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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100mL 100ml

4.6 of 2038 reviews

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4 instalments of $14.87

Or 4 instalments of $14.87 with LEARN MORE

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold, the famous and aptly named exfoliating lotion that instantly revitalises and brightens the appearance of skin tone and texture. With 5% Glycolic Acid and licorice extract, Alpha-H Liquid Gold supports collagen production and minimises the appearance of sun damage and blemishes.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100mL

Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100mL

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100mL Reviews

4.6 of 2038 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it

Mela pilapil

My friend recommended it and since I started using it My skin in the morning feels so soft and light ! I didnt even thought ut would work for me as my siin is sooo dry now that its winter

Most Helpful Criticism

So so


I didn't love this product, it burnt my skin a little and I didn't notice any difference. I stopped using after a month and it is sitting nearly full as I don't see the point.
  1. Love it

    Mela pilapil

    My friend recommended it and since I started using it My skin in the morning feels so soft and light ! I didnt even thought ut would work for me as my siin is sooo dry now that its winter
  2. I Don't Get It


    I genuinely don't understand the hype about this product. I went through two whole bottles over the space of about a year, using a few times a week before bed (no moisturising, since it says not to for maximum benefits). Zero noticeable difference. Zero effect, except to the bank balance. I wouldn't bother.
  3. Immediate results

    Vic Sparks

    After one use I woke up with brighter and clearer skin, this product managed to clear up blemishes overnight and also give me a well rested glow. Consistent in my routine with many of the other alpha h products and I definitely encourage you to give it a go!
  4. An essential


    I love this product so much. It does such a great job at keeping my skin smooth and glowy.
  5. Beautiful liquid


    It is so true Liquid gold. I found this beautiful on my skin. Doesn't dry it out at all.
  6. When I don't use this, I notice


    I have been using this product for over two years now! When I don't have it or don't use it, I notice. I actually ran out of this while I was away and ordered it to my hotel from Adore Beauty because delivery is so fast and I'm so thankful! Love my Alpha-H
  7. Still my favorite


    I've been using this for more than 3 years now, and although I've tried many other treatments, this is still my favorite! I alternate every other night between Liquid gold, and a strongish Retinol. My skin looks lovely and fresh in the morning and I definitely see the difference on the lazy nights that I skip using it!!
  8. live up to its reputation


    I was looking for toner and came across this product. I'm glad I gave it a goes. It made my skin smooth and simplified my skincare routine. Doesn't sting my skin, easy to apply. Only use 3 times per week.
  9. Nothing spectacular


    This is a nice product and does exfoliate, however, I did not notice any drastic changes to justify the price tag. It does feel luxurious but I will not repurchase as I can buy a similar product for a lower price.
  10. The best !

    Sida Zenginoglu

    My pigmentation has gone a lot lighter, still a bit obvious when looking in the mirro but others say they cannot see it !
  11. does not work on me


    got a sample and I was been told it's great, unfortunately doesn't work on me for a week's trial, and i got a bit of redness with it.
  12. Great for Breakouts

    Bridie OConnell

    Other reviews said their skin reacted to it a bit when first using it but as someone who has very very sensitive skin, this product didnt cause any concerns for me. I have pretty problematic skin but so far this product has been working great and I havent even used it for long. My skin was purging from another product but the liquid gold minimised the breakouts and helped them significantly. I def...
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  13. I'm hooked

    Carolyn C

    Love this product so much - it does what it says! I noticed a difference in my skin almost instantly but 3 weeks later and the results are even better than I expected. I'm now starting other Alpha-H products and am not disappointed!
  14. Expectations exceeded


    I use this product ever second or third night. It really helps fight away any break outs and makes the skin feel clean and firm but not tight in a bad way. I think over use might be a bit harsh for the skin but used in moderation, the g acid works wonders. I saw the benefit to my skin quite quickly.
  15. Okay I Get It


    The hype around this product made me not want to try it, i was scep-ti-cal. But, okay, I get it. I use this every second night (as recommended by my skin therapist) and I know I'll be repurchasing! It reduces my hormonal acne to small or non-existent bumps, overhauls texture and gives your skin a real glow. I add Aspect Probiotic Mask over the top and sleep in them overnight for maximum glow and p...
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  16. Great product


    I have gone through about three bottles of this pure gold. It has helped clear my skin. The only thing I will say is sometimes the tingling on the skin can be a bit uncomfortable but I can really notice the difference.
  17. An Ode to Liquid Gold

    Withheld Withheld

    I worship your liquidy goldness my skin is lovelier because of you clear and hydrated soft and smooth You Complete Me
  18. The best glycolic toner for sensitive skin!


    My god. I used to use the ordinary one, but this is far superior. Tingles slightly and my skin is smoother and more radiant than ever!
  19. Instant Win for Skin


    I'm in my Mid 40s with clean skin and purchased this product on recommendation of a friend. I have to say I am impressed, I apply to my face, neck and décolletage, every second night . I find my skin is smoother the next morning and radiant.
  20. Best thing in a bottle


    Love this! Leaves face feeling so plump and hydrated while working on any break outs. I wake up feeling great. I wish I could use this every night but just use it a couple of times a week.
  21. Okay


    Personally didn't see much difference, okay product and nice to apply, just not worth it especially for the price.
  22. Works great!


    Liquid gold works so well on my freckles and sun damage on my face, also with my fine lines and I noticed the difference in helping with my acne. Works well as a overnight treatment on it's own without any irritation to my skin. It lasts so long and is a reasonable price. Love it!
  23. Alpha H is Gold!


    This exceeds expectations. Skin is smoother than ever. Love this as a treatment. Always my go to.
  24. Amazing for breakouts


    I mainly use this product if I know I have a massive pimple coming - just pat some of this on and it either never comes up fully, or is seriously reduced from what I'm used to. None of the other products that are supposed to be dedicated for that purpose (like the Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control) work half as well for me.


    I adore this product! I will say I started using chemical exfoliants by starting with something a little gentler (The Ordinary lactic acid), then when my skin got used to that, I moved up to this product. And I don't plan on ever going back! I put it on at night after cleansing and I wake up with glowing, soft skin. It can make your skin tingle a little at the start but you get used to it with mor...
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  26. Brightens dull skin

    Lauren Shaw

    A friend gave me this product as a gift after I was complaining about fine lines and dull skin. I like using it post cleansing, it makes my skin look so smooth and bright.
  27. Long time lover!

    Pirates Play

    I've used this product for a few years now. It seems to last a long time. It leaves skin feeling so lovely! I definitely recommend.
  28. Love it


    The product has minimised the tiny little bumps on my skin dramatically. My redness has settled and skin tone seems more even, pore size has decreased and my skin feels more hydrated! It has not helped with decreasing my pimple frequency at all though.
  29. Great for maskne


    This is a must-have product for dealing with the perils of maskne. It clears up emerging blemishes overnight so they don't end up erupting in the morning. My skin is a lot clearer and brighter thanks to this wonder product!
  30. alpha h


    liquid gold is my favourite product for smoothing my raised bumps and scars on my face. so effective
  31. I love it


    Really awesome gentle way to exfoliate the skin. It does kind of burn when you first start using it but I always wake up with the most gorgeous glow. I would highly recommend for those who don’t have over sensitive skin and love a glow!
  32. Amazing all-rounder


    I bought this product having gone off the pill a few months before - and my hormonal acne had returned with a vengeance. I've been using it for around a month. This product has helped clear the last of my acne as well as made my skin soft, more even in tone and helped heal the acne scarring. I have sensitive skin and haven't found this to be too harsh at all. Attractive packaging, product goes a l...
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  33. Not for me


    I wanted to love this product because of the cult following but I have been through a bottle and I just cant take to it; it makes me break out and I struggle to see any noticeable changes.
  34. Love it


    This product is really good for my skin, I use it twice a week and my skin is smoother now.
  35. liquid gold


    This is truly liquid gold! It is somehow able to clear raised bumps over night for me. I love how it smooths over texture
  36. helped clear my skin


    ive been using daily in the PM and it has helped clear my skin massively. skin feels so so so soft and I'm leaving the house not even wearing makeup. i wish i used this sooner as it has been a miracle clearing my skin. i apply to a cotton pad and apply to my whole face and let it sink in before applying a moisturiser on top. love love love.
  37. Worth the hype


    After listening to the girls recommend this on the podcast over and over I had to try. Defiantly worth the hype. Skins feels and looks amazing the next day. Results after one use is defiantly worth it for me!
  38. Smooth, glowy skin


    My skin has been playing up a but recently and I hadnt reached for this in a while. Not sure why because its amazing! I had noticed little bumps and some texture developing and one swipe of this at night left me with bright, noticably smoother skin in the morning. It is such a pick me up! I'll go back to using it twice a week now :)
  39. Burnt and red


    This product left my skin sensitised, red, and hot, even a day later. I’m a regular AHA user yet this was extremely irritating. There are other glycolic acids much less problematic!
  40. This is MAGIC


    I was so unsure about this as I'd never used an acid on my face before but I am officially converted. This product has improved the overall look of my skin. It is brighter and looks smoother. This tingles a little after application but subsides quickly. My skin has a tendency to be a little sensitive but I hace not had any sensitivity to this. I am on my second bottle and will definitely purchase ...
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  41. Game changer


    I had been searching for a product that could chemically exfoliate and re-surface my skin for a good texture and less closed comedones. There was undeniable hype with this product so I decided to give it a go and holy moly, it is a game changer! My skin texture has improved after 2 weeks of consistent use, less active break outs and I get comments on how good my skin looks. I would say this is ver...
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  42. Fresh, healthy looking skin


    I have combination skin and used this product for a couple of years as a chemical exfoliant every 2nd day. I noticed my skin was softer and more glowy with every use.
  43. Undecided


    The reviews promised a lot. To be honest, it is a nice product to use, but I have been following the directions for use for about a month now and notice only a little improvement to my skin. The texture of the product is nice and I haven’t found any tingling sensation. I will continue to use to determine the results from longer term use.
  44. Wish the packaging was better

    Jackie Z

    My skin responded very well to this chemical exfoliant and I noticed my skin getting a lot smoother and feeling amazing in the morning. The packaging is terrible and I lost a large amount multiple times when I put into my bag as the top doesn't stay down (the top of the bottle not the lid). Screw top would be better.
  45. Good


    After using it at night, my face will be shiny the next day
  46. Not for sensitive skin!


    I was trying to incorporate this product into my daily skincare routine and it sting. Note; I have sensitive skin. People that I know swears by this product. Shame that I couldn't enjoy it.
  47. Great


    This doesn't dry or irritate my skin and leaves it smoother
  48. Best product I have bought


    Cannot recommend this product enough. Helps with discolouration within my skin. My skin also seems to have more of a plumb look about it. Has been incredibly helpful in reducing breakouts and preventing them. Im already on my third purchase of this product and I purchased a bottle for each of my sisters.
  49. Results plus


    This product really does what it says - brightens and ignores texture. Plus it feels like your skin is ultra clan after using it.
  50. Not sure..


    Purchased this product based on the amazing hype about how brilliant it is.. perhaps I haven't used it enough (2 x a week, for 2 weeks) yet to see the benefits, but I can't say I've noticed any great results. I have actually found it quite drying to my skin and I have normal/combination skin, but I will persevere for a while longer before I write it off completely.
  51. Super hydrating!


    This has pleasantly surprised me. I read all the reviews but still didn’t expect it to be as hydrating as it is. Helps to keep the congestion and peeling at bay on my very oily skin. Highly recommend!
  52. Love this product

    Alli A

    I read the reviews and gave this a go.. It's the first chemical exfoliant I have used and I love it! A little goes a long way and I use it on alternate nights. I love the way my skin feels and I have definitely noticed less clogging around my chin and jawline! So much better than grainy exfoliates and I'll never go back!
  53. The only one I’ll buy


    This is the first and only chemical exfoliant I’ve tried and I won’t use another because this works. My skin feels smooth after, for quite a strong AHA it has never irritated my skin and I’ve had noticeable less pimples since using it regularly. Took off half a star because I’ve seen no improvement in any pigmentation or redness but I would still return to this product again and again.
  54. Mixed emotions


    When I first apply this it makes my face red but the next day it is very smooth and soft.
  55. No noticeable difference


    I have not noticed any difference to my skin after using this for a number of months. Disappointing.
  56. Love it


    I absolutely love this product a bottle last so long it clears my skin up leaving it smooth and blemish free and a much fresher complexion one of my fav beauty products well worth every cent
  57. Great effects


    I received this product as a sample with one of my goodie bags. I was a little hesitant to use at the start as i have quite sensitive skin but after a couple of times of using it I found it a great alternative to those beaded scrubs. A chemical exfoliating is the way to go!
  58. Great product for night routine


    I received a free sample of this product and love it. Makes my skin feel great in the morning after using at night.
  59. Getting a facial while you sleep.


    Would definitely recommend this product. Leaves skin feeling fresh and exfoliated. It feels like you have had a chemical peel in your sleep. If you have super dry skin it may make your skin a little flakey the next day.
  60. My new bestie.

    Pia Joyce

    This product is EXACTLY as it claims - liquid gold! I’ve used it a total of 3 times since purchasing (on alternate nights) and I’m sooo happy with the results, after using this bad boy my skin feels so soft & looks so clear... Consistency is slightly sticky so I put it on last before going to bed routine - cleanse & liquid gold. ( I don’t tone, moisturise or add any other actives when using liqu...
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  61. Soft skin


    I really loved how well this cleared my skin!
  62. an overnight facial


    skin feels bright and glowy after using this product
  63. Holy Grail


    This is a fantastic product. I have acne-prone yet dehydrated skin with some fine lines, and this solution has made my skin a lot more smoother, brighter and more manageable overall. The price point is also fantastic.
  64. Good liquid exfoliator


    Lovely product which makes your skin tingle and feel like it is doing something. I like to apply and leave it on overnight without added moisturiser. It hasn't helped my pigmentation but I do feel it leads to brighter overall complexion with regular use.
  65. The hype is real


    Liquid gold definitely helps with exfoliating my skin and helping it feel super clean and fresh. I use it a few nights a week and can see the difference, especially when paired with other brightening products like vit C. I do get a little bit of hormonal acne and find that dabbing a bit extra on to problem areas when they arise definitely helps dry out the acne without drying out my skin.
  66. The be-all-end-all


    I cannot recommend Liquid Gold enough. I had quiet bad teenage acne that continued as adult acne. Liquid Gold changed my life. A little dab of this life saver on any blemish or pimple and you will have clear skin in no time.
  67. Best seller for a reason

    Tara l

    This gives a slight tingle but only lasts 30 seconds or so. Gives a good glow and the bottle lasts what feels like forever
  68. alpha h


    thin and liquidy serum that works well to get rid of texture. it's not irritating but can make my skin dry
  69. Holy grail product!


    I expected this product to give me a glow based on everything I'd heard about it and it did not disappoint! After using at night my skin was visibly brighter the next morning and after using it for a few weeks I was getting compliments on my skin. The product does tingle a bit when applied to the face, but its nothing uncomfortable. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a chemical exfoliato...
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  70. Amazing product


    This product i personally found amazing. I have acne prone skin and a lot of scarring mixed with sun damage and this product has really helped with resurfacing and hydrating my skin. A little goes a long way! I use it every second night and I now swear by it.
  71. Worth every penny!


    I finished this and didn’t buy for a few weeks and noticed a difference so had to rebuy. This product has helped clear my persistent acne and leaves me glowing in the morning
  72. liquid gold


    This leaves my skin glowing and exfoliates gently
  73. best glycolic acid serum


    I love using this on a cotton round to get rid of incoming breakouts. It's gentle enough that it doesn't irritate my skin
  74. Love Love Love


    This is my go to! I had a really uneven skin tone and it’s evened it out a lot. I don’t get many breakouts anymore and blemishes are minimal.
    Great value for money as a little bit goes a long way
  75. It work


    I’ve been using Alpha-H Liquid Gold for the best part of this year and it’s the best product I’ve discovered to rejuvenate and repair my face and neck. It’s light to use but punches heavy results. Simply a perfect combo for someone who doesn’t like heavy serums or moisturisers.
  76. use only twice a week


    sometimes you can use this as a mask
  77. Still Amazing!


    Initially bought years ago and have never stopped repurchasing.

    One of the best glycolics on the market with a relatively cheaper price point..
  78. can be drying


    I really like this chemical exfoliant, it smooths out texture overnight. However, I make sure to stay away if my skin is feeling dry or tight as this tends to exacerbate it
  79. It work


    It’s my second time buying this abs I must say it’s my favourite toner/treatment so far . It leaves skin very glowy and dewy when used correctly. The key is not to overuse it ( not to use it everyday and alternate with moisturiser!!!)
  80. Love this!


    Love this so much, I use every third night and have notices such a difference with my skin. I get fewer breakouts and my skin tone is much more even
  81. Incredible


    This is miracle in a bottle! This helps with skin texture and dullness, and I have nothing to complain about this liquid gold!
  82. It work


    This is by far one of the best toners i’ve had ever! This product will literally show you a result overnight! Though this is something i only use 3x a week(as suggested) i always look forward to using this.. because you wake up with such a veeeery nice skin! I wonder why this isn’t included in every list of holy grail products!
  83. Amazing


    It helps brighten the skin and I have seen improvement with little bumps too.
  84. Lovely


    This is my xx bottle. I can honestly say that I notice my skin glowing the following morning. It also clear any impurities and my hormonal acnes. Love the product. Love the simplicity of nothing else to apply after this. I use it every night. never had any adverse reaction.
  85. Good overall


    Definitely helps for minor texture in the skin! I noticed an improvement in the small bumps on my skin
  86. Good product

    Kylie Deng

    Received this product sample, for sensitive skin, not suitable for daily use, but still good for occasional use.
  87. really liked this


    good value for the price and noticed difference in texture and tone of my skin with repeated use.
  88. Alright


    Didn't quite receive the transformative results others did. Overall not too pricey for an exfoliator, but not sure I would purchase again
  89. Mainstay


    I'm not a megafan... I don't find it has any transformative affect on my skin to be honest, but it's a good solid exfoliating liquid. Going to try the Pixi one and some serum options, but this is a good safe option to come back to nevertheless.


    I’m 60 and am trying to get my skin in good condition after a Chemotherapy and Radiation.
    I thought I’d try this and WOW I literally woke up with new skin.
    After cleansing, I left it on by itself, all night and I was so happy with the result.
    I’d 100% recommend this.
  91. On the fence


    I bought this because of the amazing reviews and I'm on the fence with this product. IU feel like I didn't get a tingly sensation and the smell is very alcohol-y which I didn't like. Also felt my skin pretty tight when I used this. I don't think I will re-purchase but I will try other products, just not sure!
  92. Yassss!

    The Beauty Guru

    I love this product! Unlike other products, you see glowing results overnight. I also noticed less breakouts when using this a few nights a week. I even use this on my knees and elbows a few days before fake tanning to smooth out any dry skin! 5 stars from me. I will definitely be repurchasing.
  93. 5 Stars


    This product is amazing for evening texture, a holy grail product and a staple in my skincare routine
  94. Must try!


    I really enjoy using this product. I have sensitive skin, and this product works well for me. When I put it on at night, I wake up the next day with glowing skin.
  95. Perfect


    This calms my breakouts and smoothes out my skin
  96. Great for congestion


    I have used this product on and off for years, and recently received a large sample of it with purchase and remembered why I keep going back to it. I only use around chin area and sometimes on cheeks and it makes a huge difference with oil buildup in those areas that I always have.
  97. Amazing


    I'm on my 4th bottle. I always need to have this in my beauty skincare routine. The result is immediate and nothing works in making my skin glow like liquid gold. It's pricey for a toner but it's worth it.
  98. Yesss


    Such a good product worth every cent
  99. Truly liquid gold


    I’ve been using this for a couple of months and I’ve noticed a discernible change in my skin for the better. It seems more smoother and polished. I have sensitive skin and didn’t experience any burning other than a slight tingle.
  100. Liquid Gold


    It does what it promised. My skin is clearer and smoother after few weeks of use. It takes some time to get used to As it isn’t one of the pleasant cosmetics to apply. Bit tingly feeling after application eases out quickly. It is recommended to use without follow up moisturiser for more intense effect but it feels like to much for my skin. I follow up with serum and moisturiser and it works wonder...
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