Got Blackheads on Your Back? This Will Help

When you think about spots and blemishes, it’s usually related to your nose, chin, your forehead, and the area around your lips.

But what about those back blackheads and whiteheads that pop up unannounced and uninvited? 

Not limited to any one part of your body, blackheads can hide out on your back for a while before you ‘spot’ them (yeah, groan on that pun).

Whether you’re dealing with bacne or even ‘buttne’ (yep, that's actually a thing; blemishes on your backside happen), we’ve listed some highly rated products below for you to check out and explore.

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What Causes Blackheads on Back?

Blackheads on your back can spring up for a number of different reasons. 

Your back is actually a super-common place for blemishes to hunker down. Bacteria, excess oil, and dead skin cells can all work their way in and cause the clogged pores on back to spread quickly.

Watch dermal therapist, James Vivian explain why blackheads form, how to treat them and how to avoid making them worse in the video below

Back acne and infected pores on back can become irritated by the clothes you wear. If you love to work out but don’t wash your activewear as often as you should, you could encourage something called acne mechanica to form on your skin.

When sweat and heat are combined with pressure and friction on the skin (like when your clothes feel too tight and you start to sweat), you might notice and think, there are more blackheads on my back than usual.

There’s more! You know when you wash your hair and let the conditioner rinse away like a glamazon goddess bathing in a waterfall? Where do you think that conditioner lingers? You got it: on your back. Hair products that aren’t fully rinsed off your skin can clog the pores, leading to enlarged pores on back problems. Le ‘sigh’ ...

Skipping the grubby gym showers (don’t blame you) and walking around with sweaty skin could cause a blackhead or two. As will tight clothing and even the straps on your bra or backpack.

We’ll always (always!) encourage you to wear sunscreen. But to prevent painful blackhead on back issues, pick the best physical sunscreen made for acne prone skin that’s plagued with blackheads.

To help reduce this kind of acne and prevent big pores on back from forming, it’s important you (a) wash your clothes frequently and (b) treat the skin on your back to a cleansing routine of its own.

How To Remove Blackheads on the Back?

Blackheads on your back can be extracted by a professional. You can also use body products that contain AHAs and BHAs.

Here’s our list of recommendations:

The skin on your back is thick, so it might need more than your usual facial scrub. This dual-action exfoliator takes a targeted approach (important when you’re tending to the skin on your back). The perfect product to use when your skin needs clearing out, this blend contains both physical (biodegradable) and AHA chemical exfoliants. Helping to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier, the Grapeseed Oil in the formula also softens and hydrates skin that’s a bit tough. Vitamin E helps keep the skin safe, and Glycolic Acid boosts the scrub to help clear away blackheads and blemishes.

The asap revitalising bodyscrub 200ml is made with a concentrated combination of oils, antioxidants, vitamins, and AHAs, this scrub soothes the skin and helps tease away annoying blackheads. Cruelty-free, vegan, Australian-made, and completely artificial fragrance-free, this scrub polishes the skin to a new smoothness.

You can absolutely use face products on your body. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro Peeling Cleanser is an alcohol-free and mineral oil-free gel cleanser that directly tackles the appearance of skin issues. Perfect for use on the face, chest, back, and arms, this formula is gentle enough for use on even sensitive skin. And if you’re oily, the 2% Salicylic Acid (a powerful BHA) clears sebum and debris from deep inside the pores.

A derivative of Salicylic Acid, 0.06% LHA also helps you fight back blemishes and more. Perfect for all ages and all skin types to enjoy, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro Peeling Cleanser 200ml also contains Zinc. Zinc helps regulate oil production and promotes healing in the skin, which means fewer blackheads will pop up if you consistently use this formula. Plus, Thermal Spring Water calms the skin and keeps it smooth. Use as often as you need to help bring some balance back to the skin on your body.

Keep your skin clear, cool, and clarified with this gel cleanser.

Alpha-H Clear Skin Face and Body Wash is a multipurpose product (so, value for money) that you can use on your face as well, this cooling gel cleanser helps keep pimples and blackheads at bay everywhere. Thyme, Tea Tree Oil, and Eucalyptus work to minimise bacteria production. Vitamin B3 and Willowbark help keep oil production under control. Salicylic Acid tackles blemishes and blackheads head-on.

Keep your skin clear, cool, and clarified with this gel cleanser.

Made with a hydrating blend of ingredients, Alpha-H Clear Skin Face and Body Wash keeps your skin moisturised and helps decongest pores. Use all over your face and body, morning and evening, to start clearing out those pores. Rinse well and follow up with a lightweight moisturiser.

Dermalogica Active Moist is a skin-balancing, prebiotic-infused lotion that locks moisture into the skin. Active Moist helps balance skin’s texture and appearance, and it has a lightweight, oil-free appeal. Made with cosmeceuticals, this formula creates an invisible barrier over the skin and helps keep oily patches and blemishes at bay. Great for combination skin types, this moisturiser can be used wherever your body needs it.

Made with an impressive Prebiotic Moisture Complex, Dermalogica Active Moist 100ml provides the skin with long-lasting hydration. Non-comedogenic and great for acne-prone skin, this formula suits both face and body. PETA-accredited and completely cruelty-free, this natural, vegan formula evens out the skin’s tone and helps keep oily patches and blackheads at bay. Silk Aminos boost the skin’s natural barrier. Lemon and Burdock Extracts help refine the skin’s texture. And Cucumber Extract soothes and hydrates the skin.

Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser polishes your skin to remove dead skin cells and any irritating impurities with physical exfoliators (Biodegradable Microbeads) and chemical ones (AHAs and BHAs). Combatting dull skin, blemishes, and even wrinkles, this exfoliating cleanser will quickly become a mainstay on your bathroom shelf. Use the formula all over, and make sure your rinse it off thoroughly.

Made for skin that’s a little bit older, Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 200ml also helps tackle fine lines. In fact, it’s great for use on any textured parts of your face and body that need smoothing.

An invigorating cleanser that’s been carefully crafted to help clear debris from your clogged pores. Designed for use on the face and body, this blend can be used wherever you think your skin needs it. Enriched with Glycolic Acid, Jojoba Beads, and Tea Tree Oil (so, all the good stuff), this formula helps you enjoy a brighter complexion. The 14% Glycolic Acid in the formula helps treat acne and any pigmentation concerns you might be experiencing.

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% is a great treatment for ingrown hairs, and the hydrating formula won’t leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. But it’s great for oilier skin types too! Just squeeze a small amount of the formula between your palms. Smooth it all over your body to begin your clear-skin journey.

Is there anything better than a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Probably not, but SALT BY HENDRIX Body Buff with Coffee + Marula Oil comes a close second. Taking exfoliation to the next level, this natural scrub could really help clear up blackheads on your back. Crafted to slough away the dead skin cells that clog your pores while also boosting circulation in your skin, you’ll feel reinvigorated when you use this blend. Infused with Salt, Marula Oil, and Sugar, this sweet Coffee scrub gently buffs the skin and also replenishes it with moisture.

Cruelty-free and vegan, SALT BY HENDRIX Body Buff with Coffee + Marula Oil is an Australian-made formula to help make your skin feel and look softer and smoother after just one use. Dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities drift away from your skin, leaving you feeling soothed and moisturised. Suitable for all skin types, this luxury vegan scrub goes into the shower with you to tend to your skin with a caring, smoothing treatment.

Prep the skin for self-tan with this super-fine formula.
Prep the skin for self-tan with this super-fine formula.

Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish is designed to soften the skin and prep it for self-tan, this formula is gentle enough to use everyday. Self-tan can really give you a boost AND hide imperfections. This skin polish will make applying your faux glow easier than usual. The Olive Oil and Shea Butter in the blend moisturise the skin. Cranberry Seed Powder helps gently slough away dead skin cells. Massage the formula onto dry skin and rinse off in the shower for best results.

If you’re looking for an exfoliator that’s gentle enough for daily use, you might be interested in Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish. A must-have for anyone who fake-tans, this formula smooths over the skin and leaves it looking soft and hydrated.

A cruelty-free formula, this body wash hydrates the skin and leaves it looking softer, smoother, and more clarified. Gentle enough for daily use, this body wash is rich in antioxidants and leaves the skin touchably soft. Aloe Vera and Ginseng help keep the skin hydrated and boost circulation. Cucumber and Bilberry soothe the skin and keep it healthy and nourished. A great body wash that will also look good on your bathroom shelf, this blend just might begin to shift your blackheads if you stick with it.

Cleansing and refining your skin, Pixi Glycolic Body Wash helps improve your body’s overall texture with the undeniable power of Glycolic Acid. One of those ingredients that every bodycare and skincare guru raves about, Glycolic Acid is an AHA that exfoliates the skin without scrubbing.

Dual-sided and pre-soaked, these exfoliating wipes can also be used daily on your heels to get that tough skin smooth and soft again. The textured side of the wipe buffs away dead skin cells, and the smooth side helps give the skin a healthy glow. Enriched with an intelligent mix of Glycolic Acid and botanicals, these unique cloths are a really handy trick to keep in your bathroom cabinet.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Body Cloths have all of the radiance-boosting, exfoliating effects of Alpha-H’s bestselling Liquid Gold, in travel-friendly cloths. The disposable wipes smooth over your body easily and help improve uneven skin tone, keratosis pilaris, ingrown hairs, blemishes, blackheads, and anything else that’s troubling your skin.

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