The Best Products For Congested Skin in 2021

Dreaming of clear skin? Shop the best products for congested skin.

Hands up if you remember your first breakout! A seminal, if not slightly annoying moment in anyone’s life, your first pimple probably wasn’t your last. Even if you waltzed through your teenage years, no blemish, no problems, congested skin can happen at any age, to any one. 

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Why is My Skin Congested?

When you have blemishes and congestion skin, it usually signals a deeper issue. Enlarged pores and congested skin around nose are usually a symptom of overactive sebaceous glands and hormonal changes. But it’s not just your time of the month that will cause blackheads, breakouts and micro congested skin. If you’re wondering, what does congested skin mean, it could mean a number of things for your skin. 

There are a number of skin congestion causes. To help identify what’s causing your skin issues, it’s a good idea to look at your daily routine. From only having time to quickly rinse your face with water to putting on a bit of makeup after a gym session, and then having stressful commute home, your skin goes through a lot in the space of a day. 

Bumpy congested skin can be frustrating, but there are things you can do to help keep things clear. From the best cleanser for oily congested skin to a dedicated congested skin serum, we’ve found the best products for clogged pores that will help clear up your congested skin and we’ve listed them below for you. 

What Does Congested Skin Mean?

Congested skin usually signals there’s something going on under the skin. From an overactive sebaceous gland, to hormonal imbalances, an unhealthy diet to using the wrong skincare ingredients, congested skin doesn’t come from just one thing. Desperately trying to scrub your skin complaints away with a harsh exfoliator might seem like a logical step, there is a better way to deal with clogged pores. 

A specific facial cleanser for congested skin used in tandem with the best exfoliator for congested skin will work to give your complexion a smoother appearance. Though it can be a bit of a journey to find the products for congested skin that work best for you, once you’ve found them, your complexion will almost immediately start to look more refined. If you’re suffering with clogged pores, acne and have too many blackheads to count, we’ve found a slew of products that will help you put together a skincare routine for congestion skin. 

How to Clear Congested Skin

To help clear congested skin, alongside a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise routine, you need to start applying products that will do the hard skin work for you. The best toner for congested skin could contain Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid to help cleanse your pores and sweep away blackheads. 

Congestion under skin can crop up at any time, so it’s good to be prepared with a skincare routine that will target your issue immediately. If you have skin congestion on cheeks, you might want to apply products that contain Vitamin C and various antioxidants to help soothe the skin, clear the acne away gently and leave it looking more radiant. 

A toner for congested skin will help combination skin that’s oily in the T-zone find a more even appearance. Salicylic Acid and Zinc help target pimples and the best cleansers for congested skin can contain various botanicals, which work gently to remove impurities and leave your skin looking and feeling fresh. 

What are the Best Products for Congested Skin?

If you’re looking for some seriously impressive congested skin before and after results, we’ve found the best products for sensitive congested skin that get to work, so you can crack on with your day.

When it comes to clearing up congested skin and getting to work on your acne, reaching for an exfoliator might be one of the first things you feel like doing. The Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment is a “miracle” formula that’s been lovingly designed to resurface, exfoliate and detox skin that’s congested and uneven. Made to draw out impurities like a magnet, this formula helps minimise excess oil, toxins and any pollutants that your skin has picked up during the day. If you’re looking for the best facial treatment for congested skin that will work to gently sweep away impurities, you can’t get much better than this cruelty free, Australian made formula.

This all-in-one product works hard to give you clear, blackhead free skin. Designed to help battle the various aggressors your skin faces on a daily basis, this formula draws out impurities and mattifies the skin. A great five minute treatment you can apply and rinse off in the shower, you don’t have to spend ages on your skin to keep it looking its best. Free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colours, this gentle exfoliator won’t irritate congested skin. 

Perfect for all skin types and all ages, the Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment reduces the appearance of your pores and smoothes the skin’s texture. Congestion can leave your skin looking bumpy. Help refine your pores with this super hydrating formula. The perfect formula to also use as a direct on-spot treatment, cleanse your skin and then exfoliate with this scrub to help clear and soothe your skin. Rinse thoroughly and get ready to love the skin you’re in.

When you’re battling blackheads, it can feel like an uphill battle. Rather than scrubbing them away with an exfoliator, why don’t you help clear them up completely with the help of the HydroPeptide Bambusa Blackhead Banisher Pore Perfecting Nose Mask 8 strips. Vegan, cruelty free and sulphate free, this kind formula is full of natural extracts and ingredients, which work together to nourish your skin and give it a smoother, clearer appearance. More than just a pore strip, your skin will feel soothed and healthy after every use.

Blackheads can be frustrating to get rid of. Targeting imperfections that are visible around the nose, these strips contain a blend of natural ingredients that keep your skin smooth and healthy. The pure Charcoal draws out the impurities while the Volcanic Ash acts as an antibacterial that helps purify the skin. Bamboo Extract keeps the skin protected and helps speed up the healing sporcess and Aloe Vera hydrates and reduces redness. 

If you’re looking for a way to safely draw out blackheads and imperfections, you’ll love the HydroPeptide Bambusa Blackhead Banisher Pore Perfecting Nose Mask. Allantoin in soothing extract that comes from Comfrey Root, which works to heal the skin. Lotus Flower offers excellent antioxidant protection. Each pack contains eight strips and the vegan formulas are easy to apply and easy to remove.

When a product becomes a cult classic, it’s always for good reason. A powerful nighttime solution that works to revitalise the skin and leave it looking firm and healthy, the Alpha-H Liquid Gold is loved by an army of fans across the globe. Working to boost your skin’s radiance in just one application, this cruelty free, Australia made formula with cosmeceuticals is a fast-acting formula that contains a powerful blend of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. Glycolic Acid helps give your skin an overnight facial and gentle sloughs away any impurities. A chemical exfoliant that helps resurface the skin, your skin will soon clear up when you use this dedicated formula.

An all-in-one toner, exfoliator, moisturiser and serum, this formula is truly unique. Designed to resurface the skin and give it a brighter appearance, you see a noticeable difference in just 20 minutes. Like a salon treatment you can apply at home, this Alpha-H formula reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun damage and any signs of premature ageing. 

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a unique formula that accelerates the skin cell turnover and helps remove any impurities. Glycolic Acid helps clear the skin, so other active ingredients can penetrate your complexion with ease. Liquorice Extracts and Silk Proteins work together to brighten the skin and give it a more radiant look. To plump your skin with moisture, douse a cotton pad and apply the formula as part of your evening skincare routine up to three times a week.

Diminish the appearance of fine lines and clear your skin with this moisturiser

If you have congested skin that’s covered in blackheads this moisturiser will give you a shine-free, matte finish. Perfect for oily or congested skin, SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Oily-Combination is a nighttime treatment that helps keep skin clear. If you want to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles you need to put your products to work overnight. Working to hydrate the skin and leave it free from blemishes and congestion, this artificial fragrance free, sulphate free formula leaves your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Diminish the appearance of fine lines and clear your skin with this moisturiser

If you want to decongest your pores, this SkinCeutical formula is the perfect overnight moisturiser. Designed to refine the skin and diminished the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this formula hydrates and exfoliates the skin. With special extracts that work to replenish the skin’s moisture, this formula gently exfoliates the skin, restoring your skin to a healthy complexion. 

Perfect for all ages and skin types, this night time moisturiser contains a 10% hydroxy acid blend that gently exfoliates away dead skin cells. Helping clear congested, acneic skin, the SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Oily-Combination restores a healthy, radiant complexion, so you wake up looking and feeling refreshed. Apply this formula after cleansing and toning your skin and massage it gently into the face and neck.

Cleansing your skin will clear away debris and impurities but a good toner will work hard to improve congested skin and reduce the amount of breakouts you suffer. Sociéte Clarifying Prep Solution reduces inflammation with a unique blend of natural actives, inspired by science. Perfect for oily, congested skin that’s prone to breakouts and acne, this toning formula works to decongest the skin, Made to act like a decongesting serum, the 19 different antioxidants in the formula get to work on your skin soon after application.

This active, decongesting formula works to purify oily and blemish-prone skin. Like a serum with toning benefits, the formula contains Salicylic Acid, which targets breakouts directly and helps clear away blackheads. The 19 antioxidants in the formula help keep skin protected and the antibacterial ingredients help prevent any future breakouts. 

This unique toning serum contains a blend of soothing ingredients. The Société Clarifying Prep Solution 177ml is perfect for acne prone skin that suffers from breakout and congestion. The Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid clear congestion and act as an antibacterial. Vitamin A gently resurfaces the skin and Allantoin is a hydrating ingredient that soothes red skin. Vitamin C protects the skin from the signs of ageing and Cactus Flower Extract works to reduce redness. Mist over the face and neck and do not rinse off.

Cleanse the skin and help clear up congestion with this luxury formula

One of the best facial cleanser for congested skin, the Intraceuticals Clarity Gel Cleanser Sensitive works to leave the skin clearer and fresher. Prepping your skin for your next anti-blemish skincare step, this formula is Australian made and artificial fragrance free, A lightweight gel cleanser that thoroughly cleans your skin, this formula washes away impurities and helps remove excess oil without any harsh ingredients. Designed to clarify your skin, this vegan cleanser is one of the best anti blemish solutions.

Cleanse the skin and help clear up congestion with this luxury formula

With a blend of natural ingredients, this face cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin that’s congested. Comforting and calming skin that’s red and dull, this cleanser works to refuse impurities with a light and gentle touch. Perfect for all ages, teens or adults, anyone with troubled skin will love the soothing effects of this daily cleanser. Ideal for normal, oily and patchy skin, this gentle cleanser won’t irritate skin that’s already aggravated. 

If you’re suffering with acne, breakouts and blemishes, the Intraceuticals Clarity Gel Cleanser Sensitive works to prevent redness and inflammation. A gentle cleanser, this formula treats sensitive skin with kind care and attention. Designed to help clarify the skin and clear up congestion, apply a couple of pumps of the formula to wet skin, massage it in gently and rinse to finish.

When you have congested skin, you might instantly want to go in with a harsh exfoliator to try and sweep the issues away. Before you exfoliate, clean the skin thoroughly with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel cleanser. Designed to eliminate excess sebum and tighten the appearance of open pores, this formula won’t dry the skin out or leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable. Alcohol free and paraben free this daily cleanser will gently cleanse your skin and leave it feeling fresh and looking healthy.

When your skin is congested, you might think you have to slough it clean with an astringent formula. Perfectly formulated to wash away impurities with a light touch, this daily-use cleanser works to minimise breakouts while keeping the skin calm and hydrated. Designed to kill bacteria and tone and tighten uneven skin, this formula cleanses pores and sweeps away any unwanted makeup or residue from the day. 

The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel is a gentle daily cleanser that promotes a more even skin tone. The Zinc Pidolate purifies the skin and helps remove any excess oil. Thermal Spring Water calms the skin, minimises the appearance of scars and fights the signs of radical damage and environmental aggressors. This kind formula won’t strip the skin or leave it feeling tight and when you use it regularly, you’ll help prevent future breakouts.

If you suffer from congested skin, regularly applying a face mask will draw out stubborn impurities and lift oil away with immediate effect. The Pixi T-Zone Peel-Off Mask is a cruelty free formula that contains a unique green superfood blend that includes Avocado, Aloe Vera. Green Tea, Cucumber and Bamboo Extracts. The perfect formula to leave skin feeling fresh, firm and full of life, the natural blend of ingredients gently clear congested skin without any harsh scrubbing action. Peel this mask away weekly to reveal gorgeous, healthy-looking skin.

A peel-off mask that’s designed to target the tricky T-zone, this formula tones the skin and gives it a more refined appearance. Perfect for people who suffer with acne, blackheads and a shiny forehead, this mask is ideal for congested skin that’s tired and dull. Formulated with a blend of unique superfoods, this mask keeps your T-zone protected from daily aggressors and contains a high level of antioxidants to give the skin a brighter finish.

Perfect for dull, dehydrated skin that’s looking tired and lifeless, the Pixi T-Zone Peel-Off Mask contains a blend of antioxidants to help keep the T-zone protected from free radical damage. Working to firm and refine skin that’s congested and blocked, this easy-to-apply mask gets to work quickly, soothing and tending to your tired skin. Use the mask once or twice a week, applying a thick layer to your congested, shiny T-zone. Peel it away to reveal brighter, happier-looking skin.

If your skin feels like it needs a spring clean, you’ll love this scrub

When your skin is congested, it can look and feel uncomfortable. Denting your confidence and leaving you feeling a bit blue, pimples and blemishes are one of life’s little frustrations. Applying the Lowengrip Purify My Skin Facial Scrub is like a spring clean for your skin. Designed to deeply clean your pores and leave your skin less clogged, this scrub gives your complexion a softer, smoother appearance. With a blend of blemish-busting ingredients, this formula reduces your sebum production and helps calm skin that’s red and inflamed.

If your skin feels like it needs a spring clean, you’ll love this scrub

You don’t have to worry about congested skin when you have an arsenal of effective products on your shelf. This scrub deeply cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Working to calm inflammation and reduce the appearance of redness, this scrub contains Niacinamide, which works to reduce the amount of sebum your skin produces. Perfect for scrubbing the face and the precious decolletage, you’ll approach your skin differently when you use this formula. 

The Lowengrip Purify My Skin Facial Scrub 30ml is a Swedish blend that encourages skin cell renewal and brighter, healthier skin. Like pressing the reset button for your skin, this formula has a beautiful apple and peach scent that’s blended with Amber, Musk and Cedarwood. Allantoin acts as a gentle astringent and the Niacinamide works to reduce inflammation. Gentle enough for those with sensitive skin to enjoy, use this scrub twice a week to start seeing results quickly. 

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Quick Recap! What are the Best Products for Congested Skin?

Don’t let congested skin get the best of you. Though you might not be able to say goodbye to imperfections forever, with a skincare routine you can rely on at the ready, you’ll feel prepared for any skin complaint that suddenly crops up.

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