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Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml

4.6 of 922 reviews

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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4.6 of 922 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Miricale in a bottle
I got the 50ml of this amazing product. At first I thought it was going to be a serum, but the surprising texture was a liquid toner type. I use it every second night, so not every night, due to the contents of glycolic acid. I have sensitive skin and have used other formulations will glycolic acid in them, but with this product I did not have a skin reaction. Its gentle but highly effective. I use it on it's own but you can wait for it to dry completely and then layer your favorite serum and/or moisturizer on top. It really improved my skin texture, minimized my pores and left my skin soft and supple. Highly recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism

Minimal Improvement in Skin
I have combination skin and I had very high hopes for this product because of all the hype around it. Honestly I have not really noticed a massive difference in my skin. It does tingle somewhat when i apply it but really wouldnt rave about it.
  1. What’s all the hype about?

    I was underwhelmed with this product. I didn’t see any difference in my skin after using this for a few weeks, except I was breaking out more! I’ve stopped using it now and won’t use it again
  2. Miricale in a bottle

    I got the 50ml of this amazing product. At first I thought it was going to be a serum, but the surprising texture was a liquid toner type. I use it every second night, so not every night, due to the contents of glycolic acid. I have sensitive skin and have used other formulations will glycolic acid in them, but with this product I did not have a skin reaction. Its gentle but highly effective. I use it on it's own but you can wait for it to dry completely and then layer your favorite serum and/or moisturizer on top. It really improved my skin texture, minimized my pores and left my skin soft and supple. Highly recommend!
  3. A great buy

    Was recommended to me by so many people. Seeing good things so far, after only using for a short while, will definitely keep as part of my skincare regime
  4. Wow

    This product made my face feel so refreshed. Will definetely purchase again.
  5. Great exfoliation!

    I love this product! I use it every second night and leave it on until morning for an intense exfoliation. Skin is much brighter and pores are tighten. Will keep using this product!
  6. Amazing

    This product is honestly amazing! Its been one of the only things that has kept my pimples away without damaging my dry/sensitive skin.
  7. Where has this been my whole life?!

    My amazing Aunt bought this for me at Christmas. I can sometimes have sensitive skin so I was a little hesitant to use it but OMG it's amazing! I only use it twice a week and each time I do, I wake up with glowing skin the next day! It did tingle a little the first few times I used it but that has stopped. I've now got my dearest friend onto it too, and no doubt my daughter will probably want to try it soon also.

    I will be buying more the minute it runs out!
  8. Stings on breakouts but works!

    This had a little sting and left an uncomfortable feeling for a few minutes after applying (just being honest) but 100% worth it my skin has really cleared up. It can dry the skin a little if over applied or overused so I make sure I alternate with a hydrating facial or use the Medik8 vitamin C serum afterwards.
  9. Thankful I got this

    It is expensive but im so glad I got this it has really helped with my breakouts not only reducing them and helping them to go away but stopping them from coming back. In saying that, when I got this I also used it in conjunction with blue and red light therapy and started drinking herbal teas.
  10. Gentle glycolic toner

    This is a really lovely glycolic toner that leaves skin looking smooth and clear. Gentle enough to use every day (just be sure to wear an SPF when using this one as it increases UV sensitivity). I used to purchase this often however I prefer Pixi Glow Tonic now as its more affordable and results are similar.
  11. Nice product

    This product is pretty potent, I find it works well reducing large pores on my nose. I tend to use moisturiser over the top so it’s less full on
  12. Bloody as good as everyone says

    Can't believe I was thinking about purchasing the product for 6 months before taking the plunge...it is the best product I've ever used!

    I was suprised the texture is so liquidy, and also confused about not applying moisturiser after...but man it works a treat!

    My face looks fuller with 100% less fine lines...and it feels rediculously soft. I can't stop telling people to touch my face. Seriously gooooood
  13. I love liquid gold

    I have been using liquid gold for quite a while now. It has improved my skin tenfold! Not only has it helped with congested pores, it give me a smooth and bright complexion. I use this every second night and my skin looks great when I wake up the following morning
  14. so impressive

    amazing results! I love how easy it is to use at night, just soak a cotton pad and wipe it over your skin and the next morning you wake up with fresh and glowing skin
  15. Overnight treat or quick treat

    I received this as a good size gift sample and I really loved what it did for my skin overnight. I woke up with dewy skin and it also helped keep my skin clear and fresh. It can sting but that subsides after a while. When I first started using it I would wash off after 20 minutes but I can now use it Overnight too.
  16. Face feels amazing the next morning

    This product has been amazing for helping clear up my skin. I was originally using this product 3 times a week as recommended by an alpha-h professional to help clear up my skin, and it did just that! Now I only need to use it once a week. The tingle on the skin is quite intense, but I still love it!
  17. Miracle worker

    Love this, it works so well. A noticeable instant improvement the next morning. Upon waking my skin felt really oily or greasy, but you simply wash it off and can see instant results. My skin (and my partners) had less fine lines, deeper we’ll set wrinkles were also improved. I have been using for a month or so now and still love it. It also seems to help reduce the appearance of breakouts.
  18. refreshing

    This product is an absolute dream! it is light weight but also leaves your skin feeling refreshed and almost new! it does tingle but i find sometimes i like the sensation of the tingle as i feel its getting down to the roots of my skin. i would definitely purchase this again
  19. Works wonderfully

    I recently bought this and I don't think my skin has ever looked this good.
  20. Effective but not harsh

    I started getting breakouts a few months ago after going off the pill (mainly large blind pimples under the skin) and tried everything from serums to scrubs to cleanser you name it. Nothing worked at all. Then I found this product and the FOREO blue light acne therapy and I am so impressed with my results. Days after using these together all my inflamed pimples halved in size and all the pain was gone from them. I use this Alpha H liquid at night only on my breakout areas and then go over it with the portable blue light by Foreo which is expensive but worth the investment and then go over with a serum at the end. So happy I invested in both of them because I dont think you can put a price on reducing painful breakouts. Highly recommend.
  21. Too chemical based for sensitivities

    I found this was way too intense for my sensitive skin and didn’t experience any benefits. It made my skin itch and had to stop using.
  22. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long!

    Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get onto this product! I have combo to dry skin, so exfoliators have always scared me a little. But Alpha H is amazing. I’m only using once or twice a week as that’s all my skin can handle but when I do I just apply to clean face and leave overnight and the next morning my skin is so smooth. It’s worth trying !
  23. Awesome results within a short period of time

    I have had issues with the size of my pores for a while, from using this products for a few months I have seen the size of my pores diminish & my skin look much more hydrated in the mornings if used overnight.
    I would recommend to use this product at night on a cotton a pad followed by applying a moisturizer as this product is quite tingly if left on it's own - that means that it's working though!
  24. Love using this

    Tingles when you put it on, so I feel like it's doing something. At first felt strange not putting moisturised on afterwards but I wake up in morning with a very fresh smooth complexion. Definitely an important part of my routine and helps keep acne at bay (along with my cleanser + spot treatments)
    Love it! Will be buying again and again
  25. Great for softening dry skin

    I tried this for th first time last night and am impressed with the result this morning. My skin feels soft and smoother than it has for a long time. Really glad I discovered this product
  26. Holy grail for oily/blemish prone skin

    I LOVE this product! It has cleared up congestion on my chin and forehead and I have had several comments on how 'clear' my skin is looking. I use 2 times per week and it is amazing!
  27. Really happy

    This had a little bit of a sting to it when I first applied it because I applied it straight onto breakouts on my chin after cleansing my face - which is understandable. Other than that it smells really minimal and lovely and comes in a convenient little bottle with lid. It helped to dry out my breakouts which meant they left quicker and it also made the rest of my face feel really exfoliated and smooth. Will start using just once a week and more if I have breakouts and followed my a moisturiser.
  28. Helped reduce my blind pimples

    I get breakouts of blind pimples on my chin caused by hormones (and they usually last 2-3 weeks before going and are quite painful) and was recommended to try this out on them. I was skeptical at first but after applying this morning and night for 3 days in a row they are almost completely gone. It definitely helped reduce them and also helped calm the puffiness in the process. It stung a little to apply for a minute or two each time I applied from the glycolic but really happy I tried this now. It has made my skin really dry on my chin because its only recommended to use every second day so will start doing that and applying serum afterwards.
  29. Amazing routine exfoliator

    The best, no fuss routine chemical exfoliator. I use it every second night and it keeps my skin clear and allows other serums to penetrate deeper. No dry patches anymore!
  30. literally gold

    Love this product it is literally liquid gold. I use it all the time.
  31. Great for all ages!

    I use this once or twice a week when I'm giving my skin a break from retinol type products. My skin is dehydrated. It is so quick, as I apply after cleansing and I'm done. It leaves my skin glowing and soft the next day. My teenage daughter also uses it and it helps with her hormonal acne.
  32. Does what it says, but ease into it

    I love this product, thank you for sending me a sample. I now have a bottle of this magical fluid and after a few weeks I've noticed my spots and hyperpigmentation have improved

    I would recommend going easy on this stuff at first, it can sting quite a bit and you might get a purging breakout. I started off using this every 3rd night, on evenings when i don't exfoliate or use retinol... then workd up to every second night. I soaked a cotton pad in water before putting a few drops of Liquid Gold for the first week, slowly increasing concentration until I was used to it

    It dried out my skin to just use the serum on its own, so I follow with moisturiser
  33. All in one great skin in a bottle

    My husband came from 10 step skincare since using. Roaccutane for very bad pimples. After a year of not taking it and recovering from pimples, he ditched the rigorous skin care routine and swapped with this one step. He loves it and works for him.
  34. Great product. It makes my skin feel so tight and youthful

    This produt is easy to use and had instant results. It leaves skin feeling tight, refreshed and youthful.
  35. Amazing product!!

    Wow, my skin has never looked so good after using liquid gold, highly recommended. Love the tingling feeling as I know it’s working wonders on my skin!
  36. Its not ideal for dry skin

    I dont know how to feel about this one, id be cautious if you had very dry skin like me!! it gets quite stingy!
  37. Minimal Improvement in Skin

    I have combination skin and I had very high hopes for this product because of all the hype around it. Honestly I have not really noticed a massive difference in my skin. It does tingle somewhat when i apply it but really wouldnt rave about it.
  38. WOW.

    i was skeptical about this product to being with- heard it was very harsh and drying. I used it for the first time last night and WOW. my skin is sooo smooth and soft this morning. I used a serum and moisturiser afterwards so it isn't as intense and was super happy. Cant wait to use this more and see the long term results!
  39. Amazing!

    I use this product every night and it's amazing. I feel like I already saw the effects after 2 days of using the product, and on nights when I don't use the product I feel I notice the difference. It's pricey, but you really don't need a lot of product if you are using a cotton pad to apply the product, and if you only apply 2-3 a week it will last even longer.
  40. LOVE the tingles

    i bought this and have loved and repurchased
    it feels great on the days my skin needs an exfoliating
    i dont use any products after this as i feel thats how i get the best results on my dehydrated skin
    im 40 and find my skins looks brighter the next morning after use

    it does tingle and itch on the skin but its not uncomfortable at all
    i think its good value a bottle lasts me such a long time and i use this twice weekly if you are considering def give it a try
  41. effective cleanser for non sensitive skin

    i have sensitive skin and found this a little harsh for my skin. The cleanser itself is effective and assisted with firmness and improved skin elasticity however would recommend this for those that have non sensitive skin.
  42. Unicorn juice

    This product is now a holy grail in my line up and I will continue to use forever. Bright, smooth, hydrated skin. I've seen results in 2 days. Buy it, you won't regret it!.
  43. Can see the Benifit!

    I use liquid gold every second night and can definately see results, have been using it for about a month. On the night where I’m not using it I use the alpha h vitamin E serum, the two really seem to work well on alternative nights!
  44. Very good product

    Liquid gold is a staple in my skin care routine, and has been for the past 10 months. I apply 2-3 times a week at night, followed by my Alpha-H vitamin A serum and daily essential moisturiser, and wake up with the smoothest skin.
    The stinging sensation is only for a few seconds so is not unpleasant to use at all.
  45. Completely changed my skin

    I have combination skin with adult acne, or so I did before trying Alpha-H. I had tried acid peels, and countless expensive skincare products but nothing helped clear up my skin and keep it clear since this product. I have worked up to using this daily and can't imagine ever wanting to use another product. Highly recommend if you have acne and haven't had any success.
  46. Liquid Gold is an understatement

    Love, love, love this product. Can totally understand why it has such a cult status. Feels great when applied and the results the morning after are perfect. I always wake up with baby soft skin, that looks like I e just had a facial. Worth the money as it lasts such a long time..
  47. Great for skin glow

    Work slowly but it will definitely smooth out the skin. It gave my skin a glow and looks more healthy. Also reduced dark spots.
  48. best chemical exfoliant

    I have oily skin and have only ever relied on physical exfoliants to help with this. Once i started using this, i use physical exfoliants much less now. It does have a slight stining sensation that disappears quickly. this has improved the texture of my skin drastically, would recommend to everyone!
  49. Glowing and blemish free

    My skin is on the drier side and Liquid Gold completely cleanses my pores without being dehydrating, and leaves me blemish-free. It gives a great, instant glow and helps my skin feel plumper. Can sting slightly on application, so be careful not to use on any open sores, but I highly recommend.
  50. WOW

    This is another level exfoliant, makes your appearance so radiant and glowy i woke up feeling fresh and amazing. i would say my skin is sensitive and this did not irratate whatsoever, also helped reduce my pores which was a bonus for me!!
  51. Queen of exfoliators

    I never knew I needed a chemical exfoliator and since I’ve been using liquid gold I’ve noticed improvements to the tone and texture of my skin. But the best thing about liquid gold is that it got rid of the tiny milia I had on my eyeline. I applied it with a cotton bud twice a day and after about a week the sucker just wiped off. Like magic. I use it every third day or so and my skin is brighter and even.
  52. I've lost count of how many bottles I've owned

    This is honestly deserving of its cult status. I don't think that I need to explain the endless benefits of using Liquid Gold. I love to use it every second night to ensure that my skin stays smooth. I always wake up glowing the next morning. This is an absolute must have for everyone
  53. Good product

    Left a tingle and did see some improvement in pores. Will purchase again.
  54. Great product

    I purchased this in place of Lotion P50.

    I have combination, tanned skin (over 30 years) and love treatments like these to keep my skin clear. It has a similar effect to P50, without the strong smell. It's more reasonable in price too.

    I find using this after micro derma-abrasion prolongs the rejuvenating affect of treatment.

    Need to purchase again as I dropped an open, brand new bottle!

    This stuff works! I've been having breakouts lately and lots of bumps, after putting this on the first night, I woke up the next morning and my bumps were completely gone!! I chose this mainly for my hyperpigmentation which I'm hoping to fade. I haven't seen any results in them fading yet (it's only been 2 weeks) but the clarity of my skin has improved and seems much brighter.

    I highly recommend this product and will continue to use.
  56. Almost like having an overnight facial!

    I was recommended this product to help with my congested skin. I found that it worked great when I put it on alone after cleansing my face every second night. At first I thought it would make my skin dry as I have combination skin however by morning I found that my face felt lovely and soft with no dry patches and held a natural glow. It was almost like having an overnight facial.
  57. Ok toner

    I got the small try version of it, I find it quite harsh for my sensitive skin so stop using it after 2nd try. Also the price is quite expensive too. Won’t spend to buy the full product tho.
  58. leaves skin feeling firmer

    I have used this product for several years after cleansing, it leaves my skin feeling very clean and firm. I like that you can use this product on it's own after cleansing or before a serum/moisturiser.
  59. Love it!

    I love this product, I'm in my early 30's and my skin can get a little dull and bumpy at times. When I use the liquid gold my skin looks much brighter as well as fresh and clear when I wake up the next morning. I use it every second day and I don't follow with any moisturiser, I have had no issue with it drying my skin or causing any other issues. I certainly notice a significant difference in my skin texture and brightness when using liquid gold.
  60. Cannot live without this product

    Simply the best toner of all time! I love how powerful this is, you can really feel the actives working.
  61. GOLD

    Exactly like what the title is - GOLD. Seen so much difference in my skin. I have heard so many people use this with all different skins types so I had to try it and was not disappointed.
  62. Great for textured skin!

    This is one of the first chemical exfoliants I ever tried and it is the one I always go back to! I have very textured skin, and physical exfoliants not only irritate my skin but also don't seen to leave my skin as smooth as this product does. I love how my skin feels fresh and new the next morning. I have combination skin, so this is great for combating dry patches, and any congestion, especially after a long day of wearing makeup. If my skin needs some extra care I use this without putting moisturiser over the top and my skin is so smooth the next day, and this product has never dried out my skin!
  63. Fantastic for dry skin

    This exfoliant really helped my dry skin. I’m in my 30s with sensitive pale skin and it copes well with this treatment. Warning: only use twice per week, more than that and skin can get flaky!
  64. Love it

    Tingles a bit but settles quickly, I put it on then wait 10mins then put on my night cream. Skin feels very soft after using.
  65. My favourite toning product!

    Absolutely love liquid gold! I’m on my third bottle now and have noticed so many changes
    The redness and fine lines when I don’t use to compared to nights I do is very noticeable
  66. Not sure, worked minimal for my skin

    I was expecting big thing from this product after reviews were in the hundreds with a star rating average of 5.

    But no, it didn’t do a great deal. It was ok I noticed some improvement initially to my pores, but that was about it. No change with breakouts or anything.
  67. Great product

    I was told not to use harsh scrubbing exfoliater on my aging skin, so therefore switched to Liquid gold, and it is fabulous.
  68. Literally liquid gold!!

    Absolutely love this stuff. My skin always looks and feels so fresh and bright.
  69. Nice product but a little dear for what it is

    I bought this after hearing rave reviews about it. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about it due to the price, but when it came on sale as a holiday duo pack, that was my sign to try it!

    I didn't have any major skin concerns when I bought it, so perhaps I haven't noticed much difference because my skin was already in a good place. However, I do break out quite easily and this product did not cause me to break out which was great.

    I love AHAs and chemical exfoliants, and this is a lovely product which does what it advertises, however, I still can't justify the high price-tag. I've used many AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants which have done just a good a job for a fraction of the price.

    I would still recommend this product to others, but probably wouldn't purchase again for myself.
  70. Love it!

    I have sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate at all, it’s a new favourite and I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin it’s a lot smoother and cleaner
  71. Long time fan!

    I continually replace my bottles of Liquid Gold because it works beautifully with my dry skin - I use 2/3 a week and notice a real change in my skin texture the next morning. Would highly recommend to anyone as it can be applied more or less depending on their skin type.
  72. Don't understand the hype

    Considering the "cult status" of this product, and the price for such a small bottle, I expected a lot more. While I do notice a slight tingle after use which tells me it's doing something, I haven't noticed any drastic difference in results in comparison to other glycolic toners that cost a fraction of the price. Wouldn't bother buying again.
  73. Lives up to the hype

    This is what everyone says it is, and more! It’s literally like a facial in a bottle and I can’t live without it. I have pigmentation from two pregnancies and nothing has really helped it budge but this has faded it to a degree where I feel somewhat comfortable out in public without mineral makeup. Worth every cent!
  74. Fantastic

    This is a must have , does what it says, does make deep lines less noticeable , great on my oily combination skin ,
  75. Uhhmazing

    Fabulous in a bottle !!!
  76. Best chemical exfoliant

    I have mid 20s combination skin that is often quite sensitive. This is a fantastic chemical exfoliant that really does wonders and is gentle enough to use regularly. I generally use it every second night on my face and neck. There's a slight sting that just indicates it's on my skin my it will fade in a few seconds. Instantly my skin looks fresh and young and the next morning it always feel wonderful. I think for the price its incredible. One bottle has lasted me well over 6 months with regular use.
  77. Changed my life

    This product has changed my life! I thought I had pretty good skin until I used Alpha H liquid gold. It has brightened and smoothed my skin in ways I didn’t know were possible!
  78. Better skin

    My skin feels so much more smooth with this product and the texture on my skin is calming down. My skin is left feeling dewy and healthy as a result. Totally recommend.
  79. it's ok

    It works ok, but it's a fairly small bottle for the price. I think I would rather buy a cheaper toner and spend more money on a serum that sits on my skin longer.
  80. Skin changing

    If you're going to have one item in your skin care kit, let this be it. Your skin will look and feel better pretty much the next day. Make sure that if you do use this though, sunscreen the next day (actually, whenever, but especially the next day) is a must. And don't overdo it, too much of a good thing applies here.
  81. I dunno

    I'm on the fence with this. Yes it gives and instant glow but I find by the next day im really oily so I'm not sure
  82. Amazing!

    This stuff is amazing, super strong and potent so when you first use it - be careful but the results are amazing.
  83. I wish I could bathe in this....

    This has completely changed my skin. I have dry sensitive skin and was hesitant to try it it... now I wish I had found it 10 years ago. My pigmentation is reduced, my wrinkles finer and my skin smooth as a babies bottom. I used it alternating nights after cleansing and for a more "kapow" don't use a moisturiser after... I don't need to. Buy this, you won't regret it.
  84. Lovely product

    I like this product, and my skin definitely fells more smooth and looks nicer and brighter in the morning when I use this before bed. I use it twice a week. The smell isn’t great though.
  85. Literally liquid gold

    My skin just feels indescribably better with this in my routine. Smoother, refined pores...dare I say...glowing? Unfortunately I have switched it for a "The Ordinary" product, which is reasonably effective in similar ways because $$ is an issue for me...but nothing quite compares to Liquid Gold!!
  86. This has improved my skin like no other

    I have been trying different skin care products for years but none has changed my skin more than this one! I have dehydrated skin with fine lines, acne marks and pigmentation and this addresses all these issues. My skin is smooth and glowing and clear in a way in never has been before - people are actually commenting on my ‘nice’ skin. I use every second night as my skin is very durable. This will forever be a staple in my skincare lineup.
  87. Pure gold

    I purchased this after reading the reviews and honestly it is now holy grail! After one application I noticed the difference. I use this every second night as directed along with a moisturiser and I don’t think I will ever be with out
  88. Amazing

    On the first night of use I woke up in the morning and my skin felt so plump and dewy
    This product is worth every dollar
  89. Skin glow

    Can't believe all the dirt/impurities it removes even after cleansing and exfoliating. I find it gives my skin a nice glow. A tad bit expensive though and wish it was in different bottle eg pump because sometimes too much product squirts out. Overall good product.
  90. Lived up to the hype!

    For me, finding this product has been amazing. I am mid 30’s, I’ve always been quiet lucky with my skin (no acne, not too oily not too dry), I wear minimal make up as I work in a kitchen. I find this product has really improve the texture of my skin, the brightness and I’ve even noticed the lines I had are less noticeable! I don’t think I could ever go without liquid gold again!
  91. Must have

    I absolutely love this product it clears smoothes the skin my daughter also started using it for her pimples it clears everything up would recommend to anyone great product
  92. changed my skin completely

    26 yr old normal/combo skin
    I had no real routine before i bought this but my goodness the morning after using you have brand new skin! applying this, letting it absorb and then applying marulla oil before bed makes the world of a difference the next day. it has improved my texture tone and destroyed any flakiness around old blemishes.
  93. Older version seems to be more effective

    I bought two bottles of liquid gold when it had the old gold packaging. I used to see results overnight, and it left my skin so glowy and plump.
    I am not sure if they changed the formula because I don't feel the same tingle or see the result anymore.
  94. Good product

    I find that this product does help with evening skin tone however i do find i have had similar results with other products.

    That said I would repurchase.

    Don't love the way it dispenses though, it seems difficult to control how much is dispensed.
  95. Great product for decongestation

    I use hydrating milk cleansers and thick moisturisers which I think creates build up in my skin. I have extremely dry skin and I don’t want to over-cleanse and strip my skin so I use a this 2-3 nights a week to exfoliate and decongest my skin. Works a charm and doesn’t leave me feeling tight and dehydrated. Strongly recommend.
  96. Completely refined texture of my skin

    Prior to using Alpha H, I hadn’t really tried chemical exfoliation but decided to try this product after reading reviews. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially as my skin can be reactive but by starting slowly (twice a week) and building up, I didn’t experience any issues. The texture of my skin has completely changed and become much smoother and more refined and feel it’s also helped with fine lines.
  97. Spa quality results!

    Using this is like being at a day spa, very effective and leaves my skin feeling soo plump!
  98. Great product

    I have been using this for just over a week, so far I like it, my skin feels fresh and soft, hoping it will help with pigmentation, will continue to use!
  99. Good exfoliator

    I have purchased this product after reading all the hype surrounding it and haven't found it to be amazing. It is okay at exfoliating the skin, but not amazing like I expected.
  100. The OG acid toner

    I first tried this acid toner way back when it first launched and have since tried a couple of other brands. This is still the best! Amazing exfoliating, great strength without irritating effects. Love it for keeping skin smooth, clear and spot free!
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