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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.7 of 1276 reviews

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4 instalments of $12.74


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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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4.7 of 1276 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth the money


So I finally caved to the hype and bought a bottle of this a few weeks ago and I’m really glad I did. I’ve previously used cheaper glycolic acid exfoliants and whilst they still do the job, you can tell the Alpha H has been formulated really well. I don’t find it irritating and it definitely delivers on that ‘glow’ that it promises. It’s helping with my hormonal acne and pigmentation. I will be repurchasing when this one is finished.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not good for my skin


I have been using this for quite some time and have never found it to live up to the promises I have heard from others. I do get the tingly feeling but I don't think it is quite as exfoliating as I would like. I have changed my use but I think I need something a bit stronger for my skin - combo but mostly oily, prone to hormonal acne.
  1. Not good for my skin


    I have been using this for quite some time and have never found it to live up to the promises I have heard from others. I do get the tingly feeling but I don't think it is quite as exfoliating as I would like. I have changed my use but I think I need something a bit stronger for my skin - combo but mostly oily, prone to hormonal acne.
  2. Worth the money


    So I finally caved to the hype and bought a bottle of this a few weeks ago and I’m really glad I did. I’ve previously used cheaper glycolic acid exfoliants and whilst they still do the job, you can tell the Alpha H has been formulated really well. I don’t find it irritating and it definitely delivers on that ‘glow’ that it promises. It’s helping with my hormonal acne and pigmentation. I will be repurchasing when this one is finished.
  3. An essential skin care product


    I’ve been using this for years and can’t live without it. It cleans deep into pores and leaves no residue. Prevents break outs and takes care of black heads. It is essential in my skin care routine.
  4. Really lovely!


    Very lovely product that literally left my skin glowing in an instant! Slight tingling and redness which disappeared after a few minutes. Will keep using this one
  5. Must have product!


    I received a free sample of this product, which is something I've been using every second night for nearly a year. Before I started using this, my skin was dull and unhealthy looking - but now it's incredibly more radiant and smoother. This product is fabulous and will give you a brighter complexion which others will notice and compliment you on!
  6. Gold


    This product is what it says and does what it says. Deeply exfoliates my skin (semi-sensitive currently but usually normal-combination) leaving my skin very refreshed, retextured and resurfaced - definitely with a glow. Initially I used Liquid Glow once a week - I've been using a AHA/BHA cleanser already for 8 months though and increased it to 2-3 nights per week after using once a week for the first 2 weeks with no irritation. I now use Liquid Gold every second to third night with the Ordinarys Granactive emulsion 2% on alternative nights and a HA hydration night when my skin is feeling sensitive whilst I adapt to retinal derivative products. Initially I also used Liquid Gold with a moisturiser occasionally to follow during cold nights but am finding I really don't need it! Liquid Gold is moisturising enough on it's own - you just need to get through any dry feeling for those first 10-20 minutes and I've found my skin ajusts. I wake up with that glow and couldn't recommend it enough!
  7. Golden disappointment.


    I love an Australian company, what I love even more than that though is an Australian company founded, owned and run by women. Whilst not rare, it’s not as prevalent as I think it should be in this day and age. But it inspires hopeful beauty entrepreneurs like me none the less.

    I figured that the first product I try from this brand should be the most famous one, the liquid gold exfoliating treatment that beauty professionals and celebrities rave about, and for good reason, or so I thought. I’m glad I got the small size first, as it turns out I did not like this product at all.

    After double cleansing in the evening, I soaked a cotton pad in this liquid and wiped over my entire face and neck until fully absorbed then applied my serum and moisturiser. Firstly I hated the smell of it, absolutely disgusting in a strong, alcoholic way. The bottle says it’s normal for a slight amount of tingling but I tingled so much it was on the verge of painful stinging and my face was completely red for quite a while. I didn’t notice any distinguishable difference the next morning, or any morning after using this treatment. I did try it twice a week for about four or five weeks, but it did nothing for me except irritate my skin and senses and I eventually gave up about half way through the bottle.

    Love a good Australian, female run company to inspire my own beauty business one day but sadly, this was not the product for me.
  8. Glowing skin


    Best product. Works while you sleep. Wake up to plump glowing skin.
  9. New best friend


    After noticing more fine lines popping up and wanting to be proactive with my skin care regime I adopted the liquid gold regime! I am so glad. This perfectly compliments my night time regime and I have noticed improvements in my complexion, firmness and overall look. Very pleased with the results.
  10. Worth it's weight in...


    This product has been my saving grace. Recently having turned 30 and noticing my skin changing, using this every 2nd day has helped clear my skin of hormonal acne and has left it feeling soft, smooth and glowing
  11. A must have beauty product


    It's a miracle liquid. Everyone needs to try it.
  12. I don’t know how I’ve lived without this!!


    My skin has never looked better. Love love this!
  13. Skin has never looked more even!


    Okay, I'm gonna be like everyone else here and say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LIQUID GOLD!
    I'm nearly 32, struggle with changes to my skin's texture, tone, start of under-eye wrinkles, dry spots, psoriasis in my nose creases and still get relatively frequent blemishes and congestion...
    ALPHA-H LG has helped reduce oily production, restored even tone to my face, smoothed the texture and has helped quite a bit with existing blemishes! It also doesn't at all aggregate my psoriasis - possibly helps that too.
    I also use it on my chest and arms as I have blemishes in these areas also and it has helped HEAPS!
    Will keep purchasing forever and ever!
  14. Gold in standard. Alpha in nature.


    I've used this stellar product on an off for several years.
    Ashamed to admit, that I've strayed once or twice, BUT I keep coming back.
    I use this on its own overnight about twice a week.
    And the morning after, my skin glows and looks far smoother. Every single time.
    I find that my serums, moisturisers, foundation et al sit much better the day after using this mysterious, yet effective product.

    Although the product is a little on the pricey side, a little really does go a long way. I typically re-purchase every 6 months, based on twice weekly use.

    If you haven't tried this gem before, I highly recommend it to people who are looking for a gentle exfoliating and toning product.
  15. Holy Grail Product!!


    This is my absolute favorite product! I often get complimented on my skin, and Alpha H is to thank!
    It does exactly what it promises; it seriously fixes everything!! Dry rough patches, breakouts, fine lines...
    I tell everyone to buy this!!
  16. Literal liquid gold


    I'm onto my fourth bottle of this now. I always notice a difference in my skins texture the next day. I dont use it every night and like it suggests, for a more intensive treatment i will use it without moisturising afterwards. Always before bed. My skin glows!
  17. Love love love


    Fell in love after its first use. Feels recharged. Using once in three days. Would buy it again .
  18. This has helped so much with texture and new breakouts


    Not only is this product amazing for clearing imperfections like breakouts, it’s gentle on my skin. I tried Liquid Gold before, but obviously didn’t give it enough time. Over a few weeks of use this time around my face feels so much smoother and clearer.
  19. Great but in moderation


    I do love this product but it’s very strong! I’ve never really had sensitive skin but I find if I over use this, I get red raw. So I limit use to one night a week, and it’s been fabulous. Great product if you use with care
  20. AMAZING!


    I finally bought this after reading so many reviews, so glad I did! The first use, the next day my skin felt recharged and I was surprised I saw a difference so quickly. I was nervous to use it as I have sensitive normal - dry skin but I was fine. Highly recommend, this will be a staple in my weekly skin routine.
  21. I recommend it to everyone!!


    I have recently purchased my second bottle because the results are undeniable.
    My skin is showing signs of wrinkles but is also oily. This is the absolute holy grail of anti ageing.
    I have baby soft skin from using it.
  22. amazing


    i got this as sample and had to purchase the full size! skin feels less irritated and fewer breakouts! absolutely love
  23. Small acne scares begone!


    Soo I have small acne scars like just pigmentation and it has really helped with those after just over a week and it has prevented any new pimples from coming up! I love it! Also the 2for1 sale was the best!!
  24. Absolutely love !


    This is definitely a staple in my skin care routine it helps me tone my skin it helps me take off dirt and make up and I can’t see myself without it definitely recommend my skin looks so much cleaner since I added this to my routine morning and night and nights only sometimes if I’m lazy before I go bed this is all I use
  25. Believe the hype


    I tried Liquid Gold before, but obviously didn’t give it enough time. Over a few weeks of use this time around my face feels so much smoother and clearer. You feel an instant freshness and brightness when using Liquid Gold. It’s hard to believe all the great reviews, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Your skin will love you for using Liquid Gold.
  26. Amazing for clear skin - especially if yours is sensitive like mine


    Liquid gold. Not only is this product amazing for clearing imperfections like breakouts, it’s gentle on my skin AND it’s super affordable.
    I use this 3-4 nights a week after cleansing before serums, and I wake up with smooth, clear skin.
  27. Texture


    This has helped so much with texture and new breakouts! Can make your skin a bit dry though, and tingles a bit
  28. Not sure if it right product for me


    I hear lots of good review about this product and got very excited when received the try version of it. Has been using it for 3 weeks now but haven't see any changes yet.
  29. Game changing


    I just love this product for its exfoliation super powers. I find it helpful to treat breakouts and I’m using it almost every night now to gently resurface and help with blockage. Using it in place of a toner has worked well for me, but I’ve always used a number of serums and moisturising creams afterward because it can be a little drying.
  30. Great product


    My fine lines have almost completely disappeared my skin feels super soft. Love using this product.
  31. Great for acne, sensitive and oily skin


    I was having issues with an oily T-Zone and blackheads but after about 3 applications as instructed, my face was smoother and the oil was subsiding. Really good for my hormonal acne too - it’s now apart of my routine every 2nd night.
  32. Love!


    Love this glycolic acid treatment! A bottle will last you a very long time....I use it every second night. It would be great if Alpha H released a 10% glycolic acid treatment - this standard version contains 5% glycolic acid. Tingles slightly on the skin, but smooths texture and fine lines.
  33. Amazing


    My skin has embraced the liquid gold and it has been an amazing addition to my skin care routine. I’m excited to try the rest of the Alpha H products!


    I Love Love this product! It makes my skin look so much better the next day and I can certainly tell when I have run out and stop using it! Great for keeping on top of my dead skin!
  35. My Holy Grail in Skincare Products!


    This product really is Liquid Gold in a bottle! I look forward to applying this to my fave every second night, which performs it's magic overnight to reveal softer, more brighter skin by the morning! It is super easy to use, all you need to do is soak into a cotton pad and wipe over your face!
  36. Gold!


    This product is exactly as the name suggests. I use it every second night and when I wake up my skin feels amazing and looks smoother & brighter. I have some small areas of pigmentation and it is definitely impacting on them already after a couple of weeks use. Fantastic product!
  37. Lives up to the hype


    I've got sensitive skin so was a bit sceptical but the Liquid Gold is amazing! I use twice or three times a week, so simple to use and has definitely made a noticeable difference.
  38. Meh


    I am a little disappointed. I was so excited to use Liquid Gold but to be honest I’m not noticing much of a difference. I am even finding myself looking at buying actual exfoliators as I don’t feel like my face is being exfoliated. I hope it surprises me and will keep using until the bottle has been used but currently won’t re purchase.
  39. love love love


    I can't believe how amazing this product is. Once a week I go to sleep with this on my skin and it truly has never looked better!
  40. If I had to choose one skincare product > THIS IS IT


    For me this has worked wonders, it’s miraculously improved my facial complexion and skin. At first I didn’t care for it. Fast-forward a year, I decided to give it another go. Since then; my pigmentation and skin tone has evened dramatically, my acne scars appear more faint, my skin is less oily + more hydrated, my skin’s complexion is so bright, supple and radiant + the texture of my skin is smoother and less prone to break outs. The formula is lightweight and feels like water + when applied absorbs and dries down fast. My favourite thing of all is that I can just wear this alone (works more effectively) without a facial moisturiser or the use of 20 other serums (except an eye cream). I highly recommend when starting out to use this product on alternate nights to build up tolerance to ahas and then you can progress to a daily usage if you wish. Do not use around eyes as the skin is more sensitive and can be irritated by the glycolic properties of this formula. I personally like to use an eye cream to hydrate my eye area since they’re neglected in this case. For the next day, use a gentle exfoliant or cleanser on the face to remove the dead skin cells. PLEASE don’t use this product if you’re not bothered to wear a SPF sunscreen, it will defeat all the effort, purpose and outcome of liquid gold + promote possible skin damage caused by sun exposure. This is definitely a personal holy grail, it’s fixed so many skin concerns for me. However, everyone will have different results but I swear it’s worth a shot. I didn’t like it the first time then I loved it and it’s been great skin and compliment city since then.

  41. Rapid Results


    Even though I've got sensitive skin, I have a decent tolerance to AHA products.

    It tingles a little applying as stated in the directions but I generally mix with serums and some light moisturiser to make it a little milder though it still works very well.

    My skin tone is much more even and refreshed and I've only been using it for just over a week upon writing this review!
  42. Glowing and smooth skin


    I got a bottle for myself and my mum. My skin has suffered breakouts a lot and I love how simple this product is. I use it every second day by itself at night. In the morning, my skin feels smooth and make up goes on well. It has only been a week or two of using it but I would recommend it! My mum also really loves it too.
  43. Does what it says


    This product is pretty decent, always leaves me glowy the next morning and seems to reduce breakouts. The only problem I've found is that if you have sensitive skin it can be quite irritating, I personally would only use this once a week. I've recently switched to The Ordinary's glycolic acid toner as it's so cheap and less irritating for me.
  44. Awesome


    This product is fantastic, there was a definite improvement after just one use. Love it!
  45. It's ok


    New brand to me, but it's good. You can see the different after 1 night
  46. Bathroom Staple


    If you have bad skin in any way shape or form, I recommend just adding liquid gold to your regime. Just this one simple product can literally change your skin from drab to fab! This is one of the best lines of glycolic products that I know of and will continue to use. There used to be a liquid gold rose, which had a beautiful subtle rose scent and even though it says to use on alternate nights, it's an every night event for me and my skin, just wish the rose was available again.
    This will continue to be a staple in my bathroom for ever.
  47. Results achieved in days


    I purchased Liquid Gold after recommendations by a friend. I certainly wasn’t disappointed and noticed visible results in just a few days. My skin was smooth, soft and glowing. Very happy with this purchase.
  48. Long term fave


    I first tried this when a friend gave me a bottle as a birthday gift. This is my go-to alternative to toner and I've been using it for nearly 10 years!

    Maybe I've tried too many actives but there is no tingle on my skin when I use it. I started using Alpha-H when my skin was oily and now it's stabilised. While I don't credit this product with balancing my skin, I still love using it despite rarely getting breakouts these days.
  49. Tingles at night, super softness by morning


    I purchased this after reading many brilliant reviews to amp up my chemical exfoliation game, and so far Liquid Gold has met my expectations. I apply using a cotton pad after cleansing at night and it stings just a little, which for me is a great sign as I can never feel any tingling with skin products. I wake up with a silky soft face that gets clearer all the time with continued use (every 3rd night). Great staple product for exfoliation!
  50. Smoother skin


    Works great! My skin looks smoother and has helped break up some congestion on my forehead.
  51. Smooth skin


    Love this product leave my skin nice and smooth and get a nice glow with minimal effort :) also got my sister to purchase after she tried mine.
  52. Perfect!


    I am on my third bottle and will never go back. It's convenient as you don't have to use any other product and a little goes a long way! My skin evens out and pores are diminishing!
  53. My skin glows after a single use


    This liquid gold is absolutely beautiful. My skin looks bright and fresh in an instant.
  54. Works Even on Sensitive Skin


    I’ve used this product on and off for a few years, but keep coming back to it as it’s one of the few products that is not only effective for my dry/sensitive skin, but non-irritating.
    Scrubs and physical exfoliants are far too harsh on my skin, and most chemical exfoliants aren’t enough to really work on my dry skin. This keeps me flake-free and allows my other serums to absorb nicely instead of sitting on top of my skin and pilling.
    I started off only using it every other day, but have built enough of a tolerance I can now use it nightly. Since I’ve started using it every night, I’ve seen a more dramatic difference in my skin - I’ve had enlarged pores on my nose for years that I’ve struggled to keep in check, but the Liquid Gold has really reduced their appearance and kept them clean.
    I’m sticking with Liquid Gold from now on, as I don’t think I’m going to find anything better for skin like mine.
  55. Great anti ageing product for sensitive skin


    I say anti ageing because it's helped smooth the texture of my skin dramatically, I now have less pigmentation and overall my appearance is brighter & younger looking. I have dry, sometimes sensitive skin and find retinols too much for my skin. I bought a glycolic acid based toner (Mario Badescu) and found my skin was better for it. When I got this as a sample I had even better results despite using it less often then the toner. I have since purchased again and love it. I don't have to use it frequently to get good results and my skin looks smoother and more youthful.
  56. Great product!


    Love love love this. Makes my skin feel so soft in the morning.
  57. Great results from first use


    As a mum of two young children I can be quite time poor so need a skin care regime that is quick and easy but effective. Liquid Gold is an excellent addition to my skin care regime as it is super quick to apply and delivers amazing results overnight from first use. My skin is clearer and brighter and feels great- highly recommended!
  58. Holy Grail Product


    Everyone needs Liquid Gold!

    This is an excellent product at a good price point. I usually apply liquid gold before bed 2-3 times per week and wake up with brighter, even, glowing skin. I suffer from sensitive skin so I do get a bit of tingling / irritation / redness when I first apply it, but I find it settles quickly and the results the next day are worth it. This is a good product to use the night before an event, as it clears any dry / flaking skin away creating a smooth base for makeup.

    You should buy this!
  59. Love it


    I am loving this. My skin was feeling tired and lacklustre. After using this product I noticed an immediate benefit, my skin is feeling cleaner, smoother, softer and brighter. I have been using it regularly. Will purchase again
  60. Lives up to the hype


    I got this as part of a 4 piece gift pack promotion from AB a while ago now. Wanted to actually test it before making my review. It definitely does exactly what it says & skin looks amazingly smooth the next day.
  61. Great product


    Purchased the liquid gold after reading many many positive reviews to help with my overall skin tone and smoothness. I have only been using it for a few weeks and have already noticed a significant difference. I apply this at night and its literally like my skin has had a facial overnight!
  62. Love this


    I've now almost finished the original bottle I got as a bonus gift and loved Alpha H so so much I purchased 2 more bottles! I can see a huge difference in the tone and texture of my skin. Highly recommend!
  63. seems good


    I got a sample of this and it seems good, did exfoliate well
  64. Holy grail!


    This is literally liquid gold! It has changed my skin and even my fiancée comments how soft and lovely my skin is after using it.
  65. More than happy with this one


    I have been using Liquid Gold on alternate nights for a few weeks now and it has made a definite difference. It has helped even out my skin tone, minimised some rough/textured areas and my skin looks overall brighter and clearer. It's also very soft and smooth!
    For reference I am early 30s with combo/dry skin showing signs of ageing. I will continue to use this as a key part of my skin care regimen.
  66. The name definitely fits... Liquid Gold for sure!


    I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first as to how it's possible for a product to have sooooo many great reviews everywhere. But yep, this is definitely one of the best products I've bought in years, if not all time. My skin is noticeably clearer, softer, fine lines *seem* to have diminished and my pores appear to have vanished altogether! Definitely worth the hype!
  67. Reduced major breakouts


    I received a sample bottle of Alpha-H Liquid Gold ages ago and tucked it away in my bathroom drawer not thinking much of it. A month ago my skin erupted, with huge breakouts all over my face - the worst it's been in years. I decided to try the Alpha H sampled and use it like a toner every other day after I'd taken my make up off. Within a week I noticed how much all my spots were going down, and they stopped reappearing. A month later and my skin is nearly all clear! Not sure if this was the sole reason why but it has definitely helped bring my skin back to normal and keep spots at bay.
  68. Brilliant but not as drastic as i expected


    Whilst I understand everyone's skin is different I had so many people tell me this completely changed their skin in a week. I've been using it nearly two weeks now and whilst my skin does feel a lot clearer and i have less breakouts. The ones i do seem to have are a lot worse than normal. My skin also feels a lot oilier then normal- unsure if this is related.
  69. Best Glycolic I’ve ever used.


    I’ve used a lot of acid products, glycolic, salicylic, lactic etc. In terms of being able to see and feel results, liquid gold is almost instant in its effect. It’s fairly gentle with only slight tingling on my part but I’ve used acids before so tolerate well. I’ve already seen a difference to my pigmentation and the areas around my nose that can be quite congested. Will definitely purchase again!
  70. The only product I continue to buy!


    Liquid Gold is my go-to for skin care. I use it every second night and love the tingle feeling. My pores have definitely reduced in size and I've found I don't have any breakouts, or individual pimples at all. My skin tone is evening out, and overall, I feel my skin is far more radiant, when I use Liquid Gold.
  71. Amazing!


    This product helped my skin clear up within the first week of using it. I had a few pimples and bumps the week I received this product... by the end of the week, the bumps had settled and my pimples had cleared.
    I used in every second day on cleansed skin... this product will now be part of my regular beauty routine!
  72. Great so far!


    Been using this 3 times a week for past 2 weeks.
    Already noticed my pores looking smaller! Face is also finally not feeling dry & dull. So far so good.
  73. Not for me


    I really hope this alpha h product will work on my skin but unfortunately it break me out. I stopped using it for a few months and tried again and it still break me out. Probably because I have sensitive skin??
  74. best for dark pigmentation


    I heard many positive reviews about this product and purchased it for a couple of reasons but mainly to help with dark pigmentation on my upper lip. After the first application I noticed an overall improvement on my face which I was not expecting to happen so quickly. I have been using Liquid Gold for four weeks now. It has drastically improved my skin tone, helped with blemishes to the point where I don't need to use concealer any more, decreased the lines and brightened the skin around my eyes and the pigmentation is lightening. This product does what it claims to and I am now looking to purchasing other Alpha-H products.
  75. Excellent!


    I needed a product that was going to actively treat breakouts, and I love this product. My skin is visibly better and my makeup is sitting so much better on the skin. Highly recommend.
  76. Love this product!


    I received a sample of this product and purchased the next day! It is incredible. I didn't have high hopes for a product you just swipe over your face, not finish with any serums or moisturizers and to end up with nice skin the next morning, but boy was i wrong. I have fairly dry skin during winter, and this removed all the last bits of makeup on my face, exfoliated my face and neck and my skin felt tight and almost pins and needles whilst using it, but then the next morning my skin looked and felt incredible. Hydrated, soft, smooth. I would highly recommend this (if you don't have super sensitive skin).
  77. Makes a big difference.


    I was recommended this to try as a gentle alternative to exfoliating. I had been using something too harsh for my sensitive skin. I found when I first started using this it made my skin tingle so much it bordered on hurting - it kind of felt like it was burning. However I persevered and my skin has gotten much more used to it. I only use it every 2-3 nights and my skin looks so much brighter in the morning.
  78. Love it!!


    At first, it tingled, i applied a serum after and went to bed. My skin has never felt nicer than it did the morning after. Not sure if i'll use it nightly, or every second night yet but i love it!
  79. Amazing!


    I bought this to help with congested skin and large pores and it’s working! I’ve used it twice a week and seen a reduction in my pore size. My skin feels among the next morning.
  80. Happy with results using once per week


    I have sensitive, dry skin, so I started using this only once per week. This has been a great addition to my skin care regime over the past 6 weeks and I feel my complexion is brighter and my fine lines a little reduced in visibility.
  81. Shut up and take my money


    I used to be prone to breaking out bad in my t zone! Since using this magical product my oily t zone is non existent and my skin has an overall glow!
  82. Lives up to the hype


    I finally ordered this after running out of most of my current skincare line. This product does slightly tingle when applied, and my skin feels quite dry immediately after... but within 15 min or so, it feels quite moisturised and I sometimes don't even follow it up with a night cream. I haven't found that it has done much for my redness (yet), but my skin definitely looks more glowy naturally.
  83. Good product - helps pores


    I use this product one to two times a week at night and have noticed a slight reduction in pore congestion and size. I’ve also noticed an improvement in overall skin clarity/evening out of tone.
  84. A facial in a bottle


    This is literally liquid gold. I love using this at night and waking up to amazing super smooth soft skin! So impressed!
  85. Tingly


    Can be a bit tingly on sensitive skin but definitely helps with textural irregularities overnight! Take care to use only a little though!
  86. Amazing, AMAZING!


    Leaves my face feeling so soft and after just a week it was like brand new skin! Love, love, love!
  87. Overnight success!


    I use liquid gold when I'm prone to breaking out and I really notice the difference when I wake up! It's like the little gold fairies work their magic overnight on my skin to give me the confidence I desperately need during a breakout!! I highly recommend this product.
  88. Will never be without


    After one use I noticed a huge difference! Had heard about it before but finally purchased with the 2 for 1 deal and I’m hooked for life!!!
  89. This stuff is a game changer!


    I have heard SO much about Alpha H Liquid Gold I just had to try it. I have used chemical exfoliants in the past but had never tried this, so I got myself a couple of bottles from Adore Beauty and OMG! I am in love!
    I apply it in the night, and the next morning my skin is glowing and my creams and serums go on so beautifully. I feel like I am glowing like an angel, makeup or no makeup! Absolutely love this cult product.
  90. My number one skincare product


    Liquid gold is amazing! It clears up my skin so fast and if I go a week without I can notice the difference! Even better when it’s 2 for the price of 1! I use it most days and it lasts me months :)
  91. Great


    This is great to help my complexion look fresh, I use it every two days usually, sometimes longer between applying but when I start to look flat I use this to brighten my skin
  92. My favourite product


    I’ve been using AlphaH liquid gold for a year and I love it! I use it most nights and always wake up feeling refreshed like I’ve just had a facial. Liquid gold makes my skin feel clean, hydrated and supple. My make up always looks more flawless if I’ve used liquid gold the night before. I can’t recommend a product more highly than this one!
  93. First time trying this


    I bought this product because of the two-for-one deal. It might smell a bit strong in the beginning but then you will get used to it and I do feel a slight tingle which is to be expected when you use any glycolic treatments. I use it especially on my areas of pigmentation that I’m not happy with and I can see these areas are getting lighter after a few times of use. The texture of my skin is also improving. If you are after beautiful, smooth and radiant looking skin, you gotta try this!
  94. Changed my skin


    I use this every second or third night as part of my skin care regime. I love how incredible my skin looks and feels the following day. Will continue to repurchase.
  95. Skincare staple


    I have been using this for about 4 years now, and I'd be pretty lost if I had to go without it. I have read some reviews describing the dramatic result of waking up after their first use with visibly improved skin. I can't say that this was not my experience, however I am convinced that with routine use it helps maintain a more even, brighter skin tone. I notice the difference if I go a week or so without it.
    It doesn't feel like the most "luxurious" product to actually use. It doesn't have much of a scent, and just goes on like a watery tonic. As per the directions, I use it every second night and don't layer any other products with it, so at the end of my skincare routine I basically feel bare faced. It doesn't feel like it's doing much at all, and I do look forward to the alternate night when I get to use products that feel more instantly nourishing on my skin. However, I stick with it as I am convinced of the results.
    I seem to recall when I first started using this product a tiny little bit of redness the first week or so, but these days my skin tolerates it with no sensitivity at all. It's not cheap, but a 100ml bottle lasts me about 6 months with use every 2nd day.
  96. Improves skin overnight!


    This is literally my favourite skin care product ever! It helps with everything including pores, fine lines and skin texture.
    I do only apply it at night to avoid sun sensitivity from the strong acids.
  97. So awesome.


    I have been using this for the past week and have really been liking it! The next day my skin looks great and I always have an amazing skin day. Easy to apply and it’s super easy to work with. Love it!
  98. Great product


    I have found my skin is looking less tired after using this product.
  99. Can’t live without it


    I’ve used so many products but this is the one I can’t live without. Hubby and I use it together and love it!
  100. Review & Earn

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