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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.7 of 1648 reviews

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4 instalments of $12.74

Or 4 instalments of $12.74 with LEARN MORE

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a powerful night time firming and revitalising solution which can boost your skin's radiance in just one application!


  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 1648 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth it's weight in gold


Liquid Gold is one of those iconic products that everyone needs in their skincare collection. The glycolic acid not only clarifies the skin but works on pigmentation and wrinkles, great for me in my early 40s. That adorebeauty stock it at such a discounted everyday price makes it a great purchase every time.

Most Helpful Criticism

No significant improvement


I have used this for quite a while now without seeing any significant changes to the tone or texture of my skin. This has been a disappointing purchase for me.
  1. Works as a spot treatment


    I find using this over my whole face is too harsh as I have sensitive skin but it works well as a spot treatment for me so I’ll keep using it for that. I do love the Alpha H line of products.
  2. Absolutely adore this product


    I purchased this item at the last minute after seeing a really good review online. Wow I thought I had a pretty great skin care range but boy was I wrong. I applied this product before I went to bed and woke up with a seriously smooth, glowy complexion. I don’t normally write reviews but I’ve now used the product for 1 week and my skin has never looked better. Obsessed can’t wait to try more prod...
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  3. Great for post acne marks


    Vitamin C really didnt work to lighten my post acne marks to lighten. Think the best way to get rid of them is time and skin cell turnover. I.e. use AHAs to exfoliate to outer skin, followed by BHAs to exfoliate the inner layer, and then retinols for faster skin cell turnover. This product is amazing at that!
  4. Overhyped


    Used for 2 months, didn't see any significant improvement in skin. Plus the ingredients are quite harsh I would recommend the ordinary instead!
  5. Worth it's weight in gold


    verified purchaser
    Liquid Gold is one of those iconic products that everyone needs in their skincare collection. The glycolic acid not only clarifies the skin but works on pigmentation and wrinkles, great for me in my early 40s. That adorebeauty stock it at such a discounted everyday price makes it a great purchase every time.
  6. Calms my acne


    verified purchaser
    I’ve suffered from acne my whole life! I use this 2-3 times a week and it clears my skin right up. I looooove it!
  7. Great clarifying exfoliant


    Love using this every couple of days as a chemical exfoliant. Wouldn’t say it’s absolutely transformed my skin but it’s a nice addition to the skincare regime.
  8. Definitely a re-purchase


    Nothing beats Liquid Gold overnight to wake up with smooth skin in the morning. I use this 1-2 times per week without fail. Worth the hype.
  9. WOW


    This really is an overnight facial. Wow! I fell in love after using the sample from a previous order and cannot recommend it enough. I wake up feeling like my skin is glowing, perfectly even and hydrated. I typically have very dry and dull skin, so I absolutely recommend trying this if you're the same!
  10. Amazing!


    verified purchaser
    This product is amazing. Instantly refreshes, tones and smooths over skin. I have normal to dry skin and this product has not irritated it. It leaves my skin feeling fresh! I use it every 2-3 nights and will continue to keep this product in my routine.
  11. Love it


    Ive been using this twice a week for probably 1.5 years, it keeps my skin smooth and refined. My skin is always glowy and looks firm the next day. I always use a serum after Ive applied it, I did try without which it says you can but it made me feel a bit dry.
  12. The OG


    My GOD I forgot how much I love this product! Liquid Gold was the first ever active skincare product I used religiously years ago, but I stopped using it when my skin went through a really bad breakout phase, and promptly forgot about it, now I've gotten on top of that I thought I'd try it again to help with evening out texture and fading the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, and I'm really se...
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  13. Great toner


    I’ve been using this every second night for a few weeks now. Skin tingles slightly after each use however I haven’t noticed any dryness or break outs so it seems to suit sensitive skin. Has reduced pigmentation slightly and skin appears brighter. Fragrance is fine, not overpowering. I think I prefer this to my SKII toner which is a lot pricier. Will be repurchasing.
  14. Love this


    This product is amazing. Instantly refreshes and tones and smooths over skin. I have sensitive skin and sometimes feels a little harsh but only use the recommended every 2nd day and it has not caused any adverse reactions.
  15. No significant improvement


    I have used this for quite a while now without seeing any significant changes to the tone or texture of my skin. This has been a disappointing purchase for me.
  16. Tingly! And I love it.


    I have been using this once a week and it leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh. I enjoy the tingling feeling because I feel like I know it is active and working. Would highly recommend to anyone with combination/congested skin.
  17. Leaves a beautiful glow


    This product gives a bit of a warm tingle which I like as it makes me feel like it is working!
    I like to use it twice a week overnight followed by a nourishing moisturiser!
    Always wake up with a brand new glow!
    Remember to use spf to protect your skin whilst using a glycolic
  18. Favorite item in my routine!


    I got sucked in by all the great reviews, and they didn’t lie. It tingles a little when it goes on but the next morning I wake up with my skin feeling amazing and plump. Also lasts forever so it’s great value.
  19. alpha H


    this is my secret weapon for dealing with breakouts. I swipe a little of this on a cotton pad and it makes my skin flatten out the acne bumps and scars overtime. Impressive
  20. Love it!


    Ive just purchased this product and so far I'm loving it! As someone who has hormonal acne, it leaves my skin feeling great!

  21. Best AHA product I have found to date


    Helps with reduction of blemishes, hydrates skin and leaves a smooth complexion. I have been using this for almost four years and it is still my go to.
  22. Best AHA product I have found to date


    Helps with reduction of blemishes, hydrates skin and leaves a smooth complexion. I have been using this for almost four years and it is still my go to.
  23. Soft skin with a glow


    I received a sample of this from Adore and I am saving to add it into my routine. After application I woke with softer, plumper and more glowy skin. Nice product, Alpha H!
  24. Quick results


    This is my fourth bottle of this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
    I used to get breakouts on my chin regularly and this has significantly reduced since using liquid gold.
  25. Yes!!

    Liquid gold indeed!

    This glycolic acid has made my skin feel so smooth and has started to clear up blemishes. I also put it on my arms for a few nights to help with my keratosis pilaris and this hasn’t cleared up significantly (it will always be there, but is less red/bumpy). There is a slight tingle on the face and I didn’t break out a little - however this could be from anything (cold/flu) but has since ceased. A g...
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  26. Not a fan


    I'm not a fan of liquid gold. I purchased it because EVERYONE loves it and swears by it but I just didn't get the results that others did! I just didn't notice much of a difference and when I increased the days that I used it my skin became a little sensitive. Although I do use it on my ankles and hands to remove excess fake tan, it works well for that! Just didn't work for my face.
  27. LOOOVE


    I love this product it leaves my skin in such good condition, highly recommend.
  28. Not bad


    It helps with exfoliating but other than that I didn't see any dramatic results. I received a sample of this.
  29. Amazing stuff!


    I was given a sample of this in one of my previous orders and i was reluctant to use it as it was an acid however i used it right after cleansing and it tingled a little bit but i put my moisturiser on straight after. I woke up the next morning with my face feeling so soft and supple.
  30. A Staple!


    I have been using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold for a year straight and it has been a life-saver! As a toner, I would recommend for those who have normal, combination or oily skins but overall, it does an amazing job at exfoliating the skin after a cleanse, as well as heal acne scars. It works amazingly as a pore cleaner also!
    Absolutely highly recommend :)
  31. Holy grail


    There’s no chance this will be leaving my beauty routine. It has completely combatted my breakouts, helped with scarring and oily skin and made me so much more confident. I’ll be looking into the whole liquid gold range now. So glad I got this as a sample in a previous order. My absolute favourite skincare product.
  32. see the result on second day


    I can see the result on second morning,my pore has become smaller. This product may not suit for sensitive skin, it feels like burning on my skin for first few seconds. No need to put other skin care products after putting this product on my face. worth for the money.
  33. Effective


    I've been using acids for a little while and I like the results of this one. I especially like using it over my acne spots and I find it helps reduce the spot.
  34. Very strong!


    Even though I usually exfoliate my face at least once a week, alternating between an AHA and a BHA at 2% strength, I found this product to be too potent.
    I wouldn't recommend this for those that are just starting to use chemical exfoliants.
    I tried this product because I received a free sample. I don't think I'll be purchasing this for myself in the future.
  35. Can't Live without Liquid Gold


    I have been using the Alpha H liquid Gold for about 6 months now and I can honestly say its one of my all time favorites,it keeps my skin so flawless, smooth, and youthful.
    I use liquid gold daily and absolutely love the results.
  36. Amazing


    I received this as a sample and I was surprised at how amazingly it worked. It stung for few seconds when first applied which wasn't bad and the next morning I have had glowy and clearer skin.
  37. Great


    I use this a couple of times a week and it is gentle yet effective for my oily skin. My skin looks brighter and smoother
  38. Up to my fourth bottle


    This stuff is a revelation! It's part of my weekly routine, I use it every second or third night and it is really responsible for the mostly flawless skin that I have.
  39. Love this product


    Keeps my skin firm and bright. I can feel it tingling when I put it on so I feel like it must be working!
  40. Liquid gold


    I have heard a lot about this product so i thought i would try it . I put it on at night time and yes there is a tingle sensation but this soon stops. I didn't put on any serum or moisturiser and my skin is starting to look a little different, more glowing and a little firmer looking. I only use this 3 times a week, the rest of the time i use my ordinary serum and moisturiser at night time.
  41. The best ever, I swear by it


    Myself and my 21 year old daughter use this religiously, once or twice a week at night for amazing results
  42. Best at home facial


    Who needs to visit a beauty therapist when you can use this facial in a bottle at home! The day after using this, I always get comments on how bright my skin looks. Not to mention is has helped treat my pigmentation. This will remain a staple in my beauty regime.
  43. Great product


    I've been using this for about 18 months now and it's transformed my skin. My skin was previously dull and lacking radiance, but it now looks so much better. Ever since I started using this product I've received lots of compliments about my skin and it's all due to this product. If they ever stop making this I'll be devastated!
  44. AMAZING!

    Rachelle H

    I've used a sample of this and let me tell you - I LOVED IT! It really does smooth out the skin and leave it looking brighter and cleaner. I can't wait to buy the full bottle as it's definitely something I can see myself using.
  45. Great product


    I have a combination skin with T zone oily. I have some impurities and newly developed few pimples. I heard a lot about this product so thought togive it a try. Using it twice a week and already noticing a difference. My skin feels so smooth next morning without giving a drying effect. It's a great toner and chemical exfoliant. I'm going to continue to use it and really looking forward to hVe that...
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  46. Wake up to smooth skin


    This was my first dabble in the use of actives and I am absolutely amazed by the results ths product promises and most importantly delivers. I use this twice a week and always wake up with super smooth skin. I have dry skin so was reluctant to use this without serums/moisturisers but my skin loves it and feels great in the mornings.
  47. Luminous outcome


    Liquid gold makes me glow! I was worried about my skin being too sensitive for this product but I've been using it every second to third night now for three months and zero issues. Yes, it does tingle/sting slightly but I pop it on before I go to sleep and wake up with lovely glowing skin. If my skin is extra sensitive, I combine with some moisturiser and it calms right down. This works far better...
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  48. A must have beauty staple


    This is my second purchase of the liquid gold and it is definitely a must have for anyone 30+
  49. awesome product for oily skin


    I have oily skin and I did notice that it helped control the shine. It stings a little when you try it at first, but you get used to it after a few applications
  50. alpha h


    liquid gold is my favourite glycolic acid treatment. it's strong enough to clear my hormonal acne overnight, it flattens and gets rid of pimples on my mouth and chin. Would change the bottle top though, its easy to pour too much
  51. The holy grail for ageing skin


    I jumped on the alpha h bandwagon with the two liquid golds for the price of one (can’t say no to a bargain). I was not disappointed. Honestly the only downside to liquid gold is that I neglect my other night time routines. I wake up and can feel the difference, everything just feels a little fuller and the fine lines are a little finer. I’m addicted. I’m now investing in the rest of the range to ...
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  52. Stopped breakouts


    I got this when adore was selling the double packs and I absolutely love it! I’m so glad I got two of them. It’s helped with breakouts so much and if I do get a small pimple which is rare now it clears it up way faster!
  53. Amazing


    This is an amazing product. I use it by itself after cleansing A couple of times a week, and my skin always feels so soft and hydrated the next morning. I’m also noticing that my facial pigmentation is being reduced with use of this product. A must have!
  54. Absolute dream product


    This is one of my favourite products from one of my favourite brands. I was sceptical about instant results, but literally the next morning was proof in itself. I had brighter, smoother, and more clear skin. Wish I could use this every single day!
  55. Great Multi-tasker


    Love using this 1 x week. I apply it to clean skin in the pm and that's it! No serums or moisturiser needed. It works it magic all on its own. My skin is fresh and clean and has a radiance to it afterwards. The Ordinary Glycolic toner does a similar job - although I have to follow up with a moisturising serum and night cream because it feels a little harsher on my skin.
  56. Effective


    I don’t use this everyday as it packs a punch. I tend to use it on days where my skin is contesting or needs a pick me up. I let this be the hero product and use moisturizing, hydrating and calming products for the rest of my routine. Works really well, I wake up with refreshed skin that is glowy. Would not recommend excessive use of this though.
  57. Liquid gold indeed


    I've been using this for about 18 months now and it's transformed my skin. My skin was previously dull and lacking radiance, but it now looks so much better. Ever since I started using this product I've received lots of compliments about my skin and it's all due to this product. If they ever stop making this I'll be devastated!
  58. Great for minimising pores


    Well what can I say I have been hooked on this product for 8 months now. And this is a staple to my skincare routine, I use it straight after cleansing and before my serums and night cream. U will have instant results with this literally after first use. I have acne and this has really calmed down my skin and my pores are much less visable. 100% recommend. Love it
  59. I use weekly and it works wonders


    I have fair combination skin. My skin is also fairly reactive and sensitive. I really see the difference the next morning after using this product. I use weekly, at night after cleansing, on dry skin as instructed. It does sting for a few minutes. The next morning it has got rid of any dry patches and my skin looks so great and fresh. I would definitely recommend this. Once a week is defini...
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  60. Great Product


    I've bought my fourth or fifth bottle. I found it very effective in combating dull skin and breakouts. I'm in my mid forties and have oily skin. I use it every other night as suggested and alternate this product with retinol from the ordinary. my skin is glowing and look clearer the next day.
  61. Essential for oily acne skin.


    I've purchased four bottles of liquid gold. It's the most effective product in this brand. I use it three times a week. It's very effective for oily acne skin. Will stick to it. Highly recommended.
  62. Works well


    When I first used it it did sting my skin but it was bearable and I know it was doing my skin good. The next morning my skin was so smooth! I find it does help smooth skin texture, hydrate the skin and clear pores/prevent breakouts. It can be quite strong and sometimes it can make breakouts bleed/burst if you're heavy-handed. I would personally only use it once a week.
  63. Would purchase over and over again!


    I have sensitive skin that's nearly always red when I do something to my face, but I do not have any problems with this AHA.
    My skin feels amazing overnight. The next morning my skin always feels clean and brighter. I was worried my skin will feel dehydrated after use (since I don't put anything else on) but there are no issues.
    Only minor problem is that I have to use a disposable cot...
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  64. like it


    HAd this with a gift size, trying liquid gold for the first time., worrying it blocking my pores. but overnight, it actually is fine, lovely texture, not sure with the price tag though.
  65. Holy grail of skincare


    Liquid gold did not disappoint. The first time I used it I had a mild tingly feeling on my face but that soon disappeared and what greated me in the morning was a glowing,flawless face. I'm on my 5th bottle of the stuff and am in love!
  66. Great starter for those getting to active ingredients in skincare!


    This product is filled with a few amazing active ingredients to make skin nice and exfoliated and smooth by morning time. However the only downfall I would say is that not all of the ingredients are as gentle or as natural for my liking, I prefer the ASAP range, but still a great starter to those who are starting to use actives in there skincare routines!
  67. sting my face but soften and smooth my skin


    I love it, very visible improvement on my skin. I have very senstive skin but I still keep using it. It makes my skin red but next morning I will have beautiful skin..
  68. A good product


    I just want to say that I love Alpha-H's products and this one is just great for my skin. Just love it.
  69. soft renewed skin


    This is actually such a good resurfacing product. It can be a bit stingy but this passes within a few minutes. I use mine weekly as an overnight treatment and when I wake my skin is clearer and softer.
  70. Just OK


    I find this a bit harsh on my skin, even without sensitive skin. The product smells strongly of alcohol and I find the smell very unpleasant. I don’t notice much of a difference in my skin. It’s alright but I probably wouldn’t repurchase.
  71. That new skin feeling!


    I have dry skin and would recommend using less than the suggested alternate night use. Once I worked that out I was impressed with how my skin felt the next day, especially if wearing make up. I can't say I really noticed a difference in appearance, more so in texture.
    After listening to the podcast I have started to used this on my cracked heels, apply moisturizer and cotton socks for s...
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  72. Gentle but effective


    I have sensitive skin and was a bit nervous about using an exfoliant like this, but it was fantastic. Very easy to apply, you can feel it working on your skin, it's gentle and doesn't irritate and you can 100% see the results the next morning - I was glowing and fresh. Definitely recommend!
  73. Amazing product


    I had been waking up with small white headed pimples on my chin, and since I’ve been using this every night (as I don’t have sensitive skin- my skin can take a lot) I no longer get them. Such an amazing product, better than any other glycolic acid I’ve used. Is obviously keeping my pores clean while I sleep.
    Already purchased my second bottle.
  74. Good exfoliator - use only as needed

    Stephanie hie

    This is a good exfoliator, it definitely helps to remove built up skin cells and debris however remember like all exfoliators to use sparsely at first and then only as needed. For me this would be minimally on a cotton pad after cleansing and once a week only. I find it too harsh for my skin if used more than that. Be careful using in combination with other chemical exfoliants such as AHAs and BH...
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  75. Great


    I use this a few nights a week underneath a plain moisturiser. This gives me almost perfect skin in the morning.
  76. Not sure


    Only used a sample pad once. Really not enough use to say too much. Nothing too exciting in the formula. Not very interested in buying.
  77. Great product


    Fantastic exfoliator that is active on the skin and has a tightening effect. I recommend it for more mature skin types.
  78. On the fence


    I'm not 100% sure of this. It seems to make my skin a bit smoother. But I'm not sure if it's the best out there.
  79. there was hype, and it was deserved


    This is a fantastic re-set for your skin - it's powerful, so I wouldnt recommend putting it on in hot weather or straight after a shower, and I wouldn't do it more than every few days. The texture and feel of my skin was far smoother and softer. Really impressed.
  80. Game changer!


    Absolutely love this product, it has changed my skin completely. I purchased after I recieved a few samples. I use a couple of nights a week and it has helped to clear up my skin from break outs, improve texture and brighten. A must have!!
  81. Great Chemical exfoliant


    Loved this product. I ahve quite normal skin, and no major concerns I am addressing at the moment, but love to keep skin at its healthiest. I found that having an easy liquid like this allowed me to get my chemical exfoliation into my routine, without feeling like I was wearing a heavy cream. I felt I was able to keep using the rest of my active serums after this, without feeling any balling. Love...
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  82. Absolutely love!!


    I was hesitant to try this as my skin normally reacts to chemical exfoliants but had been recommended it so I finally took the dive! I love this product so much, my skin always feels amazing every time I wake up after using this and my pores have reduced dramatically since using!
  83. great!


    seen really nice improvements in my skin with this product but i think its a little over priced as ive found similar toners that work just as well
  84. better for tightening ageing skin


    A very strong product and quite intense on the skin. Wouldn't recommend for younger skin, but would rather prove more beneficial for aging skin, with early or any signs of aging or wrinkles.
    It is effective in tightening the skin but leaves skin feeling rather uncomfortable if not directly followed by a moisturizer or serum.
    Leaves skin feeling tingly, and would definitely recommend ...
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  85. One week and already improvement


    Being new to chemical exfoliant, I went with Liquid Gold as it has such a strong reputation. I have sensitive skin prone to perioral dermatitis (especially sensitive to actives). Personally I have found it has lived up to my expectations, having seen in just over a week an improvement in my blocked pores/blackheads on and beside my nose, as well as overall tighter pores and a more radiant skin ton...
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  86. Liquid Gold Convert


    Do yourself a favour and just try it. My routine was excellent but I still wasn't confident enough to go barefaced to work. After liquid gold, I am. It lasts me at least 6 months and I use it every other day. Amazing product, worth the hype.
  87. clearer skin


    I have recently added this to my skin routine, skin is clearer and receiving lots of compliments since using this
  88. Gold


    This takes off anything that maybe left after you have cleansed. It leaves
    my skin feeling really clean and fresh, I have noticed a great change since using it.
  89. All in one product - everything I need!


    This is seriously the coolest product. As someone who doesn't enjoy a 15-step night time regime, this product is the holy grail and does it all! Ensure you use SPF the next day though as your skin might be very sensitive!
  90. Fave part of routine


    I love doing this every 2nd/3rd night - it kind of has a tingle burn (not in a bad way) sensation but it makes my skin look flawless the day after. It is probably the best product I have ever used in terms of making my skin feel sooo clean, tight and clear.
  91. Great


    I rub this on my face at night and wake up with refreshed, renewed and healthy skin in the morning
  92. amazing


    Having read good reviews bought this but haven't seen much difference except giving clear skin, does hydrate my skin and prevent flakiness
  93. burn

    Bec L

    loved it for a few days, then it started to burn my skin, i prefer pixi glow
  94. A little painful


    It smells lots of alcohol and a little bit painful when I use it around my nose. It cannot be used with sensitive skin and cannot be used everyday.
  95. Overhyped


    I heard so much about this that I had to give it a go. I have very dry skin and I was hoping the exfoliating properties of this would help with keeping my flaky, textured skin under control. I have tried this with both moisturisers and serums and without and have found that it dries me out so much. Looking at the ingredients, I should have known. There's such a high alcohol content that it strips ...
    Read More
  96. Amazing


    Received a sample of this and upon using, there was a slight tingle that didn't last past a few seconds and in the morning I woke up with bright and smooth skin. Can't wait to buy the full sized product.
  97. Feel it workinh


    I really like this glycolic product! You can feel it working and my skin feels amazing after. It is a tad on the expensive side compared to other glycolic products however but it’s still one of my ‘treat’ beauty purchases
  98. Review & Earn
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