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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.7 of 1525 reviews

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4 instalments of $12.74


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Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a powerful night time firming and revitalising solution which can boost your skin's radiance in just one application!


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 1525 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This product it gold!


I was very curious to try Alpha-H Liquid Gold after reading lots of mixed reviews. I loved it, it brightened my overall complexion when it was feeling and looking very dull and dry. It's gently enough for my sensitive skin. I use it at night every second day and it lasts forever. This is a must have.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not a fan


Having read good reviews bought this but haven't seen much difference except giving clear skin more as a cleanser. It is very light in application which makes it use worthwhile beyond that yet to see results.
  1. Surprised


    I got it as a tester with an order and I was surprised at how well it worked after just one time, my skin felt so much cleaner and clearer!
  2. Love this product!


    I have fair skin and have always had a blotchy complexion. I absolutely love how even this makes my skin tone. It is so easy to use as well!
  3. This product it gold!


    I was very curious to try Alpha-H Liquid Gold after reading lots of mixed reviews. I loved it, it brightened my overall complexion when it was feeling and looking very dull and dry. It's gently enough for my sensitive skin. I use it at night every second day and it lasts forever. This is a must have.
  4. ride or die product!


    absolutely LOVE this product, I cannot live without it. I use it a few times a week and when I wake up the next morning there is such a noticeable difference in the texture and clarity of my skin. Will continue to repurchase and reccommend to my friends.
  5. Truely amazing


    I received this as a sample item with another order I made. I rarely purchase tester items because I don’t believe that one test is enough to prove its efficiency. This product is an exception. Having now bought and used this regularly for a while now I can say that it only gets better the more you use it. I wake up with my skin feeling fantastic. Worth it
  6. Nice


    Given a sample bottle from Adore Beauty, use it when travelling. A quality glycolic. And nice bottle!
  7. One of the best products I've used


    Funny story...I bought this and the liquid gold rose duo for my best friend for Christmas. She bought it for me!! This will revolutionize your skincare routine. I have been using it for just over a year and I love how it makes my skin glow! I have very sensitive skin but no issue with this product. Once you buy this, you will be hooked!
  8. This stuff is amazing


    I received this as a sample a few times and each time I used it I couldn't believe the results when I woke up in the morning. My skin was glowing! I have since purchased the full size and still loving it. Perfect for my oily skin.
  9. Wish i brought this sooner


    After months of reading amazing reviews on this product i have been contemplating on buying it. I have never used a glycolic acid before so i was a little worried to whether i should buy it. I was looking at purchasing another form of glycolic acid but after using the online chat at adore they suggested purchasing this over the other one. I finally bit the bullet and brought it and wow i wish i d...
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  10. Really works!


    Liquid gold is a product that you can directly see the result of, even the first night using it you can see your skin looking clean and refreshed. Couldn't recommend it more!
  11. Nervous to use, surprised with the results

    Alice Feez

    With such sensitive skin, I was nervous to introduce such a strong acid. However, using it sparingly and introducing it slowly. I use it once to twice a week and that is certainly enough to see a dramatic effect. Even skin texture and tone. Decreases the size and severity of pimples along my jawline.

    A great addition to my skincare, but follow everyone's recommendation, use sparingly...
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  12. Gold in a bottle


    This really is like gold! I cant say enough good words about this product. This is one of the best things I've used on my face and another thing i love about this is that it gets any dirt and grime off your face that cleanser hasn't! If you look at the cotten ball or whatever you used to apply it you will see the amount of stuff that was left over on your skin. It literally lifts it all off. My sk...
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  13. Amazing product


    Received this product in a really good sample size in a goodie bag with a previous purchase. I loved it instantly and it’s lasted a long time. Will definitely be purchasing the full size when I run out. I noticed a difference in my skin straight away after using it. It felt smoother, looked brighter, and whenever I have breakouts I put it on at night and by the morning they have literally disappea...
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  14. Jury is still out


    I got this as a sample and have been using it twice a week and like the way it leaves my skin feeling after.
    Not sure it is worth the price tag yet but will keep persisting
  15. Noticeably Clearer Skin


    This product is excellent! After a little less than two weeks of use, my skin was noticeably clearer. I use it every alternate day and have found my pores to be less clogged and I am getting less blackheads.
  16. Very effective!


    I received this as a sample with my order, and I was a bit hesitant because my skin is quite sensitive, but this works really well, and the morning after I used it all the bumpy skin on my chin was gone! I couldn't believe it. Very nice product and did not cause any flare ups or reddened skin at all. I would still probably only use it every second night.
  17. Your skin's bestie!


    I absolutely loved using this product, I received a sample of it in an order and fell in love with it. My skin felt so smooth and less congested instantly! It does tingle a little bit, so take that as a small warning but that means it is working! I just purchased the big bottle!
  18. its nice


    I like it but I don't like the feel of it after ive used it, it leaves my skin a little more oily than before
  19. Best exfoliator ever


    So happy with liquid gold! There was a lot of hype over this product and I understand it now. Is strong enough to feel like you have an entire new layer of skin at the surface when you wake up but gentle enough not to cause me any dryness or stinging. Would recommend
  20. Interesting product


    This product did not work well on my sensitive facial skin,
    It left it dry, sore and irritated.

    It did, however, work really well to soften my feet so I'll use the product up this way.
  21. Clear skin


    I use this every second night without my skin getting too irritated. My skin feels a lot smoother and clear. Very good product
  22. absolutely love


    use this product 3x a week and have noticed such a huge improvement in how my skin feels and the over all texture. very impressed with this product, tingles slightly on application but then in the morning (i applied product at night after cleansing) skin feels almost new
  23. Refreshed!


    I love this product! I use it every second or third night and feel my skin is really refreshed by the morning. Will be purchasing again and again!
  24. Strong


    On first impressions this smelled extremely strong, like putting vodka on your face so was a bit worried. However woke up with clearer skin.
  25. Great product


    Love how this leaves my skin looking radiant and feeling soft. Will def repurchase.
  26. fantastic results


    I've been using lactic acid as an exfoliant for a couple of years and wanted to try something stronger. The results from this product are similar but more noticeable, if that makes sense. I have mild sun damage that is now lighter and fine lines have somewhat diminished. I highly recommend it for those who are used to acids and don't have sensitive skin or suffer from active breakouts. Also, if yo...
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  27. Instant Glow


    I have been using this product for nearly two years and I always get told my skin looks fresh and glowy. It is super easy to add to your routine!

  28. The best


    I really love the liquid gold. I use this a few nights a week and hardly ever great breakouts anymore.
  29. I love it - but it's not for everyone.


    I would only purchase this product if you are used to chemical exfoliants and have built up a tolerance. It is a deep chemical exfoliant and works very well but it is only to be used 2 x a week max and not to be used on sensitive skin.
  30. Sooo good


    Such a great product for removing some dead skin to wake up feeling fresh and radiant
  31. There's a reason everyone raves about this!


    This is on so many people's holy grail list for a reason. It's so effective without feeling like it strips the skin. I used it throughout my pregnancy, and I firmly believe that it helped prevent pigmentation.
  32. A God Sent


    I love waking up to my beautiful, glowing, clear and plump skin in the morning after using this product. It is one of the only products I have noticed an instant result from. It is also the product that started my love for skincare. OBSESSED.
  33. Wonderful


    I love this so much, I've gone through so many bottles! I hope they keep the rose gold version though, it smells incredible!
  34. Amazing!


    I used this for a good year and a half and my skin was amazing! So clear and smooth until I went on a holiday and didn’t take it along with me, once I got back I neglected this product as I didn’t have much left in the bottle and I can honestly say my skin is wasn’t the same since... constant break outs, black heads and congestion I’ve been using this again for a few days and can already see a hug...
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  35. Absolute must have


    A lot of people spoke about this product on podcast, beauty pages and I needed to see what the fuss was about!
    It really does work and you wake up in the morning and your skin is glowing !
  36. Dewy but not the best for my skin


    My skin looks fresh and dewy in the mornings however I am not a fan of the toner -lifestyle. I wish I was more dedicated to using this product. I gave a bottle to my mum and she seems to enjoy using it for her more mature skin.
  37. Great exfoliant


    I had been wanting to try this and received a sample and was amazed at how well my skin reacted to it. It is not drying on the skin and has helped with some pigmentation spots.
  38. Best night treatment ever


    I have terrible blotchy skin with large pores. I received a sample of this and after using it once I did a double take in the mirror in the morning. It made my skin a lot clearer and seemed to firm it.
    I have been using it ever since. Although each subsequent use hasn't created the same dramatic results my skin does continue to look better and better.
  39. A solid winner


    I have had this in my cupboard for a few years now and I am very happy with it. It isn't the most potent exfoliant you will find, but it does work. I only use it once a week (because I use other exfoliants) and love the way my skin feels the next morning. It isn't super drying and lasts forever. Even my husband uses it!
  40. Best exfoliant out there


    I adore this product! I am on my third bottle. It not only exfoliates really well but it makes my skin glow! It can feel a little tingly when you first start using it but that has ceased for me. I have very sensitive and sometimes dry skin and this is not too harsh. I use it every second night. Highly recommend!
  41. Addicted


    I use this every night without problem and my skin has never been clearer. It smells a little strange, but not off putting.
  42. Fantastic chemical exfoliant


    I have been using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold for the past few weeks and I love how my skin feels after using it. It has brightened up my skin and reduced some pigmentation.
  43. Love it


    Love this stuff. Bought the holiday pack which came with the liquid gold and the rose version. No irritation. Wish it was even stronger.
  44. Worth the hype!


    This is a great attention to add. I have combination skin and have found this to be really helpful! I think it works best on its own personally. Alpha-hydroxy acid & glycolic acid = winner!


    So I’m love with this product. Always saves my day when I have breakouts or need to freshen up
  46. Truly liquid gold


    thisnlives up to its name - it’s gold! Visible difference overnight. Bright, dewy skin as a result.
  47. Not a fan


    Having read good reviews bought this but haven't seen much difference except giving clear skin more as a cleanser. It is very light in application which makes it use worthwhile beyond that yet to see results.
  48. Smooth Skin!


    I've been wanting to try a chemical exfoliant for awhile, after many wasted years of rubbing salt scrubs into my face. Truth be told I didn't know how well this would work, but I read a lot of reviews as to the best chemical exfoliant and this repeatedly came out on top. For me, this buffs away dead skin in a way that no other exfoliator has. I have not had dry or flaky skin since using this produ...
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  49. Effective to clear skin

    Trish S

    I love this product to clear up my skin and even decolletage and back. It's easy to apply and doesn't smell harsh. Simple and effective product that cleans up my skin when needed.
  50. Facial in a bottle!


    I have been using Liquid Gold for years and swear by it. I use this twice per week and wake up with fresh, glowy skin every time. You can really feel this product working (which I love) and a bottle will really last a while, so it’s great value.
  51. Was worth the try


    Got this product because of all of its great reviews. This definitely makes my skin feel much smother and plump the morning after using. As for any longer term benefits, I haven’t really seen much yet.
  52. Perfect


    This makes my skin look healthy and glowy and miniimises lines. It feels like i got a facial
  53. Glowy skin


    I use it 2 times per week as part of my nightly skin routine. Removes all dead skin and lightens acne scarring. I wake up with soft glowing skin.
  54. Drying and irritating to skin


    I wanted to love this so much due to all the rave reviews however, I did not. It left my skin red, irritated and angry for days with even some slight peeling. I do not have sensitive skin and normally use glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids along with retinol. Unfortunately, this product was just too strong for me.
  55. The best exfoliant, toner and blemish solution for regular makeup wearers/fake tanners


    This effectively treats breakouts and blackheads by cleaning away all dead skin cells, oil and impurities. It's perfect after you've had a night out with heavy makeup after cleansing your skin. You dab onto cotton and wipe all over your face, and it visibly removes oil, dirt and residue. Follow with moisturiser as your skin will otherwise feel dry.
  56. Stands by its name!


    Liquid Gold does not lie! I took up the two for one offer and do not regret it. It’s literal liquid gold in a bottle for your skin. From my very first use I’ve noticed a positive change to my skin. Can not recommend enough!
  57. Liquid gold!


    This product is lovely for the skin. It does improve texture and makes the skin feel lovely. However, it can dry out the skin so I find I need to take a break from the product from time to time.
  58. I’ve been using this for years


    I’ve been using liquid gold for years and swear by it. I also gifted a bottle to my sister one year and now she can’t live without it. It gives me a glow, smoothes out texture and helps keep pimples at bay. (I’ve noticed if I neglect using it they’ll come back.) I only use once or twice a week now as I use a vitamin A most other nights. Be sure to use sunscreen if you are using this though as it d...
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  59. Best exfoliator


    I love this product! I use it at night and wake up with soft glowing skin! It didn't cause me to break out our dry out my skin. I also love that it isn't crazy expensive.
  60. The sample was so good I had to buy the full size


    I got this product as a sample from Adore, the sample was so good I had to buy the full size! It helped kill my little pimples overnight & made my skin look much clearer. I now use it every Friday night without any moisturiser, my skin then looks really good without make up on Saturday :)
  61. Smooth Glowing Skin


    Thank you Adore Beauty for giving me this product as a gift with purchase, it enabled me to try it out before buying the full size. I have been using this product once a week and the next morning my skin is glowing. This product is really amazing as it gently exfoliates while you sleep and helps to even out your skin tone. Love it!
  62. Game Changer


    This product is amazing. Saw overall improvement is skin appearance after one use. I like to have a basic skincare regime and one or 2 extra products to really give me a bang for my buck. This is awesome. My dull skin looks bright and fresh and it does not dry me out either.
  63. Works but not the best


    I heard good reviews about this but didn't do wonders for me like others. It works but it is also very drying may be because I have dry skin. It helps clean the darkness around my mouth though.
  64. Asked for ID at 32 hahahaha


    Only been using Alpha H products for a week and noticed this morning that I could already see a difference. Later today I went to buy alcohol and was asked for Id which I didn't have on me, it was in my partner's wallet, I wasn't allowed to buy alcohol. I wasn't even annoyed! I'm 32 with lots of lines on my forehead, around eyes and smile lines. Liquid Gold feels lovely, definitely a customer for ...
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  65. On the fence


    It feels cleansing when wiping onto skin with a cotton pad but I'm not a fan of the chemical smell it has. It did leave my skin feeling refreshed
  66. Cleans and revitalised


    After reading the glowing reviews I decided to give liquid gold a try. This stuff lives up to its name. My skin is less congested. I use this nightly after cleansing. Love the fact you can buy one and get one free from time to time. If your skin is dull and congested try liquid gold, you won't be disappointed!
  67. Great Exfoliation

    Kristina W

    I have normal-dry skin and like many people, want to lessen any pores on my face. Liquid Gold is an amazing product and it has a cult-like following and for good reason. It delivers! Swipe your face before bed with Liquid Gold and wake in the morning with smooth, beautiful skin. As a chemical exfoliator it should only be used a few times a week and at night. Always wear 50+ SPF and apply serum an...
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  68. What’s the fuss about?


    Honestly don’t see what the fuss is about with this product.. haven’t reaped the benefits since using it if I’m honest. I find I’m more glowing with a light acid peel and retinol..
  69. Good


    This is truly like a facial and gives instant results. My skin is left glowy and my fine lines are less noticeable and almost gone
  70. Awesome chemical exfoliant


    This is a great effective exfoliant that left my skin feeling smooth and soft. Definitely tingles when first using it and getting used to it. Superior to other chemical exfoliants I have used. I can see why it has such a strong following.
  71. The best of the best!!


    This is one of the Best facial products that I have Ever used. No matter what, it always come through for me, be it acne, rough skin, redness. I just love it.
  72. Leaves my skin glowing!


    This product is great for overnight skin recovery. A gentle glycolic acid that smoothes over the face with a cotton pad, and I usually use it every second night where it leaves my skin brighter and smoother in the mornings. Great product!
  73. Love this!


    Amazing product! I use it 2 times per week as part of my nightly skin routine. Removes all dead skin and I wake up with soft glowing skin! Highly recommend
  74. My favourite glycolic acid product!


    I have blemish prone, slightly sensitive and dehydrated skin (with an oily T-zone,) and this is definitely my favourite glycolic acid product for keeping my skin in check! I have used several other glycolic products before (Skinstitut wash and scrub) which I really like, but this has worked so much more for me. I use it every few nights (sometimes less when my skin is dehydrated) and I wake up the...
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  75. Amazing


    This gives an instant facial type of result. It brightened my skin and took off the dead skin cells. My skin was hydrated
  76. It works but dry out my skin


    I'm a fan of Korean hydrating toners so this felt too dry for my preference, I thought that this product would help with re-texturing, so I gave it a try. On the next morning, I did feel the effect of the exfoliation but it made my skin felt dry as if I moved my muscle it'd create a wrinkle. I'm still using it carefully but not by itself, I add Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 to mitigate the dryness.
  77. Liquid GOLD


    After using it my skin has less lumps, it looks glowy in the morning and the whole texture is just amazing! Use weekly otherwise I get dry skin from it
  78. Amazing


    This was recommended to me by Adore Beauty service rep and it is an amazing product. It does what it says. I have oily, sensitive, acne prone, pigmented skin and this did not irritate my skin. In fact, next morning I have had cleaner, brighter and smoother skin. I use this once a week and will work up to twice a week in the coming month.
  79. Love this!


    Amazing product! I use this 2-3 times per week as a part of my evening routine. I always wake up with clearer and smoother skin. I don’t find it too strong however I have been using active products for the last couple of years.
  80. Good product, but strong


    I found this to be an effective product but it is quite strong. I don't get reactions from it but there are other chemical exfoliants I prefer, like the Dr Dennis Gross wipes, that don't have the same pungent alcohol smell.
  81. Sad Times


    I found that every night when i did use this, i woke up with many little breakouts. I have tried to continue using and never had success. It feels very cleaning and stinging when you put it on mkaing you think oh great its active but i really havent had any success
  82. Actual gold


    Love this stuff! I use it once a week and let is stay on overnight and I wake up with clear, glowing, hydrated skin. It's easy to apply and seems to last forever.
  83. Game Changer


    This product is as it says 'liquid gold', its a game changer, skin feels so good after use! I was skeptical but after a few mins you can see your skin tighten and glow.. Ive never been one to spend money on skin, I wish I had have done so earlier, I have since purchased other products from the alpha h range and love them!
  84. Amazing product


    I received this as a sample. I felt and noticed a smoother face immediately after using it, my skin felt tighter and dewey. Looking forward to longer term results now. Thank you adore beauty, your service is outstanding and doesn't compare to anyone else, received my order in less than 48 hours.
  85. Clear


    This product really helps to clear my skin, I have less acne now. Definitely repurchase.
  86. So far too good.. to be true?!


    I received this as a sample with an Adore Beauty order I placed. I had just gotten back from an overseas trip to Bali and my skin had broken out the worst it ever has due to the oil in the sunscreen. I swiped this pad all over my face. The next morning when I woke up all of the littler bumps were basically gone and the big, swollen and painful pimples had gone done half the size and were already b...
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  87. Easy liquid exfoliation


    I do not use any exfoliators that have any beads or can scratch my skin so I purchased this product. I use it at night and o have that clean, taut skin feeling afterwards. When I wake up I have such smooth, glowing skin! I did not experience any tingling when using like some others did.
  88. Great product


    Loves this! Even after one use I could see my skin smoother
    Will keep using!
    I have sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate
  89. Amazing product!


    I ordered alpha liquid gold after a friend suggested I give it a go and it certainly exceeded my expectations. It is exactly that... Liquid gold!! I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks now and honestly it has transformed my skin!! It is now incredibly hydrated, feels softer, smoother and I have so much more confidence in it with no make up on at all! Can not recommend it enough.
  90. Instant glow


    I bought this product for the first time last week and I can honestly say it is what has been missing in my life haha. After using it my skin has less lumps, it looks glowy in the morning and the whole texture is just amazing! I’m 3 weeks out from my wedding and I can’t wait to have great skin on the day!
  91. Gold in a bottle!


    This gives off a slight tingling/burning sensation initially, making it feel like its doing something! My face feels softer the next day!
  92. Glowy godess!


    I've used The Ordinary Glycolic acid for so long until I discovered this. It is a little more expensive although it has other special ingredients which take it to the next level. I wake up with beautiful smooth and glowing skin the next morning!
  93. Leaves skin fresh


    Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. It feels like it strips away all impurities. I haven't noticed any lasting effects on my skin. I received this a (quire large) sample size but I'm not sure I would purchase as the results don't seem that remarkable.
  94. Instant glow


    I bought this product for the first time last week and I can honestly say it is what has been missing in my life haha. After using it my skin has less lumps, it looks glowy in the morning and the whole texture is just amazing! I’m 3 weeks out from my wedding and I can’t wait to have great skin on the day!
  95. Will always be in my skin care routine


    This stuff is absolute GOLD. The changes it has made for my skin. I use it every second evening, with good results. Don’t find it too drying at all.
  96. A Must have for all

    K Custom

    I love this,, does exactly what it says,, I prefer not to use a cotton pad/ball to apply, I simply pour a few drops into hand and pat in. I find this uses less product (less wastage, as product gets soaked up by the cotton pad)
    Highly recommend
  97. Holy grail


    I love love love this product. There are very few products I repurchase but I have repurchased this one multiple times. I use this every night right before moisturising. It removes every trace of makeup left from cleansing and prepares my skin to absorb all my serums. Absolutely love it.
  98. Amazing!


    This product is as it says 'liquid gold', its a game changer, skin feels so good after use! I was skeptical but after a few mins you can see your skin tighten and glow.. Ive never been one to spend money on skin, I wish I had have done so earlier, I have since purchased other products from the alpha h range and love them!
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