These Facial Massagers Are A Must In Your Summer Skincare Routine

I bet you've seen these strange-looking blue...balls (?) on Instagram and wondered a) what they actually do, and b) if you need to urgently add them to your cart because you're missing out on a major skincare trend.

My Instagram inbox was flooded with DMs after I posted a story using Aceology's Ice Globe Facial Massagers at a recent event, from "where can I buy these?" to "WTF does that do?". So, we're gonna cover everything - including why you'll love having these in your summer skincare routine.

A Bit Of Background...

I gravitate towards anything that promises to be cooling. I'm a rosacea sufferer, and during a flare-up, my face will be red, puffy, blotchy and feel like it's on fire.

Yes, I've got a multitude of ways that I try to tackle this, including LED Light Therapy and the cool setting on my FOREO UFO, and the Aceology's Ice Globe Facial Massagers are the latest addition to my rosacea-settling routine.

But not only do these interesting little instruments offer a cooling effect for fellow rosacea sufferers, they can also help to combat puffiness, dullness and laxity in the skin.

Tell Me More About Aceology's Ice Globe Facial Massagers:

This is one thing you might want to keep in the fridge for treating an unexpected sunburn, seasonal hayfever, settling a big angry pimple before a date, or post-cry puffy eyes (we've all been there).

  • Available in both pink and blue, these unique globes are like a pilates workout for your face

  • They're best stored in the fridge to keep them cool (just don't leave them in the freezer)

  • If you're less organised, you can dunk them into a bowl of ice cold water for 10 minutes before use

  • You can use the globes to give yourself a lifting massage or to support lymphatic drainage

  • These ice cold globes help target puffy eyes, inflammation & promote a more energised complexion

  • This cooling treatment is a nice addition to a pre-event at-home facial

  • Can help to alleviate tension headaches and sinus-related discomfort

  • After using the massaging globes, your skin should feel lifted, rejuvenated & soothed

How Do You Use The Globes?

To promote a lifting effect, stimulate blood flow, oxygenate the skin and boost elasticity, roll the globes in upwards motions along your jawline, cheekbones and forehead, holding onto the rods as handles.

You can flip the rods around to use around the delicate eye area for de-puffing and inflammation-reducing effect, gentle moving them around the orbital bone.

For a lymphatic massage to reduce puffiness and fluid retention, and relieve tension, roll the globes down the face, along the forehead, periphery or the face, along the nasolabial folds and down the neck.

What's Everyone Saying?

So soothing!


I love the cold feeling against my face especially in the morning! Day 4 of using it and I already feel my face has less tension and the circulation is flowing better. I've even noticed my skin not looking so swollen!

A must have!!


This skincare tool exceeds my expectation. I use it regularly at night and it is very very relaxing and therapeutic. It helps to enhance glowing skin, calm your skin, as well as reduce inflammation. Tip: ask your bf/gf to do it for you 🥰

Cool as a cucumber


Omg these babies are the best! So cooling so refreshing so soothing that you want to just keep cooling them to just keep using them all night long! And I know I’m going to be ever so thankful this summer time that I bought them! And my face is going to love me for it!!! I love them 😍