Can I Wear Makeup With Eczema?

If you suffer from eczema, you may wish to conceal flare-ups, especially on the face. Follow these 3 steps for optimal camouflage and a beautiful complexion.

People who have acne are often advised to avoid using makeup, as some ingredients can clog pores and encourage further outbreaks. But in the case of eczema, certain types of makeup can actually help improve the condition.

So yes, you can wear makeup over eczema. While makeup in general won't make your eczema worse (unless you're allergic to a particular ingredient), certain products work best to alleviate chronic dryness and inflammation.


Can I Wear Makeup With Eczema?

1. Use a primer.

A primer has two key benefits for eczema-prone skin:

  1. Smooths and evens skin to ease makeup application and prevent caking
  2. Creates a 'second skin' that helps lock in hydration

Primers contain ingredients such as dimethicone and other silicones that glide over skin. These ingredients are also called 'occlusive moisturisers', which means they prevent dehydration. A first layer of primer is a perfect base that helps prevent foundation from collecting unevenly in dry areas.

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2. Choose a tinted moisturiser.

When you're looking for a foundation, choose one that's jam-packed with hydrating ingredients. Today's tinted moisturisers provide light coverage while also helping to hydrate dry areas.

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Pro tip: It's an even better idea to choose a tinted moisturiser with sunscreen. An SPF defends skin from damaging UV rays, which inflame and irritate skin. Eczema is already prone to inflammation and irritation, so it's best to protect skin from the additional stress of sun exposure.

3. Colour-correct with a green neutraliser.

When you neutralise redness with green pigments, you can use less concealer and prevent an obviously made-up look. While it might sound strange to use green-tinted makeup, this pro trick works wonders for troubled skin.

Red and green are complementary colours, meaning they cancel each other out. Any redness and inflammation you're suffering from will be neutralised by a green corrective makeup base.

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Can I Wear Makeup With Eczema?