

    Love this setting spray and particularly this size! So great for travel and on the go, can bring it in your bag and use it to increase the longevity of your makeup over the day. Also great to have a smaller size so people can try the product to begin with for a bit cheaper.
  20. Definitely recommend

    I loved that it had a smaller trial version available for me to give it a go. The packaging is sleek and there is quite alot of product in there. The spray is nice and even, and very close to the urban decay all nighter. After using it for a week or so I wasn’t sure it did anything, until I stopped using it and then I realised howuch was it actually doing to prevent my makeup from slipping and sliding all over my face, helpedmy foundation not look caked up, and left my makeup looking very fresh for hours. Definitely recommend.
  21. Unsure if i noticed anything?

    I didnt feel this product really did anything at all?The spray it self was a little heavy and uneven. I don't think i would rebuy.
  22. Essential

    Can't do my makeup without this! Definitely the best out of the bridal and the oil control versions.
  23. Will be buying again & AGAIN!

    I have used a few makeup finishing sprays, & this is by far my favourite! Great in summer for when my makeup is melting off! Plus it smells so GOOD! It makes my makeup look so flawless, and makes everything stay put all day long & into the night. I have extremely dry skin so love that it gives me a dewy hydrated look to my makeup. Ive never had to retouch my makeup after using this before going out. Highly recommend!
  24. Great spray!

    I have really oily skin and this really helps keep my makeup intact!
  25. Fantastic!!

    I have very oily skin and this product keeps my makeup flawless for up to 12 hours, no touch ups required. Would definitely recommend!
  26. Lasts all night! Excellent bottle that you can use afterwards.

    Makeup stays in place all night! The bottle sprays so nicely and evenly that when I finished the spray I filled it up with the Mario Badescu Rose Water for a travel friendly hydrating spray.
  27. Does not work for me

    I don't know why this doesn't work for me, I've tried on days when I'm not working (hospitality) and it still ends up looking the same as when I do, almost breaks apart the foundation after a few hours as its so drying on me. Not reccomended for very sensitive skin!
  28. Good Product

    Brought this last year and still use this. My makeup stays in place all day/night! Overall - it’s a good product
  29. Very refreshing

    Fantastic over make up makes it last all day
  30. Keeps make up on all day.

    This setting spray smells great and is the perfect size for travelling. I have normal skin, and my make up stays on from 8am to 6pm when I use this product. Would purchase again.
  31. Stays on and smells great!

    I own 2 bottles of this product: one at home to finish my makeup and one at work to freshen up when I get there. I've even run to work during the australian summer and used this to freshen up my face without ruining my makeup. A bonus is the smell, I love it! And the bottles last forever, even the tiny ones.
  32. Great for travelling

    This is a great size to chuck in your bag and use through out the day. You need to use it every few hours to make sure it does it's job. Extremely refreshing and highly recommend
  33. Makes a huge difference

    This product is a lifesaver, especially when the humidity is high. My makeup stays on all day when I use this product.
  34. Lasts all day

    This is the first makeup setting spray I've ever tried. I like how there was a smaller option just in case it didn't work for me.

    I have tested this at a Physiotherapy clinic where they make you lie on you belly, with your face lying over a paper towel and each time I get up, there is literally no makeup transfer onto that paper! Even when expecting flakes or dry patches, to my surprise, my skin is still glowing with the help of this spray!

    When I used the product all up, I refilled the small bottle with some toner spray just because the nozzle spritz liquid so finely and delicately. Definitely going to repurchase the bigger bottle!
  35. Insanely good!

    This stuff is amazing. I was a bit worried as I have very dry skin and I thought this setting spray was used more to keep oiliness at bay and makeup on all day. But I am really surprised! It makes your makeup look flawless, and keeps everything put all day long and well into the night. I find it also gives me a nice hydrated look to my makeup, making sure it doesn't end up cakey by the end of the day. Great to freshen up my makeup before heading out at night. Previously I would re-do my makeup if going out in the evening, but I dont have to with this. My makeup looks just applied like it did in the morning. Will be stocking up on the bigger bottle for sure!
  36. expensive but works

    I think this is a great product and will definitely buy again
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